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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Discipleship2, 522:for you. You have also been sorely tested in the emotional nature; surely, my beloved brother, youDiscipleship2, 522:ray, owing, to its close relationship with the emotional-intuitive nature, and when also you have -Discipleship2, 522:served to enhance your problem, and your entire emotional and mental reaction to war and itsDiscipleship2, 524:The reflex action of the body upon the emotional nature and upon the mind is great. As aDiscipleship2, 525:tests of the initiation themselves. It is the emotional glamor which has engulfed you, and freedomDiscipleship2, 526:own group. Many of the latter are also of an emotional type, for forget not, my brother, we draw toDiscipleship2, 526:at any given time and - at this time - yours is emotional. I would remind you that the emotion toDiscipleship2, 527:God flows forth. This you rejected, owing to the emotional turmoil in which you found yourself. YetDiscipleship2, 529:the body is tired, the mind is bewildered, the emotional nature is striving to assert itself whilstDiscipleship2, 533:then made by you (and it can be physical, emotional, mental or of soul origin) [534] will dependDiscipleship2, 534:I watched with love and understanding, for that emotional disruption (well concealed from the outerDiscipleship2, 538:to life and circumstances cease to be simply emotional in nature and become deliberately dictatedDiscipleship2, 543:with the effects of ashramic contact on the emotional nature and on the daily life on the physicalDiscipleship2, 554:approached this fire from the standpoint of the emotional nature and it has been associated in yourDiscipleship2, 557:three times, as a physical person, as an emotional person, and as a mind. Then sound the 0M as theDiscipleship2, 570:or suggestion, and a silent effort (once the emotional crisis is over) to change what isDiscipleship2, 571:as well as in a type of satisfaction with their emotional reactions a way of escape from direct andDiscipleship2, 571:adds to their present load. When I speak of emotional reactions, I refer to the distress and sorrowDiscipleship2, 584:through the dynamic one-pointed energy of your emotional nature, which - fortunately for you - isDiscipleship2, 617:the testing of their mental perception, their emotional reactions and their physical relationships.Discipleship2, 621:Let the strength of your personality and of your emotional nature (which is today building aroundDiscipleship2, 622:past as well as present? As reflecting past emotional reactions, may not thoughts be described asDiscipleship2, 622:not the mental grow out of the refinement of the emotional body? "In this sense, the evolutionary,Discipleship2, 622:"In this sense, the evolutionary, is not the emotional body itself but a sublimation of theDiscipleship2, 623:is undergoing an emotion, or passing through an emotional crisis. This emotion is, in its turn, theDiscipleship2, 637:they can emerge into consciousness on the emotional or the mental planes, and they then presentDiscipleship2, 639:times in order to clarify the mind; quiet all emotional reaction and endeavor to make your brainDiscipleship2, 646:these contacts firmly and upon sound non-emotional lines. You have a particularly interesting groupDiscipleship2, 682:to awaken you to the condition of your emotional reactions and to the quality [683] which motivatedDiscipleship2, 685:experience and waste not time in wishing and in emotional reactions? You have made much progress inDiscipleship2, 685:was one of the means whereby the fanatical emotional idealism (engendered by the potency of theDiscipleship2, 686:Lower mind - Negative Lower mind - Positive Emotional nature - Field for balancing Brain - NegativeDiscipleship2, 693:of detachment in relation to one's possible emotional attachments is hard to learn, but a discipleDiscipleship2, 693:astral plane. This can precipitate a definite emotional crisis which brings about the withdrawal ofDiscipleship2, 694:expressed in many and varied directions. Emotional abstraction is the hardest lesson which aDiscipleship2, 711:implemented by your personality and emotional natures, obliterates for a moment (in relation toDiscipleship2, 718:from the mental angle, understanding from the emotional and astral angle, and dignity from theDiscipleship2, 719:loosed by the Sacred Word. When sounded by the emotional type, it fortunately proves ineffectual inDiscipleship2, 752:to the intuition and illumination; you have your emotional or astral body well under control. OnDiscipleship2, 752:acutely sensitive receptivity to the mental and emotional life of others. Ponder on this. ThisDiscipleship2, 758:soul. It is the freedom which gives mental help, emotional response and physical time as and whenEducation, xii:towards some form of development - physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, social - if it is inEducation, 2:experience, the threefold world of physical-emotional-mental functioning, and the higher levels ofEducation, 7:which is higher than itself. [7] If the astral (emotional) body is the center of the personalityEducation, 8:impulses emanating from the physical plane; to emotional reactions set in motion by theEducation, 8:dominant. The child is taught to rationalize his emotional and desire impulses, and to discriminateEducation, 11:of phenomena, Brain and desire impulses, plus emotional reactions, Brain and mind and the world ofEducation, 12:on the physical plane, to introspection on the emotional plane, and to intellectual study and aEducation, 17:the world of true values that the lower nature - emotional, mental and physical or vital - willEducation, 17:to it from the