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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIS

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Healing, 266:and non-assimilability, and in their emphasis upon material good, yet the agents who have broughtHealing, 268:of the East and the New Testament. Its emphasis is material and its effect is to impress a purelyHealing, 274:medicine, though there is a modern drift towards emphasis upon vitality, upon the vital qualitiesHealing, 278:successful. This is oft forgotten in the emphasis laid by the adherents of new and untried schoolsHealing, 282:mind as a permanently existent factor; its over-emphasis upon the mind, its idealistic presentationHealing, 296:frame. My purpose is, however, sound. The over-emphasis which people put upon disease isHealing, 305:second, and that in the first solar system the emphasis was laid upon intelligent materiality; theHealing, 321:to the focus of the attention or where the emphasis of the life is laid. Ponder on this for I haveHealing, 321:body where the focus of the attention and the emphasis of the life force may be found). It can alsoHealing, 322:stream in good condition. [322] This focus and emphasis is the same in connection wit animals, forHealing, 322:just as long as he places the same exaggerated emphasis upon form life. When a better sense ofHealing, 326:control are: Sunshine. Careful diet, with the emphasis upon the proteins and vitamins. TheHealing, 342:and those misinterpretations of life, of over-emphasis upon aspects of life which we call phobias,Healing, 350:extinguish. Note that word. Through our over-emphasis on the value of form [351] life, and throughHealing, 351:premium on suicide. But I do say, and I say with emphasis, that the Law of Karma is oft set asideHealing, 360:but - and it is here that I seek to lay the emphasis - it must be the image arrived at by oneselfHealing, 373:today, some healer or school lays the entire emphasis upon some patent cure-all and despises allHealing, 374:which is good and useful in the shift of the emphasis from the outer external man to the moreHealing, 390:groups working out from an Ashram lay not the emphasis upon bodily healing, but upon [391] timingHealing, 392:to face it with understanding are due to the emphasis which people lay upon the fact of theHealing, 394:ill-founded fear, lie in the shifting of our emphasis to the fact of the eternal soul and to theHealing, 400:in their own terms. This lays an undue emphasis upon belief and thus stultifies all enthusiasticHealing, 404:of a pronounced time factor, and the constant emphasis laid upon timing, are characteristic of allHealing, 436:see, therefore, why the occult sciences lay the emphasis upon cyclic law, and why there is aHealing, 438:never in reality returned to tell the truth. The emphasis of all thought on this subject concernsHealing, 438:of Deity. You will note that in this Rule, the emphasis shifts from the "I" to the constituentHealing, 449:the form, bring quality to light, and lay the emphasis upon life." Here the three great aspects -Healing, 450:the consciousness aspect in order to lay the emphasis later upon the life aspect... - Vol. V. Healing, 481:will be given - from youth up - and by right emphasis upon the inner spiritual man, thoseHealing, 488:The same basic rules control them all, but the emphasis differs in each case. I would have you bearHealing, 492:own. This is a point which should receive more emphasis. Once this is truly grasped and understood,Healing, 508:Integration The Significance of Integration The emphasis laid by most teachers and aspirants isHealing, 515:in any of the literature hitherto published. The emphasis up till now has been upon the initiationsHealing, 545:about. You can see again, therefore, why the emphasis in the life of the healer must be laid uponHealing, 569:attention to the fact that in this sentence the emphasis is laid upon the fact that it is the soulHealing, 569:In the analysis of the previous sentence, the emphasis was laid upon the personality, because itsHealing, 585:fact of life. This is oft overlooked, and the emphasis is put upon the concept that life evokes andHealing, 591:little anent the planetary ray; I have laid the emphasis upon another analysis of the conditioningHealing, 611:is not a principle. H.P.B. states this fact with emphasis; people are apt to think (unless they areHealing, 613:consciousness upon the physical plane, but the emphasis of attention is the etheric body as anHealing, 614:Therefore undue consideration and excessive emphasis upon the physical body is reactionary and isHealing, 616:where the life within the form lays its basic emphasis. For the average human being, this isHealing, 621:This is due to the [621] fact that you lay the emphasis upon your mental reaction to the producedHealing, 625:psychological state of mind and emotions. The emphasis of the self-centered ordinary man is largelyHealing, 653:An entirely new concept of death, with the emphasis upon conscious withdrawal, will be taught, andHealing, 653:services, will be joyous events because their emphasis will be upon release and return. TheHealing, 662:for untold ages, and has erred grievously in its emphasis upon that which benefits the form. ThisHealing, 662:position as it wars on capitalism and lays an emphasis upon education. However, its ruthlessnessHealing, 665:and corrected, and when the interest and emphasis of humanity is turned away from materialHercules, 119:Christ. I would