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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONAL

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Soul, 123:the feeling of a nausea, which often follows an emotional shock, is due to its excited action." -Soul, 132:reason and practiced mind control, plus stern emotional and physical control. Through theSoul, 132:is one-sided. One is too visionary, mystical and emotional; the other too academic, intellectualSoul, 133:at a knowledge of the mechanism, mental, emotional and physical, through which the soul seeksSoul, 133:to and controlled by the desires and the emotional nature, so these emotional states ofSoul, 133:the desires and the emotional nature, so these emotional states of consciousness (extending all theSoul, 136:activity in the place of the emotions. Thus the emotional and physical man are controlled by theSoul, 139:animal and sensory life; the sex life and the emotional life are dominant, and all the forceSoul, 141:us that the pituitary body is the seat of the emotional and mental characteristics. In one lobe theSoul, 141:the other is responsible for the imaginative emotional faculties, and the power to visualize. InTelepathy, 2:tiny streams of energy, held in relation to the emotional and mental bodies and to the soul byTelepathy, 6:untrammelled by the brain or the emotional nature, he will discover the universality of the mentalTelepathy, 9:have been primarily and rightly focused in the emotional-feeling body. This is true even when theyTelepathy, 9:plexus between two people who are ordinary, emotional, governed by desire, and primarily centeredTelepathy, 9:substance or energy. Pure feeling and entirely emotional emanations between people necessitate onlyTelepathy, 10:will be fruitful of results. For instance, an emotional person, using primarily the solar plexusTelepathy, 10:a telepathic contact when one party is under emotional strain and therefore not responsive, or oneTelepathy, 13:plexus and solar plexus, and therefore purely emotional. Between all these three aspects of energyTelepathy, 14:opinion. It is, as you know, predominantly emotional, unintelligent, astral and fluidic in itsTelepathy, 34:Sensitivity to the state of feeling or to the emotional reactions of those around. This is doneTelepathy, 49:of the human consciousness off the levels of emotional and physical life (where the bulk ofTelepathy, 49:as well as from the powerful pull or urge of the emotional and desire reactions of the astral planeTelepathy, 54:and rightly interpret them; can respond to the emotional contacts of the astral plane and succumbTelepathy, 55:incident to the over-activity of men's minds and emotional natures. If you can grasp certain broadTelepathy, 58:We respond similarly and as automatically to emotional stimuli, and rapidly (very rapidly) the raceTelepathy, 69:very largely, simply the sentimental and emotional aspect, which is entirely of an astral nature.Telepathy, 78:by humanity's constant reaction to glamor, to emotional or astral conclusions, and to selfishTelepathy, 98:(if I may use such an inadequate term) the emotional or astral aura, and then the soul quality ofTelepathy, 98:are, in reality, usually expressions of his emotional desires. Telepathy, 98:is nearing the Path of Discipleship. As the emotional reactions lessen, and as the mental apparatusTelepathy, 99:is substituted in place of the hitherto present emotional activity of the aspirant; this emanationTelepathy, 99:into the astral nature, the development of emotional sensitivity is peculiarly and almostTelepathy, 100:the [100] sensitivity of love is substituted for emotional sensitivity and desire. Aspirants are toTelepathy, 100:in his astral nature to the invocative and emotional call of human beings. The two together areTelepathy, 105:of error. It will not then be tinctured with any emotional complex whatsoever, for it is the astralTelepathy, 105:and the freedom of the brain cells from all emotional impression. The difficulty lies here, thatTelepathy, 107:intensity, first of all with the focus upon the emotional nature through conscious discrimination,Telepathy, 110:Will. In both cases, the lower aspect of love (emotional and sensitive astral response) and theTelepathy, 139:life seems woven) and the fact of the astral or emotional nature. Not one among them, or amongTelepathy, 154:may flow all or any of the possible energies - emotional, mental, egoic, manasic, buddhic or atmic,Telepathy, 175:in their community and environment. One highly emotional person, working through an over-developedTelepathy, 176:first of all, to carry the energies of the emotional and of the mental plane in the unconscious
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