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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMBRYONIC

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Astrology, 60:one horoscope, [60] the new orientation and the embryonic reorganized inner life will be noted andAstrology, 87:this, the personal progressed horoscope is the embryonic seed. Some indication of relative valuesAstrology, 191:These powers (the higher powers) are as yet embryonic in the earlier Sagittarian experience of theAstrology, 256:be aware, was lacking entirely except in such an embryonic manner that the whole process resembledAstrology, 318:latent and hidden. Human consciousness is only embryonic in Cancer, for it is the mass mind whichAstrology, 318:is hidden and the Christ Child is as yet embryonic in the womb of matter and of time, and duringAstrology, 320:freedom of the kingdom of God, from the state of embryonic consciousness to the full flower ofAstrology, 328:the physical body and the soul but only in the embryonic stage and with the psychic stage stillAstrology, 337:For ordinary humanity. Aries-Libra Unstable embryonic beginnings leading to the balancing of theAstrology, 337:psychic nature and its expression through form. Embryonic desire for expression consummates in theAstrology, 345:gestation period; it fosters and protects the embryonic Christ life, preparing for manifestation orAstrology, 354:Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science which is embryonic understanding of causes and conditionsAstrology, 386:Vulcan also rules nations at a certain stage of embryonic soul expression, such as the present, andAstrology, 526:in all of them though it is as yet in an embryonic stage. In Russia it is being retarded by aAtom, 81:to appear, and we then have the rudiments of embryonic emotion, or feeling - the physical planeAtom, 85:attributes, though as yet they are largely embryonic, and he has to repeat within his cycle [86] ofAtom, 86:highest aspect of spiritual will as yet purely embryonic. We have, nearly all of us, been broughtDestiny, 46:of the seventh ray expression are still in an embryonic stage. This you can see clearly if youDestiny, 70:becomes apparent; a few again are purely embryonic. Thus the extreme difficulty of the scienceDestiny, 71:unfoldment, it will be [71] found that that embryonic factor which we call the intuition willDestiny, 85:deductions and applications. Russia is as yet embryonic and her part lies more in the East than inDestiny, 101:in all of them, though it is as yet in an embryonic stage. In Russia it is being retarded by aDestiny, 125:factor in the animal (of which instinct is the embryonic manifestation) will be rapidly developedDestiny, 131:into certain forms of mass action. This is the embryonic use of Words of Power, and from a study ofDiscipleship1, 19:be opened and opportunity offered to waiting embryonic souls. Many also, at this time, can takeDiscipleship1, 64:of ideas. There is too much desire (which is embryonic will) in their equipment for them to beDiscipleship1, 695:the first step towards that objective. If this embryonic externalization succeeds in functioningDiscipleship1, 699:garment of the soul. At this stage, intellect is embryonic; the physical appetites and the fiveDiscipleship1, 755:radiation which evokes a response from the embryonic abstract mind of the disciple when theDiscipleship2, 36:by mental determination, but not by emotional or embryonic love. This indicates, on the whole,Discipleship2, 103:of formation, and some are, as yet, in a totally embryonic condition, awaiting the "focusingDiscipleship2, 123:to feel and sense the initiatory vibration or embryonic interplay which is being establishedDiscipleship2, 136:are working under the Masters, and some are embryonic as yet, being gathered slowly together byDiscipleship2, 160:a possible unfoldment, though still only an embryonic quality of mankind. The mass appeal was thenDiscipleship2, 278:that the will aspect of divinity, in its first embryonic manifestation, was beginning to make itsDiscipleship2, 297:the future and fate. This is as yet an embryonic sense or entirely new avenue of perception andDiscipleship2, 299:highest aspects of the spiritual will (as yet embryonic within him) can be unfolded. Elsewhere IDiscipleship2, 660:soul's preoccupation. Patience, signifying the embryonic immortality and persistence which is aDiscipleship2, 660:Identification with others, which is embryonic [661] fusion, carried eventually to synthesis whenDiscipleship2, 746:experiment is going on, though as yet only in an embryonic manner; more difficult and specificEducation, 78:by the little sins and evasions and by the petty embryonic complexes, which have been imposed uponEducation, 107:and come to his own conclusions. This is embryonic as yet, but the indications of his effort areEducation, 129:today as never before, but it is still so embryonic that words do not help in explaining it. ThisEducation, 136:already this is being done in a tentative and embryonic manner; but the real change in humanEducation, 139:of people, will be scientifically related to the embryonic light in the child, and the thread ofExternalisation, 27:not concern ourselves. These seed groups are embryonic and therefore, like germinating seeds, theirExternalisation, 31:so rare that these groups remain as yet in an embryonic stage. We call them the seed groups of theExternalisation, 49:conscience, an urge to betterment, and an embryonic mind of such a nature that it can respond toExternalisation, 73:systems and childish efforts at improvement but embryonic plans whereby, eventually, may comeExternalisation, 100:method of general