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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMERGING

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Astrology, 26:the teaching, we shall find three propositions emerging which govern the inflow of life to theAstrology, 77:to certain prominent "cycles of polarization" emerging as the foreordained results of "periods ofAstrology, 92:for the first time in the sign of Cancer, emerging as mental entities in the sign Aries, asAstrology, 227:the Mother, or there will be evidenced a slowly emerging soul vibration, indicating that hiddenAstrology, 235:right action of the young and highly intelligent emerging generation - the children and babies ofAstrology, 258:each serves the other. In Sagittarius, we find emerging the service of the One Life in terms of theAstrology, 311:group conscious, whilst the majority are emerging out of the mass conscious stage and becomingAstrology, 351:of all forms and atoms; in Gemini, you have an emerging recognition of duality, leading toAstrology, 387:is the secret of beginnings, of cycles and of emerging opportunity. At the third initiation, theAstrology, 389:and so form one unity, you will then find emerging the "Star of Christ." This is one of the symbolsAstrology, 409:[409] error and sinfulness, by past Karma and emerging idealism (responsive to the development ofAstrology, 412:You have here a major trinity of energies, emerging out of a vast and incomprehensible aggregationAstrology, 443:indicate the lines of least resistance to the emerging good and the developing crises whichAstrology, 443:definitely physical sense. This is the dominant emerging fact to which air that I have said bearsAstrology, 452:characteristics and that these are steadily emerging into increasing radiance. Astrology, 458:other nations and cities, the interrelations now emerging in world affairs will be seen as theAstrology, 473:in surmounting the testing conditions and in emerging conqueror over circumstances upon theAstrology, 500:for this is that humanity is most definitely emerging from the thralldom of matter and in suchAstrology, 537:destiny of the human family. Add to these the emerging energy of Aquarius, and you have fourAstrology, 538:the "seed house" of illumination and the new emerging light. Venus also rules Libra exotericallyAstrology, 546:Russia, the seeds of the spiritual life are emerging to fresh beauty and a triumphant religiousAstrology, 547:- impressed by revelation and sensitive to the emerging new concepts of truth - will create theAstrology, 569:the movement in the personality of that divine emerging aspect. It is this that he seeks to invoke.Astrology, 573:through the Hierarchy, produces likewise three emerging conditions: There is a vast experience ofAstrology, 583:He demonstrates His recognition of the three emerging aspects of the Shamballa life, quality andAstrology, 591:the pouring through of the Shamballa energy as emerging purpose on the physical plane. I haveAstrology, 599:of this will, conditioned by the fourth ray and emerging from the fourth plane. Death is an act ofAtom, 27:eventually from the many groups will be seen emerging the one perfect, fully conscious whole,Autobiography, 10:contact; some beauty of the human soul emerging triumphant in the face of [11] difficulty - theseAutobiography, 48:and away in the distance) another peak is seen emerging, hiding still vaster reaches of territory. Autobiography, 72:no idle and visionary dreams. They are slowly emerging facts. They will emerge more rapidly whenAutobiography, 142:God, then His divinity will adapt itself to the emerging divinity of the sons of God, and a son ofAutobiography, 232:established through many incarnations and the emerging purpose and will of the soul. When, however,Bethlehemvision and a realization of the rapidly emerging beauty and divinity of man can bear testimony. WeBethlehem, 49:of the unfoldment of consciousness the same emerging divine Plan appears. Though the race in itsBethlehem, 50:to a present point wherein truer values are seen emerging. We begin to see what that Plan is andBethlehem, 67:when we find Coma Berenice symbolically emerging - the Woman bearing the Christ Child is seen. HereBethlehem, 138:is called at times the "subliminal self" is emerging through a study of the reaction of the outerBethlehem, 142:From this stage we pass to that of the emerging personality who does his own thinking, makes hisBethlehem, 152:unseen and unrevealed, but slowly and surely emerging. At the present hour a large number ofBethlehem, 200:as the vilest murderer. Finally, the gradually emerging recognition that we are saved by the livingBethlehem, 200:soul of man. Today it is the risen Christ who is emerging into the forefront of men'sBethlehem, 263:differing types of mind apply to the one great emerging fact of a new kingdom in nature arising outDestiny, 5:seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order is at this time emerging into expression. Those energies which areDestiny, 20:what is going on, seeing truly the beauty of the emerging plan. It is with these few that theDestiny, 22:and a deeper understanding of the slowly emerging world picture. Is it not possible that theDestiny, 28:my words to present world conditions and to see, emerging from the realms of subjectivity, thoseDestiny, 44:in their consciousness and are only slowly emerging into the Aryan point of view. This must changeDestiny, 45:of religion on the one hand and of the newer emerging ideas on the other. These new concepts shouldDestiny, 46:to the new presentation of truth so that the emerging culture will be properly rooted in the old.Destiny, 55:measure