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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Psychology1, 161:possibilities of a coordinated physical, emotional and mental expression. The manifestation of thisPsychology1, 231:handicapped by the devoted offering of the emotional aspirant. The Plan is oft-times delayed in itsPsychology1, 231:trouble is to be found in the desire-feeling-emotional body, and in an undue attachment toPsychology1, 232:shift the polarization of the aspirant off the emotional plane on to the mental, and therebyPsychology1, 243:which are of psychological importance. Instinct. Emotional aspiration. Intellect. MentalPsychology1, 257:physical relation was tempered by an astral or emotional relation, and the time came when some ofPsychology1, 257:the two kingdoms is now dual - physical and emotional. To this there has been added, during thePsychology1, 262:to the animals is, as we have seen, physical, emotional and increasingly mental. Each race of men,Psychology1, 284:and that true education which will lead to emotional unfoldment along sound lines, and a mentalPsychology1, 285:as a unit, and we have the mind and the emotional nature fused and blended, on the one hand withPsychology1, 286:halves on all three planes, - physical, emotional and mental - then we shall see the solution ofPsychology1, 286:bodies. Sometimes it is the marriage also of the emotional natures of the two people concerned.Psychology1, 286:and uninterested and uninvolved, but with the emotional body attracted and participating. SometimesPsychology1, 286:body is involved with the physical body, and the emotional nature left out. Seldom, very seldom, doPsychology1, 287:Where the parents are purely physical and emotional, so will be the nature of the child. Thus isPsychology1, 290:becomes increasingly potent in the mental and emotional life of the aspirant, it pours in withPsychology1, 294:will be the keynotes of the teaching imparted. Emotional control and right-thinking will bePsychology1, 295:is now the case, for it will not be so purely emotional, and it will be based also on intelligence.Psychology1, 296:of consciousness at once - the physical, the emotional and the mental. A man and a woman, to bePsychology1, 306:under rhythmic discipline, the elevation of the emotional and the instinctual natures upon thePsychology1, 313:in the world of the mental plane and of the emotional plane today. But the hour has now come whenPsychology1, 321:body. [321] Rays II and VI govern potently his emotional life and determine the type of his astralPsychology1, 321:of Harmony or Synthesis, and of Knowledge. The emotional nature and form are governed by the RaysPsychology1, 323:is governed by a desire for comfort - physical, emotional and mental - to such a degree that hePsychology1, 326:and erroneous idea that aspiration is really an emotional attitude. It is not. It is a scientificPsychology1, 328:(for instance): The physical body and the emotional body. These two and the mental body. ThesePsychology1, 334:The rays governing: [334] The mental body. The emotional or astral body. The physical body. TherePsychology1, 339:and unifying into one expression their physical, emotional and mental aspects; hence they are morePsychology1, 340:instinctual animal nature. The desires of a more emotional and sentimental kind which his astralPsychology1, 341:away from the worlds of tangible experience, of emotional life and of mental interest, - all thisPsychology1, 341:values and the tangible world of phenomena (emotional and physical) must be relegated to theirPsychology1, 357:can be expressed as a relation between an astral-emotional development and an intuitional-buddhicPsychology1, 364:to the astral plane. This plane is that of the emotional-desire nature, and its symbol is water.Psychology1, 365:of the rituals and rhythms of the body, of the emotional nature and of the mental processes, or ofPsychology1, 378:and free from the control of the tides of his emotional existence, he cannot take initiation. ItPsychology1, 391:with the individual human being, and his emotional and thought patterns are being delineated andPsychology1, 391:or a planet. These three patterns are: The emotional Pattern. This embodies the aspiration of thePsychology1, 391:factor of the personality or form life. The emotional and mental patterns are the negative andPsychology1, 393:reader. It could be noted also that the emotional pattern of the United States at this time isPsychology1, 402:the sum total of the atoms of that body. The emotional desire nature, which is to be foundPsychology1, 420:Tongue. Organs of speech. Plane: Astral or emotional Plane. Desire plane. Sense: Taste.Psychology1, 429:The rays governing: The mental body. The emotional or astral body. The physical body. [430] ThePsychology2, 14:as they govern the various bodies, - mental, emotional and physical. It should be remembered thatPsychology2, 14:reactions, and to bring about contact with the emotional aspects of other personalities. ThePsychology2, 15:a wonderfully sensitive instrument of the inner, emotional and mental selves, and gifted with greatPsychology2, 24:vehicle, but it becomes centered in the astral-emotional body. Then the focus of the soul'sPsychology2, 25:are less definitely animal and more definitely emotional. Moods and feelings come to be recognized,Psychology2, 25:human beings are still Atlantean, still purely emotional in their reactions and in their approachPsychology2, 32:living, from physical awareness to sentient, emotional awareness, and from that to mentalPsychology2, 42:motives, Rapid reaction to glamor and illusion, Emotional devotion