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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Magic, 121:the guidance of the world, as now physical and emotional means are employed. There lies in thisMagic, 131:upon the astral plane; to them it makes an emotional appeal, becoming public opinion. It is nowMagic, 133:not come through with clarity of outline; if the emotional body is vibrating violently with someMagic, 160:the condition of the waters or the state of the emotional substance into which this mental formMagic, 160:this: If a thought-form is sent forth into the emotional world to gather to itself a body of desireMagic, 160:the chaotic and whirling state of the aspirant's emotional body. Thus good intentions come toMagic, 161:of their fellow servers produce agitation and emotional upset, and on this powerful reaction theirMagic, 161:however upon which I would like to touch. The emotional body of the disciple which must feed andMagic, 161:nucleus) is necessarily part of the planetary emotional form and hence vibrates in unison with thatMagic, 161:should also be carefully considered, for the emotional body is thrown into a state of activity byMagic, 163:are lines of thought which draw forth from the emotional body a reaction of a poisonous nature. AMagic, 167:lift the would-be disciple out of the astral or emotional world into that of the mind. It is in theMagic, 191:Character building, clean living, controlled emotional reactions, and right thinking are theMagic, 192:of the potent desire nature, feeding the emotional life of the personality - are equally transmutedMagic, 196:needed transmutation and reorientation of his emotional desire nature. Then the heart awakens intoMagic, 202:is swayed by astral energy and lives a potently emotional and psychic life. Perhaps - like so manyMagic, 202:he is swayed by three types of energy, physical, emotional and an occasional flow of soul energy.Magic, 203:is that in place of the restless self-centered emotional nature and the activity of the solarMagic, 207:that center will inevitably be vitalized and his emotional nature be strengthened. Hence the needMagic, 214:including the mental mechanism. Similarly on the emotional plane, the soul is brought into a stateMagic, 214:into a state of awareness or vision of its emotional sheath and the world of astral phenomena, andMagic, 221:Kama or desire, and so was used for the plane of emotional reaction. It is interesting to note thisMagic, 222:to learn is to dissociate his own aura in the emotional sense from that of his surroundings andMagic, 222:we call the "akashic records" which concern the emotional history of the past, add the activitiesMagic, 224:every aspirant. In some one life, there comes an emotional crisis in which decisive action isMagic, 224:and the disciple proves his control of his emotional nature. This may take the form of some greatMagic, 224:possesses, or it may be a long and protracted emotional strain, carried over many years of living.Magic, 228:a more potent astral body and work under greater emotional strain than the less highly evolved andMagic, 228:to deal drastically and potently with their emotional natures, remembering that victory descendsMagic, 231:glamor, with ambition and with his sensitive emotional body. He thinks the battle is stupendous butMagic, 241:no sin was involved. When to this urge was added emotional desire, then sin crept in, and theMagic, 244:degree. The flow directed its attention to the emotional life, and the drift back to the centerMagic, 244:refuses to see the tide of his life beat out on emotional or mental spheres of existence, and thenMagic, 245:servers. The same process can affect the emotional body, and periods of exaltation and of highestMagic, 247:the midway spot. For the probationer it is the emotional plane, the Kurukshetra, or the plane ofMagic, 247:where land (physical nature) and water (emotional nature) meet. For the disciple it is the mentalMagic, 247:It is neither land or physical, nor water or emotional. It might be regarded as the vital orMagic, 249:between land and water, or between the emotional response to life and truth or life on the physicalMagic, 249:on the physical plane. Some aspirants are too emotional in their reactions; others tooMagic, 250:of the exoteric form. Water is the symbol of the emotional nature. It is from the great center ofMagic, 250:symbol of the buddhic plane, as water is of the emotional. When the life of the personality isMagic, 258:impurity and limitation of any kind, physical, emotional and mental. But absolute purity need notMagic, 258:realization. For the majority, physical and emotional purity are the objectives, and primarilyMagic, 258:and primarily therefore liberation from emotional control and desire. Hence the constant, e'enMagic, 259:impressed upon all of you. People whose emotional moods and feelings run riot or who lack physicalMagic, 268:little appreciated by aspirants. They engage in emotional desire for the appearance of theirMagic, 284:etheric form of all bodies, the [284] astral or emotional sentient body and the mental body,Magic, 284:of sensation, is closely related to the emotional or astral body. The contact is made via the solarMagic, 293:means that the inherent force and life of the emotional sentient vehicle govern the life-expressionMagic, 294:astral ring-pass-not, defining the limits of his emotional response to life