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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Healing, 312:three states of energy which we call physical, emotional and mental, which are the Lemurian, theHealing, 312:his focus of attention from physical to emotional." He will be either emotional or mental, and atHealing, 312:from physical to emotional." He will be either emotional or mental, and at brief times, and from aHealing, 315:appearance before there is transmutation of the emotional force, for the reason that there are fewHealing, 315:a disease as Cancer, or any disease, as is the emotional type; he is far more prone to heartHealing, 319:an achieved continuity of consciousness, but on emotional reactions and a shrinking from pain andHealing, 322:equipped with his present mental approach and emotional reaction to pain and disease, and just asHealing, 328:of energy in his equipment will be astral or emotional feeling energy. He will react all the timeHealing, 328:prana and to astral energy or the many sentient emotional forces. These work out pre-eminentlyHealing, 328:can work with that type of force and with emotional energy blended, and produce activity,Healing, 329:humanity at this time and to the lack of correct emotional poise and control. Healing, 330:for this lies in the very different type of emotional body as found in the Aryan or Atlantean. TheHealing, 341:definitely unbalanced, positively astral, and emotional, and frequently swept by uncontrolledHealing, 357:and the expression of love. Personality force is emotional, full of feeling, and - when in use -Healing, 364:possible when the bond between the two is purely emotional or based upon a physical plane relation.Healing, 398:questionable techniques of the seance room, are emotional types, easily convinced and only tooHealing, 408:on which the concrete, lower mind functions, the emotional nature reacts to the so-called astralHealing, 409:(as it is sometimes called) of the mental-emotional vehicles. These form, in reality only one body;Healing, 414:withdrawal of the life force from the astral or emotional form so that it disintegrates in aHealing, 415:physical plane existence and added color through emotional experience. - Page 735-736. d. The finalHealing, 429:and this force is characterized by desire (emotional or astral sentiency) and enters into theHealing, 430:individualized human beings and with the average emotional type of person, the following triplicityHealing, 445:and experience in the three worlds (physical - emotional - mental)...if they are initiatedHealing, 456:an effort to control the astral life and the emotional nature, and to orient one's self to theHealing, 467:of the dying man is focused in either the emotional (or astral) body or the mental vehicle,Healing, 478:predisposing factors: The quality of his astral-emotional equipment. The mental condition in whichHealing, 486:and of mental substance. Owing to the strongly emotional and sentient polarization of the averageHealing, 487:is that of desire, of wishful thinking and of emotional sentiency. These are still the vastHealing, 491:turns his attention to his more clearly defined emotional self - there ensues invariably a momentHealing, 508:and rightly so. The integration of the mind, the emotional nature and the brain is the majorHealing, 508:of his mind dedicated to evil purposes, with the emotional nature so constituted that it presentsHealing, 510:will eventually find out (when the physical and emotional phases of the integration are over) thatHealing, 552:a spirit of hopeful acquiescence in the man; the emotional nature will be stronger in this caseHealing, 552:will have, very frequently, to combat anxiety, emotional reactions of diverse kinds, fear andHealing, 552:do to aid the patient to preserve a constancy of emotional reaction and to become calm andHealing, 554:Where the source of the trouble lies in the emotional or astral body, the task of the healer is notHealing, 554:the needed energy and controlling the patient's emotional nature via his correctly oriented solarHealing, 559:patient being essentially either a mental or an emotional type, and very, very rarely indeed purelyHealing, 560:in their effort to make the patient change his emotional attitudes and to react to life andHealing, 560:body, they have nothing which relates the emotional nature to the physical vehicle, and thereforeHealing, 563:and the ears. I could go on enumerating other emotional conditions which produce disease in theHealing, 570:the trouble is located. Energies, mental and emotional, are brought to bear upon the diseased area,Healing, 570:expression of the fact that mental and emotional conditions lead to disease. The activity of theHealing, 579:The true aspirant should be occupied with emotional, not physical, control and with the effort toHealing, 579:attention from the dense physical body to the emotional vehicle began slowly to be made. TheHealing, 579:a possibility and a goal, but was dependent upon emotional [580] control and the purification ofHealing, 580:- for the mass of the people - dependent upon emotional disciplines, but in the case of the trueHealing, 581:such as fear in some form or other, emotional imbalance and certain psychological difficultiesHealing, 590:force of the mental body; the ray of the emotional nature, and the ray of the physical body, plus aHealing, 592:the forces of the etheric vehicle, setting up an emotional turmoil, and thus producing