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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBRYO

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Astrology, 256:the whole process resembled the stage of the embryo in the womb, prior to the quickening at theAstrology, 283:or affection (Venus), which is brotherly love in embryo; by the slow unfoldment of the mind throughAtom, 102:but it also shows signs of intellect, or embryo mind. Instinct is a recognized faculty of allAtom, 103:within any animal form it is a sign that an embryo mentality is beginning to manifest. In all theseAtom, 144:of the Deity, that of sensation, feeling, or embryo love and emotion; we also found that in theDiscipleship1, 22:that an emerging world unity can be seen in embryo. A joint power to be telepathic or a groupDiscipleship1, 28:is the power to heal. This work is as yet in embryo and the group consciousness is as yet so youngDiscipleship1, 32:Mysteries of the Kingdom of God. The founding in embryo of those schools of esotericism which willDiscipleship1, 33:new groups of disciples, the externalization in embryo of the inner Ashrams. These in the New AgeDiscipleship1, 190:mechanism of contact which exists as yet only in embryo within your personal ring-pass-not.Discipleship2, 46:of sure contact only exists within him in embryo. He is breaking loose from the mass consciousnessEducation, 42:colored all that there was or might have been of embryo thought. The result of all this, inheritedEducation, 78:and teachers (because he is the future in embryo), and when, at the same time, he is taught a senseExternalisation, 48:the seed of self-consciousness and embryo intellect, we are told that this event was brought aboutFire, 279:Vegetable Kingdom 2. Intelligent activity plus embryo sensation or feeling. Animal Kingdom 3.Fire, 279:activity, sensation plus instinct, or embryo mentality. - S. D., III, 573, 574. These three embodyFire, 286:has an instinctual memory, apprehension, and an embryo anticipation, but (lacking mind) he isFire, 335:becomes transmuted into mentality, or into that embryo mind which is latent in animal-man, andFire, 462:aid of man to fan the emotional instinct (or the embryo love aspect) through the segregating of theHealing, 223:angle and with understanding - will express in embryo the nature of the sixth root-race, and whichHercules, 9:upon the path of ascension. Each one of us is an embryo Hercules, and each one of us faces theHercules, 122:number of the months of gestation of the human embryo. Again "as above so below". The orthodoxMagic, 12:The effect of this junction is to add to the embryo intelligence of substance itself a latentMagic, 148:of the inner spiritual world. It exists in embryo, and the secret of its use lies in the attitudeMagic, 164:on the level of discipleship is but in embryo, is profoundly true. It should be remembered however,Magic, 338:The three present schools are therefore, in embryo, custodians of these three factors. Under theMagic, 423:yet too small to warrant a name. They are in the embryo stage. One school will deal with the energyMagic, 454:which are contained within the greater whole. Embryo solar systems, coming into being under theMagic, 567:in contact with vital etheric energy. Thus the embryo form is destroyed. Where there is notMeditation, 330:will be a member of the Brotherhood of Light in embryo. He will be equipped and ready to pass intoPatanjali, 13:of [13] the practical work to be done, and the embryo yogi can begin his work. The lower forms arePsychology1, 309:realm of the intellect. This same capacity, in embryo, works out in the animal kingdom in the realmPsychology2, 217:with the colors of the seven rays, is as yet an embryo science, and it would be useless for us toPsychology2, 614:I would like here to point out that just as the embryo in the womb recapitulates the various stagesRays, 240:the Buddha had instituted symbolically and in embryo became factual and existent under the demandsReappearance, 182:the Buddha had instituted symbolically and in embryo became factual and existent under the demandsTelepathy, 6:of mystics and world servers who constitute, in embryo, the world Savior. Only those who knowTelepathy, 17:of that which was the idea to be conveyed. This embryo thought winged its way to its goal, and the
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