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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Magic, 516:in the interlude of contemplation. The emotional nature is swept by desire to make objective theMagic, 520:consciousness. The physical bodies, the emotional and mental states of consciousness are all in aMagic, 523:has been given also some new teaching anent the emotional vehicle. In the next century, when man'sMagic, 546:is essentially himself: Physical body, sensitive emotional nature, mind and soul; Soul, mind, brainMagic, 560:is a potent factor in swinging mental and emotional substance into activity and so making strongMagic, 593:of the physical creative nature and of the emotional body. A sense therefore of burning and of painMagic, 603:in any direction. It can govern and control the emotional sensitiveness, not only of the discipleMagic, 636:equipment of characteristics (physical, emotional, and mental) do have a potent effect on hisMeditationof the three vehicles, the physical, the emotional, and the lower mind body, within the causalMeditation, 2:coordination; then to physical coordination add emotional stability, and you have the two vehiclesMeditation, 3:you have built into your bodies, - physical, emotional and mental, - matter of the third subplaneMeditation, 3:of the two higher subplanes on the physical and emotional planes; hence the struggle for theMeditation, 3:discipline the physical body and to subdue the emotional. Purification and subjugation describe theMeditation, 5:of man in the three worlds - the physical, emotional and mental planes - is the alignment of hisMeditation, 6:and the lower form a line direct. Usually the emotional body, through violent emotion andMeditation, 6:is continuously out of alignment. Where the emotional body may be momentarily aligned, then theMeditation, 6:many lives of strenuous endeavor before the emotional body can be stilled and a mental body builtMeditation, 6:when this has been somewhat accomplished and the emotional body is stabilized and a pure reflector,Meditation, 7:but Venus has her place corresponding to the emotional permanent atom. Further still the alignmentMeditation, 9:self, that polarization being in either the emotional or mental body. One point of interest I wouldMeditation, 10:polarization is purely [10] physical or purely emotional, no need for meditation is ever felt. EvenMeditation, 11:adjustment, is not the physical, touches not the emotional, contacts not the mental (the causalMeditation, 11:the lower vibrations on the subplanes of the emotional and mental planes. It commences the work ofMeditation, 11:might term the fourth subplane on the physical, emotional and mental planes (when dominated,Meditation, 12:to it. It marks the point of the highest emotional aspiration, apart from the scientificMeditation, 12:life of intensest meditation along the mystic or emotional-intuitional line. This meditative lifeMeditation, 24:to that of the conscious functioning of the emotional body or to the point where the emotions areMeditation, 24:when the polarization is largely in the emotional body and when lower mind desire is beingMeditation, 24:from extremes. The polarization lies now in the emotional permanent atom but, (when this point ofMeditation, 25:atoms that have [25] known polarization - the emotional and the physical. What I am seeking toMeditation, 25:has not known the force of polarization, the emotional is holding it, and the result is in integralMeditation, 25:is maturing. This maturity is the product of emotional and physical polarization in alignment.Meditation, 25:is now easily achieved between the physical and emotional bodies. The problem is to bring bothMeditation, 25:seen illuminated, now in the second period the emotional atom is similarly lit up, a signal to theMeditation, 26:atom, the work has progressed from physical to emotional polarization and remains there. Not tillMeditation, 27:Ego must have perfect expression, - physical, emotional and metal, - and be makes, therefore, atMeditation, 29:and the polarization becomes higher mental; the emotional permanent atom goes and the polarizationMeditation, 30:was sufficiently coordinated, when he had an emotional or desire nature sufficiently strong to formMeditation, 35:by two different disciples, one working on emotional levels and reporting to another disciple whoMeditation, 35:A disciple on the mental plane. A helper on the emotional plane. For a long period of lives the EgoMeditation, 52:system, is polarized in His cosmic astral, or emotional body, and is [53] developing cosmic mind.Meditation, 53:physical body. System II - corresponds to the emotional body. System III - corresponds to theMeditation, 56:Pentacle, the volatile essences of the emotional plane, the desire faculty clothed in matter, theMeditation, 59:make the necessary communication between the emotional or desire plane and the intuitional plane,Meditation, 59:plane, and find out the secret of the emotional plane. In the study of the Word on mental levelsMeditation, 62:loudly the second time, thereby stabilizing the emotional vehicle; and in a still louder tone theMeditation, 63:particles and the building in of finer. On Emotional Levels: The definite stabilization of theMeditation, 63:Levels: The definite stabilization of the emotional body through the permanent atom, and theMeditation, 63:out of coarse matter and the rendering of the emotional or desire body more colorless, so that itMeditation, 63:rush of feeling from the atomic levels of the emotional plane to the intuitional