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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIS

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Education, 24:aspects of the mind; nor must they lay their emphasis upon the effort to impress upon that brainEducation, 27:means of which the race is withdrawn from outer emphasis and begins to recognize and register thoseEducation, 35:of particulars. There will consequently be less emphasis in future schools upon the training of theEducation, 37:intelligent human being. Psychology, with its emphasis upon the three aspects of man - thought,Education, 38:of the Race Civilization and Culture Much emphasis is being laid today upon education -Education, 39:in order to emphasize the danger of such undue emphasis upon the past, for if this were done on aEducation, 41:material civilization what it is today. With the emphasis shifting away from feeling-perception toEducation, 42:- man is laying a superstructure in which the emphasis is increasingly upon the tangible, theEducation, 43:days was the educator of the time, but the emphasis was laid upon the inner and subjective life,Education, 47:moments produced the Magna Charta; they gave emphasis, through the French Revolution, to theEducation, 48:and arithmetic, elementary history (with the emphasis upon world history), geography and poetryEducation, 49:Ages 21-28 It is only our economic material emphasis and pressure which force the young to workEducation, 59:Educators in the new age will lay an increasing emphasis upon the esoteric approach, and it mightEducation, 60:or to teach esoteric students, is to lay the emphasis upon the world of energies and to recognizeEducation, 71:astrology, with its prevision factor, its emphasis upon the non-essential points and upon theEducation, 77:guilt, of sinfulness and of wrongdoing. So much emphasis is laid upon petty little things that areEducation, 80:that we must do two things: We must place the emphasis educationally upon those who are underEducation, 87:are by no means new but that they require new emphasis. I have endeavored to show that now is theEducation, 89:of this can be seen on every hand but as yet the emphasis is not laid on it when training teachersEducation, 97:the educational process and upon them will the emphasis increasingly be placed. We have now laidEducation, 98:(because of its newness, or its idealism and its emphasis upon a seeming abstract groupEducation, 99:can be seen. It is of more value if I lay the emphasis upon the emerging ideas which will governEducation, 101:asset. In producing citizens, however, the emphasis up till this time has been twofold. The aim ofEducation, 101:was cast. In all this intuitional process the emphasis was laid upon himself as an individual, andEducation, 102:business in its many departments, plus the emphasis always laid upon the necessity of making money.Education, 105:this which has produced in some nations the over-emphasis on the national or racial good and on theEducation, 115:gift of playing with words and can voice with emphasis people's grievances, the juggler inEducation, 118:affect their civilization materially if their emphasis is there; they produce a cultural effectEducation, 120:value of pain. These virtues are real, but the emphasis has been overdone by the lesser teachers ofEducation, 133:prevalent at this time and is thus producing the emphasis laid - in certain countries and amongEducation, 133:anticipated. Let me list them as follows: 1. The emphasis in the future will shift from the urge toEducation, 148:to bear in mind, and where we must now lay the emphasis, is that this thread of consciousness isExternalisationthe passing out of the Piscean Age, with its emphasis upon authority and belief, and the coming inExternalisationand the coming in of the Aquarian Age, with its emphasis upon individual understanding and directExternalisation, 13:is too vast for a brief article. I do say, with emphasis, that a more careful and wise training isExternalisation, 13:and the vast Spiritualistic Movement to lay the emphasis on divine expression and not so much onExternalisation, 17:and the experience of the older students. The emphasis in all esoteric schools is necessarily, andExternalisation, 17:schools upon the need of purity and truth. Over-emphasis has been laid upon the need for physicalExternalisation, 17:the need for physical purity, and not sufficient emphasis laid upon the avoidance of all fanaticismExternalisation, 19:of the hours of sleep or undue interest in and emphasis upon psychic experience will upset theExternalisation, 20:the difficult path of development. Where the emphasis is laid upon service to one's fellowmen andExternalisation, 31:for the initial or first group to lay the emphasis upon telepathic rapport, because upon thatExternalisation, 35:That is the reason why, in these groups, emphasis is laid upon service because that embodiesExternalisation, 58:in the three subhuman kingdoms, with particular emphasis upon the animal and the vegetableExternalisation, 75:Evil or wrong, therefore, exists only when the emphasis is retained in the wrong aspect from theExternalisation, 84:though these are incidentally present. The emphasis is upon the economic situation; upon theExternalisation, 88:in. It depicts this present world cycle. The emphasis of the rays changes in connection with theExternalisation, 104:subtler aspects of these desired virtues. The emphasis upon the work which serving groups must seekExternalisation, 110:needed - free from emotional bias and partisan emphasis. What is happening today is not the resultExternalisation, 117:I would remind you, however, that the continuous emphasis laid upon the malevolent aspects of karmaExternalisation, 123:two angles which have been but little studied. Emphasis