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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIS

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Psychology2, 88:doctrine of love and sacrifice. Hence the emphasis [89] laid, in the Piscean Age and through thePsychology2, 91:in our fourth globe, (the Earth globe) so much emphasis is laid upon this Law of Sacrifice, "thePsychology2, 100:Science, Unity, Divine Science, and the emphasis laid by Christianity and the esoteric schools uponPsychology2, 116:an occult platitude and well known, but the re-emphasis of the well known truth will sometimesPsychology2, 119:of the Aquarian Age, and hence His constant emphasis upon the fact that He was the "water of life",Psychology2, 126:by personality ends. They must learn to lay the emphasis upon soul contact and upon an activePsychology2, 126:being biassed by personality ends) to lay the emphasis upon soul contact and not upon the form sidePsychology2, 127:can then be called a "life of service." Too much emphasis has been laid upon the process wherebyPsychology2, 129:spiritual lines, that there must be increasing emphasis upon the need for Harmlessness.Psychology2, 140:impact of ideas upon the minds of men, and the emphasis of the governing principles which must bePsychology2, 187:felt than on the physical levels, and hence the emphasis laid upon emotional-desire [188] controlPsychology2, 188:there to die for lack of attention. The emphasis is held steadily on mental and egoic relations. Psychology2, 204:trained to use it, the preponderance of the life emphasis is entirely upon physical activity as itPsychology2, 238:and intent to forms and rituals and to say, with emphasis: "We know." Yet they have never touchedPsychology2, 247:truth; for thereby and through this effort, the emphasis is constantly shifted from the outer worldPsychology2, 247:himself but will eventually bring about the emphasis, recognized in the brain consciousness of thePsychology2, 251:of God comes into being through the right use of emphasis, and when we emphasize one aspect orPsychology2, 255:is that in speaking of the pairs of opposites, emphasis has for ages been laid upon the astralPsychology2, 297:also be a clearly pronounced tendency to lay the emphasis upon material inclusiveness and tangiblePsychology2, 299:wherein the orientation has been altered, the emphasis of the life forces changed, and the manPsychology2, 300:at his disposal and, at the same time, lays the emphasis upon those sciences which deal with thePsychology2, 301:modern exoteric science of psychology, with its emphasis upon equipment, upon the glands and theirPsychology2, 309:to deal. This is a point oft forgotten. Emphasis is usually laid upon the pairs of opposites to bePsychology2, 309:to note that it is during this stage that the emphasis is laid upon physical disciplines, upon suchPsychology2, 311:of maya. Hence today we find an increasing emphasis upon the physical cultures, disciplines, andPsychology2, 313:student will come to the conclusion that the emphasis has been laid upon the process whereby thePsychology2, 314:and upon them and upon the experience is the emphasis laid. But as time progresses, the man becomesPsychology2, 316:upon where we each, as individuals, lay the emphasis, and where we are awake and alive, and of whatPsychology2, 317:which we call the soul. Take, for instance, the emphasis which is laid by certain psychologistsPsychology2, 327:of expression upon the downward arc, where the emphasis is upon the building, growth andPsychology2, 327:the occult books (as I earlier pointed out) the emphasis has been upon the development of the formPsychology2, 328:this distinction, for it marks the points of emphasis and the focus of the identification. Psychology2, 336:from: That of the purely animal, with its emphasis upon the natural physical appetites, into thatPsychology2, 337:or another. That of the vital, emotional, desire emphasis and state of longing into that of aPsychology2, 337:states of consciousness, alternating in their emphasis, or predominantly active in some one orPsychology2, 337:personality, selfishly occupied with self-emphasis, self-interest, self-expression, and soPsychology2, 337:One will be equipped with vehicles in which the emphasis is upon the sensory life. In some casesPsychology2, 337:be found a consciousness which is shifting its emphasis out of one vehicle into another, and soPsychology2, 339:diaphragm become fully active, with the major emphasis in the solar plexus center. This centerPsychology2, 339:fuller sense of spiritual energy. The shift of emphasis is then into those states of awarenessPsychology2, 340:active center of moving forces with a shift of emphasis constantly going on, and with thePsychology2, 369:statement means, for instance, that if all the emphasis of the soul energy available is poured intoPsychology2, 375:God's Plan. It is free from hatred, from intense emphasis upon an aspect or a part, and is notPsychology2, 375:is in my hands. How shall I work? Where lay the emphasis? In the far distance stands the One WhoPsychology2, 394:employed, the beginner has necessarily laid the emphasis upon the word "detail". It might rather bePsychology2, 402:and usefulness lies in the fact that it lays the emphasis upon the relation of the unit to thePsychology2, 404:much to answer for, because of its fanatical emphasis upon doctrinal pronouncements, and itsPsychology2, 404:human approach to God and to reality. Its over-emphasis upon the unattainable and its culture ofPsychology2, 409:so many people to those of the mystic with his emphasis upon the lover and the loved, the seekerPsychology2, 423:Much is being done along