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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Statement:obedience and the foolish devotion which the emotional aspirant offers to the Guru and Master WhomStatement:that desired contact until he has transmuted emotional devotion into unselfish service to humanityAstrology, 18:by the two stages of the [18] death of the emotional vehicle and the subsequent dissipation of theAstrology, 40:vibration of the solar Logos and the second, His emotional, or cosmic astral, nature. This secondAstrology, 92:as mental entities in the sign Aries, as emotional-desire entities in the sign Taurus and as vitalAstrology, 113:we are dealing with his reactions, mental and emotional, to the great illusion and to spiritualAstrology, 117:pairs of opposites, both from the astrological, emotional angle and from the point of view of theAstrology, 119:[119] and instinct - after passing through the emotional stage - is being transmuted intoAstrology, 123:animal and personality powers - particularly the emotional - are the obvious and visible qualitiesAstrology, 124:- negativity, impressionability, animal and emotional sensitivity with complete undevelopment ofAstrology, 138:of substance and of material expression plus emotional motivation, Aquarius is consequently dual inAstrology, 174:Group consciousness Physical nature Emotional nature Lower mental nature Integrated man AspiringAstrology, 176:which varies from the many stages of astral and emotional ambition to spiritual aspiration, andAstrology, 180:and powerful and controls eventually the emotional nature. Stage 2 - Wherein the intellect isAstrology, 204:governs desire and carries the test into the emotional [205] or astral plane, and carriesAstrology, 212:the disciple to carry his physical nature, his emotional or desire nature and his mental processesAstrology, 222:character, of the physical indications, of the emotional qualities, of the type of mind and theAstrology, 234:and natural animal instinctual desire or in emotional attitudes, and of these the last category areAstrology, 253:stands for this same expression down on to the emotional or astral plane. Eve has no child in herAstrology, 254:providing that which is needed for the mental, emotional and physical expression of the hidden butAstrology, 263:energies which use the mind (Mercury), the emotional [264] nature, love (in Jupiter) and theAstrology, 275:The astral plane as a whole. The desire and the emotional nature. The world of focused incarnationAstrology, 297:to the sixth ray which governs the astral or emotional plane of desire. When Neptune is thus activeAstrology, 298:to and oriented [298] to the soul; the entire emotional or sensitive nature is responsive toAstrology, 322:are surmounted and eventually the watery life of emotional reaction is superseded by the life ofAstrology, 323:to the unfoldment of the form of life and of the emotional-astral body. The supreme usefulness ofAstrology, 373:also by the definite effects produced upon the emotional body of humanity by corporate sufferingAstrology, 413:and from thence to the brain, conditioning the emotional nature in its progress and processes.Astrology, 452:and intuitive understanding and not on emotional reaction. Where the above conditions are fulfiled,Astrology, 570:in which aspiration can flourish, physical and emotional comfort can be attained and theAstrology, 572:repudiated (almost violently sometimes) by the emotional type of person who could see no furtherAstrology, 572:both groups are necessary: the first group - emotional and idealistic - have a part to play inAstrology, 575:conditioning you, then you are still working on emotional levels and your work will then have to beAtom, 44:which drives him into activity of a physical, emotional, or mental nature. Everywhere are to beAtom, 64:intelligences which constitute his physical, his emotional, and his mental bodies. He energizes hisAtom, 71:physical bodies, that we have the control of our emotional nature, and the responsibility for theAtom, 73:ourselves through the medium of a physical, an emotional, and a mental nature, so He expressesAtom, 79:the matter of his various bodies, mental, emotional, and physical, in exactly the same way as theAtom, 114:physical bodies that are strong and clean, and emotional bodies that are controlled, and not swayedAtom, 126:are at a stage where they can be reached by an emotional appeal, and dealt with along the line ofAtom, 127:real meaning to our minds) or the plane of the emotional nature, on which a man is active when outAtom, 127:continuity of realization, upon the physical, emotional, and mental planes. This is the greatAtom, 134:Atlantean, and which perished in the flood, the emotional nature of man was developed. Then in theAtom, 137:upon the three planes of being - physical, emotional, and mental - which will enable us to live asAtom, 147:that constitute the different bodies, mental, emotional, and physical; that we manifest, that weAutobiography, 101:with situations that exacted the last atom of emotional reaction of which I am capable and,Autobiography, 153:eating, may not be as sound as it appears to the emotional and sentimental types. I worried aboutAutobiography, 179:unthinking people of the world. Prayer is of the emotional nature and of the heart and isAutobiography, 184:of the average mother was changing into emotional demands. This cycle which lasts until they are inAutobiography, 196:I told him that we dropped hundreds of the emotional, devotional type and that if only we couldAutobiography, 