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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBODYING

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Astrology, 28:The twelve constellations might be regarded as embodying the soul aspect and, for the present,Astrology, 100:leads to the battle ground of Scorpio. Mercury, embodying the energy of the fourth ray, eventuallyAstrology, 164:fifth rays work pre-eminently through this sign, embodying the third major aspect of divinity,Astrology, 235:spiritually minded teachers in both hemispheres, embodying the experience of the East and of theAstrology, 263:in Leo) and the energies of the second ray, embodying the love of God, pour through intoAstrology, 281:(love-wisdom) from another. He is regarded as embodying in himself both these aspects of the mentalAstrology, 303:in itself, a very advanced science, and embodying the mystery of the first solar system, the past -Astrology, 315:the first time, held before Hi eyes. The words, embodying that central mystery, have never yet beenAstrology, 375:Who will - at the right moment - come forth, embodying in Himself the Will of God which is theAstrology, 384:triplicity has been designated by astrologers as embodying the idea of plains (Taurus), of cavesAstrology, 415:in man; we shall find one line of the triangle embodying determining and dominating force and twoAstrology, 445:To bring this about, energy from Shamballa (embodying the will-to-good) is fused and blended withAstrology, 459:receptivity and are regarded esoterically as embodying forces. Every triangle is, therefore, theAstrology, 504:that the Pleiades - though they are regarded as embodying the matter aspect in manifestation - areAstrology, 509:Uranus and Neptune are all sacred planets, embodying first, seventh and sixth ray energies. VulcanAstrology, 547:dissolution of old group structures of thought, embodying worn-out ideas and ideals mustAstrology, 573:on the mental plane, create a thought-form embodying the objective and project the "call" which mayAstrology, 596:study Tabulation X, for it is a symbolic form, embodying what I seek to convey. I would point outAtom, 16:talks what all the libraries of the world are embodying; we are therefore attempting theBethlehem, viii:kingdom of God are the immediate tasks ahead, embodying our responsibility, opportunity andBethlehem, 34:but Who was also the forerunner of the future, embodying in Himself all that it was possible forBethlehem, 160:His Presence known. The angels spoke the word, embodying Christ's mission on His behalf. At theBethlehem, 198:long ignored. Instead of His being recognized as embodying in Himself an eternal hope for the race,Destiny, 8:(which are in the nature of divine emanations, embodying the divine plan for planetary progress)Destiny, 22:express, and that communism is of human origin, embodying that ideology which humanity hasDestiny, 23:entirety as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three great stages in the unfoldment ofDestiny, 57:These three patterns are: the emotional pattern, embodying the aspiration of a man, a nation or aDestiny, 119:formulation of a concept, created by man and embodying for him the truth as he sees it andDiscipleship1, 42:of them expressive of or governed by ten laws, embodying the controlling factors in group work. ADiscipleship1, 42:or group of thinkers. These ten inner groups, embodying ten types of force and workingDiscipleship1, 91:building. It is with these self-created forms - embodying spiritual ideas and divine purpose - thatDiscipleship1, 216:have the task of making this transition and of embodying the love-wisdom force before the close ofDiscipleship1, 295:The impact of ray force upon people embodying differing aspects of ray energy will be one of theDiscipleship2, 84:organized group ability to take a piece of work embodying some one or other of my suggestedDiscipleship2, 127:report. I would ask you to do this each month, embodying your Full Moon report [128] and yourDiscipleship2, 187:these words, I would have you consider them: As embodying the viewpoint of the Spiritual Triad. AsDiscipleship2, 339:this connection, initiation might be defined as embodying three recognitions: A recognition of theDiscipleship2, 347:carried forward on purely abstract levels, and embodying, therefore, thought which is free fromDiscipleship2, 494:the soul ray, through the medium of the brain (embodying the third ray force) and the astral body.Discipleship2, 611:year. Draw up your [611] own meditation form, embodying these concepts and preserving steadfastlyDiscipleship2, 625:of the mind, and the thought-forms thus created (embodying the mind's reaction to the world ofEducation, 15:wherein Deity, governed and impelled by an idea (embodying God's purpose and plan), converted thatEducation, One of:where the Love of God holds sway; Humanity, embodying the Intelligence aspect of God.] The futureEducation, 58:of men's thoughts in writing and in speech, embodying that which is old, that which is new andExternalisation, 72:of as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three stages in the unfoldment of God's Plan,Externalisation, 223:great and spiritual Entity. That thought-forms, embodying evil lives can be and are constructed isExternalisation, 227:also the link between the Buddha, temporarily embodying will-wisdom, and the Christ, embodyingExternalisation, 227:embodying will-wisdom, and the Christ, embodying love-wisdom, and also between humanity, focused inExternalisation, 260:related and are all aspects of one great law, embodying