remind you that Christ laid the emphasis again and again on the new birth ratherHercules, 142:of Mars, has its special place, the over-emphasis of this one facet is not sufficiently inclusive.Hercules, 149:prizing the part above the whole. Greater emphasis is placed upon the indications of diversity thanHercules, 172:the crocodile and the unicorn. One myth puts the emphasis on the descent into hell to free humanityHercules, 173:the idea that you are an initiate. We should lay emphasis on a sense of proportion and the statusHercules, 218:in all books of reference upon the subject the emphasis is laid upon the fact that it is allHercules, 219:sign Pisces, the Fishes. We have, therefore, the emphasis laid in the Gospel story upon the fishInitiation, 13:is the fact that at various periods the emphasis is laid on different grades of expansion, andInitiation, 73:and due attention to karmic debts. Special emphasis should be laid, for all disciples, on the valueInitiation, 84:Learning into the Hall of Wisdom. At this time, emphasis is consistently laid on his astralInitiation, 94:its peculiar interest lies in the fact that the emphasis for the fourth Creative Hierarchy in everyInitiation, 166:once been seen. It will be apparent here why the emphasis has been laid by all wise teachers ofIntellect, 5:to penetrate. The science of the West, with its emphasis upon the nature of the form, has also ledIntellect, 12:We are completing the stage wherein the emphasis has been laid upon the mechanism, upon theIntellect, 32:starting-point of man. Wherever he shifts the emphasis within himself, there it actually rests; theIntellect, 42:to cope with his environment, and where the emphasis is laid entirely upon the subjective side ofIntellect, 42:Two - The Purpose of Education In the West the emphasis is entirely reversed. The subjective isIntellect, 59:a time to the realm of the subconscious. But the emphasis is eventually and inevitably laid uponIntellect, 95:polarized man, and this is a point which needs emphasis and which frequently meets with oppositionMagic, 10:taking of form. In this book, however, the emphasis will be laid upon the little life; upon manMagic, 82:out of the preceding one. It consists of the emphasis that has been laid in the West upon theMagic, 162:One Who Thus Creates It might be said here with emphasis, even if it is a recognized truism, thatMagic, 163:why, in all systems of true occult training, the emphasis is laid on right thinking, loving desire,Magic, 167:higher faculty is the intuition. May I add with emphasis that only as the man becomes intuitiveMagic, 191:This has to be done also without laying the emphasis upon the form aspect as is the case in manyMagic, 194:early stages of the Path of Discipleship. The emphasis, for training purposes, is laid upon onlyMagic, 229:soul with the soul in all forms, and laying no emphasis upon the ambitions of the personal self.Magic, 252:and correct building is learnt and hence the emphasis laid in all true schools of esoteric trainingMagic, 261:through meditation and the overlooking and non-emphasis of personality reactions. These are basicMagic, 266:line with our realized subjective purpose. The emphasis should be laid upon the word realized inMagic, 269:kind) which express spiritual ideals and lay the emphasis upon the life-aspect come under theMagic, 337:field of psychology. The mechanistic, laying the emphasis upon structure, ascribing the reactionsMagic, 338:that one of the most dominant is the increasing emphasis laid upon group consciousness, orMagic, 341:hold sway in the vehicles of man. This needs emphasis. Fourthly, do not permit yourselves to beMagic, 362:many evade such technicalities, hiding behind an emphasis upon the life side of truth, all due toMagic, 395:from their eternal context) lead to the over-emphasis of certain divine expressions, and theMagic, 396:knowledge, love and sacrifice. This is why the emphasis in all schools of true esotericism is laidMagic, 409:for the modern humanistic movement with its emphasis upon the past which is completed in theMagic, 416:is wielded silently and quietly and they lay no emphasis upon their personalities, upon their ownMagic, 418:decision. Watch them at their work. Note the emphasis laid by them upon personalities. If personalMagic, 419:no enforced dogmas of any kind, and will lay no emphasis upon any doctrine or authorities. They areMagic, 420:ancient disciplines, and teach them not to lay emphasis upon diet, celibacy, times and seasons, andMagic, 420:and best. The issues have been confused and the emphasis has been too often laid upon the physicalMagic, 424:communication of the new ideals and the constant emphasis laid upon the essential oneness of allMagic, 427:physical plane arrangements, nor in laying the emphasis upon their own personal growth. They willMagic, 428:on the physical plane, and the laying of a true emphasis upon the fundamentals of the AgelessMagic, 429:through devotion. Raja Yoga is now receiving emphasis, which is union through the mind. It soundsMagic, 430:a member of such a group? I tell you with emphasis that four things only keep a man fromMagic, 503:one of producing soul and body at-one-ment. No emphasis, however, is laid upon them, owing to theMagic, 542:those of us who teach and guide to note how much emphasis is laid upon psychic and astralMagic, 546:particular type of energy they embody. Enough emphasis has not been laid upon the fact that the
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