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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMOTIONS

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Meditation, 84:the Master. The solar plexus is the seat of the emotions and should not be centered upon inMeditation, 85:when a man is swayed purely by reason and his emotions do not control him. This may demonstrate inMeditation, 97:than the mental plane and neglects the body of emotions and the dense physical, two things willMeditation, 111:of the mental. It followed the line of the emotions and had a definite effect on the emotionalMeditation, 111:meditation tended to over-stimulation of the emotions and although men touched great heights, yetMeditation, 132:from him; he is a prey to varied and dismal emotions; he deems himself forsaken of all; heMeditation, 136:the necessity of pure living and controlled pure emotions and elevated thought. You will noticeMeditation, 150:and aspires to leap from the plane of the emotions to that of the intuition. He has the faults ofMeditation, 160:system, of the brain and of the spine. [160] Sex emotions, covering a very large range of feeling,Meditation, 195:that channel of force that works through the emotions, and so stimulates to greater aspiration andMeditation, 223:the life from above. In the stabilizing of the emotions, and in the transference of desire fromMeditation, 245:science. The link between the body of the emotions and physical body is the etheric body. The nextMeditation, 246:can clairvoyantly view the subtle body of the emotions. A number of people who know somewhat theMeditation, 283:and develop it more quickly. The body of the emotions will be scientifically studied and the lawsMeditation, 286:cause. He has to learn the value of the emotions, and in so learning he has to master the effect ofMeditation, 339:the perfection of the control of the body of the emotions. Four small initiations find theirPatanjali, 64:of mind control in place of control by the emotions has to precede any later realization of thePatanjali, 121:of all the feelings, [121] desires and emotions, to the one beloved, seen and known in the heart.Patanjali, 135:things, occupations and reactions which the emotions or intellectual pursuits will offer; theyPatanjali, 162:have form in the astral world, the world of the emotions. The thought forms in their myriadPatanjali, 206:should be carefully considered. Quieted emotions, and the control of the desire nature ever precedePatanjali, 246:from thence into the world of desire or of the emotions, and so into the world of mental ideas andPatanjali, 247:pure fixed attention; his physical body, his emotions, surroundings, and all sounds and sights arePatanjali, 251:and knows himself as separate from the mind, the emotions, desires, feelings and form whichPatanjali, 251:lower man (the sum total of mental states, of emotions and physical atoms) as simply his instrumentPatanjali, 298:2. Astral Plane Antariksa World of the emotions Kamic or desire consciousness. 1. Physical PlanePatanjali, 307:2. It is the organ of the astral nature, of the emotions, moods, desires and feelings and hence isPatanjali, 357:"The spiritual man is enmeshed in the web of the emotions; desire, fear, ambition, passion; andPatanjali, 424:high desire and so busy with the reactions and emotions of the aspiring lower man that rapidly oneProblems, 12:of adolescent thinking, of uncontrolled childish emotions and of a demand - by anti-social nationsPsychology1, 209:The sixth ray man will be the poet of the emotions (such as Tennyson) and the writer of religiousPsychology2, 14:success and prosperity. The power to control the emotions and yet have the full use of the sensoryPsychology2, 124:effect does service have On the mind? On the emotions? On the etheric body? Does this science provePsychology2, 133:What Effect does Service have upon the Mind, the Emotions and the Etheric Body? It must bePsychology2, 183:remembered that purity of body, control of the emotions, and stability of mind are fundamentalPsychology2, 503:on the physical brain, of his doings and emotions, his purposes and intentions, and his recognizedPsychology2, 653:to shift their attention from the world of the emotions in which they have hitherto lived, and willRays, 488:sensitive vehicle. This does not relate to the emotions. Imagination is, as you know, the lowestRays, 537:humanity is today polarized on the plane of the emotions and of astral activity but is shiftingRays, 581:that "men are as fishes, immersed in the sea of emotions." Aquarius is also known by the symbol ofRays, 582:reflect the beautiful and the true, and when his emotions have been purified by intenseRays, 604:from heaven"), by the evocation of the fiery emotions so prevalent in the councils of men at thisRays, 640:will decide upon right action eventually. Emotions are, however, running high and the spiritualRays, 664:light of the mind served to reveal the world of emotions, and in the later half of that period itRays, 666:lives are conditioned entirely by either the emotions or the lower concrete mind. At this stage ofRays, 673:body. Today the mass of men are swept by the emotions and by a sensitive response to circumstance;Rays, 677:desires, ancient astral reactions and habitual emotions are still powerful, but he has developed aRays, 679:an ultimate opinion that it is the realm of the emotions and the susceptibility to emotionalRays, 679:is one who also and emphatically plays on human emotions as well as upon human selfishness. As theRays, 684:Nevertheless, the good work goes on. The emotions are brought under control, and necessarily theReappearance, 132:- the world of the astral plane and of the emotions - appeared, centuries ago, a point of light;Soul, 19:It investigates the body and accounts for the emotions and the mentality, and even for what itSoul, 24:that all human conduct, be it thinking, feeling, emotions, muscle activity or nerve activity, isSoul, 31:secretions are responsible for man's actions, emotions and mentality - in short, for the manSoul, 36:Glands, p. 10. And Dr. Leary says, "The emotions are more nearly concerned with interceptors andSoul, 45:It might be said to energize deeply the tender emotions... For all the basic sentiments (as opposedSoul, 45:apparent that the personality qualities - emotions, whether we mean maternal instincts shared withSoul, 51:Those elusive and intangible processes, called emotions and mental concepts, are accounted for inSoul, 123:peculiarly intractable form of nervous disease. Emotions set up in it violent disturbances, and theSoul, 136:the mind into activity in the place of the emotions. Thus the emotional and physical man areSoul, 156:temperamental [156] man with his impressions and emotions and expansive desires - as a power ofTelepathy, 20:little or no thought is involved; it concerns emotions (fear, hate, disgust, love, desire and manyTelepathy, 156:The astral world, determining the desires, emotions and aspirations which the man will express and
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