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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMERGENCE

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Externalisation, 28:came into expression, and this brought about the emergence of a world religion. Externalisation, 34:the germ of life which will result in the emergence of the Hierarchy at a later date [35] uponExternalisation, 39:Hence we have today upon the physical plane the emergence of much light everywhere; we haveExternalisation, 44:leads to a more lasting relationship and to the emergence of that true magnetic link and love whichExternalisation, 46:should work; thus will be brought about an emergence of hierarchical effort into outer activity.Externalisation, 70:the masses of the people are now living and the emergence of one or two key people in every nationExternalisation, 70:The point reached by humanity itself The emergence of the new racial type The ending of the PisceanExternalisation, 71:of judgment is a group interlude to the full emergence of the New Age influences. The leveling ofExternalisation, 94:groups nor are they the only evidences of the emergence of these ray groups in the world. There areExternalisation, 103:demonstrate upon earth, it will come through the emergence of the inner synthesis on to theExternalisation, 136:great groups stand the masses - waiting for the emergence of fresh opportunity and new revelations.Externalisation, 175:the present. Time and again there has been the emergence of leaders, conquerors, dictators andExternalisation, 201:in their loyalties and partisanships, that the emergence of a world religion is necessarily ofExternalisation, 201:is necessarily of profound difficulty. But that emergence is very close at hand and the differencesExternalisation, 212:by the world aspirants in every country. The emergence of certain clear lines of demarcationExternalisation, 230:a judgment day (speaking symbolically) and the emergence of a clear line of demarcation betweenExternalisation, 261:cataclysms Evocation of slumbering Entities Emergence of inspired leadership. There still remainsExternalisation, 261:evoke and subsequently to contact. This is the emergence, response, or appearing of great Sons ofExternalisation, 264:the Christ of Galilee? Will it bring about the emergence into manifestation of some great Son ofExternalisation, 292:therefore mean more to us than any other Divine Emergence. They are known, loved and followed byExternalisation, 295:righteous action will be supplemented by the emergence of a divine Force, Person or Event whichExternalisation, 296:Avatar with the demand for His coming forth. His emergence must be caused by a fivefold chain orExternalisation, 300:peoples) was necessary, and I referred to the emergence of inspired leadership as another and lowerExternalisation, 321:the place of His appearing, the nature of His emergence, or the country of His choice. These areExternalisation, 333:a group whose ears are attuned to its imminent emergence, and through the lives of those [334] inExternalisation, 372:and a farsighted vision. 6. The dangers of re-emergence of the nationalist spirit. IntenseExternalisation, 423:that secret things would be made plain; by this emergence of the good and of the bad intoExternalisation, 470:true significance. The first step will be the emergence of humanity from the death of itsExternalisation, 482:objective. These forces will bring about the emergence of the new civilization - which isExternalisation, 498:of the good and desirable and the longed-for emergence of that which is new and better. TheExternalisation, 524:such a relationship. This reorientation and emergence into physical plane publicity is going toExternalisation, 538:the Hierarchy is with work, preparatory to emergence, and with those plans and activities whichExternalisation, 546:for the physical appearance or the material emergence of the Hierarchy on earth; with this activityExternalisation, 551:against the return of [551] the Christ and the emergence of the Hierarchy as a fully functioningExternalisation, 554:the sacrifice and the hardship which this emergence will entail, and only a vast inflow of divineFire, 690:aspect. 29 Human individualization, or the emergence of the self-conscious units on the mentalFire, 747:the nadir, from dawn to fall of night, from the emergence into being of all that is or may be toFire, 1033:of the self-contained atom, in the periodical emergence of form, and in the [1034] steady, thoughFire, 1036:overlooked. Students discuss the periods of the emergence of the Rays, setting arbitrary dates,Fire, 1151:to the most superficial student that the gradual emergence of a plane out of the darkness whichFire, 1152:plan underlying and accounting for systemic emergence or incarnation, and it is not my purpose hereGlamour, 33:seen, is of more ancient standing and of earlier emergence than is illusion. It has little in it ofGlamour, 86:become potent directed streams of force, seeking emergence into physical manifestation through theGlamour, 110:of a fresh realm of choice, based upon the emergence of the higher values, and finally a period ofGlamour, 112:sees the synthesis of all the glamors and the emergence of the illusions of the mental plane. TodayGlamour, 115:aware, and which pass through the stages of emergence into recognition, potency in expression, andGlamour, 183:subsequent disappearance as a revelation and its emergence as a doctrine. But, in the meantime,Glamour, 198:- for the dissipation of glamor and for the emergence in the consciousness of men of a clearGlamour, 257:of the disciple, nothing can