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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMERGE

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Discipleship1, 389:during the next few months. The theme will emerge in your consciousness if you move slowly, ponderDiscipleship1, 421:and so be ready to proffer fuller service and emerge into fuller usefulness; or you can continueDiscipleship1, 425:a glamor out of which you should at once [425] emerge - the glamor of depression, based on a senseDiscipleship1, 453:of world government, considering what should emerge out of the present, major, world ideologies.Discipleship1, 459:The deepest esoteric significance which may emerge in your mind need not necessarily be imparted toDiscipleship1, 480:divinity burn out all dross. Let the pure gold emerge. Give me the gold of living love to showerDiscipleship1, 484:the true "color" and quality of your life will emerge with significance. Forget not, however, thatDiscipleship1, 485:of glamor from which it is oft difficult to emerge. Your fourth ray attributes connect you closelyDiscipleship1, 491:of his service. We look at both of these as they emerge into reality upon the physical plane. IDiscipleship1, 540:horizon and greatly extended contacts should emerge [541] a richer and a fuller life of service andDiscipleship1, 542:the love that is deeply hidden in your nature emerge more fully to the surface in relation to theDiscipleship1, 631:to your vision. What these will be, will later emerge, but the time is not yet. Discipleship1, 636:point in your development where - unless you emerge into a more mental type of realization - youDiscipleship1, 730:their initiate groups, their opportunity will emerge. This triangle of energy is held responsibleDiscipleship1, 736:or forced through attention to soul behest - emerge. The disciple knows that he lacks love, becauseDiscipleship1, 745:reality two separated activities, except as they emerge in the consciousness of the disciple uponDiscipleship2sunshine in a garden. Weeds as well as flowers emerge. It was a new age group forcing process,Discipleship2of the deeper values are more subtle and slow to emerge. Individuals benefited greatly. As a groupDiscipleship2, 20:problems and its immediate opportunity may emerge clearly in your minds, and you will be ableDiscipleship2, 22:might be said or written by me will eventually emerge a Treatise on Discipleship which will beDiscipleship2, 31:have earlier outlined, my use of this theme will emerge clearly in your consciousness. It hasDiscipleship2, 32:effort towards initiation. Other goals will emerge as you strive, study and serve; the simplicity,Discipleship2, 40:that when the war ends two great conditions will emerge for which you must be prepared and forDiscipleship2, 59:from which a true and reliable peace can emerge. On the emotional plane, there is as yet no peace.Discipleship2, 61:access in both directions, there will clearly emerge the invocational pull or the magnetic potencyDiscipleship2, 121:Certain aspects of relationship, therefore, emerge into the consciousness of the disciple and atDiscipleship2, 265:be). I will take one or two general ideas which emerge from an analysis of the whole and then a fewDiscipleship2, 266:the more obvious significances; deeper ones will emerge when these are realities and notDiscipleship2, 305:its effect. Thus two different pictures will emerge. Both will be correct, but the interpretingDiscipleship2, 341:between initiation and revelation." Four ideas emerge for the disciple as he studies this hint:Discipleship2, 344:I mention this because these groupings emerge out of the general text and may not have beenDiscipleship2, 357:would normally do. Two thoughts, therefore, emerge from a study of the two versions of this hint:Discipleship2, 358:consciousness - these factors begin to emerge as a vital vortex of force, receiving, distributingDiscipleship2, 360:in relation to the time factor. Three things emerge in his thinking at this time: The immediateDiscipleship2, 366:timespace consciousness. [366] Two major ideas emerge from a careful study of these threeDiscipleship2, 377:must be transformed. Two things consequently emerge in his consciousness: That the astral plane isDiscipleship2, 393:long last) that which is the divine idea does emerge as an accepted ideal and, in due time, is theDiscipleship2, 415:is to know that the hint which he has forced to emerge out of the welter of unassimilated andDiscipleship2, 478:power, and the responsibility of preparation emerge clearly in the three ideas underlying theDiscipleship2, 503:as a working disciple and should allow no gap to emerge between his present point of tension andDiscipleship2, 607:you." The part that you have to play will slowly emerge and become clear to your mind and you, IDiscipleship2, 621:made, for the subtler qualities and weaknesses emerge and are not so easily detected as are theDiscipleship2, 637:suffering and pain to the personality; they can emerge into consciousness on the emotional or theDiscipleship2, 688:wisdom and gentle loving poise. Let tenderness emerge like a stream of healing strength. Ponder theDiscipleship2, 701:use the will to force the spiritual issue and to emerge once and for all into the clear light ofDiscipleship2, 704:can face the music. The music is there and will emerge in full tonal quality once you have resolvedDiscipleship2, 706:they are the result of new vision, for if they emerge out of a criticism of the past [707] and ofDiscipleship2, 711:- far more than at present appears. Workers will emerge who will be entrusted with wideDiscipleship2, 713:germ of the new life which is just beginning to emerge. The Old Commentary says: "The seed developsDiscipleship2, 714:so that something creative and worthwhile may emerge? These are the problems which must be faced,Discipleship2, 756:to grasp my meaning. Two factors of interest emerge here. In veiling (from the point of definiteEducation, xi:processes of evolution did the human species emerge from the matrix of nature so that man couldEducation, 8:from a condition of potentiality, the self may emerge into active government. In this formulationEducation, 41:values. However, these latter must some day emerge into expression. The above statement isEducation, 70:and thus the real science of the soul will emerge from this synthesis. The growth and theEducation, 75:wherein certain qualities can flourish and emerge. 