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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIS

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Magic, 556:goals of the meditation process. Hitherto the emphasis has been laid on the achieving of [557] aMagic, 596:its corresponding center, the solar plexus. The emphasis laid upon the dominance of the ChristMagic, 602:has been spread abroad and so much emphasis has been unwisely laid upon status and position in theMagic, 607:of consciousness be established. That is why the emphasis is laid in training the members of thisMagic, 637:of the head of the group. Because of the emphasis upon his own ideas and his own methods ofMeditation, 9:- What makes Meditation of importance? The emphasis upon the importance of meditation followsMeditation, 46:this. It needs much wise consideration, hence my emphasis of the fact. When more is known alongMeditation, 112:Their control is much more widespread. Hence the emphasis laid on service, and on the steadying ofMeditation, 113:heart center shows itself in service. Hence the emphasis laid in the occident on the heartMeditation, 130:that is what the occult does. Therefore is the emphasis laid by all wise Teachers everywhere on theMeditation, 130:precede the Path of Illumination. They lay the emphasis on the building in of spiritual facultyMeditation, 131:termed. I only want at this point to lay emphasis upon the fact that no danger need be feared byMeditation, 214:By remembering these three points undue emphasis will not be laid upon apparent information, andMeditation, 258:path of light and knowledge trodden. Why this emphasis upon love? Because the goal for all is love,Meditation, 269:affiliated. Think upon this: too much emphasis is laid at times upon that which the pupil will getMeditation, 272:Him free for more extended work. Hence the emphasis laid on service, for it is only as a man servesMeditation, 277:his three lower bodies into alignment and - with emphasis I reiterate - only as alignment isMeditation, 279:rapid progress. Now you will see why... so much emphasis is laid upon color. It is not only becauseMeditation, 279:secret must be known by the occultist) but the emphasis is laid thus in order that he mayMeditation, 285:the life within the form. Therefore through the emphasis laid in Raja Yoga on the physical body andMeditation, 286:and placing them in position diverse. Too much emphasis has been laid on that called loveMeditation, 300:somewhat colored by them and their subjective emphasis, when they are producing scholars andMeditation, 302:School It is therefore very essential that the emphasis is laid on the fact that no matter what theMeditation, 303:and the basic law of cause and effect. By the emphasis laid on character building and spiritualMeditation, 313:the causal. Therefore, in the preparatory school emphasis will be laid on the meditation thatMeditation, 331:become conscious powers. Above all, will the emphasis be laid upon the fact that the white magicianMeditation, 338:to the stilling of the emotional body. So much emphasis is laid in meditation on the stilling ofPatanjali, 64:New Thought and other groups which lay the emphasis upon the mental states will be more justly [65]Patanjali, 73:in the early stages of yoga and hence their emphasis in Book I. But a theoretical understanding ofPatanjali, 77:the chitta." He does not however lay any special emphasis upon it. As has been earlier pointed out,Patanjali, 203:understood by psychic development, lays no emphasis on the lower psychic powers and seeks to trainPatanjali, 308:chain him upon the wheel of rebirth. Hence the emphasis laid by the yogi upon that basicPatanjali, 314:the Masters work and walk. This point needs emphasis for there is too strong an inclination amongPatanjali, 351:then the quality of the senses, laying the emphasis not so much upon the particular sense concernedProblems, 12:which they must make to the good of the whole. Emphasis upon worldly possessions or extensiveProblems, 17:accent upon the material values and the intense emphasis upon the importance of France to theProblems, 23:are as yet apparently unaware. Their continued emphasis upon territorial possessions blinds theirProblems, 24:in the eyes of all nations, the fact that the emphasis is so purely material indicates its relativeProblems, 24:human distress, and human destitution, the emphasis upon boundaries is stupidly over-emphatic.Problems, 29:- must proceed side by side with the emphasis upon the work of practical Christianity, and not byProblems, 45:moments produced the Magna Carta; they gave emphasis, through the French Revolution, to theProblems, 48:and unnecessary sense of wrongdoing; they lay emphasis upon petty little things which should beProblems, 51:We need also to do two things: We must place the emphasis educationally upon those who are underProblems, 52:or nationality. Educators will, therefore, lay emphasis in the future upon: A developing mentalProblems, 55:and arithmetic, elementary history (with the emphasis upon world history), geography and poetryProblems, 60:are by no means new but that they require new emphasis. Now is the day of opportunity. A betterProblems, 63:of this can be seen on every hand but as yet the emphasis is not laid in training teachers orProblems, 87:of poverty and riches; it sets an important emphasis upon material acquisitiveness, uponProblems, 98:intermarriage during the past centuries and the emphasis laid by the orthodox Jew in the past uponProblems, 98:racial purity. The young and modern Jew lays no emphasis upon this and has usually no objection