then stop their emergence in due time into the light of day. But theyHealing, 41:several months or years for its slow and gradual emergence from the body, with the body dying byHealing, 61:of periodic reproductive creation, will come the emergence of the race from the evils of the socialHealing, 123:difficult situations, apparent cleavages and the emergence of faults as well as virtues upon theHealing, 296:work out in the appearance of disease, in the emergence of some disastrous consequence inHealing, 451:had to take place before there could come the emergence of the Hierarchy into the publicHealing, 477:and at the chosen point of exit. When this emergence is complete, the vital body then assumes theHealing, 503:the new concepts will now be seen, and their emergence into the realm of human thinking will beHealing, 667:human welfare have spread over the Earth. The emergence of imperfection and the planned effort ofHealing, 712:The glory of life lies in consummation and in emergence. This is the prime task and the primeHercules, 5:the discipline which will eventually produce the emergence of divinity. Out of an erring butHercules, 32:urge to achieve liberation from form, and the emergence of the soul from the prison of the formHercules, 33:creation and spiritual creation, physical emergence and spiritual liberation: these are the initialHercules, Note t:symbols of all time, and thus we have also the emergence of the idea of the great illusion andHercules, 88:which will eventually produce, in Leo, the emergence of the individual and, in Capricorn, the birthHercules, 188:third decanate, governed by Venus, we have the emergence of inclusive love. About two thousandHercules, 199:now been associated with the thought of the emergence of a great son of God out of the Father'sHercules, 208:discipline which will eventually bring about the emergence of his innate divinity. Out of an erringHercules, 212:Sensitivity leading to individual awareness. Emergence out of the herd. Self-consciousness. SelfIntellect, 40:him to a mass standard, and of producing the emergence of the new type, the soul, constitute theIntellect, 59:becomes subjective and has for its purpose the emergence into manifestation of that "Deeper Being"Intellect, 161:or from any process of intellection. It is the emergence into the consciousness of some truth orIntellect, 239:are given opportunity to participate in their emergence into objective being through our contactIntellect, 241:is a form of creative work, and the same laws of emergence into being have governed the entireIntellect, 265:or what, will save the world? May it not be the emergence into active being of a group of practicalMagic, 15:the world of ideas. This leads inevitably to the emergence of the third branch of knowledge, theMagic, 242:and dark, of good and evil, of submergence and emergence, of progress into illumination [243] andMagic, 332:of forms; it is the light which causes the emergence into consciousness of the race ofMagic, 336:be an outgrowth of psychology. It will be the emergence of a new factor from the standpoint of theMagic, 405:formation of group units, and brought about the emergence of those groups of workers and thinkersMagic, 411:ceremonial organization. In the order of their emergence, they are the groups of philosophers,Magic, 424:the group? First of all, a preliminary period of emergence into the public consciousness, and thusMagic, 447:Nothing, it should be noted, can now stop its emergence into objectivity except the expressed actMagic, 447:of the "mystic phrase". We will assume that emergence into effective existence is the decision andMagic, 458:in mind that the following factors govern the emergence of the idea out of the Universal Mind intoMagic, 480:burned and consumed which bars the way for the emergence of the new ideas, the new archetypalMagic, 522:of these two divine aspects results in the emergence of a third, which we call the soul, andMagic, 535:to the fulfilment of cyclic destiny, to the emergence of the radiant glory, to wisdom, power, GodMagic, 544:the close of the sixth root race, before the emergence of the seventh, we shall have the trueMagic, 579:persistence, and we have earlier seen that the emergence into functioning life and activity of anyMagic, 605:of the growth of consciousness, and indicates emergence from the instinctual stage into that ofProblems, 21:the past has brought to them of dislike. If the emergence from a shy and proud reticence were givenProblems, 64:world expression; it has produced the dramatic emergence of national saviors (so-called), worldProblems, 101:could with profit be modernized. Nowhere is the emergence of a new world religion more greatlyProblems, 134:some political creed or party. Others demand the emergence of a leader, and there are few leadersProblems, 143:of evil and death into life and goodness. This emergence has been the unfailing history of man.Problems, 156:there is [156] little chance of its full emergence during the present generation. The signs,Psychology1, 45:behind all creative work and which produces the emergence into the light of manifestation of thosePsychology1, 78:let them stand in light. Shine forth. Quality - emergence into form and out of form. God and HisPsychology1, 95:that we shall verily and indeed see the emergence of a new heaven and a new earth. Once the centralPsychology1, 96:the revelation of that which is secret, and the emergence into the light of day of that which hasPsychology1, 108:will enable them to make the right moves in the emergence of the race into greater freedom. But I
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