plane, via theMeditation, 64:third. From some angles in this connection the emotional vehicle forms a third vehicle forMeditation, 64:the basic note of the physical, the third of the emotional, and the fifth of the causal levels.Meditation, 66:lower group; it intensifies the vibration of the emotional bodies, driving out counter-vibrationMeditation, 67:Groups for the purpose of working on the emotional body, with the object of development, ofMeditation, 72:those entities that is the issue and aim. In its emotional counterpart, it is the organ ofMeditation, 72:In its emotional counterpart, it is the organ of emotional vitality, again in the same sense asMeditation, 73:of the life forces of the sun, if his emotional body is moved by high desire, and open to theMeditation, 73:standpoint of the average man, polarized in his emotional body and living the normal life of theMeditation, 73:having served its purpose as a center for the emotional focusing. The activity of the fire becomesMeditation, 74:goal of the attention of the fire and when the emotional counterpart vibrates synchronously. TwoMeditation, 75:activity of the threefold man - physical, emotional and mental, - is turned upward in service, andMeditation, 75:necessary spirals. At the second initiation the emotional centers are similarly awakened, and atMeditation, 77:concentrates on the subjugation of the emotional body and the enlargement of the mental, andMeditation, 78:manifestation of corresponding vortices on the emotional plane, with emotional vitality playingMeditation, 78:vortices on the emotional plane, with emotional vitality playing through. They have their mentalMeditation, 80:nature of the centers themselves, - etheric, emotional and mental - by the fact that some peopleMeditation, 80:- by the fact that some people have one or other emotional center completely awakened andMeditation, 80:others may have the mental centers awake and the emotional not so vivified and be ethericallyMeditation, 82:a change. The shifting of polarization from emotional to mental, and thence to the causal and laterMeditation, 83:alignment, with the corresponding centers in the emotional and mental bodies, so that the flow ofMeditation, 84:there the picture of the Master, in etheric, emotional and mental matter. This entails theMeditation, 85:in the development of consciousness when the emotional force which governs so many is transcendedMeditation, 85:plane as intellectual hardness. Later, the emotional permanent atom gives place to the intuitional,Meditation, 85:preponderance of the green of activity, for the emotional body is actively the agent of the higher,Meditation, 86:of the Word, the force comes through the emotional centers from the intuitional levels. When it isMeditation, 90:- but of insistence upon physical purity, on emotional stability and on mental equilibrium beforeMeditation, 91:grouped under the three heads: physical dangers, emotional dangers, and mental dangers. 2. DangersMeditation, 94:away from his physical body, and away from the emotional body into the realms of thought, or intoMeditation, 98:to be avoided in Meditation July 25, 1920 The emotional body is at this time the most importantMeditation, 98:transmuted into spiritual aspiration. The emotional body forms practically a unit with the physicalMeditation, 98:almost entirely at the instigation of the emotional, - his lowest vehicle automatically obeying theMeditation, 98:of attainment lies that way. In meditation the emotional body should be controlled from the mentalMeditation, 98:and intensity of purpose and of will, then the emotional becomes quiescent and receptive. [99] ThisMeditation, 99:run into danger. The aim should be to make the emotional ovoid positive to all that is lower and toMeditation, 99:must therefore be watched? The attitude of the emotional ovoid and its positive-negative control.Meditation, 99:positive-negative control. The stability of the emotional matter and its conscious receptivity. ItsMeditation, 102:I dealt first with the dangers of the mental and emotional bodies. It was necessary so to do, forMeditation, 103:between the higher and lower bodies via the emotional is completed, this fire may act on the fireMeditation, 110:feature some one outstanding quality of the emotional body. This is the general rule. InMeditation, 110:are summed up in our minds in terms of the emotional body. We think of the Italian as fiery,Meditation, 111:attainment via the atomic subplane, from the emotional plane to the intuitional, to the practicalMeditation, 111:of the emotions and had a definite effect on the emotional body. It worked upwards from theMeditation, 111:the emotional body. It worked upwards from the emotional instead of, as now, working on mentalMeditation, 118:but the group to which he belongs. 2. On the emotional plane: Here be belongs to several groupsMeditation, 118:Here be belongs to several groups such as: His emotional plane family group, which is moreMeditation, 118:many times in life when members of an emotional plane family contact each other on the physicalMeditation, 120:Groups of discarnate beings on either the emotional or the mental planes. Devas, either singly orMeditation, 121:bringing him into contact with the devas of the emotional or mental planes and making him thereforeMeditation, 122:will not be possible. This refers to the emotional and to the mental bodies, though with theMeditation, 122:the majority these days it refers solely to the emotional. At this particular period of the world's
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