world of the senses, from the emotional body, and will register also the thoughtsEducation, 27:this path from the physical consciousness to the emotional, and from the emotional to the mental.Education, 27:consciousness to the emotional, and from the emotional to the mental. That part of the work isEducation, 28:means of this thread a man becomes aware of his emotional life in its many forms (note thisEducation, 30:and there into the field of material living and emotional relationships, we shall learn to controlEducation, 30:as a whole already bridged the gap between the emotional astral nature and the physical man. As IEducation, 30:reactions are largely based on desire, and are emotional. Intellectual men utilize the sutratma asEducation, 33:regarding them as a unity, to the astral or emotional vehicle. This thread emanates from, or isEducation, 34:charitable deeds and self-sacrifice, and on emotional levels by his aspiration, his vision, and hisEducation, 36:plane, as the sensitive consciousness on the emotional plane, and as the active participator inEducation, 37:upon the three aspects of man - thought, emotional feeling, and the bodily organism - has alreadyEducation, 40:or nations, was primarily sensitive and emotional - a state of consciousness (I cannot say state ofEducation, 40:mental understanding. They were significantly emotional in reactions to beauty, to the terrorEducation, 40:to the terror evoked by divinity and to the emotional characteristics of God, to the sense of lightEducation, 42:a keen sensitivity, and the entire gamut of his emotional attitudes constituted the life of theEducation, 59:approach of the mental type and of the developed emotional type to the world of esotericism and ofEducation, 61:and inner energies, and those which come from emotional and mental levels of consciousness,Education, 70:of the physical body, the control of the emotional body, and the development of right mentalEducation, 71:with physical predispositions. Atlanteans, with emotional dominance. Aryans, with mental tendenciesEducation, 73:types of children: The Atlantean, or basically emotional, sensuous type; the early Aryan, orEducation, 73:emotional, sensuous type; the early Aryan, or emotional-mental type; the later Aryan or early NewEducation, 76:that matter. This atmosphere of love is not an emotional, sentimental form of love but is basedEducation, 81:future upon: A developing mental control of the emotional nature. Vision or the capacity to seeEducation, 82:produce certain results and why (given a certain emotional and mental equipment, plus anEducation, 83:his environment and his individual mental and emotional equipment and will seek to throw the entireEducation, 84:to be seen. The nature - physical, vital, emotional and mental - of the boy or girl will beEducation, 140:different aspects of man's nature - physical, emotional and mental. When this has been accomplishedExternalisation, 4:four years (1914-1918), and through the intense emotional strain of the entire planetary populace,Externalisation, 12:shell. Because there is in this form much emotional substance and also a certain amount of mentalExternalisation, 25:and to forget utterly your own needs - mental, emotional and physical. I call you to prayer and toExternalisation, 29:- down the ages. The other method is strictly emotional and so more easily colors the massExternalisation, 29:the love of God which Christ enunciated and the emotional reaction of the masses to His life, HisExternalisation, 29:Thus the need of the mental few and the emotional many has been met down the ages. In every case,Externalisation, 29:of the world consciousness - the mental or the emotional planes - which are aspects of theExternalisation, 29:is (if I might so express it) away from the emotional to the mental levels of consciousness, andExternalisation, 30:emerge. It will be the product of the mental and emotional fusion of the techniques of the PisceanExternalisation, 42:the soul plane, via the mind, but excluding the emotional. These energies have to be broughtExternalisation, 42:consciousness polarized in the etheric body. As emotional astral psychics, with the consciousnessExternalisation, 78:these world problems if you had been immune from emotional reactions to them, but very few of youExternalisation, 85:vibration a type of physical body, an astral or emotional nature, and a mind which are in each caseExternalisation, 87:and condition the world feeling-nature and the emotional reactions of the sensitive nature ofExternalisation, 88:of the personality nature in its physical and emotional forms. I wonder whether you can grasp theExternalisation, 101:thus truly a part of your mental equipment, your emotional aspiration and your activities, and whenExternalisation, 110:and statement of causes is needed - free from emotional bias and partisan emphasis. What isExternalisation, 115:habits of physical living and undesirable emotional attitudes do precipitate a final, physicalExternalisation, 119:for that which was material and a capacity for emotional [120] reaction began to develop. Hitherto,Externalisation, 121:hereafter, for a satisfying beauty and for emotional completion. There was no thought - as we knowExternalisation, 123:of our modern standards) and of the basically emotional and physical focus of the humanity of theExternalisation, 139:no easy thing to do at this time. The astral or emotional bodies of human beings (which constituteExternalisation, 144:and purpose and is usually so focused in his emotional, aspirational, astral nature that all thatExternalisation, 147:terrible and unhappy world conditions and an emotional reaction at pain and horror and fear. In
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