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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMERGES

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Healing, 701:which will become clearer as esoteric psychology emerges as a definite educational subject in theHealing, 710:which has been given must be used; that which emerges from within the given mode will find itsHercules, 13:tinder the control of the divine Indweller. He emerges as the aspirant, reverses himself, andHercules, 92:being as he develops self-consciousness and emerges from out the purely animal stage, until theHercules, 124:Later, upon the wheel of the disciple, the voice emerges from the Virgin herself, and she says: 'IHercules, 136:Astrology, p.243 et seq.) Peculiar beauty emerges when considering the keynotes of Aries and LibraHercules, 163:a change goes on, a rebuilding, until there emerges out of the period of silence, a wonderfulHercules, 221:made by their father, and the other emerges as we study the origin of the Cross. Intellect, 13:the standardization of the human unit, there emerges a group to whom we give the name of mystics.Intellect, 34:will decide. But out of the welter of opinion emerges the basic fact of the wide range of the humanIntellect, 127:This subtle and indefinable awareness [127] emerges inevitably and keeps man pushing forward, andIntellect, 178:nearer and nearer to the soul. The psyche emerges in its true being. Back of matter, there can beIntellect, 191:the Christian mystical writings. But there emerges even from them the same expression of truth andIntellect, 202:love of self into love of God. Thus the mystic emerges. Through the use of the mind in the businessMagic, 145:- sound and light, - and one paramount idea emerges. The soul is to be known as light, as the [146]Magic, 157:of the creating agent before the physical form emerges into view on the exterior plane. These threeMagic, 195:He loses the sense of separateness, and finally emerges into the full light of realization - aMagic, 203:way, and constantly a newer and higher motive emerges. Again, let me illustrate: An aspirant in theMagic, 228:and to the mental condition and hence the fact emerges that disciples and the more highly evolvedMagic, 340:of those holding differing points of view truth emerges into the light, just as in a larger case,Magic, 468:sounded word, the living soul, immersed in form, emerges from the many forms and hews its onwardMagic, 556:the tendency of his mind as that tendency emerges through the medium of his present interests, forPatanjali, 130:life at its densest point is contacted and man emerges fully human." Then the man becomes aware ofPatanjali, 130:is seen, the law is well fulfiled, and man emerges well-nigh adept." [131] Finally, the man entersPatanjali, 131:He is himself a septenate and from this Hall emerges God." Patanjali, 323:in the objective worlds. One fact continuously emerges in this text book of spiritual development,Patanjali, 365:or body. This is the esoteric aspect, that which emerges from the subjective as a result ofProblems, 107:religious cults of that dark land, there emerges a fundamental and pure mysticism, ranging all theProblems, 116:working in such a manner that the "one humanity" emerges in the arena of world affairs? How can weProblems, 128:essentially non-controversial; where controversy emerges, the concept is usually secondary inPsychology1, 43:apart from all form expression. The will-to-be emerges from outside the solar system altogether. ItPsychology1, 48:and effect. Ray I - Will, dynamically applied, emerges in manifestation as power. Ray II - Love,Psychology1, 56:the consciousness or sentiency aspect, unity emerges. When the human stage is reached andPsychology1, 61:one of the seven ray types. Thus the human being emerges, a son of God, incarnate in form, with onePsychology1, 96:soul and its expression, the body, the totality emerges in completeness. How will this revelationPsychology1, 130:is that factor in matter (or rather that which emerges out of the contact between spirit andPsychology1, 181:of that which I predict. The world structure emerges from and is built upon certain inner thoughtPsychology1, 192:it demonstrates only dimly as yet, and only emerges occasionally; though the sum total ofPsychology1, 193:and of tangible forms. The quality that emerges through the process of manifesting, and under thePsychology1, 219:power and of vitality to the next kingdom which emerges under the divine Plan. The vegetablePsychology1, 222:A general picture of the creative intent emerges as one considers the significance of these words.Psychology1, 286:of light and dark that which is invisible emerges into visibility, and we can see and know. Christ,Psychology1, 334:of God pours through His created universe; it emerges in the consciousness and determines thePsychology1, 336:and the consciousness of