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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMERGE

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Externalisation, 690:the Ashrams found within the Hierarchy, Who must emerge from Their retreats and live among men inExternalisation, 691:from the ashrams, and will continue thus to emerge, is of a purificatory nature at this time, andFire, 69:It is as it were one of the foci from which emerge rays of light to illumine the cosmic waters andFire, 458:springs the fourth, and from this fourth will emerge the fifth, each receiving Germ protection,Fire, 486:enough to withstand the forces contacted, and to emerge from the process of chemical transmutationFire, 596:with the aid of the fifth Law of Fixation, will emerge the sixth subrace of brotherly love - loveFire, 619:pouring positive force upon them until they emerge from passivity and negativity into potency andFire, 1092:begin and end their evolution; they seldom emerge, pass through their cycle and achieve theirFire, 1274:the sacred hidden fire withdraw Their thought, emerge from meditation, and all that is - betweenFire, 1274:deep and link the first and third. The worlds emerge, and - rushing into forms prepared - pursueFire, 1275:calling in the aid of points of blue. These emerge from the heart of one of the seven. (TheGlamour, 18:help profoundly. One of the things which will emerge most definitely during the next three or fourGlamour, 39:I speak. The Dweller on the Threshold does not emerge out of the fog of illusion and of glamorGlamour, 45:itself. The glamors of an emotional nature can emerge and gather about the ideal, for that is asGlamour, 125:there are methods and techniques whereby he can emerge the conqueror of illusion, the dissipater ofGlamour, 127:pledged himself. Little by little, two things emerge with startling clarity in his mind: TheGlamour, 176:it should take, through what medium it should emerge, and where and when it should appear. ToGlamour, 189:the people. Therefore, whatever revelation may emerge in the immediate future will be betterHealing, 19:its power to produce those readjustments which emerge out of the past and affect the present. IHealing, 22:complaints or predispositions to disease which emerge out of the environment, or with thoseHealing, 31:One of the things which should definitely emerge in our studies is the fact that disease is seldomHealing, 40:from them serious and destructive diseases can emerge, necessitating, for instance, the removal ofHealing, 54:it is obvious that the following facts emerge. These should form the basis of your reflection:Healing, 143:of one vital circulatory system will the truth emerge. Only as they are acknowledged to be the fourHealing, 193:later life, the suppressed condition will again emerge in ever greater potency and will continue soHealing, 293:To the intuitive aspirant some meaning will emerge, but he must ever bear in mind that all that IHealing, 304:they play upon the human body. All physical ills emerge out of the impact of these imperfectHealing, 530:fields of knowledge a new medical science will emerge, based upon two paramount recognized factors:Healing, 551:polarization is known, two major facts emerge: the point of approach will be either through theHealing, 595:A great science of the centers will some day emerge, and this will clarify the entire complexHealing, 619:energy; these emanate from the seven Rays which emerge out of the one Source, as Representatives ofHealing, 710:be seen and from the three, great knowledge will emerge. For these the healer seeks. To these theHercules, 2:and sacrifice. The watching Teacher saw a man emerge from out this crowd, mount the fixed Cross,Hercules, 29:must understand if the meaning of the test is to emerge. Connected with each sign of the ZodiacHercules, 65:came into being; where the mind aspect began to emerge, and the duality of mankind became a fact inHercules, 67:undeveloped lines of approach to spiritual truth emerge, and many teachers will arise everywhere toHercules, 109:that the true esoteric meaning can possibly emerge. The interesting fact about the period in whichHercules, 157:up, for it is within this race that there will emerge that group of aspirants, merging in theirHercules, 165:control of thought and restraint of speech would emerge in the world and we would escape from ourHercules, 179:own dignity, his nobility as a human being, must emerge from his efforts to liberate himself fromHercules, 185:our spiritual muscles and enables us to emerge out of darkness into light. Hercules, 190:away, that a new method of work would have to emerge whereby the Masters would employ a new mode ofHercules, 194:individually when the World Savior will again emerge and humanity will learn the next great truthHercules, 200:has held you will now [200] end and you will emerge and set your feet upon a new path. It is theHercules, 213:of soul, "Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant". Sagittarius, the Archer Element:Hercules, 218:As we study this imaginary path two thoughts emerge. We are brought face to face with the conceptHercules, 219:In the larger picture certain interesting facts emerge. We can say, for instance, that between fourIntellect, 3:it may be safe to assume that out of it will emerge that which the race needs in its onward march.Intellect, 4:are made, a structure of truth will be found to emerge which will embody the spirit of the New Age.Intellect, 26:of ourselves, to speak in a