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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Meditation, 347:the objective. The negative stillness of the emotional body makes it receptive to impression fromMeditation, 358:is to enumerate the four as follows: Lower mind. Emotional or kamic body. Prana, or the LifePatanjali, 9:principle." These two produce control of the emotional body and therefore of desire, and control ofPatanjali, 9:second aspect of the lower personal self, the emotional body, is subjugated or transmuted then thePatanjali, 10:them certain forces or energies are released. a. Emotional intuitional or buddhic monadic to thePatanjali, 10:nature" is kama-manas (desire-mind), the emotional or astral body, tinged faintly with mind, and isPatanjali, 14:lower mind processes as well as to the astral or emotional reactions. All activity in the lowerPatanjali, 42:love, the second aspect of the soul, The emotional body, the second aspect of the personality, [43]Patanjali, 48:matter. The four lower sheaths - dense, etheric, emotional and mental - are no longer his prison.Patanjali, 60:[60] The vestures of consciousness, mental, emotional and etheric which vibrate in response to thePatanjali, 63:as a balanced and controlled condition of the emotional nature has been brought about and rightPatanjali, 68:sensibility of the entire "body of feeling," the emotional sheath, and is sensuous perceptionPatanjali, 71:Pain is the effect produced when the astral or emotional body is wrongly polarized. Pain is thePatanjali, 86:or of pain. This is experienced in the astral or emotional body. The knowledge given by thePatanjali, 93:move and have our being." That on the astral or emotional plane, the lower powers of clairvoyancePatanjali, 99:of opposites which he has to balance on the emotional plane. Behind all these is found thatPatanjali, 109:so to speak, which is reached by mental and emotional energies, is a psychical state, just as thePatanjali, 123:to Ishvara, which relates to the astral or emotional body, the whole heart poured out in love toPatanjali, 133:contact on three planes: The physical body, The emotional or astral body, The mental body. 2. OnPatanjali, 142:do is automatic and the result of long continued emotional and mental habits. Instinctively, fromPatanjali, 144:These seeds are kama-manasic (or partially emotional and partially mental) in nature, for desire isPatanjali, 149:or mobility is the [149] characteristic of the emotional or astral nature and, when this isPatanjali, 149:this is dominant the life is chaotic, violent, emotional and subjected to every mood and feeling.Patanjali, 149:the guna of mobility and the full play of the emotional or desire nature in the earlier stages ofPatanjali, 161:of the realm of objectivity, out of the mental, emotional and physical worlds into the [162] realmPatanjali, 171:reality and enters into the happenings of the emotional and physical world. Finally the followingPatanjali, 174:rapid and his capacity for pain, physical and emotional, becomes greatly increased [175]. This isPatanjali, 181:as they apply to the physical man, then to the emotional man and then to the mental man. The yogi,Patanjali, 181:analogous practice of rhythmic control of the emotional life. It may be of use here if (before wePatanjali, 182:attitude of the disciple when in meditation, his emotional attitude towards his environment or hisPatanjali, 183:of the physical and the etheric bodies, to the emotional body, the seat of the desires, of sensoryPatanjali, 186:longings which have their seat not only in the emotional or kamic (desire) body, but in the mentalPatanjali, 190:physical vehicle, the steady orientation of the emotional nature and the mental attitude whichPatanjali, 192:realm of desire and consequently the astral or emotional body is affected. Then follows definitePatanjali, 197:reference also to abstention from theft on the emotional or mental planes. The aspirant takesPatanjali, 198:mental planes. The aspirant takes nothing; [198] emotional benefits, such as love and favor,Patanjali, 202:(the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body and the mental body) through which manPatanjali, 202:purity, c. Psychic purity astral vehicle emotional purity, d. Mental purity mental vehicle purityPatanjali, 205:organs The physical body, 2. A quiet spirit The emotional vehicle, 3. Concentration The lower mindPatanjali, 205:Pure desire, freed from love of form on the emotional or astral plane, Correct use and developmentPatanjali, 209:that the steady purification of his physical, emotional and mental [210] nature, proceeds asPatanjali, 213:steadfast unwavering condition of the astral or emotional body in the passage through worldlyPatanjali, 214:through hatha yoga, with aspiration towards emotional control. The Atlantean disciple learned toPatanjali, 214:The Atlantean disciple learned to control the emotional body and to devote it to the service ofPatanjali, 216:physical body were dealt with. In this sutra the emotional nature, expressing itself through desirePatanjali, 249:plane apprehensions as to time and space. His emotional reactions to the subject of his meditationPatanjali, 249:"modifications" of the thinking process, all the emotional reactions of the desire-mindPatanjali, 255:forward and the enthusiastic endeavor of the emotional and temperamental person. The undue forcingPatanjali, 275:here what therefore do those people see who are emotional and not mental, when they claim to knowPatanjali, 288:in the quality of lower mind, tenderness is the emotional result of