the vegetable world emerges. But this too is love. It responds more freelyPsychology1, 347:relation of four and five that the number nine emerges, which is the number of initiation. An adeptPsychology1, 349:Who block the door from whence the force emerges", and "the disappearance of that radiant BrotherPsychology1, 353:during the period of time wherein the Aryan race emerges from the general racial background,Psychology1, 367:needed international understanding. The question emerges in your mind as to whether such a prophecyPsychology1, 385:It is in this connection that Great Britain emerges into renewed activity, for her personality rayPsychology1, 385:the fourth and the second rays, and this again emerges in the relationship [386] between EnglandPsychology1, 387:influence of the second ray. An interesting fact emerges as we consider this grouping. GreatPsychology1, 391:of the desire tendency. The mental pattern. This emerges later in time and governs the thoughtPsychology1, 402:and incarnations wherein the personality ray emerges clearly, and the three bodies or selvesPsychology1, 421:the Planes Ray I - Will, dynamically applied, emerges in manifestation as power. Ray II - Love,Psychology2, 17:the onlooker - and dramatic participator. Arjuna emerges into the arena of the battlefield. MidwayPsychology2, 27:whole process of man's career from the time he emerges into the human kingdom till he passes out ofPsychology2, 203:as pure types, but occasionally such a person emerges in the slums of our great cities. They arePsychology2, 251:to diversity the work proceeds and all of it emerges under the soul law which is the law ofPsychology2, 272:the relationship of the ego and the personality emerges, and that the distinctive feature betweenPsychology2, 3o8:At the stage of intellection, the personality emerges with clarity and becomes naturallyPsychology2, 330:takes place, that of appearance, and the man emerges into the light of day and runs his littlePsychology2, 370:and frequently time elapses before the disciple emerges on the other side of the experience. ThisPsychology2, 380:of the personality ray, in its higher aspects, emerges into living expression. Great beauty ofPsychology2, 450:crisis coincide and are simultaneous, there emerges an hour of dominant opportunity, and for thePsychology2, 460:the world As the revelation of a genius, such as emerges when some great scientist unfolds to usRays, 46:occur in the Ageless Wisdom. The Son or soul emerges into manifestation with the concurrence andRays, 56:as a separate identity disappears, the soul emerges in all its glory, and the first faint sound ofRays, 125:weaknesses. His fanaticism, latent or expressed, emerges in his consciousness with clarity, and -Rays, 163:in the three, worlds. Thus, the great synthesis emerges, and destruction, death, and dissolutionRays, 173:stage wherein all "color" goes out of life as he emerges out of [174] the glamor which conditionsRays, 220:Word is the result of the point of tension; it emerges from the silence and its first expression isRays, 292:must be done. Order is seen. The pattern clear emerges. Knowing is the seed of conscious doing, ORays, 292:that which they produce can then be seen. Being emerges and union with the One. Identity is known -Rays, 296:increasingly so. As the essence of Christianity emerges into expression (and in so doing destroysRays, 364:a Master eventually to do. One interesting fact emerges out of all this comparative work and thisRays, 371:to impression from Shamballa. When a Master thus emerges He is immediately confronted with theRays, 412:Own identified life upon the cosmic Path which emerges from the cosmic mental plane. All that weRays, 449:this produces something different, which only emerges as a third divine manifestation after theRays, 570:continues until the third initiation, when there emerges the "full-grown man in Christ." TheRays, 644:seventh initiation possible. The Master, as He emerges at the fifth initiation into the light ofRays, 669:apparent. Instead of male and female, there emerges the magnetic relationship between the nowRays, 719:to make right choice, and his ability to do that emerges out of his effort whilst on theRays, 728:through the process of creation, the concept emerges that there is the probability that our planetRays, 768:for itself a sheath of iridescence. It emerges from the threefold chalice as a floating bubbleSoul, 26:materialistic psychology, the criticism which emerges immediately is the almost exclusiveTelepathy, 67:Revelation of Relationships Here again emerges another reason for the importance of the "centerTelepathy, 68:"occultly reduced" or stepped down until it emerges as the hierarchical Plan. This Plan isTelepathy, 123:of many allied factors. This interdependence emerges acutely the higher one progresses into the
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