stimulation. In both of these embryonic activities, which will eventually beExternalisation, 119:the urge to progress, as we know it, but their embryonic forms. It is not possible for modern manExternalisation, 121:instinctual nature and some form of desire (embryonic aspiration) steadily grew during AtlanteanExternalisation, 125:Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes are the embryonic form. Second, the Hierarchy withdrew inExternalisation, 131:aspects, each of which inspires and colors the embryonic civilization. Great Britain expresses theExternalisation, 242:and visionary dream. It is already happening. Embryonic movements toward this world synthesis areExternalisation, 496:the energy of the atom is as yet in an extremely embryonic stage; humanity little knows the extentExternalisation, 526:them impose Its hierarchical concepts upon the embryonic minds of the general and average public;Externalisation, 529:in process of attaining that full complement, or embryonic Ashrams of which there are already quiteExternalisation, 532:abstract mind can possibly convey to you even an embryonic factual conception. But that type ofExternalisation, 555:to the interest shown by the Hierarchy in the embryonic efforts in which you are engaged and whichExternalisation, 579:definite form, though as yet the efforts are embryonic and the workers very few in number. AFire, 297:distress will be ended. His work is as yet in an embryonic condition, and two and a half moreFire, 538:the innermost three are unrevealed, or are embryonic, and hence the causal body is frequentlyFire, 710:triangle. The causal body, though only in an embryonic condition, is now ready for full activity asFire, 720:abstraction through will power, but this in an embryonic manner. I have dealt with these three fromFire, 806:(as does the solar system) the heart aspect, or embryonic love nature, which it is the object ofGlamour, 17:Still other groups are only as yet in an embryonic stage. Their personnel is incomplete and theGlamour, 58:of long exploded concepts; still others are embryonic; some of them are static and stable; many areHealing, 198:areas of the body where the nadis are in an embryonic state, other areas where they are highlyHealing, 204:in its infancy that it hardly merits the word "embryonic") much will be later learned of theirHealing, 213:the endocrine or ductless glands is as yet in an embryonic state. Much is known anent the glandsHealing, 307:each other in the human body is still as yet an embryonic study? To say that congestion isHealing, 336:the science with which they are working is so embryonic as yet that their conclusions are not fullyHealing, 497:of attrition, is left standing free within an embryonic mental vehicle, and this period ofHealing, 578:cleanliness, plus the rudiments of Hatha Yoga (embryonic physical, athletic control - muscularHealing, 602:and this knowledge is, as you well know, still embryonic; all that is known in most cases is theHealing, 686:of one and the same thing: discipleship in its embryonic stage. This is a hard saying for those whoHealing, 686:These three aspects of living activity are the embryonic expression in the life of the disciple ofInitiation, 22:are to be found of the first aspect, or embryonic will and purpose; we may call it hereditaryInitiation, 22:be but the goal of his endeavor; and he has that embryonic, dynamic, initiating will which willInitiation, 39:in process of developing, and the will is only embryonic. Another solar system will see the willMagic, 148:subtle response apparatus is only in an [148] embryonic condition there is a devastating sense ofMagic, 460:They bring the germ of the idea, and the embryonic concept into outer and completed existence,Meditation, 319:their buddhic vehicle, which has to be in an embryonic condition when the first initiation isProblems, 106:millions of inhabitants is still in the embryonic stage; the relationship of its true inhabitantsProblems, 150:faculty of mind in man. In man was planted the embryonic power to think, to reason and to know. ThePsychology1, 114:attempts at a tentative duplication are in an embryonic condition as yet. It is a test and a trialPsychology1, 336:vibration, it is nevertheless an expression of embryonic love. Response again comes, with greaterPsychology2, 20:out as the conscious response, the intelligent embryonic purpose which seems to animate allPsychology2, 241:of God's consciousness and awareness find their embryonic reflections in our modern humanity. It isPsychology2, 559:Perspective. The mystical vision. d. Taste (embryonic). Taste. Discrimination. Intuition. e. SmellPsychology2, 563:instinct of the animal is, for instance, the embryonic unfoldment of what is later recognized byPsychology2, 563:inherent in the animal nature, are in every case embryonic indications of soul capacities. [564]Psychology2, 612:can all be traced to the early stages and the embryonic beginnings of these developments. They areRays, 185:tribe united with tribe to form larger tribes or embryonic nations, this mass effect increased, butRays, 254:of the human aspiration. This work is as yet embryonic, but it should receive increasing attention.Rays, 331:by science along this line, it is as yet only embryonic in nature, and only when the Hierarchy isRays, 380:life of the Lord of the World: Shamballa and His embryonic throat center, Humanity. Shamballa wasRays, 388:(few of them as yet complete, and some entirely embryonic), so that, in fact, all the forty-nineRays, 391:fully unfolded in the Master, but the will is embryonic still, from the [392] standpoint of Those
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