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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMERGE

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Psychology1, 78:the cause of their cessation. Let one temple now emerge. Produce the crowning glory. So let it be.Psychology1, 112:of this Treatise on the Seven Rays will begin to emerge as part of the general knowledge ofPsychology1, 190:intricacies of the imparted detail, he will not emerge into the realm of that clear vision which isPsychology1, 200:and seen as illumination. Thus the qualities emerge and appear in their full glory as man developsPsychology1, 223:general outlines of the evolutionary process emerge from the mass of detail in which they are lostPsychology1, 251:analysis, the power to love, to serve and to emerge from the herd into the [252] group. Ponder onPsychology1, 258:of various activities caused a new being to emerge into manifestation. This is the basic truthPsychology1, 279:are bad as well as good. Evil will temporarily emerge as well as lasting righteousness. If thePsychology1, 281:sense of values. False and true standards will emerge in man's consciousness, and those choicesPsychology1, 336:kingdom, and the basic instinctual desires emerge and can be recognized. They, in due time, becomePsychology1, 342:we shall see the next reality to be known and to emerge out of the darkness which we are now in thePsychology1, 347:definition and analysis become easier. Types emerge with greater clarity in their delineations, andPsychology1, 365:that those internal difficulties and disorders emerge which (if of long continuance) prevent aPsychology1, 378:speaking) the fires of destruction may emerge and end our civilization, as the AtlanteanPsychology1, 390:Man These relations are all on the form side and emerge out of the personality rays. Many suchPsychology1, 426:analysis, the power to love, to serve and to emerge from the herd into the group. Ponder on thePsychology2, 43:to "sit upon the fence" till the selfish values emerge, Disorder and chaos, throughPsychology2, 55:those types of energy which are struggling to emerge into material expression and which eventuallyPsychology2, 55:patterns are literally the divine ideas, as they emerge from the subjective group consciousness andPsychology2, 59:which "ever shineth in the East". Three things emerge in connection with the task of the soul as itPsychology2, 61:the real significance of divinity can begin to emerge in our consciousness. [62] Psychology2, 94:we apply it predominantly to those souls who emerge upon the teaching ray, the second or [95]Psychology2, 96:processes and particularly does this emerge into clear significance in the human family. ThePsychology2, 126:have reached a point where the true server can emerge from their ranks, and give evidence of anPsychology2, 131:here concerned with those qualities which will emerge when a man is working under the impulse ofPsychology2, 134:as practiced by any individual, begins to emerge. The first effect of the inflowing force of thePsychology2, 136:there to be found. When this happens, he will emerge upon the physical plane glamored by the idea,Psychology2, 142:are taken by the third ray aspirant, as they emerge from the elevated consciousness of Those forPsychology2, 159:sense of smell, the last of the five senses to emerge in humanity) has been adequately developed inPsychology2, 172:Laws. In Law One, we find that three major ideas emerge: First of all, that the Eternal Pilgrim, ofPsychology2, 174:men. These laws have this effect only as they emerge in the consciousness of the man who isPsychology2, 182:The later and more esoteric objectives will emerge as the earlier ones are reached: Group Unity.Psychology2, 182:felt. The various lines of activity will emerge when the group vibration is strong enough to make aPsychology2, 183:for the next few decades. Thus there will emerge a group circulation or, transmission of energyPsychology2, 213:response ensued, which enabled a new kingdom to emerge. A creative act is ever the result ofPsychology2, 215:expression - a group expression - of Deity may emerge through man into manifestation? Two pointsPsychology2, 236:instances of this divine trend, as they emerge in the human consciousness, are here mentionedPsychology2, 238:must continue their search later when they [238] emerge, chastened, from the depths of the GreatPsychology2, 254:of the underlying implications will emerge as the race grows in wisdom and in knowledge. We arePsychology2, 254:through its surrounding barriers and to emerge into the light, or whether it is the power of aPsychology2, 277:two great classes of Avatars must inevitably emerge, or have emerged. There are, first of all,Psychology2, 279:Place of the Most High. Later, the Avatar will emerge Who will embody in Himself all that thePsychology2, 288:true nature of the problem of psychology will emerge and the right clue to the solution willPsychology2, 329:in order to force the issue and thus emerge into manifestation. This is a vital moment inPsychology2, 341:the ray types of the vehicles steadily emerge, the ray of the personality begins to control thePsychology2, 355:ray) the dualities of attraction and abstraction emerge, both latent and both capable of perfectedPsychology2, 358:Vocation. The lack of balance will also emerge if the chart is studied and man can then arrive atPsychology2, 375:yet I love power. I love to see the forms emerge, created by my mind, and do their work, fulfil thePsychology2, 390:which is