has, however, been rightly placed uponExternalisation, 132:ideals. The U.S.S.R. will eventually place its emphasis and direct its major interest upon Asia,Externalisation, 132:of Humanity with its almost extravagant emphasis upon human values and the will-to-rule creativelyExternalisation, 140:of Christ was lost in clerical organization; emphasis has been laid upon technical theology; theExternalisation, 141:the problem of those who are bewildered by the emphasis and the dynamic activities of those throughExternalisation, 149:to shift their focus of interest and their emphasis on to the higher and more spiritual values. TheExternalisation, 152:in collaboration with the Hierarchy. Hence the emphasis I have laid upon all of you using thisExternalisation, 154:all three will then be established, and the emphasis upon giving will be far more pronounced. Externalisation, 163:Understanding. The illumined mind Planes of emphasis - The second or monadic plane. The buddhic orExternalisation, 163:as love and peace. Sentient response. Planes of emphasis - The logoic or first plane. The buddhic,Externalisation, 164:the Plan. Creativity. The will-to-good Planes of emphasis - The atmic or plane of spiritual will.Externalisation, 193:divinity and of relationship to God, yet with no emphasis upon racial theologies and separativeExternalisation, 193:of life inculcated. Today, these are lost in the emphasis laid upon material possession, uponExternalisation, 201:among men; it is immaterial to Him whether the emphasis laid upon the detail and the veracity ofExternalisation, 203:point by German activity and conquest and by the emphasis laid by the Axis powers upon the relationExternalisation, 205:constructive peace aims and goodwill who lay the emphasis upon the prior need of establishing rightExternalisation, 209:are consulted in a non-partisan spirit. The emphasis upon past historical boundaries as aExternalisation, 214:into human affairs selfish acquisitiveness, emphasis upon material interests, brutal aggression andExternalisation, 218:issues with which humanity is faced. Hence the emphasis which I am laying upon the need to face theExternalisation, 221:forms. It is against this transference of emphasis that the Forces of Materialism are todayExternalisation, 227:disciples - I would state that the focus and the emphasis is not yet adequate to guarantee thisExternalisation, 228:crisis and on which side you will place the emphasis of any influence you may wield; I would haveExternalisation, 237:contrast, growing out of the above. This is the emphasis upon a new world order within a rapidlyExternalisation, 239:but truthful propaganda which lays no [239] emphasis upon that which could stir up hate, and theExternalisation, 245:regime - with its crushing of all humanity, its emphasis upon pride of race and its cult ofExternalisation, 248:every physical effort, time, and personality emphasis will be directed to the shouldering of yourExternalisation, 297:truly were; only history, at a later date, laid emphasis upon their achievement. But they changedExternalisation, 300:commandment to love, there had been very little emphasis upon God as Love in any of the worldExternalisation, 301:lower than the mental plane, and the main emphasis and attention of Their work is directed to theExternalisation, 347:of responsiveness. There is an increasing emphasis being given in the West by esotericists to theExternalisation, 347:He makes His annual contact with humanity. This emphasis, which will continue to increase for yearsExternalisation, 366:cataclysm. Among the most important upon which emphasis was laid was the growth of world goodwill,Externalisation, 368:to loyalties. The democratic position, with its emphasis upon the Four Freedoms and the AtlanticExternalisation, 368:aggression. The totalitarian position, with its emphasis upon world dictatorship, the slavery ofExternalisation, 373:good of all. It is only the motive for the emphasis of any specific racial and national cultureExternalisation, 375:for national recognition is widespread; the emphasis upon humanity as the important unit is littleExternalisation, 402:and the waning moon and you will find the future emphasis laid throughout the world upon the EasterExternalisation, 410:of the Christ. Today, we have a rapidly growing emphasis on God Immanent in every human being. SuchExternalisation, 451:which they spring, because they have laid the emphasis upon their relatively brief history and haveExternalisation, 470:understanding; consequently, for centuries, the emphasis has been laid upon death, and only onExternalisation, 479:do well to remember. There is now a shift of His emphasis and attention into two new fields ofExternalisation, 481:of Power in their proper manner, connotation and emphasis; only an inadequate paraphrase of certainExternalisation, 489:intensity and ardent purpose. The points of emphasis upon which I would ask you to dwell (once itExternalisation, 526:particularly. As the Hierarchy so works, Its emphasis is solely on the consciousness aspect of allExternalisation, 529:the Externalization At this particular time, the emphasis of the needed alignments and adjustmentsExternalisation, 544:out-of-date theologies, their narrow-minded emphasis and their ridiculous belief that they knowExternalisation, 544:with its obsolete teaching, its separative emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure toExternalisation, 545:scheming, its exploitation of the masses and its emphasis upon ignorance is as important; that theExternalisation, 555:- free from sentiment, emotion and personal emphasis - a love that sacrifices and understands, thatExternalisation, 563:in the plans of the Hierarchy and a renewed emphasis upon the purpose, as registered in Shamballa.
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