of control of the personality ray, the emerging control of the soul ray, and the generalDestiny, 57:tendency at any one time; the mental pattern, emerging later in time and governing the thoughtDestiny, 66:you two signs for each country. One will be the emerging influence which will govern the ego or theDestiny, 76:the death or obscuration temporarily of the then emerging soul aspect (speaking symbolically) andDestiny, 93:nations and other cities, the interrelations now emerging in world affairs will be seen as theDestiny, 112:been definitely attracted upwards towards the emerging fifth kingdom and this has made necessaryDestiny, 112:of the sixth ray disciple or of the man who is emerging out of the sixth ray influence but is stillDestiny, 115:an idea of the developing process and of the emerging events and of the imminent happenings whichDestiny, 120:(or are being brought) into touch with the emerging ideas of the Hierarchy. We can look, therefore,Destiny, 145:where the sense of individuality is rapidly emerging. In every field of human expression, men andDiscipleship1, 22:group interplay and group relation that an emerging world unity can be seen in embryo. A jointDiscipleship1, 66:The Hierarchy is sore beset to meet humanity's emerging need of guidance. The sensitivity of theDiscipleship1, 72:somewhat the forces which are slowly emerging into prominence in a world rapidly adjusting itselfDiscipleship1, 136:of group work - suitable for the New Age - are emerging in the consciousness of the disciples inDiscipleship1, 184:are unavoidable and which are those definitely emerging from the past. These cannot be evaded andDiscipleship1, 208:find yourself increasingly being conditioned by emerging tendencies which are the effect of soulDiscipleship1, 273:organization or group) has been based upon this emerging concept of the group use of money. Being,Discipleship1, 276:bringing into your life new complications and emerging personal difficulties. I shall have more toDiscipleship1, 342:which can be profoundly disastrous to the emerging and true spiritual ideals. There are alwaysDiscipleship1, 419:how acute may be the inner turmoil. You are emerging from the condition of difficulty and you areDiscipleship1, 425:than formerly, and you are now quick to see any emerging wrong tendencies, and equally quick toDiscipleship1, 458:similarity of inner activity and training. The emerging fact that none of you is really alone. AllDiscipleship1, 521:fresh and vital interest in the place of the old emerging ideas; and to substitute a definiteDiscipleship1, 527:physical distress and you, at the same time, are emerging out of a life crisis into greater surety,Discipleship1, 585:contacted will be the same as the hidden or emerging soul ray. That is an aspect of group activityDiscipleship1, 586:and the steady beat of your loving soul - now emerging into control. A tendency to criticize. NeedDiscipleship1, 646:to work with facility in the new world which is emerging into manifestation with such rapidity. ItDiscipleship1, 680:aspirant can, on world need as it is gradually emerging. It must be borne in mind that theDiscipleship1, 682:to meet it and this, again, is part of the new emerging technique of invocation and evocation. TheDiscipleship1, 687:of each of the five senses brought a steady emerging revelation of God's world and a constantlyDiscipleship2, 26:New Age to develop. It is a part of the true and emerging technique of the Path. I would likeDiscipleship2, 42:there is a more definite recognition of emerging spiritual values among aspirants everywhere and aDiscipleship2, 45:I would like again to refer in the light of the emerging opportunity. My task is not to change youDiscipleship2, 154:registered by disciples, as it works out in the emerging Plan, and as it gives livingness to lifeDiscipleship2, 186:is to train disciples to recognize the new, emerging ideas and translate them into the conceptsDiscipleship2, 220:of the civilization out of which we are today emerging. As man leaves the animal, the strictlyDiscipleship2, 250:points. A stream of water blue - again a line - emerging from the earth - and ending in the ocean.Discipleship2, 256:below the threshold of consciousness and the new emerging values and recognitions will take theirDiscipleship2, 262:points. A stream of water blue, again a line, emerging from the earth and ending in the ocean. ADiscipleship2, 266:points" - the monad and the soul. "A line, emerging from the earth and ending in the ocean" -Discipleship2, 271:the thinkers and idealists can grasp these new emerging truths more accurately. Eventually theDiscipleship2, 302:their transition between the old and the new, emerging techniques; they have to employ compromiseDiscipleship2, 305:brilliant kind and quality; the scheme of beauty emerging (even if it appears as superimposed) isDiscipleship2, 310:grasp of the techniques of comprehension - these emerging Points of Revelation - will form themesDiscipleship2, 489:interested point of consciousness, intent on emerging from the casing of the physical body. ThatDiscipleship2, 495:clear vision and a correct interpretation of emerging facts and relations. I. Exercise prior toDiscipleship2, 500:need along this line, and the reflection upon emerging opportunity and the planning for theDiscipleship2, 574:center, you will find much instructive value emerging and increased usefulness and effectiveness inDiscipleship2, 588:idealism and the same conformity to the new emerging pattern as will be required in worldDiscipleship2, 589:sensitive intermediaries who can sense the new emerging realities and can take the needed
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