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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Psychology2, 406:plane; through the sensory vehicle the astral or emotional nature originates the bulk of thosePsychology2, 415:itself in the mind, the love nature in the emotional desire body, and the life principle in andPsychology2, 426:a man suffering from dissociation between the emotional, sentient part of himself and the mentalPsychology2, 426:of the lower nature - physical, vital, astral or emotional. The cleavage between the man and hisPsychology2, 429:imagination into play, thus providing the emotional nature with constructive outlets; this shouldPsychology2, 431:the inner structure of the human being - of his emotional vehicle, his [432] mind body and theirPsychology2, 435:of the animal soul, and of the highly developed emotional nature. The center at the base of thePsychology2, 435:and when soul and body are at-oned. The emotional or sentient body, which is often called thePsychology2, 439:for instance, the gap between the astral or emotional body and the mind has been bridged, and thePsychology2, 439:and will tune out as far as he can all emotional reactions and psychic sensitivity, glamoringPsychology2, 441:the need for bridging the cleavage between the emotional nature and the mind [442] and has thus,Psychology2, 443:to include within his field of awareness the emotional nature, with its desires, demands andPsychology2, 443:achievement of a very varied kind. An emotional nature which, being governed by sixth ray energy,Psychology2, 448:man, particularly that between the mind and the emotional vehicle which means the attainment ofPsychology2, 461:genius; in the other (if paralleled by a rich emotional nature) you will have some creativePsychology2, 461:provided some form of creative imaginative emotional release is provided. This is often thePsychology2, 461:the self, the lower self, the personality. The emotional, feeling, desire nature is utterly underPsychology2, 472:on etheric levels. It is that vital, unthinking, emotional mess (yes, that is the word I seek toPsychology2, 472:of those people who are more intellectual than emotional. They have outgrown glamor as usuallyPsychology2, 475:physical. The Atlantean consciousness - astral, emotional, sensuous. The Caucasian or Aryan -Psychology2, 489:5. The guidance can also be of an astral, emotional nature, and is the result of the contacts madePsychology2, 489:kindly and well-intentioned; they may feed the emotional nature, develop hysteria or aspiration;Psychology2, 500:of dreams which are related to the astral or emotional nature and which are of great frequency. Psychology2, 524:controlled by his lower nature and his emotional reactions, with what mind he has actively employedPsychology2, 539:country millions of people are over-sensitized, emotional frequently to the point of hysteria, fullPsychology2, 545:- fear, desire of a wrong kind and many of the emotional characteristics which are causing peoplePsychology2, 554:thinker, selfishly polarized and with an emotional solar plexus contact with the masses. HePsychology2, 560:2. Psychometry 3. Clairvoyance 4. Imagination 5. Emotional idealism 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st MentalPsychology2, 562:[562] The Fifth Sense - Smell. Physical smell. Emotional idealism. Spiritual discernment. Idealism.Psychology2, 571:in aspirational meditation. The results are very emotional in their nature, and the reactionsPsychology2, 571:and the subsequent service rendered are on emotional levels. A great deal of this is to be seenPsychology2, 573:of the reality of his vision. The freedom from emotional appeal. The true disciple and mystic isPsychology2, 573:the head center. He may, later, use controlled emotional appeal in dealing with the masses but hePsychology2, 573:but he himself seeks to remain free from all emotional control. Psychology2, 576:the people, for in the coming race the Atlantean emotional state of consciousness will be toPsychology2, 581:controlling brain in the animal and the physical-emotional man) must cease finally to control thePsychology2, 596:esotericism; they begin to gain control of the emotional nature and the mind; they learn to purifyPsychology2, 600:which would serve the mystic, bringing him emotional satisfaction and reward. This devitalizationPsychology2, 602:of a deep seated spiritual "wish-life" and an emotional surging outward towards divinity, describedPsychology2, 602:are the frequent case history of the purely emotional mystic. When this astral cycle is over and hePsychology2, 603:registers only his fanatical devotion and his emotional obsession. The ajna center swings intoPsychology2, 604:(with his physical body in one place, his emotional life directed to another and his mindPsychology2, 605:are quiescent and non-questioning except in an emotional sense and for the relief of the mystic'sPsychology2, 612:animal instincts, by his sexual life and by his emotional reactions or else by his creativePsychology2, 614:who is preoccupied with physical plane life and emotional reactions. He is not passing through thePsychology2, 618:bodies of the leader or leaders and often in the emotional bodies. The responsibility of the groupPsychology2, 620:group life and activity so will be the effect - emotional and physical - upon any sensitive groupPsychology2, 620:by a subjective link and not so much by the emotional reaction induced by outer contact. I wouldPsychology2, 622:to much of the