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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONS

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Statement:and the will-to-serve from the plane of the emotions to that of the mind (the plane whereon theAstrology, 317:plane life) and also in the sea (the life of the emotions); the Scorpion is rapid in movement,Atom, 12:there is the problem of our particular set of emotions, and of the thoughts, desires, and instinctsAtom, 137:upon the physical plane. Some of us control our emotions consciously, but very few of us canAutobiography, 12:use. Up to that time, I had been a bundle of emotions and feelings; my mind - what there was of itAutobiography, 264:evolution - the physical world, the world of the emotions and the mental world. They are definitelyBethlehem, 99:symbol of that nature. The fluid nature of the emotions, the constant shifting between sentientBethlehem, 99:centered in the feelings and the desires, in the emotions, and - among its most advanced types - inBethlehem, 274:aspect of his nature, through his mind and his emotions, and on the physical plane of life. HeDestiny, 19:forms to which they have hitherto anchored their emotions, their desire, and their mentalDiscipleship1, 6:detachment from the calls of the body and the emotions. The work has to go forward in clamor. TheDiscipleship1, 16:remember that purity of body, control of the emotions and stability of mind are fundamentalDiscipleship1, 50:of the soul, functioning through the mind. The emotions which are normally self-centered andDiscipleship1, 111:attitude of mind which regards the world of the emotions and of sensitive response to subtleDiscipleship1, 127:and the force of the mind into the realm of the emotions and of sensitive feeling response, therebyDiscipleship1, 168:giving you understanding and harmlessness; your emotions thus do not interfere with your judgmentDiscipleship1, 280:on the plane of mind, others on the plane of the emotions. You have a fair measure of the intuitionDiscipleship1, 405:You think with clarity, my brother, when the emotions of others do not overwhelm you and sweep yourDiscipleship1, 442:are engaged, the play of adolescent minds and emotions upon your psychic equipment has given youDiscipleship1, 462:is one of endurance, of the control of the emotions, of the right understanding of the astralDiscipleship1, 587:personality and mind. Let this end. Train your emotions, [588] to respond to your second ray soulDiscipleship1, 601:call you (in his style) a brother of dedicated emotions but poor intuitive mentality and a befoggedDiscipleship2, 65:the Hierarchy puts an undue strain upon the emotions and the mental mechanism of the discipleDiscipleship2, 195:withdrawing your attention from the world of the emotions and of desire or aspiration and placingDiscipleship2, 392:- descends to the astral plane, the plane of the emotions. There it becomes tinctured with theDiscipleship2, 426:focused in or originates upon the plane of the emotions; because of this, we find the words in theDiscipleship2, 447:it has touched you astrally and emotionally. Emotions are, however, ephemeral. PersonalityDiscipleship2, 490:of physical living, inward upon the world of the emotions or of mental perception, or upwardDiscipleship2, 531:eventually affects all aspects of the nature. Emotions settle into "grooves of crystal"; the mindDiscipleship2, 625:again, are not "fossilized feelings," but emotions which can be registered by the image-makingExternalisation, 19:so that their minds can balance their emotions and enable them to interpret correctly that whichExternalisation, 252:plane, evoke response upon the plane of the emotions, and induce mental reactions. It is here thatExternalisation, 353:help if you evoke your own will and control your emotions, disciplining your personality. Thus youExternalisation, 359:of glamor - the world of the astral plane and of emotions - appeared a point of light. The Lord ofExternalisation, 432:but who is still largely governed by his emotions, is exceedingly prone to glamor, and very oftenExternalisation, 442:world? Do I need to ask for the control of emotions in the general interest, and for theExternalisation, 655:kingdoms in nature. 2. The energy of the emotions or that of the astral plane. This energy is todayFire, 269:of mind. 6. The astral light 6. The heat of the emotions. 7. Physical plane electricity 7.Fire, 662:elemental lives which form the body of the emotions, and the positive [663] life of anyFire, 812:When doctors comprehend the effect of the emotions upon the nervous system, they will turn theirFire, 945:vegetable kingdom, and both to the plane of the emotions, the logoic liquid body, so the ills ofFire, 995:to purify his desires, and so to transmute his emotions that the lower physical purity and theFire, 1263:the significance of water as a symbol of the emotions, which are but a lower manifestation ofGlamour, 107:them from many of the subtler ills. Their emotions are not subtle, and their minds are unawakened.Glamour, 108:The first recognition of the plane of the emotions, of the astral plane, was evoked in theGlamour, 147:your meditation you have freed yourselves - emotions and mind - from any latent antagonisms, fromGlamour, 166:- the world of the astral plane and of the emotions - appeared a point of light. The Lord of Light,Glamour, 247:- the Reality. He understands that [247] mind, emotions and physical being are intended eventuallyHealing, 39:the symbol of the soul; water, the symbol of the emotions; telephonic