these lines but the emphasis is still upon the individual and not upon thePsychology2, 433:this age-old doctrine of rebirth, and the false emphasis laid upon the form aspect to the exclusionPsychology2, 438:of power rightly oriented. A tendency to over-emphasis may also show itself, turning the man (as aPsychology2, 452:of life objectives, and hence a dominant emphasis upon the importance of the personality and thePsychology2, 454:activity, which produce undue mental focus and emphasis, one-pointed intellectual approach andPsychology2, 457:understood and, when this happens, any undue emphasis upon profession, calling, ideology or thoughtPsychology2, 463:intense mental focusing, producing undue mental emphasis, wrong attitudes and anti-social living,Psychology2, 466:a failure to comprehend what is happening, undue emphasis upon personality reactions and phenomena,Psychology2, 467:repeat the dangers (earlier considered) of undue emphasis, of wrong focus, of narrow minded belief,Psychology2, 472:the same way, only (as we define it) we lay the emphasis upon the finiteness of man's mind. ThePsychology2, 494:psychologist unconsciously to lay the present emphasis upon dreams and their interpretation. May IPsychology2, 494:control the brain of man so that the Anglo-Saxon emphasis on joy and bliss eventually becamePsychology2, 496:especially in the average person, to an over-emphasis of the fact of sex, to an uncontrolled sexPsychology2, 514:available in the human equipment or of undue emphasis upon it. We shall discover the sources ofPsychology2, 545:This point is seldom realized and hence the emphasis laid upon the idea that sickness, ill-health,Psychology2, 576:with its coordinating capacity and its mental emphasis, will control the mass of the people, for inPsychology2, 577:are [577] called "dark centers" because the emphasis of their activity is upon the material aspectPsychology2, 583:person, there is usually a shift of the life-emphasis on to the astral plane and away from thePsychology2, 586:old interests and thus tends to shift the life-emphasis away from the lower levels of the astralPsychology2, 587:to an end temporarily the then normal psychic emphasis and start the flow of the forces to thePsychology2, 595:up the spinal column. If this is done whilst the emphasis of the life is below the diaphragm andPsychology2, 595:is in the early stages of discipleship, with the emphasis of his intention above the diaphragm,Psychology2, 621:- is evoking its own paralleling solution in the emphasis that is being laid in many esotericPsychology2, 623:is crystallized, directed, unwavering, emotional emphasis - and the will force of the untrainedPsychology2, 632:men. This is plainly indicated by the widespread emphasis upon world peace, as voiced by the greatPsychology2, 645:their inclusive point of view and their emphasis upon a world unity which is based upon ourPsychology2, 654:of the group idea with a consequent general emphasis upon group good, group understanding, groupPsychology2, 655:politics or religion. Their work is the emphasis of the underlying principles and the education ofPsychology2, 657:sections and other nations. Hence, my constant emphasis upon the necessity of thinking in terms ofPsychology2, 657:through the power of their thoughts and the emphasis and magnetism of their personality. By thePsychology2, 661:of immediate application. There must be a steady emphasis upon the reality of that which is innerPsychology2, 662:and must be ensured, but there must be no undue emphasis laid upon the regimenting of men'sPsychology2, 663:New Group of World Servers They must place the emphasis upon the expression of good will and thePsychology2, 666:freely use. Another danger may arise if undue emphasis is laid upon the organization aspect of thePsychology2, 701:platitude and well known to you, but the re-emphasis of the well known truth may eventually bringPsychology2, 721:to the activity and the influence of Venus. Much emphasis has been laid upon Saturn and Mars in thePsychology2, 721:the charts now considered. In the future, equal emphasis will have to be paid to the planet Venus,Psychology2, 735:must work out the expression of good will. The emphasis is laid upon the heart center and upon thePsychology2, 736:it? Where, at this time, do you place your life emphasis? The answering of these two questions inPsychology2, 742:the expression of intelligent love (with the emphasis upon the word intelligent) but which willPsychology2, 749:its great united effort. Upon these two lay the emphasis, for by them the majority of human beingsPsychology2, 749:and purification and lay the force of the emphasis upon: [750] The producing of sensitivity to theRaysbe here of value, my brothers, if I again laid emphasis upon the fact that the formless world isRays, 12:is focused, there is the point of major emphasis and importance, and this is true of the individualRays, 17:and interdependence. In the past, the emphasis was upon the individual, his training and approachRays, 33:of them already touched upon but requiring re-emphasis. Any usefulness which these Rules may haveRays, 42:in the clear cold light, anent the door and the emphasis put upon the presentation of the doorRays, 42:about by the practice of alignment; hence the emphasis laid upon this exercise in the attempt toRays, 49:in the early stages of their training, the emphasis has been upon the "point of light" which mustRays, 49:from a "point of tension." Here lies the new emphasis, and I am bringing it to the attention ofRays, 51:aspect of the originating Sound. Through the emphasis laid in Masonry upon the Lost Word, thus
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