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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Externalisation, 152:simultaneously - in the mind as well as in the emotional body with resultant physical reactions.Externalisation, 163:The buddhic, or intuitional plane. The astral or emotional plane. Focal point - The heart centerExternalisation, 172:in service, whilst at the same time fighting off emotional reactions. The capacity of the worker toExternalisation, 221:may have - objective or subjective, spiritual, emotional or mental - on to the side of the ForcesExternalisation, 221:attitude of steadfast love (not sentiment or emotional reaction) to men and women everywhere,Externalisation, 222:training and their particular mental or emotional bias. The advent of Christ, or His "secondExternalisation, 223:plane, is of vast proportions upon the astral or emotional plane, but lacks vitality and power,Externalisation, 228:said concerns your mental attitudes and your emotional reactions to present world affairs. ItExternalisation, 240:forces or God, is the easy way, satisfying the emotional nature, but not involving clear thinking.Externalisation, 247:anchored in right action, soul directed. On the emotional side of life, you will find no time forExternalisation, 247:identified with what is going on and all emotional energy will be directed to the pursuit of everyExternalisation, 247:help so that there is no scope for the usual emotional solar plexus reactions. On the physicalExternalisation, 251:are dependent upon clear thinking and not upon emotional desire or a powerful wish complex. TheyExternalisation, 258:plane, of fixed and unalterable desire upon the emotional plane, and a dedication to practicalExternalisation, 268:are not desired by Them. Such attitudes are emotional in origin and based upon the sense ofExternalisation, 277:understood as peace. Peace has relation to the emotional side of life and was the goal in AtlanteanExternalisation, 314:as you can or should, anything (mental, psychic, emotional or physical) which might hinder yourExternalisation, 332:resources, dedicating all their mental, emotional and material reserves to the work of helpingExternalisation, 341:the war itself, but will work out on mental and emotional levels of warfare, instead of physical.Externalisation, 353:for both are needed today, fusing as they do the emotional and mental bodies into one aspiringExternalisation, 379:down the ages, for the unthinking and the emotional are easily swayed in any direction, andExternalisation, 381:horror. But the love demanded of us is neither emotional nor sentimental. It is intenselyExternalisation, 381:the new incoming era. Many people think that an emotional reaction and clamoring outcry of horrorExternalisation, 381:of the hour. A truly compassionate heart is not emotional. Our second step, therefore, after theExternalisation, 412:of sensory perception. Through dispassion, the emotional nature is rendered immune from the appealExternalisation, 424:innate weakness, and from the unthinking and emotional: the Forces of Light work only with men'sExternalisation, 450:the unselfish aspects will evoke a tremendous emotional and mental potency. It is thereforeExternalisation, 451:battle to world goodwill on the planes of emotional decision, and on mental levels to thoseExternalisation, 451:the three worlds of human evolution - mental, emotional and physical. For long these evil forcesExternalisation, 453:the world of thought; it will involve also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of idealisticExternalisation, 459:their hitherto wishful thinking and their emotional desire are slowly giving place to a moreExternalisation, 465:thinking. This will end the present cycle of emotional distress, of agony, of glamor and illusion,Externalisation, 472:phrase "concerns us" I refer to man's physical, emotional and mental reactions). They proclaim theExternalisation, 496:involves the dynamic focusing of all mental, emotional and physical energies at a central point ofExternalisation, 515:of pain, sorrow and strife, a world in which the emotional bodies of humanity are in a condition ofExternalisation, 579:(including our own material natures, mental, emotional and physical), and all that producesExternalisation, 590:development of the human consciousness (mental, emotional and physical, producing civilizations andExternalisation, 603:from the limitations of the physical body, emotional controls and the obstructive mind. ItsExternalisation, 604:in all men. The triple lower nature - physical, emotional and mental - is there shown as prostrateExternalisation, 623:world for the one humanity. They desire simply emotional peace, security in which to live and work,Externalisation, 681:all these qualities are not handicapped by undue emotional sensitivity. These three conditions willFire, 55:in its two divisions (etheric and dense), the emotional or astral body, and the mental sheath. ItFire, 67:are in themselves the warmth and heat of the emotional body, and of the body of feeling. They areFire, 71:itself through the threefold lower man, mental, emotional, and etheric (these being the reflectionFire, 83:Mental Fire. Cosmic gaseous. 6. Liquid Astral (Emotional plane) Water. Cosmic liquid. 