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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIZE

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Externalisation, 452:they foster ancient prejudices and hatreds, and emphasize religious and national differences. InExternalisation, 494:to a form of mental paralysis. Those seeking to emphasize the right values and to save humanityExternalisation, 580:structure of the new world of culture, will emphasize as normal the higher concepts of theExternalisation, 613:and the intelligent human being are apt to emphasize the present complexity of human affairs andExternalisation, 656:all political regimes. I would most definitely emphasize the widespread nature of this energyExternalisation, 700:period? What is your work and your goal? Let me emphasize one or two points: The material goalFire, 101:on facts which might stimulate interest and emphasize the utility of this pranic vehicle. CertainFire, 127:speaking of "lost souls"; 58, 59 we must here emphasize the reality of this dire disaster and soundFire, 141:Remarks I would point out primarily and emphasize the fact that the motion we are considering isFire, 202:lines of thought for careful pondering, and to emphasize certain ideas which may serve as theFire, 266:answering question six because we have sought to emphasize and to impress clearly upon our mindsFire, 268:one or other of his bodies. What I seek to emphasize is the fact of the psychic development, andFire, 318:This has often been done. I but seek to emphasize that INTELLIGENCE is the main quality of theFire, 417:permitted publication. It is necessary again to emphasize the need of attaching no importance toFire, 555:(the power to respond to vibration) I would emphasize the necessity of remembering that thatFire, 608:Fire by Friction. Prana. Activity I seek to emphasize here the fact that in this threefoldFire, 612:manifestation. This is a most important point to emphasize. These deva activities in relation toFire, 665:connection we have with the deva evolution. Emphasize the triangular nature and interrelation ofFire, 730:But the point which it is necessary here to emphasize, is that man does not, in space and time andFire, 797:accuracy. This was why H. P. B. sought to emphasize the need of studying the "astral family" andFire, 801:and Fire Elementals We are but seeking to emphasize the fact of the interdependence of all atomsFire, 832:of energy may again be seen. It is necessary to emphasize this procedure because it is importantFire, 916:of these two groups it might be wise here to emphasize the necessity of remembering that when weFire, 983:the advanced man. We thereby set a standard and emphasize the ideal towards which occult studentsGlamour, 18:working there [18] in group formation. I cannot emphasize too strongly that you are to work as aGlamour, 80:the effect that the affirmation schools which emphasize divinity (materially employed) have uponGlamour, 80:service to others which he should be rendering. Emphasize in your own minds the spontaneity of theGlamour, 109:the aspirant away from reality. May I again re-emphasize that, at this early stage, glamor was onlyGlamour, 148:force centers to the exclusion, I would emphasize, of the controlling energy of the soul.Glamour, 186:facts or truths which They sought to reveal and emphasize, so great is the mantle of illusion whichGlamour, 199:embody the second, fourth and sixth rays. I emphasize this as disciples frequently undertake tasksGlamour, 234:in group formation; and then, in order to emphasize that the group work is ended, each member ofHealing, 57:attention to those last few words, and would emphasize to you the fact that disease primarily is anHealing, 105:keep the mind and the will in abeyance. I would emphasize the urgent necessity for complete silenceHealing, 107:of assimilation and elimination. I seek here to emphasize one point. Just as our solar system isHealing, 242:I seek only in this part of our discussions to emphasize the subjective causes and the objectiveHealing, 243:Perhaps one point which I might helpfully emphasize is that it is this obscure planetary effectHealing, 250:which will indicate causes and will not emphasize the consequences of these causes. I seek,Healing, 265:in the Jewish people, and if both groups would emphasize the fact of human stock and cease thinkingHealing, 284:There is another point which I would seek to emphasize. In all healing methods of an esotericHealing, 385:The prerequisites which I would like to emphasize might be enumerated as follows: A recognition ofHealing, 394:of continuity which will negate disturbance, and emphasize the idea of one life and one consciousHealing, 435:soul. The ordinary rituals, however, fail to emphasize that it is that individualized soul, inHealing, 518:chooses to work. Think this statement out and emphasize the words "suited to." Second: The soulHealing, 558:interchangeable; in all my writing I seek to emphasize not [559] the level of matter or substanceHealing, 613:emerging divinity. I have felt it necessary to emphasize this because of the confusion in men'sHealing, 684:of humanity - that means those factors which emphasize and assume importance where the form isInitiation, 155:committal of words to the initiate, in order to emphasize the radical importance of the matter, andIntellect, 107:his mind as an apparatus for his thought. Let me emphasize here the necessity of a constantlyMagic, 28:and