seriousHealing, 594:in consciousness, being swayed mainly by their emotional natures, these crises arise today.Healing, 616:is usually the astral body, from which astral or emotional energy emanates and finds anchorage,Healing, 656:the mental emanation of the healer's aura; his emotional reaction, often very powerful, is equallyHealing, 659:aspect is essentially pure reason and not an emotional sentiment expressing itself through kindHealing, 661:complete destruction of the old forms (physical, emotional and mental) is that they constituted aHealing, 672:complete control of the astral body, so that emotional upheavals are overcome, or at [673] leastHealing, 673:surely that, if you were entirely free from all emotional reactions, your clarity of mind and yourHealing, 673:urges, impulses and attractions of the astral or emotional nature, and also by the practice of whatHealing, 674:level, has removed all impediments and those emotional factors which have hitherto blocked theHealing, 674:equipment; he must know that all reactions of an emotional nature create a wall or barrier betweenHealing, 677:How can the healer use love, freed from its emotional or lower quality, and bring it through in itsHealing, 678:law does not apply in any way as long as the emotional nature can disturb the clear rhythm of theHealing, 697:vehicle can be either the mental body or the emotional body. With the mass of men being centered inHealing, 705:not only to physical conditions, but to the emotional and mental states of the healer and theHealing, 708:of much disease (as we have earlier seen), the emotional nature, which it is the task of the thirdHercules, 8:his mind and coordinated his abilities, mental, emotional and physical, has exhausted the interestsHercules, 18:which he habitually expresses himself (mental, emotional and physical), with all three partsHercules, 19:and he must know how to use it; his sensitive emotional nature must be responsive to every type ofHercules, 22:three aspects of the personality, his mind, his emotional nature, and his physical body. We nowHercules, 25:god of the waters and the deity of the watery, emotional nature, stand for the capacity to beHercules, 25:carried away by either a line of thought or an emotional reaction. This emotional, fluidic nature,Hercules, 25:a line of thought or an emotional reaction. This emotional, fluidic nature, with its sensitivityHercules, 25:in which his labors could be cast. Through emotional sensitivity and response, we, too, can be enHercules, 48:as it expresses itself in the field of the emotional-desire nature. Hercules, 86:living in the water, which is the symbol of the emotional, feeling nature. Exoterically Cancer isHercules, 87:they are usually over-sensitive, [87] over-emotional, ever seeking to hide away. The Cancer nativeHercules, 88:body and, subjectively, his lower mind and emotional being. The unevolved Cancer native is immersedHercules, 88:the home, the mother. It is personal and emotional, whilst Capricorn represents the group [89]Hercules, 93:aware of the world of physical contacts and of emotional conditions; through the other he becomesHercules, 100:of the lower fourfold nature, the mental body, emotional body, vital body and physical sheath. InHercules, 100:man is a self, a continuation of mental and emotional states, vitality, and the response apparatusHercules, 110:everywhere is shifting steadily out of the emotional nature, and so out of the solar plexus center,Hercules, 110:other, the post-pituitary, is the scat of the emotional, imaginative nature. It is also said thatHercules, 110:of development of this gland you may find both emotional and mental deficiency. ManyHercules, 119:triplicity, 6 on the physical plane, 6 on the emotional plane, 6 on the mental plane, not 666 atHercules, 139:strength). This test was to show control of the emotional, astral, desire nature, in whatever formHercules, 148:all that is unreal. When hate is divested of all emotional content, it can become an energy thatHercules, 151:until one is coordinated, until one's mind, emotional nature and physical nature are functioning asHercules, 159:not occupied with your own form, or mental or emotional reactions, or your own usefulness. InHercules, 167:have triumphed in Scorpio, he still possesses an emotional nature, and he finds that the birds ofHercules, 173:body. James, the deceiver, symbolizes the emotional nature, the source of all glamor. JohnHercules, 176:from below the diaphragm. You are no longer emotional and self-centered, living in the solarHercules, 184:humanity will be like? The animal nature, the emotional nature and the mentality will be secondary,Hercules, 191:said it was a trick. It might be said that the emotional desire nature of that great Life in WhomHercules, 191:is a coordinated complete unit with mind, emotional nature and physical body functioning as one,Hercules, 192:opinion, and this is of slow growth and largely emotional; that is the trouble. In the AquarianHercules, 192:we attempt to be superhuman. We are now only emotional, watery, fluidic creatures that are as yetHercules, 198:man, the symbol of a human being with mental, emotional and physical bodies united. I think thatHercules, 198:the cattle but the two-headed dog, the psychic-emotional nature and the matter aspect, HerculesHercules, 199:dwelt in physical bodies, worked through an emotional nature and have been exceedingly intelligent.
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