1. An atmosphere of love, wherein fear is castEducation, 78:others in order to achieve personal gain, will emerge in right perspective and at the right time.Education, 78:character trends and the gaps in his equipment emerge clearly. They will not be hidden until theEducation, 105:retrogressive ideals the race must eventually emerge. It is the realization of this which hasEducation, 118:The fifth kingdom in nature, the spiritual, will emerge out of the fifth root race. Such is theEducation, 137:produce the radiance of group light and cause to emerge, out of these two [138] planetary groups orEducation, 142:by repetition? I think not. The new culture will emerge and come into being, as all of those whoEducation, 149:The next stage of human evolution will emerge as a result of the purificatory action of the WorldExternalisation, 12:and personal longing (which divide groups) emerge from contact with it. The results to those whoExternalisation, 27:in the dark." At some distant date, groups will emerge which will be first ray groups, animated byExternalisation, 30:blended into one, and the new civilization can emerge. It will be the product of the mental andExternalisation, 33:so that from their fusion a third group could emerge which would be exterior in its activity andExternalisation, 36:be visioned with clarity and some new ideals emerge as to the quality of the coming new worldExternalisation, 113:increasingly determine their own fate as they emerge from the stage of adolescence into that ofExternalisation, 117:this is properly grasped, the true picture may emerge in your hearts and minds with greaterExternalisation, 137:great problem today is which of these two will emerge the victor out of the conflict, and which ofExternalisation, 154:of pain and of suffering will gradually emerge in the world consciousness as study is made of theExternalisation, 171:values which should govern human civilization emerge with clarity and power. I would here like toExternalisation, 202:acceptances. The spiritual realities will emerge with increasing clarity and the form aspect willExternalisation, 217:which may [217] distinguish you. You will then emerge from the glamor of propaganda and of worldExternalisation, 224:in their longing to see their own loyalties emerge triumphant; they work doubtingly, hoping for theExternalisation, 236:the impact of the German war machine. It will emerge into realization when there are enough peopleExternalisation, 256:seeking expression in the world; [256] these emerge out of the past and seek to determine and bringExternalisation, 260:action, and the instigation of others to emerge as dynamic and inspired leaders, is also anotherExternalisation, 298:which humanity itself has as yet produced. They emerge along the lines of government, of the firstExternalisation, 298:to Shamballa force. Such Avatars frequently emerge at the founding of a nation. This is true ofExternalisation, 298:the first Patanjali and Sankaracharya; they emerge upon the second ray line of energy, in theExternalisation, 363:the people. Therefore, whatever revelation may emerge in the immediate future will be betterExternalisation, 376:the new civilization must have its roots in and emerge out of the past; new ideals must come forthExternalisation, 411:the message of the Christ, three concepts emerge into the racial consciousness: The value of theExternalisation, 441:of the two Great Lords which must take shape and emerge at the time of the May and June Full Moons.Externalisation, 452:of divine purpose, the will-to-good can emerge with clarity and dominate human affairs. Out of theExternalisation, 453:needed preparations. The coming struggle will emerge within the churches themselves; it will alsoExternalisation, 527:hierarchical workers. Before the Hierarchy can emerge (as is the intention), the relation between aExternalisation, 540:motives animating the Hierarchy will constantly emerge with greater clarity in your minds, as youExternalisation, 574:light of this information the significance will emerge. The poor and destitute candidate emergesExternalisation, 578:abused authority, yet out of the wreckage will emerge those true and spiritually enlightenedExternalisation, 584:welfare. One interesting distinction will later emerge and condition the new age inExternalisation, 584:foundational to the new world order which will emerge out of all these experiments which humanExternalisation, 587:Those disciples and initiates who will emerge from the three Ashrams and whose work is largely toExternalisation, 613:thing to another. Some of the replies will emerge as you read what I have to say. I am writing hereExternalisation, 636:depths of human thinking and feeling, and must emerge as a free and non-supervised endeavor; theExternalisation, 658:The true monastic spirit and discipline will emerge later in the historical processes of humanity.Externalisation, 679:order and truth and the new civilization will emerge. This civilization will emerge as the resultExternalisation, 679:civilization will emerge. This civilization will emerge as the result of mass thinking; it will no
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