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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMERGES

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Astrology, 21:struggling towards the light until finally he emerges at the end of the Path in Pisces as a worldAstrology, 59:superimposed and the "planetary pattern" then emerges. The horoscope of the human family, of theAstrology, 59:Upon these charts are noted the pattern which emerges when "soul and personality are broughtAstrology, 102:into form of individual self-conscious man who emerges out of the mass and herd in Cancer,Astrology, 112:close of every great cycle and not to Taurus. It emerges into outer manifestation in Cancer, theAstrology, 117:man enters upon his cycle of incarnations, and emerges in the sign Cancer, which is found in theAstrology, 119:most real part of himself. The mystical vision emerges into his consciousness and he becomes awareAstrology, 136:becomes eventually the soul, and soul quality emerges, and on the reversed wheel it demonstrates asAstrology, 136:It is here that its relation to Pisces emerges, for just as Pisces on the wheel of illusion, theAstrology, 159:matter of moment and of interest - when humanity emerges into the light and relative glory of theAstrology, 184:involved. The most interesting fact which emerges as we study the Mutable Cross as a whole isAstrology, 207:and desires, inherited and inherent) there emerges from individual past lives and experience thatAstrology, 219:and the experience in Aquarius the disciple emerges on the physical plane into the position of aAstrology, 222:in the case of advanced people, and when that emerges clearly, the man is obviously a disciple andAstrology, 230:desire in Taurus, producing manifestation; the emerges its dual consciousness in Gemini or theAstrology, 258:between the great duality of soul and body emerges in which, at this stage, the body or form servesAstrology, 262:of these points, another problem for astrology emerges upon which I have scarcely touched but whichAstrology, 278:Mother - Mutable Cross. One point of interest emerges: All the four arms of the Mutable Cross areAstrology, 284:Later, upon the wheel of the disciple, the voice emerges from the Virgin Herself and she says: "IAstrology, 292:in Leo. Out of the mass or the herd emerges the self-sufficient unit which becomes increasinglyAstrology, 319:felt and to include the dualism of man. This emerges clearly in Virgo. Soul and body are closelyAstrology, 319:of activity and the dualism of soul and spirit emerges instead of that of soul and body which hasAstrology, 357:(Fixed Cross), and its mission, therefore, emerges as one of supreme importance. Through the mediumAstrology, 424:borne in mind. One illustration of this normally emerges in our minds if it be remembered that inAstrology, 434:units in the form. A developed sensitivity which emerges from the "furthest center" at firstAstrology, 471:producing: The self-consciousness of man, as he emerges out of the mass. The recognition of theAstrology, 471:as, the aspirant for the first initiation emerges out of the group of world individuals. TheAstrology, 471:universal in nature, of the initiate, as he emerges out of the ranks of the world disciples. AllAstrology, 559:the underlying Trinity (each upon His Own Cross) emerges with clarity. Astrology, 594:that this synthetic Life, being cosmic, emerges from cosmic planes and not systemic. Hence theAstrology, 606:faint and inadequate indications of that which emerges in the human consciousness after the thirdAstrology, 623:wonder of the work of Christ, the Lord of Love emerges into our consciousness. He makes it veryAstrology, 628:matter aspect has made possible, and the Christ emerges as the world savior. All this has takenAtom, 137:the soul within, [137] or the higher self, who emerges from out of the threefold lower self, as theAtom, 137:of the threefold lower self, as the butterfly emerges out of the chrysalis; it is that beautifulAutobiography, 274:which are esoteric and related to the Hierarchy emerges. These disciples, entrusted with theBethlehem, 47:now hears or no. Our theme therefore gradually emerges in our consciousness. We can see that itBethlehem, 109:leading to them, that the possibility of sin emerges." (Psychology of Religions, by Dr. Selbie, p.Bethlehem, 111:As we study the life of Jesus this solitariness emerges ever more clearly. The great souls areBethlehem, 114:Christ's temptations, the wonder of what He did emerges, and is encouraging for all of us, HisBethlehem, 139:divided into opposing camps, and again duality emerges in intense dynamic difficulty. It isBethlehem, 184:Virgo can be seen slowly reappearing as it emerges from the rays of the sun. This is spoken of asBethlehem, 226:it frequently happens that the true significance emerges. This we have each to prove for himself.Bethlehem, 259:of spiritual lives, and herein, uniquely, Christ emerges. He is the founder of that kingdom. HeBethlehem, 279:of orthodox Christian? Another basic thought emerges out of all that we have considered. It isDestiny, 53:the fourth and second rays and this again emerges in the relationship between England and India; aDestiny, 54:Ray of Love-Wisdom. An interesting fact thus emerges: Great Britain is the custodian of the wisdomDestiny, 76:and cycle in the history of the country which emerges into prominence through conflict but which isDiscipleship1in form and some of it is new in fact. One point emerges with clarity and that is: the old rules toDiscipleship1, XII:and his achievement or lack of achievement, emerges clearly. This book is encouraging in that