7. EarthlyFire, 87:important link between: Physical man, and the emotional or astral plane. Planetary Man, andFire, 87:or astral plane. Planetary Man, and essential emotional quality. The Logos, the grand Heavenly Man,Fire, 118:Mental Fire Gaseous subetheric 6. Liquid Astral Emotional Liquid 7. Dense physical Physical planeFire, 120:ether man begins to coordinate his astral, or emotional body, and to escape at ever more frequentFire, 164:the five planes: [164] The physical plane, The emotional or astral plane, The mental plane, TheFire, 188:2. Psychometry 3. Clairvoyance 4. Imagination 5. Emotional idealism 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st MentalFire, 189:The Fifth Sense - Smell. Physical smell. Emotional idealism. Spiritual discernment. Idealism. AllFire, 262:quaternary. 1. The mental body. 2. The astral or emotional body. 8 3. Prana, or vital energy. 4.Fire, 279:on the physical plane, and progressively on the emotional and the mental planes. Animal, vegetableFire, 333:as a synthesized aggregate of physical body, emotional nature, and mentality, yet knows himself asFire, 462:by the Brotherhood by the aid of man to fan the emotional instinct (or the embryo love aspect)Fire, 500:the pairs of opposites. His adaptability to emotional conditions, and his power to attain eventualFire, 516:him from the physical standpoint or from the emotional. There is no permanence whatever in theFire, 553:the action upon our solar Logos of the emotional quality of other cosmic entities, and concerns theFire, 674:of any particular planetary Logos, and His emotional or desire nature can thereby be somewhatFire, 811:to wrongdoing; to ascertain what it is in the emotional body which is affecting the nervous system,Fire, 812:conditions, and will study the effects of the emotional currents upon the fluids of the body, andFire, 812:will apply itself to the understanding of the emotional nature of [813] humanity, to the groupFire, 862:is frequently the cause of much of that lack of emotional control everywhere to be seen. The astralFire, 863:astral body and the mind, and must aim at that emotional equilibrium which is produced by theFire, 870:deal with the love nature, with astral or emotional organization, and with the recognition (by theFire, 904:cosmic astral plane and the constellation whence emotional and desire energy originates. The cosmicFire, 945:and above all in the right adjustment of the emotional nature. Several influences other than thoseFire, 959:reactions are largely based on desire, and are emotional. Intellectual men utilize the sutratma asFire, 960:entails, Mental quiescence, or stable vibration, Emotional stability, resulting in limpidFire, 973:of generation. It is this constant stream of emotional or sexual energy which is responsible forFire, 983:for the average student) the cultivation of emotional tranquility is one of the first steps towardsFire, 1103:way of the buddhic impulses, which reach the emotional body via certain petals in the egoic lotus,Fire, 1141:objects - physical plane things. Symbols of emotional nature - astral plane things; pictures.Fire, 1166:The objective physical solar system. Water - The emotional or astral nature. Flower on water -Fire, 1166:Microcosm The mud - The physical body. Water - Emotional or astral nature. Flower on water -Fire, 1198:vibration of the solar Logos and the second, His emotional, or cosmic astral, nature. This secondGlamour, 4:- physical, mental or spiritual, and above all, emotional. First ray people dread emotion andGlamour, 4:it, but sometimes they have to swing into an emotional condition before they can use emotionalGlamour, 4:into an emotional condition before they can use emotional sensitivity in the right manner.Glamour, 8:and that its significance has in it more of an emotional quality and might be expressed as the typeGlamour, 9:is the higher correspondence of the astral or emotional plane, the plane of sensitive awarenessGlamour, 9:Having studied the form and become aware of its emotional significance, you pass to the stage ofGlamour, 10:to contact its vibration and to note its emotional effect upon you. This may vary from day to dayGlamour, 10:form and color. A comprehension in the astral or emotional body of [11] its quality, the reactionGlamour, 17:care for the undue stimulation of your astral or emotional nature, with consequent and subsequentGlamour, 22:on etheric levels. It is that vital unthinking emotional MESS (yes, brother of old, that is theGlamour, 26:of those people who are more intellectual than emotional. They have outgrown glamor as usuallyGlamour, 26:my brother, unless he is mental as well as emotional, which is a point the [27] devotee oftGlamour, 31:of ideas that are needed and not mediums. The emotional types respond with facility to world glamorGlamour, 31:glamor. The bulk of the people are purely emotional with occasional flashes of real mentalGlamour, 32:There were no mental reactions and but little emotional response to environment. Men were largelyGlamour, 33:disciple free from illusion and give to him that emotional stability and poise which gives no roomGlamour, 37:free from the fog of his ancient and distorting emotional miasmas. Alignment, contact with hisGlamour, 45:just beginning to find itself. The glamors of an emotional nature can emerge and gather about theGlamour, 61:mind control, a trained intelligence, a purified emotional body, and a good glandular equipment, asGlamour, 76:of the world in thrall, and in a dense fog of emotional reactions. The race has reached a pointGlamour, 83:the soul" than it is to subject one's astral and emotional nature to the effect of hard straightGlamour, 111:of quality, of sentient interplay, and of emotional reactions, with their likes and dislikes, andGlamour, 111:he there senses and sees in terms of glamor, of emotional understanding, of a sentient fanaticism.
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