interchange, the symbol ofHealing, 46:The soul. The subtler bodies of the mind and the emotions, which are simply qualified energyHealing, 168:in existence and are truly present, as are those emotions which the average healer calls love. Healing, 186:as purity of life, the discipline of the emotions and the development of the spiritual will areHealing, 239:retained energy. Transmutation of the emotions into aspiration and love and directed [240] controlHealing, 392:bodies; he can see them, he can tune in on their emotions, and also upon their thinking, for theHealing, 517:disciple in the three worlds, using mind, emotions and physical body to carry out behest andHealing, 551:One reason for this is that his mind and his emotions present no real obstacles, and all availableHealing, 560:is right in its recognition that it is the emotions of men (as expressed in that feeble imitationHealing, 561:drastically enforced silence where fundamental emotions are concerned can lead to serious liverHealing, 580:various ills which are definitely based upon the emotions. With this type of difficulty we haveHealing, 590:The soul ray. 3. Ray of the mind. 4. Ray of the emotions. 5. Ray of the physical body. 6. Ray ofHealing, 625:by his psychological state of mind and emotions. The emphasis of the self-centered ordinary man isHealing, 674:is created by him and not by the patient. The emotions of the [675] patient should have no effectHealing, 675:intense concentration needed for his work; these emotions of the patient cannot in themselvesHercules, 71:attention, when the mind is held steady and the emotions temporarily cease to control. In the caseHercules, 108:person. He has a mind and he is using it. His emotions are controlled, or else are so blended withHercules, 111:when he had blocked the opening of the personal emotions (post-pituitary), thrown away even hisHercules, 146:that of motion. Can the impelling energy of the emotions analogously be rechannelled into theHercules, 177:matter, I am not pure. If I have any selfish emotions, I am not pure. Hercules had to purifyIntellect, 42:the human being, who possesses a mind, a set of emotions and a response apparatus through which heIntellect, 60:himself no longer as a man, controlled by his emotions, impelled by energy, and directed by hisIntellect, 60:thinking through the mind, feeling through the emotions, and acting consciously. As thisIntellect, 72:things that now engross his attention, and his emotions, to the more esoteric values and standards.Intellect, 79:redirecting of the energies of the mind, of the emotions and of the physical nature so that theyIntellect, 87:to the world of the earthly life, of the emotions and of thought. It involves also its orientationIntellect, 123:affairs by the agency of the senses, by the emotions and by other minds. This intense activity ofIntellect, 134:outer phenomenal world and from the world of the emotions, and so renders passive the sensoryIntellect, 206:or to be swung into activity by our feelings and emotions, or by the thought currents in the worldIntellect, 207:his efforts. People who are governed by their emotions waste much time and energy, and accomplishIntellect, 212:and endocrinologists - here are to be found the emotions and the more concrete aspects of the mindIntellect, 226:immediately we drop back into the world of the emotions and have all our work to do over again. SoIntellect, 233:Why should spirituality be confounded with emotions? Why should not knowledge be just as divine asMagic, 83:- things pertaining to flesh, connected with the emotions, or having a relation to the mind. TheMagic, 130:while the masses are swayed entirely by the emotions. The time is coming when the intuitional bodyMagic, 142:many waters dies away in the adjustment of the emotions will the clear note of the God of theMagic, 187:physical body, an astral body prone to moods, emotions and psychic delusions, and a mental bodyMagic, 219:and vibrations emanating from the plane of the emotions and of desire. More and more however areMagic, 225:study concerns itself with the effects of racial emotions on climatic conditions. We most trulyMagic, 226:mind. Sensitivity, or awareness of moods, emotions and feelings, desires and aspirations which haveMagic, 296:that they procure if possible The Science of the Emotions by Bhagavan Das. It is an able treatiseMagic, 369:First, happiness, which has its seat in the emotions, and is a personality reaction. Second, joy,Magic, 415:is real and lasting; they look upon the mind, emotions and body nature as simply an equipmentMagic, 429:have trained the mind and learnt to control the emotions. Hence the key to what is now going on.Magic, 439:however the death or cessation of old ideas and emotions, and its influence is therefore largelyMagic, 481:human activity have oriented the mind (not the emotions but the mentality) to some line of constantMagic, 492:and its moods and feelings, its desires and emotions are powerful enough to attract attention,Magic, 604:direct the activities of the mind and of the emotions and of the energies which make physicalMeditation, 2:lower self. When that abstraction involves the emotions, is based in the mentality and contacts theMeditation, 3:to awaken to abstract consciousness both the emotions and the mentality. Meditation, 24:of the emotional body or to the point where the emotions are very largely paramount. It correspondsMeditation, 64:the dominant, and between the sixth plane of the emotions and the major third. From some angles in
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