that on which the creative ideas of God emerge in form to be recognized by the humanPsychology2, 396:as a Light bearer. Perhaps my meaning will emerge more clearly to some of you when I point out toPsychology2, 398:time working into manifestation. Wisdom began to emerge in the time of the Buddha, and was thePsychology2, 399:through which a new presented attribute can emerge as a thought form, and, therefore, impingePsychology2, 414:and the awareness of duality is beginning to emerge, that the real problems and the majorPsychology2, 423:[423] has been overcome, then potentiality can emerge in recognition and become power inPsychology2, 429:choices (to the end that ordered purpose may emerge in their lives) will be two of the governingPsychology2, 429:These are the basic premises which should emerge in the new techniques which psychology will usePsychology2, 436:a unified personality. Then the mystic can emerge. This means that he has achieved the pointPsychology2, 493:a real meaning? In any case two thoughts emerge from an understanding study of these derivations.Psychology2, 526:and the intelligent worldly effort, and will emerge again to living endeavor when the mind naturePsychology2, 532:The next question which might most correctly emerge in the student's consciousness could be statedPsychology2, 534:and to become used to the new powers which emerge, making the man able to enter more easily thePsychology2, 611:more people tread the Path that the problem will emerge in its true light and thus eventually bePsychology2, 624:next century will the really new type of group emerge. Tentative beginnings of such groups are toPsychology2, 634:on major attitudes, and not on divisions which emerge when material resources are underPsychology2, 634:going on, the spiritual aristocracy can now emerge, - an aristocracy based on a realization ofPsychology2, 696:be more [696] definitely guided, for there will emerge some conscious cooperation. The establishingPsychology2, 725:so cooperate with each other that there would emerge a united inner movement - working out throughRays, 30:and of the spiritual dispensation which will emerge as humanity constructs the new worldRays, 42:which the soul imprisoned in the body can emerge and pass into higher states of consciousness,Rays, 96:higher quaternary dealt with in this rule will emerge dimly in your consciousness (more is not yetRays, 97:Rule IV refers, and their relationships only emerge as the initiate keeps the rules. Let us nowRays, 113:picture whole, to think in the larger terms, to emerge out of the normal separate consciousnessRays, 122:or foundation from which the next unfoldment can emerge and on which a more spiritualRays, 137:relatively small, are two contrasts. These emerge with clarity if you compare the instructionsRays, 141:Just a little of what that will includes may emerge as we study this seventh rule and some of theRays, 289:for the significance of the divine purpose to emerge more clearly in the consciousness of theRays, 300:of the field from which these people emerge, demonstrates their underlying unity. When this unityRays, 332:be revealed; that which has been withdrawn will emerge into the light, and all men shall see andRays, 338:experience [338] with the then endowed energies emerge as the ability of the initiate to expressRays, 350:and see their way clearly ahead; but their goals emerge as widely different; one treads the broadRays, 363:nature of the consciousness of Shamballa will emerge as we study this section of the Treatise, forRays, 379:the initiatory process, the newer concepts may emerge more clearly. The points I want you to bearRays, 388:the Masters Themselves, two ideas automatically emerge: [389] The Masters are also subject toRays, 390:and understanding. Their significance will emerge as we study the Seven Paths and the NineRays, 398:our planet. From other spheres and planes They emerge along the lines of Their destiny andRays, 462:three great aspects of divine manifestation emerge upon the theatre of world life and on theRays, 477:symbolism and the numerological relationships emerge significantly. Rays, 518:all these Words of Power, two obvious thoughts emerge; first, that the goal of all activity is theRays, 533:possibilities, symbolically indicated, will emerge with greater clarity and a deepened spiritualRays, 554:able to live through the period of upheaval and emerge eventually into the new era, ready to buildRays, 580:thus permitting the new and better ideologies to emerge in the consciousness of the race. Rays, 589:the living forms, under this dual impact, to emerge into larger areas of consciousness. EachRays, 605:Renunciation, the effects of its activity will emerge more clearly. Fundamentally, this fourth rayRays, 606:Just as the individual disciple uses it to emerge out of the control of matter in the three worlds,Rays, 631:real progress. A culture and a civilization will emerge which will be the [632] result of rightRays, 659:shall be, and in the next great race which will emerge out of all our modern races and nations, theRays, 666:and an increasingly large number of mystics will emerge out of the modern masses of men;Rays, 675:fog and out of the glamors, the initiate must emerge; out of the present fog of human affairsRays, 675:present fog of human affairs humanity will also emerge eventually. The success of the individualRays, 703:you will find that three factors will emerge in a new light in your consciousness. That they are
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