itDiscipleship1, 22:new venture and unless something definitely new emerges as a result of this experiment, the timeDiscipleship1, 60:the group. This is of such a nature that there emerges eventually a group steadiness and a groupDiscipleship1, 158:wisdom is. Out of the lotus in the throat emerges the flower of living forms. The earliest sign isDiscipleship1, 255:the problems of the right balancing of forces emerges and this has been very real in your case, hasDiscipleship1, 302:on each of the three planes until it emerges into fruitful action on the physical plane. Bear thisDiscipleship1, 320:point out to you, however, the problem which emerges when you have a straight line of contactDiscipleship1, 419:he brings to an end the time of difficulty and emerges thence freer, richer and more useful. ThereDiscipleship1, 496:Yet, my brother, out of all this analysis emerges the interesting fact that your limitations andDiscipleship1, 580:connection with this shift. One interesting fact emerges and I would like to call your attention toDiscipleship1, 638:hither and thither of the little stream as it emerges from its source and runs over the stones andDiscipleship1, 675:sounded word, the living soul, immersed in form, emerges from the many forms and hews its onwardDiscipleship1, 686:recognition of the Plan for humanity, as it emerges in your consciousness through the processes ofDiscipleship1, 710:that of adept. At the fourth stage, the disciple emerges out of his Master's group and becomes whatDiscipleship1, 717:puts it. The babe within the womb of time emerges into the world of men and, from the standpoint ofDiscipleship2, 29:From it you cannot escape. But one error emerges if careful thought is given to this dark night asDiscipleship2, 238:The only authority recognized is the truth as it emerges in the human consciousness, in any worldDiscipleship2, 288:layers or brackets in the human hierarchy, there emerges in the consciousness of the disciple, theDiscipleship2, 328:process. The "principle of absorption" emerges as one of the subjects to be studied, understood andDiscipleship2, 359:of progressive unfoldment of truth. This fact emerges more clearly in the original wording, asDiscipleship2, 715:to at any cost so that a finished something emerges. What that work shall be, what phase of theDiscipleship2, 755:which he grasps, and the major need which emerges. [756] What, my brother, lies at the very depthEducation, 24:qualified energy, the complexity of the problem emerges clearly. If it is true that all theseEducation, 26:lower self, so that an integrated personality emerges; and then of bridging the gap between theEducation, 27:this produces something different, which only emerges as a third divine manifestation, after theEducation, 28:with the thread of life or the sutratma which emerges from the heart center. The objective ofEducation, 115:of that which I predict. The world structure emerges from and is built upon certain inner thoughtExternalisation, 291:triumphant through the air. The question now emerges: What, my brothers, next? AnotherExternalisation, 295:through the body of humanity, and mankind emerges into a more spacious life, conditioned by truerExternalisation, 535:the Way of the Higher Evolution synthesis emerges. More than that it would be useless for me toExternalisation, 561:Shamballa. Therefore, a great interdependence emerges, of which the head, heart and solar plexusExternalisation, 574:will emerge. The poor and destitute candidate emerges into the light. The stage of completeExternalisation, 591:with great care, and in their synthesis there emerges (if you have read them in order andFire, 97:the fire - from a solar system to an ant - and emerges as a triple perfection. Fire then passes outFire, 149:Spirit onward through matter till it eventually emerges from matter, having achieved two things:Fire, 479:of the light temporarily, until it again emerges and blazes forth. More detailed elucidation willFire, 730:love-wisdom aspect gradually predominates and emerges through the medium of the Brahma aspect. ItFire, 772:of the inner circle open up) the true Word emerges until the three enshrining petals burst open,Fire, 1083:another point, and one of very real moment; it emerges out of what we have been saying anent cyclesGlamour, 8:in its name; at its [8] meaning as that emerges in the consciousness through meditation; and at itsGlamour, 28:activity, usefulness, problem and glamor. Hence emerges individual group responsibility andGlamour, 56:and outward, and the idea, nebulous and faint, emerges into the consciousness of the man. It standsGlamour, 79:of opposites until the middle way is sighted and emerges. This activity produces the Glamor of theGlamour, 97:into a temporary astral unity and then there emerges the one-pointed devotee. He is found in allGlamour, 117:the state of illusion. The personality ray then emerges and intensifies all these three aspects ofHealing, 48:the above remarks it will be seen that disease emerges into the physical body from the world of theHealing, 150:Being at a certain point of conscious experience emerges into clarity and can then be spirituallyHealing, 445:in the three worlds. Thus, the great synthesis emerges and destruction, death, and dissolution are,Healing, 477:under the Law of Attraction. 5. The etheric body emerges from the dense physical body in gradualHealing, 478:the name "The Art of Elimination." One thought emerges as we conclude this inadequate considerationHealing, 677:is to use love, and here a major difficulty emerges. How can the healer use love, freed from its
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