digestive difficulties, plus the emotional problems (and are they not closelyPsychology2, 623:- which is crystallized, directed, unwavering, emotional emphasis - and the will force of thePsychology2, 633:any school of thought which is clever enough and emotional enough to appeal to material desires, toPsychology2, 633:by fear, and thus aroused to action by emotional appeal. Knowing no better and suffering so much,Psychology2, 633:whatsoever. They can be reached most easily by emotional appeals and by promises, whereas ideas canPsychology2, 657:the unthinking masses, who are little more than emotional animals. They live, work, suffer andPsychology2, 704:cases, to loss of faith, and a feeling [704] of emotional fatigue and mental futility which triedPsychology2, 719:(and so the Masters regard it) to lay such an emotional strain and mental stress upon the mechanismPsychology2, 721:One of the first effects is the stabilizing of emotional reaction. Influential and potent forcesRays, 5:study of the needed transmutation of astral and emotional energy into love, the energy of love.Rays, 5:that which is material. An understanding of the emotional or astral body and the place it plays inRays, 26:of three forms of application - physical, emotional and mental - and of a fourth application whichRays, 30:the effect of the will upon the astral, or emotional body. It [31] is one of the primary and mostRays, 31:and the reorganizing of the entire psychic and emotional life, as the result of its destructiveRays, 31:shift out of the astral life and from the emotional level of consciousness into the mental, andRays, 36:demonstration of the control of the formidable emotional nature. I would ask you to think muchRays, 37:These three forms of application are physical, emotional and mental in nature. But those words inRays, 37:fit himself for the wider cooperation. The emotional application has definite reference to theRays, 59:drives him into a phase of the struggle which is emotional in nature; he craves emotionalRays, 59:struggle which is emotional in nature; he craves emotional satisfaction and later intellectualRays, 64:glamor in which humanity struggles, and to the emotional world in which mankind is sunk as ifRays, 82:the desert life of physical incarnation, the emotional life of the astral plane, seething andRays, 84:disciplines have been put in the place of emotional loveliness, mental clarity, intuitionalRays, 96:of a vital or etheric body, a sumtotal of emotional states and a mind, plus that integratedRays, 100:They are: seven physical states of matter, seven emotional states, enabling the astral body toRays, 107:life is lived on planes other than the physical, emotional or mental, that they are regarded as noRays, 107:Life Itself. He is not the physical body or its emotional nature; he is not, in the last analysisRays, 139:threshold of consciousness as are the ordinary emotional reactions of the average man. These areRays, 139:be borne in mind that the greater part of the emotional life of the disciple must becomeRays, 179:- an attainment demonstrated by his astral (emotional) and mental natures and activities. TheseRays, 186:direction or unfoldment was such that the [186] emotional, impulsive nature and the field ofRays, 195:causes and of meaning. This inner world can be emotional or mental in its focus and in its forceRays, 202:sentiency, of which our feeling-response and our emotional and intuitional sensitivity are but theRays, 209:is the elimination of sentiment - that curious, emotional reaction and relationship which links allRays, 209:This is what we mean by sentiment, and this emotional reaction must disappear as a preliminaryRays, 278:higher mind through the medium of the soul; his emotional nature becomes the receptacle of buddhiRays, 305:wishes by the removal of all obstacles. Violent emotional reaction. Revenge, hate, acquisitivenessRays, 352:required. The electrical energy of the astral or emotional body next confronts him as he preparesRays, 359:the three lower planes - mental, emotional and physical - constitute the three dense physicalRays, 362:Discipleship. In the latter case, the aspirant's emotional body becomes responsive to the principleRays, 364:towards some form of development (physical, emotional, intuitional, and so forth) is essentiallyRays, 401:with the astral plane: glamor and delusion, emotional fog and poisonous deceiving phenomena. TheseRays, 431:relayed to it, via the senses, from the emotional plane and from the mind. Through its medium theRays, 431:of its mental peculiarities, as well as of the emotional states and the thoughts of the peopleRays, 432:head center, which controls the pineal gland. Emotional energy enters the personality system viaRays, 439:are free from all concern and from any emotional or self-centered reactions to the work which liesRays, 445:the intelligent life of the atom, the sensitive emotional states, and the intelligent mind, haveRays, 448:and there into the field of material living and emotional relationships, we shall have learnt toRays, 448:as a whole already bridged the gap between the emotional-astral nature and the physical man. ItRays, 451:them as a [451] unity, to the astral or emotional vehicle. This thread emanates from, or isRays, 476:in its evolved condition - vital body, emotional vehicle, mind and soul - and this fourth technicalRays, 521:In the past, religion has had an entirely emotional appeal. It concerned the relation of the
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