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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Meditation, 122:particular period of the world's history the emotional plane is so densely populated and theMeditation, 122:and the response of the physical to the emotional is now becoming so exquisitely attuned, that theMeditation, 123:of consciousness between the physical and the emotional and later the mental, this act ofMeditation, 124:permits entry of an extraneous entity from the emotional plane. The door of entrance which isMeditation, 124:feeble, but possessed of a powerful emotional body which suffers and fights and struggles toMeditation, 124:attack women than men. Another cause is due to emotional reasons. A lack of coordination existsMeditation, 124:A lack of coordination exists between the emotional and the physical and when the man functions inMeditation, 124:the physical and when the man functions in the emotional body (as at night) the moment of re-entryMeditation, 124:are usually more definitely polarized in the emotional body. A rarer kind of obsession is theMeditation, 124:- hence its rarity. The physical body and the emotional body remain as a unit, but the Thinker isMeditation, 125:enters the two lower vehicles. In the case of emotional obsession the Thinker is left with hisMeditation, 125:emotional obsession the Thinker is left with his emotional body and his mental body but with noMeditation, 125:In this latter case he is left with neither emotional nor physical. The cause lies in the fact ofMeditation, 125:the mental, and of the relative weakness of the emotional and physical bodies. The Thinker is tooMeditation, 125:to the lower physical body, leaving him in his emotional and mental bodies. This would normallyMeditation, 127:of coordination between the physical and the emotional vehicles the first methods of cure will beMeditation, 128:conjointly made on the obsessed physical and emotional bodies. During the night much of the work inMeditation, 128:the Thinker has to win back his physical and his emotional bodies as well, hence the exceedingMeditation, 130:body, the controlled stable and equalized emotional body and the properly striated mental body canMeditation, 131:or the casting over the disciple of a cloud of emotional or mental matter which suffices to hideMeditation, 132:the untrue. Glamor may be either on the [132] emotional or mental levels but is usually on theMeditation, 132:falls. It may take the form of a black cloud of emotional matter, of some dark emotion that seemsMeditation, 135:of Light. On the physical plane and on the emotional plane, the dark brother has more power thanMeditation, 136:atomic and subatomic subplanes) of the mental, emotional and physical planes. When moving on theseMeditation, 136:is dominant apparently on the physical and emotional planes. Not so is it on the mental, which isMeditation, 137:body, of clean steady emotion permitted in the emotional body, and of purity of thought in theMeditation, 138:to render the body positive; keep busy on the emotional plane and achieve the inner calm. Do naughtMeditation, 149:of occult law. The mystic seeks to work from the emotional to the intuitional, and thence to theMeditation, 150:of his type, - dreamy, visionary, impractical, emotional, and lacking that quality of mind that weMeditation, 153:be more apparent and - through certain clouds of emotional matter may be added to the whole -Meditation, 153:matter may be added to the whole - matter of the emotional plane will be of secondary importance.Meditation, 153:clearly and is not lost in the upward surge of emotional colors as the mystic form is apt to be.Meditation, 155:be aware of the effects of his meditation on the emotional and mental planes. Results never concernMeditation, 156:of attention at as early a date as possible. The emotional body likewise will be dealt with throughMeditation, 156:his sense of proportion is wisely adjusted, the emotional plane should be for him a battle ground,Meditation, 156:the type of work that these forms which work on emotional matter will accomplish. The aim of theMeditation, 156:of the pupil who treads the Path is to build an emotional body that is composed of matter of theMeditation, 157:do two things: They will act directly on his emotional body, driving out foreign or lower matter,Meditation, 157:stabilizing his vibration. They will build in emotional matter a body or form that he can use forMeditation, 157:of the purificatory and constructive work of the emotional body. This is as much as can be said,Meditation, 158:of evolution most of the troubles arise in the emotional body, and the remainder in the mental. WeMeditation, 159:in the mental body. 50% find their origin in the emotional body. Therefore, though accidents mayMeditation, 159:either directly or through causes set up on the emotional plane and reacting on the etheric. b.Meditation, 159:on the etheric. b. Forms for healing the emotional body.As said above, much of the present sicknessMeditation, 159:present sickness is due to causes set up in the emotional body and these causes are mainly three. IMeditation, 160:and turn it upward. When, by right use, the emotional body is cleared of the emotional congestion,Meditation, 160:right use, the emotional body is cleared of the emotional congestion, the life-giving forces of theMeditation, 160:is the seat of the center of consciousness. The emotional body likewise, being more fluidic, isMeditation, 160:as a karmic inheritance, or may originate on the emotional plane and work their way back into theMeditation, 161:instance, [161] a person may be prone to some emotional