toProblems, 107:aspects of the Christian presentation (with the emphasis upon love and goodness and the lifeProblems, 131:This was a wise, needed and right action. The emphasis of this church was entirely material but itProblems, 139:thoughts about them, and by those who lay the emphasis upon forms, upon rites and ceremonies, uponProblems, 142:of Christ. Today we have a rapidly growing emphasis upon God immanent in every human being and inProblems, 144:group of disciples and world workers. The church emphasis has been (and is today) upon the deadProblems, 144:in every man. In the coming world religion, the emphasis will be on these truths. Life and notProblems, 156:so with selfish motive and with an unwholesome emphasis upon the powers of the indwelling divinityProblems, 156:throughout the world because of their particular emphasis upon the fact of the spiritual Hierarchy,Problems, 157:movement, not from the angle of its emphasis upon phenomena (much of it is spurious or imaginative,Problems, 160:and united approach to God; however, the emphasis has again been on God transcendent and not on GodProblems, 168:of years; of economic systems which lay the emphasis upon the accumulation of riches and materialPsychology1, 5:seek to make to the subject, have to do with the emphasis we shall lay upon the nature of thePsychology1, 16:and a right apprehension of truth to drop the emphasis so often laid upon certain aspects andPsychology1, 35:upon form and consider its nature, we shall lay emphasis upon self-consciousness as it expressesPsychology1, 39:discover the nature of the soul and to shift the emphasis from the appearance to the quality of thePsychology1, 40:was not mental nor was it intended so to be. The emphasis was laid upon the quality of thePsychology1, 52:ideas which have led man on, and for much of the emphasis on the appearance which has veiled andPsychology1, 69:of our modern civilization, with its material emphasis, its search as to the nature of time andPsychology1, 90:of the soul in the human body. That has been the emphasis and the important factor to thePsychology1, 114:and the group is trained as a whole, with no emphasis upon the individual but only on the groupPsychology1, 126:work havoc. In ritual lies protection. Hence the emphasis laid upon church forms and on the MasonicPsychology1, 126:church forms and on the Masonic rituals, - an emphasis which will increase and not grow less as thePsychology1, 150:the third initiation. I repeat this with emphasis, and in order to impress upon you the futility ofPsychology1, 180:gift of playing with words and can voice with emphasis people's grievances, the juggler inPsychology1, 196:unrevealed inner beauty which lies back of the emphasis laid by the churches upon the cultivationPsychology1, 279:material reactions, and if man then lays the emphasis of his interest upon that which is material,Psychology1, 280:over-stimulated, and hence also the present over-emphasis upon sex. But hence also (and this mustPsychology1, 285:on the other with the soul. Also, the shift of emphasis is today away from the physical life to thePsychology1, 294:completely superseded our modern methods. The emphasis in the future will be laid upon thePsychology1, 316:a particular force or type of energy, with the emphasis upon the quality which that force exhibitsPsychology1, 326:apparatus of the body. On these changes I lay no emphasis in this treatise, for they arePsychology1, 326:forging ahead in the right direction. I lay the emphasis upon consciousness as the predisposingPsychology1, 327:in substance itself. This point needs emphasis when instructing groups. It is an interestingPsychology1, 331:values which enables him eventually to lay the emphasis upon the ideal and the spiritual, and notPsychology1, 355:we see today in our Aryan race a tremendous emphasis being given to physical perfection, to sport,Psychology1, 368:the attention of a lodge of Masons, and the main emphasis, has been potently placed on the functionPsychology1, 374:on the physical plane. We are today laying the emphasis upon the vital aspect of man; the nature ofPsychology1, 374:tinned goods of our modern civilization lay the emphasis upon the quota of vitamins. This,Psychology1, 383:the three divine aspects in manifestation. The emphasis is upon the third aspect, producingPsychology1, 389:feminine aspect, such as the laying of too much emphasis upon the material aspect of life, uponPsychology1, 389:of grandeur, interested in law and in laying the emphasis upon race and empire. But they are morePsychology1, 395:of the initiates." It was a time wherein the emphasis of the teaching was upon the material side ofPsychology2, 8:this truth that Christian Science has laid the emphasis. These forces constitute the lower man. ThePsychology2, 9:practical and hence we find today such dominant emphasis laid upon the understanding of the PlanPsychology2, 10:and prepares for the day of full personality emphasis. The soul comes forth into dense form and onPsychology2, 23:unfoldment of the human consciousness. The whole emphasis of the entire evolutionary process is, inPsychology2, 25:inner realization of desire itself, and less emphasis upon the physical satisfactions. ThePsychology2, 31:terms of release, of negation, and through the emphasis of that which it is not. It is a state ofPsychology2, 42:the power to isolate, The implications of wrong emphasis, Distorted views of truth, Mental devotionPsychology2, 87:until eventually (but not for quite a while) the emphasis of world thought will be definitely and
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