experience, [295]Magic, 296:problem of understanding and of controlling his emotional nature, of mastering the technique ofMagic, 304:and absorbs so much of the poison in their emotional and mental auras that he is swept into a veryMagic, 308:as long as a man identifies himself with his emotional body, just as long as he interprets life inMagic, 308:polarization which lays a man open to his many emotional reactions and to waves of mass feeling ofMagic, 308:vortex of uncontrolled energy and misdirected emotional force which eventuates in a world war, aMagic, 309:from another life, accidental, or due to wrong emotional reactions, or produced as the result ofMagic, 313:of the water-carrier, is a living sign and an emotional sign. It will (through the effect of itsMagic, 314:all mankind into a perfect brotherhood. Its emotional effect will be to "purify" the astral bodiesMagic, 315:either for good or evil. They either stir up our emotional nature in a good and high sense, and soMagic, 316:for me to enlarge upon it here. 7. The emotional (astral sentient) equipment with which a manMagic, 316:life progresses. Many a man is the victim of an emotional body which he has himself constructed asMagic, 316:of a sensitive character in three ways: Emotional. The astral body is swept into response of someMagic, 316:by the sensitive astral body, even if emotional response lacks, and disciples have to learn toMagic, 316:carefully between the two. Sometimes when emotional reaction lacks, as generally understood, thereMagic, 316:which sought to bring about an effect on the emotional body. Simple reaction. The registering orMagic, 316:to register or respond to an impact, to an emotional impression. This can be either good or bad. InMagic, 316:method involves complete detachment from the emotional body altogether, and a complete capacity toMagic, 317:they hindered or aided? A close study of one's emotional reactions brings one to the considerationMagic, 319:human evolution and of all reactions bring the emotional body under the dominance of the illuminedMagic, 324:the capacity to hold and register continuity. If emotional or mental chaos exists, then again theMagic, 333:soul and in control of his mechanism (physical, emotional, and mental) can work consciously enMagic, 337:the reactions of the human organism - mental, emotional, and physical - entirely to the materialMagic, 342:in its turn makes too great a demand upon the emotional nature, and consequently again upon theMagic, 344:sources of information through an uncontrolled emotional nature. The astral body can be controlled.Magic, 345:the riot. Forget not that the fears of an emotional person are not so potent as yours. Having aMagic, 354:prime problem of the aspirant is to dominate the emotional nature. Then he stands victor on theMagic, 355:discovers that he can differentiate between the emotional nature and the mental. He discovers alsoMagic, 370:seek to better their material conditions, or an emotional effect as our presence brings to themMagic, 376:The aspirant has to learn to control his emotional psychic nature through right control of theMagic, 382:body will have no lure for the real man, the emotional nature and desire body will no longer leadMagic, 391:is therefore a blend of mental energy, of emotional energy and of vital force, and these three areMagic, 392:the mind, reacting sensuously through the emotional body, and energizing the dense physical (viaMagic, 394:mind and brain function synchronously and the emotional nature is thereby subordinated, inhibitedMagic, 394:will), by desire (expressing the energy of the emotional or psychic nature), and by vitality whichMagic, 423:coming from the physical world, and the emotional or astral world. Discriminate intelligentlyMagic, 424:during such times, for instance, as when the emotional body holds the center of the stage. WithMagic, 424:is the mind occupied during a long period of emotional upset? It has, we know, its own life and itsMagic, 424:are aware both of physical plane activity and emotional aliveness simultaneously. That is for theMagic, 439:dealing with the body of nature; one primarily emotional, and dealing with the quality of theMagic, 452:- in its lowest aspect - it works through the emotional or astral nature and in connection with theMagic, 464:in another? Where lives are predominantly emotional and are physically oriented, it is not aMagic, 483:in line with our activity, be it physical, emotional or mental. There are certain types of men whoMagic, 484:which sweeps the mind-stuff into activity is an emotional one, or a potent desire, either good orMagic, 492:least, from all reactions and activities of an emotional nature. As long as the astral body is in aMagic, 498:this interplay: one is the grief and violent emotional upset of those left behind and, in the caseMagic, 502:an effort to control the astral life and the emotional nature and to orient one's self to theMagic, 502:in the region of the solar plexus, used by the emotional, unintelligent, unthinking man and byMagic, 504:[504] Learn to render heart service and not an emotional insistence on activity directed towardsMagic, 512:motive and of life, a stabilized and receptive emotional body and that inner alignment which willMagic, 515:between soul-mind-brain, of quieting the emotional body, and of achieving that concentration and
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