dispassionate compassion andPatanjali, 293:heart development precedes head development. The emotional nature and the senses unfold prior toPatanjali, 293:of consciousness is transferred out of the emotional nature into the illuminated mindPatanjali, 296:we function upon the inner planes, such as the emotional or astral plane and the mental. At presentPatanjali, 305:coordination and growth of the astral or emotional body, the heart center has become the mostPatanjali, 308:when man arrives at an understanding of his emotional body and of the force center through which itPatanjali, 309:in his life, when he realizes that it is his emotional or astral body which produces the greaterPatanjali, 321:the personal self (functioning as a physical, an emotional, and a mental unit) and the divinePatanjali, 323:4th 3. Clairvoyance 3rd 4. Imagination 2nd 5. Emotional idealism 1st Mental 1. Higher clairaudiencePatanjali, 323:e. The Fifth Sense - Smell. Physical smell. Emotional smell. Spiritual discernment. Idealism. AllPatanjali, 327:a corresponding reaction in the kamic, desire or emotional body. The energy body, the ethericPatanjali, 329:or intuitional plane, The mental plane, The emotional, astral or kamic plane, The physical plane.Patanjali, 334:of the Sea of Fire Human will. Plane VI. Emotional or astral Astral Light Reflection of the AkashaPatanjali, 342:Earth Physical Smell Base of the spine Astral Emotional Taste Solar Plexus Manasic Mental SightPatanjali, 349:the geometrical exactness of its many units. The emotional or astral body is, as is well known,Patanjali, 379:a spiritual kind is a sublimation of astral or emotional desire, so meditation, as practised by thePatanjali, 387:is responsible for the creation of his mental, emotional and physical bodies, his three lowerPatanjali, 417:been purified and dominated, and the physical, emotional and mental bodies form simply a channelPatanjali, 425:But joy and peace are registrations of the emotional nature and in no way affect reality. It isPatanjali, 425:his eyes from all that concerns the physical, emotional and mental, and will raise his eyes andPatanjali, viii:Yoga, growing out of the development of the emotional or astral body, was incorporated with LayaPatanjali, xii:from the moods, feelings, longings, desires, and emotional reactions which characterize the life ofProblems, 23:possible world contribution. Being a strongly emotional and individual people, they are, withinProblems, 47:that matter. This atmosphere of love is not an emotional, sentimental form of love but is basedProblems, 52:future upon: A developing mental control of the emotional nature. Vision or the capacity to seeProblems, 54:certain results and why - given a certain emotional and mental equipment, plus an ascertainedProblems, 54:his environment and his individual mental and emotional equipment and will seek to throw the entireProblems, 56:to be seen. The nature - physical, vital, emotional and mental - of the boy or girl will beProblems, 107:faith have a definite appeal to his nature; the emotional aspects of the Christian presentationProblems, 109:these Negro races will forsake their emotional reaction to circumstances and events, and meet allProblems, 172:blind stupid greed. It is an intense emotional nationalism which made the Polish nation soPsychology1, xvii:and lead to that stabilization of the emotional body which will most rapidly set them free forPsychology1, xxv:- physical inertia, mental depression, lack of emotional control - keep you from taking fresh holdPsychology1, 4:will produce changes in the mind content and the emotional nature of the man and determine thePsychology1, 6:nature and expresses its reactions through the emotional and mental states, is of course recognizedPsychology1, 8:pre-eminently to the soul ray, whilst the emotional body is under the influence of the personalityPsychology1, 16:perception of a highly developed and high grade emotional nature. All our considerations thereforePsychology1, 16:here of the pairs of opposites of the astral or emotional plane, which are illusory reflections ofPsychology1, 52:The religious man is pre-eminently astral or emotional and works in a more separative manner,Psychology1, 55:of the psychic nature - the vital body, the emotional nature and the mind stuff. But it is alsoPsychology1, 56:the subtle bodies, - etheric or vital, astral or emotional, and the lower mental apparatus. ThesePsychology1, 57:primarily in his mental consciousness or in his emotional processes, so God dwells withdrawn in HisPsychology1, 81:free? Quality - overcoming the waters of the emotional nature. This outgoing ray of devotion to thePsychology1, 91:of the mechanism, to meet the needs (physical, emotional, and mental) of the day and hour. Of whatPsychology1, 113:correction of the hidden factors producing emotional conditions may be suggested; meditations mayPsychology1, 115:the physical plane, nor to the training of his emotional nature and his astral development.Psychology1, 117:truly constructive, and which will not feed the emotional nature and satisfy the desire-self. Psychology1, 123:centered upon the infirmities of the astral or emotional body. These violet devas of the fourPsychology1, 128:and determines the quality of the astral-emotional nature; it colors the mind body; it controls thePsychology1, 160:ray which produce the sum total of the physical, emotional and mental qualities is in process ofPsychology1, 160:valuable nature. A man's physical reactions, his emotional habits, and his mental processes -
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