196:of Discipleship. Why people should think that an emotional, strong feeling, sentient, perceptiveAutobiography, 229:rejecting students who are strictly on the emotional level and emphasizing the necessity for someAutobiography, 247:upon the training and control of the astral or emotional body. Many occult books have been writtenAutobiography, 262:intended primarily for the purification of the emotional-desire nature have been usefullyAutobiography, 269:of the soul; neither the physical world, nor the emotional and mental worlds are to him the majorAutobiography, 270:use of the trained mind, of his controlled emotional nature and his responsive brain. He becomesAutobiography, 275:with the vitality of the human being, his emotional nature and the mind. The belief in the MastersAutobiography, 275:as well as automatically when the inner man - emotional and mental - is en rapport with theAutobiography, 283:use their mental processes. The need of the more emotional and aspirational types and of theAutobiography, 284:physical nature, vital activity, the sumtotal of emotional states and feeling, and the mind. TheseAutobiography, 284:to each other and in the majority of cases the emotional nature dominates all the others, the mindAutobiography, 284:or equilibrium is attained, when the mind, the emotional nature and the vital, physical personAutobiography, 284:the mind so that it may effectively control the emotional nature and direct the activities of theAutobiography, 288:mental and scientifically based and not simply emotional and mystical as has hitherto beenAutobiography, 301:of spiritual training which was basically more emotional and often leads to separateness andBethlehem, 10:of vital force, of psychical states or emotional conditions, and of mental or thought reactions. HeBethlehem, 23:and for this must come a purification of the emotional desire nature and a dedication of the desireBethlehem, 24:attribute of every son of God. Sentiment is emotional and unstable; devotion can be fanatical andBethlehem, 73:is a physical living body, he is a sum total of emotional reactions, and he is also that mysteriousBethlehem, 73:a mind. These three parts of a man - physical, emotional and mental - have to be offered inBethlehem, 73:of God and of man. Frankincense symbolizes the emotional nature, with its aspirations, wishes andBethlehem, 83:form. In due time, the personality - physical, emotional and mental - is fused into one livingBethlehem, 88:of the personality - the physical body, the emotional nature, and the mind. These three compose theBethlehem, 88:know that man is a physical animal as well as an emotional, sentient being and a thinking entity.Bethlehem, 88:us to touch the tangible, visible world. The emotional, feeling nature enables us to say, "I liftBethlehem, 95:unified in Himself to perfection the physical, emotional and mental aspects of man, andBethlehem, 99:is predominantly a blend of the physical and emotional natures; all early races have thisBethlehem, 99:water which testified to the purification of the emotional nature, which must always be aBethlehem, 99:that final baptism, for the purification of the emotional nature must precede in time theBethlehem, 100:We have seen that water symbolizes the emotional nature, and that the purification in Jordan,Bethlehem, 100:to divinity of the desire nature, with its emotional reactions and its potent "wish life." A newBethlehem, 106:Water, as we have seen, is the symbol of the emotional nature, which nature, when purified throughBethlehem, 110:forces of the threefold lower man - physical, emotional and mental - into one last effort toBethlehem, 116:[116] the lower human nature - the physical, the emotional-desire nature, and the mind or mentalBethlehem, 117:in many ways. Those who are simply physical-emotional beings, with therefore little vision, requireBethlehem, 118:the human being. "Glamor" refers to the world of emotional being and of desire, in which all formsBethlehem, 119:vital spiritual life by a misconception and an emotional use of His divine powers. The sin of theBethlehem, 124:of doubt. Doubt is on every hand. It is an emotional matter. The clear, cool, analyzing andBethlehem, 126:and has triumphed. He has been tried in His emotional-desire nature, and we have found that neitherBethlehem, 126:of the physical nature nor the glamors which the emotional-feeling nature inevitably bring couldBethlehem, 140:that time control. He will have transcended the emotional and physical natures, and, entering theBethlehem, 141:of the triple human nature - physical, emotional and mental - reaches a point of possibleBethlehem, 144:and control of the desire-nature, of the emotional, feeling body, to which we have already had needBethlehem, 144:seen that water is the symbol of the fluidic emotional desire-nature in which man habituallyBethlehem, 144:appeared with Christ as typifying man's emotional past, and the technique of its control is to beBethlehem, 147:but deeper still, that life operates upon the emotional-feeling nature, and through the process ofBethlehem, 148:this the physical body is a correspondence. The emotional, sentient nature is a dim and distortedBethlehem, 153:is summed up. Shadrach's name has a definitely emotional sentient connotation, for it means [154]Bethlehem, 154:of pleasure and pain we are considering the emotional-feeling nature. Meschach means "agile," quickBethlehem, 154:distortion. Here we have reference to the emotional-feeling body, with its power [155] to
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