local figure, and emerge equally unexpectedly into the light of everyIntellect, 109:and no following of chance ideas which emerge in relation to the object of thought. The seedIntellect, 161:truth or beauty never before sensed. It does not emerge from the subconscious, or from the storedIntellect, 183:Mechanism, will be found true that "there will emerge a new race, with new capacities, new ideals,Intellect, 203:that of material living. Thus the knower will emerge. Therefore, any one who is not purelyMagic, 70:duty. Out of duty, perfectly performed, will emerge those larger duties which we call world work;Magic, 88:of cosmic evolution these relationships will emerge. The race as a whole is, however, onlyMagic, 129:the surface, many apparently diverse principles emerge and the surge of battle appears to go, firstMagic, 220:considered one or two thoughts most clearly emerge and might be summed up in the following terms:Magic, 304:nation, or between race and race, there would emerge that peace on earth which nothing could upsetMagic, 326:in all climes and in all races, then there will emerge the universal religion, the One Church, andMagic, 337:each other and from them a synthesis will emerge which will prove an adequate platform upon whichMagic, 338:a blending of the three presentations there will emerge the fourth, which will be nearer the truthMagic, 409:and perhaps largely because of it, there will emerge those competent to deal with the situation andMagic, 423:by a new psychological approach which will emerge out of the old and be a blend of the mechanicalMagic, 427:and their united conferences, there may emerge certain esoteric groups and schools for developmentMagic, 439:charts and lineal forms will be found to emerge when this is done, and the "geometry of theMagic, 442:Scorpio - Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant. Sagittarius - I see the goal. IMagic, 459:of idea-quality-form until the details begin to emerge, and the work of what is literally aMagic, 477:and of books, a few clear concepts will surely emerge which will find an echo in the hearts of men.Magic, 528:which will enable the inner spiritual reality to emerge. Magic, 541:or individual dynamic ideas, must eventually emerge objectively on the physical plane. This is anMagic, 546:of some of the recognitions which will gradually emerge in his consciousness. First, he mustMagic, 548:by these rules, various qualifications will emerge and will distinguish him. It must be rememberedMagic, 552:power in order to "precipitate" or cause to emerge objective forms. These forms will either be inMagic, 623:he knows it not. His latent weaknesses must emerge under the pressure of the work, and inevitablyMagic, 628:the full flower of soul expression will emerge. I would like to point out the following: TheMagic, 628:and out of our newest science, psychology, will emerge a knowledge of the assertive and dominantMeditation, 51:science. The other three fundamentals will emerge during the next three rounds. This round will seeMeditation, 306:reincarnates; places pass into pralaya and emerge into manifestation, holding within them the seedsPatanjali, 369:three kinds. 8. From these three kinds of karma emerge those forms which are necessary for thePatanjali, 393:Illumination 8. From these three kinds of karma emerge those forms which are necessary for theProblems, 17:fought until forced to accept defeat? Can France emerge from this time of trial, purified and ableProblems, 30:its own problems. Certain questions, therefore, emerge immediately. Will the great powers, Russia,Problems, 47:of responsibility and of goodwill will emerge. What is the nature of this atmosphere? 1. AnProblems, 48:upon group requirements for personal gain, will emerge in right perspective and at the right time.Problems, 74:group made up of practical idealists may not emerge and take over. The interest of the spiritualProblems, 123:of the facts and of the potentialities may emerge clearly, we will divide this subject into theProblems, 129:from which they are slowly beginning to emerge. The Mohammedan faith is, like the Christian, aProblems, 131:recognition and the knowledge of Christ would emerge in strength and with a fresh and newProblems, 131:affairs but there is hope that eventually it may emerge as a regenerating and spiritual force. TheProblems, 140:the universal world religion will inevitably emerge. Then there will be neither Christian norProblems, 143:of the capacity of the human spirit to emerge out of darkness, out of evil and death into life andPsychology1, xx:the results of such a united effort, there would emerge a group activity, intelligently undertaken,Psychology1, 19:producing seven types of qualified forms which emerge on all planes and in all kingdoms. It must bePsychology1, 23:and the desired, must here be posited) and to emerge from subjective being into objective becoming.Psychology1, 43:and comprehended the underlying purpose will emerge with clarity. Indications of this can be dimlyPsychology1, 51:from below upwards, and its true purpose cannot emerge until the soul is awakened and consciousnessPsychology1, 58:are to be seen; developing degrees of sentiency emerge, and even in the symbolism of the human formPsychology1, 69:ages pass; then let the soul appear. Let life emerge within a destined time. Quality - the power toPsychology1, 78:Angels now arise and see. Let the mountain-tops emerge from out the dense wet mist. Let the sun
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