divine purpose - a purpose which must workExternalisation, 322:subjective synthesis or network of light, [322] embodying the force of goodwill as the expressionExternalisation, 349:not for yourself. The Buddha comes this year, embodying the force which can stimulate menExternalisation, 410:its part in this third Approach. The Buddha came embodying in Himself a great divine principle orExternalisation, 412:the brain consciousness or state of awareness (embodying physical recognition of inner causes) isExternalisation, 432:to regard themselves as unique, superior, and as embodying a super-race; there is also a fixedExternalisation, 483:Process These Forces might be regarded as embodying and making declarative the "new materialism."Externalisation, 601:men everywhere by the spiritual ideas embodying the new truths, by the "descent" (if I may so callExternalisation, 673:expression of the creative Intelligence, embodying the principle of life or livingness because theyFire, 193:manas, develops within the subject a concept embodying the past, the present and the future.Fire, 216:of these three cosmic laws, - each of them embodying the mode of work of certain cosmic Entities orFire, 235:The Sun and the seven sacred planets each embodying a: Cosmic principle, in six differentiations byFire, 245:"I am" principle, The second solar system - is embodying - the "I am that" principle. The thirdFire, 245:principle. The second manifestation, the Ego, is embodying the "I am that" principle. The thirdFire, 283:Logos. Millions of infinitesimal cells, each embodying a lesser life, each in a condition ofFire, 312:and pervaded the matter of space, thus embodying - in connection with logoic manifestation - thatFire, 324:each subplane which is numerically allied, is embodying the same type of force, and is consequentlyFire, 362:receiving planetary polarization, or at present embodying in a special sense the life of theFire, 433:form, with the utilization of matter, with the embodying of ideas, or of entities, whether cosmic,Fire, 520:connotation we have the three higher planes ever embodying the threefold Spirit aspect, the lowerFire, 521:threefold Spirit aspect, the lower [521] three embodying the threefold substance aspect, and then aFire, 535:an endeavor to show that many diverse lives (all embodying lesser lives, or embodied in greaterFire, 639:substance, the residue of an earlier system, and embodying therefore past karma for the Logos andFire, 663:Heavenly Man - the self-conscious human units embodying the three aspects of divinity, while theFire, 684:physical body. This is why the Sons of Wisdom, embodying the buddhic principle, the life force, orFire, 695:"zoon," animal; and "ism." Ism is a suffix embodying the doctrine or abstract idea of the noun toFire, 710:forever is there. The consciousness aspect embodying the love-wisdom of the divine Ego as itFire, 748:The method of over-shadowing. The method of embodying some principle. [749] The method seen in theFire, 778:transmission of energy, and of force units embodying that energy, goes on throughout the entireFire, 920:part of the whole. Each of these great lives (embodying deva energy of the first degree) is anFire, 963:or electric fire, which any particular Ego is embodying (relatively little prior to the thirdFire, 991:planes of our solar system are not considered as embodying a cosmic principle, for they form theFire, 1088:of the cosmic Past, Present, and Future, embodying the three aspects of the divine Life of theFire, 1114:of the Monad which might be regarded as embodying for it the line of least resistance and they areFire, 1126:These two types of manas may be regarded as embodying the qualities of the two kinds, white andGlamour, 24:Invocation to the solar Lord. Seven sentences, embodying seven keys for the dissipation ofGlamour, 27:It is in reality a vitalized thought-form - embodying mental force, astral force and vital energy.Glamour, 62:clothe it in form from an utterly wrong angle, embodying it in such a way that its usefulness isGlamour, 71:and marked that they are usually recognized as embodying national psychological traits. These are,Glamour, 120:as indicative of his personality trends, and as embodying the characteristics which he hasHealing, 10:are they not frequently high sounding phrases, embodying an ideal, and based often on selfishHealing, 267:to truth, and materialistic in their technique (embodying much of the magical work of relating oneHealing, 367:book that may be written, particularly those embodying the new and advanced truths, and that we areHealing, 450:eighteen fires must die down; the lesser lives (embodying the principle of form, of desire and ofHealing, 503:it should facilitate the appearance of the ideas embodying the needed recognitions; the newHealing, 676:to permit them to do so, and the will energy, embodying as it does divine Purpose, might proveHercules, 35:making tendency of the mind is here symbolized, embodying the ideas conceived, and which are letHercules, 209:knew nothing. Then came the historic Christ, embodying in Himself something so ineffable that weInitiation, 147:may be roughly described as: A solemn phrase embodying the purpose actuating the initiate, aMagic, 47:the ladder of evolution. Of these Sanat Kumara, embodying a principle of the planetary Logos is theMagic, 88:note that), sent a portion of their energy, embodying the quality of mentalisation, to theseMagic, 141:and vibration to make his thought form active (embodying as much of the universal thought as is
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