and bewildered idealism,Psychology2, 56:form, but the inner, fluid, subjective nature, emotional and mental, in no way conforms to thePsychology2, 68:the astral body, distinguished by sensitivity, emotional activity, and that magnetic force which wePsychology2, 70:the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, and the intelligent mind havePsychology2, 89:a state of bliss in heaven, simply because of an emotional choice, which ignores millions of thosePsychology2, 95:But this is an error, due to the overpowering emotional glamor of the Piscean Age. This astralPsychology2, 96:to betterment, the urge to progress (physical, emotional and intellectual), the effort toPsychology2, 123:through the solar plexus. This accounts for the emotional nature of most of the service rendered inPsychology2, 123:to suffering and who, because of their emotional identification with suffering, lay the blame forPsychology2, 136:him to cooperate, it finds its way into the emotional or astral body. Here again the effect will bePsychology2, 153:seven physical subplanes. The seven astral or emotional-desire subplanes. The four lower mentalPsychology2, 154:for all allied characteristic tendencies, all emotional reactions and the trend of the mental life,Psychology2, 176:different vibrations of his vital body, his emotional body and the mind. The vibration of thePsychology2, 185:tiny streams of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies and to the soul byPsychology2, 187:levels, and hence the emphasis laid upon emotional-desire [188] control in all treatises onPsychology2, 200:not achieved as the result of disciplining the emotional nature, but demonstrate as a natural,Psychology2, 204:are not bewildered, as are the more advanced and emotional types, by events. They have no sense ofPsychology2, 204:through their complete incapacity to respond to emotional and mental training and culture. ThePsychology2, 205:Lemurian cultures. The souls who are primarily emotional. The mind nature is not functioningPsychology2, 205:They are still, nevertheless, predominantly emotional. They constitute the bulk of modern humanityPsychology2, 205:- good, well-intentioned, capable of intense emotional activity, with the feeling nature almostPsychology2, 227:They will bring, into evidence the instinctual, emotional nature of Deity, if such human words canPsychology2, 232:the habits and life of the organism. Much of the emotional life is thus governed. [233] InstinctPsychology2, 249:creative art is, and must be primarily emotional [250] and, intuitive, and must not be crippled andPsychology2, 264:his endowment and the relative stability of his emotional nature, and his sound and rounded outPsychology2, 265:a good physical equipment, and a sound emotional control and mental development. It is possible toPsychology2, 266:In this case, we have a man whose physical, emotional and mental natures can be fused and canPsychology2, 266:proceeds as follows: Coordination of the emotional or astral nature with the physical body. ThisPsychology2, 268:in its true connotation and not in the usual emotional and enthusiastic significance. ThesePsychology2, 269:takes place upon the battlefield of the emotional nature, and the Touch of Enlightenment isPsychology2, 284:energy of sentiency. The capacity to respond. Emotional feeling, astral energy. The reflection ofPsychology2, 285:lotus." Its reflection is found in the astral, emotional, sentient consciousness of thePsychology2, 286:urges and impulses, plus the sentient and emotional reactions of the emotional or astral body. 3.Psychology2, 286:plus the sentient and emotional reactions of the emotional or astral body. 3. Intelligent humanityPsychology2, 293:either a sixth ray personality or a sixth ray emotional body. In the advanced Man The true thinker,Psychology2, 293:upon the energies which create and form the emotional body, or the physical body. The second andPsychology2, 299:In it, the rays of the mental body and of the emotional body are most difficult to ascertain asPsychology2, 299:as there is so little mental expression or emotional experience. Only the ray of the soul and ofPsychology2, 307:the rays governing the physical and emotional bodies are dominant. The soul ray is scarcely feltPsychology2, 336:This in time transmutes itself into that of an emotional response to the environing conditions,Psychology2, 337:of some kind or another. That of the vital, emotional, desire emphasis and state of longing intoPsychology2, 340:of soul energy, via the mental and the emotional bodies, into the brain, thus producing thePsychology2, 349:in the various aspects of his nature - emotional, mental and egoic - realizes himself first of allPsychology2, 367:the three levels of personality work (mental, emotional and physical). It also lays the ground forPsychology2, 379:of five differing types of energy: Physical and emotional sentient energy (2 energies therefore)Psychology2, 379:eventually form one expressive force. Physical, emotional-sentient and mental energy (3) are alsoPsychology2, 382:his mind is beginning to dominate his sentient emotional nature, much in the same way as hisPsychology2, 382:emotional nature, much in the same way as his emotional sentient nature has, for ages, controlledPsychology2, 383:imagination (creative and dynamic) to the emotional sentient nature, the astral body (thusPsychology2, 401:accumulated so much physical disability, so much emotional stress and had [402] inherited so muchPsychology2, 406:is rapidly coming to recognize), the sensitive, emotional, desire body, and the mind. Through the
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