storm. This - if persisted in - may set upMeditation, 173:The fact that they can be contacted on the emotional plane is no guarantee that they are on theMeditation, 191:his place on the ladder of evolution, and by the emotional and mental control of which he may beMeditation, 191:funnel which penetrates from the physical to the emotional, or still higher to one or other of theMeditation, 194:days the use of sound on physical [194] and emotional levels was understood and practiced, beingMeditation, 195:temporary extension of the peripheries of the emotional bodies of the participants, and an intenseMeditation, 197:or other center in the body. The matter of the emotional and mental bodies is entirely readjustedMeditation, 197:of the force tapped by its means to the emotional vehicle, and to the lowest type of matter in thatMeditation, 199:on the mental plane and somewhat on the emotional. When the secret of causal alignment is betterMeditation, 209:eye is hard and harsh compared to those on the emotional plane, and as the finer matter of theMeditation, 209:in the dark places of the earth, on the emotional plane, and on the lower level of the mentalMeditation, 220:the picture of the dark and lurid reds in the emotional body of the undeveloped man rises ever toMeditation, 232:body and a refined etheric, as he develops the emotional virtues and as he coordinates [233] andMeditation, 242:will work from thence to the physical via the emotional. This involves on the part of the person orMeditation, 242:and having located that cause in either the emotional or the mental body the members of the groupMeditation, 243:surrounded? What is the predominant hue of his emotional body? What is its rate of vibration? IsMeditation, 243:subject to sudden turmoils that throw the entire emotional body into disorder? What are his mostMeditation, 244:must elapse before full comprehension of the emotional body has reached the point where modernMeditation, 244:has the inner vision. With his ability to see on emotional levels he can cooperate with the modernMeditation, 245:its assistance, and the progress of the cure. Emotional trouble that is working out in the physicalMeditation, 245:and eliminated by judicious treatment. But emotional trouble that is deep seated in the subtleMeditation, 245:of physical ailments that have their seat in the emotional body is already beginning to be knownMeditation, 245:or magnetism, or as the vehicle which links the emotional nature to the dense physical. TheMeditation, 251:terminology in those of color and sound. Emotional disorder will be regarded as discordant sound;Meditation, 269:study and application, of the content of the emotional and mental bodies. By the utilization ofMeditation, 273:himself. This group will be at first only on emotional and physical levels and on the lower mental.Meditation, 283:accuracy, being unruffled and immovable. The emotional body will [284] be set apart wholly forMeditation, 284:reflected from the higher in the mirror of the emotional body, and then the intellect forced to actMeditation, 287:wisdom. It is the fourth round, that wherein the emotional reaches a high point of vibration, andMeditation, 287:between the fourth plane of harmony, between the emotional body, or the fourth principle, theMeditation, 299:men is increasing out of all proportion to their emotional balance and to their physical equipment.Meditation, 299:Ones. Mental development when paralleled by emotional stability and a strong healthy body is theMeditation, 317:will deal largely with the lower mind and in the emotional, physical and mental equipping of theMeditation, 332:November 7th, 1920 The physical body. The emotional body. The mental body. [332] The need arisesMeditation, 332:Men are polarized now principally in their emotional bodies, - the feelings, desires, the concernsMeditation, 332:the concerns of the personality sway them. The emotional body is the focal point for theMeditation, 336:is now no longer physical, but is either emotional or mental. The method of application differs inMeditation, 337:Purification of the Vehicles The Refining of the Emotional Body Here the method of procedure isMeditation, 337:Here the method of procedure is different. The emotional body is simply a great reflector. It takesMeditation, 337:aim of the aspirant should be to so train the emotional body that it will become still and clear asMeditation, 338:tides of desire. What words should describe the emotional body? the words: still, serene,Meditation, 338:process proceeds, and the polarization in the emotional body gradually shifts up each subplaneMeditation, 338:periods daily directed to the stilling of the emotional body. So much emphasis is laid inMeditation, 338:it should be remembered that the stilling of the emotional nature is a step preliminary to theMeditation, 339:and constructing. [339] By work done on the emotional body at night under the direction of moreMeditation, 339:proper. These are the initiations on the emotional plane, called respectively the initiations ofMeditation, 345:his mental and intellectual capacity, his emotional caliber and his physical assets and then withMeditation, 346:next step is a steady care and control of the emotional body. This is the most difficult of theMeditation, 346:with the law. No fear or worry or care shake the emotional body of the aspiring servant of all. HeMeditation, 346:of his mental vehicle. In the control of the emotional body the server takes the attitude ofMeditation, 346:of elimination. His aim is so to train the emotional body that it becomes devoid of color, has a
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