nothing else. Therefore, it is of value to emphasize in our discussion of this abstruseMagic, 136:group as a medium of service. I would like to emphasize the statement anent "the words ofMagic, 158:are intended to be practical; they will emphasize the training and discipline of the disciple, and,Magic, 261:A capacity to overlook the non-essentials and to emphasize the essentials. A submergence ofMagic, 340:called forth by the schools of thought which emphasize the dominance of matter and trace allMagic, 376:and other mystical groups of thinkers) which emphasize the life aspect and appear to negateMagic, 376:control of the mind, and this Krishna seeks to emphasize as he trains Arjuna to take the next stepMagic, 450:and nothing else. Therefore it is of value to emphasize in our discussions of this abstruse subjectMagic, 471:of literature which has been put forth or to emphasize the significance of purpose in connectionMagic, 503:upon them, owing to the ability of man unduly to emphasize the wrong objectives. It might well beMagic, 551:begin with the mind aspect of aspirants. They emphasize that which will govern the potencies; theyMagic, 559:onlooker and of the silent watcher, and, may I emphasize the word silent. Much true magical workMagic, 590:from interruption. This I cannot too strongly emphasize, and I do so in order to demonstrate to theMeditation, 81:and necessarily gradual. Here I would pause to emphasize to you the need of ever remembering thatMeditation, 102:literally "plays with fire." I wish you to emphasize this statement for it embodies a truth littleMeditation, 122:effort if it can be avoided. I seek primarily to emphasize the point that this entrance which weMeditation, 150:is of very real importance and I seek to emphasize it. [151] Meditation, 183:be found within our solar system. I especially emphasize it because in meditation the domain ofMeditation, 205:sound, but the color effects of sound. I seek to emphasize especially the color aspect in thisMeditation, 206:is left for you to discover. I want to emphasize a second thought: These seven streams of colorMeditation, 229:subraces. The seven initiations. What I seek to emphasize in the above table is that to the adeptMeditation, 232:his environment. The point I seek specially to emphasize is the life side and not the form side ofMeditation, 251:and the occultist. I seek most strongly to emphasize this fact. They are the ones who meditateMeditation, 277:the possibility of carrying him on another step. Emphasize this point in teaching, for it carriesMeditation, 302:One point that it will here be necessary to emphasize is that the Brotherhood of Light, asPatanjali, 87:of the psychic nature. It is important to emphasize this. These seven ways have a direct relationProblems, 20:is rapidly disappearing as the war and labor emphasize essential equality. Great Britain seeks noProblems, 35:good (inherited from the past) but which will emphasize certain basic objectives which haveProblems, 44:the nations and made them what they are? To emphasize the creativity which has distinguished all ofProblems, 55:as the custodians of culture; they should emphasize the larger values of history and literature andProblems, 60:work for the new civilization. We seek here to emphasize principles with the recognition that manyProblems, 118:world to interpret the meaning of goodwill, to emphasize the practical nature of its expression, toProblems, 122:- upon these we can take our stand. We should emphasize [123] also the evolutionary presentation ofPsychology1, 16:and this I shall do, not because I seek to emphasize it to the neglect of unity (for this unity isPsychology1, 36:It is necessarily inadequate, for it fails to emphasize the truth that what can be posited of manPsychology1, 67:put into words certain ancient symbols, and so emphasize the process (adopted by the earlyPsychology1, 303:conditions. The final postulate which I seek to emphasize is that the keeping of these three lawsPsychology1, 319:towards their goal. The point I seek to emphasize is the necessity of seeing the picture whole, andPsychology1, 362:materialize as the new world religion which will emphasize unity but bar out uniformity; it willPsychology1, 380:of Understanding, - a law which will eventually emphasize the eternal brotherhood of man and thePsychology2, 43:[43] Intense capacity to be personal and emphasize personalities, leading to: Directed, inclusivePsychology2, 85:governing personalities. It is important to emphasize this and to bear in mind that the powers ofPsychology2, 155:from his own desire-nature which led Christ to emphasize the necessity to seek the good of one'sPsychology2, 161:years, and through the many books written to emphasize the teaching of the Christ and of thePsychology2, 214:planetary Hierarchy. Nor is it essential that we emphasize the details of living which must controlPsychology2, 218:picture. It is easy and natural for man to emphasize those aspects of the hierarchical work whichPsychology2, 251:through the right use of emphasis, and when we emphasize one aspect or quality, temporarily wePsychology2, 362:the possibilities which they may unfold. We will emphasize in connection with each of them the samePsychology2, 403:to correlate results, and a tendency to over-emphasize one aspect of the ascertained truth to thePsychology2, 421:of this type of trouble. The tendency today to emphasize the vitamins in food and to give aPsychology2, 424:One point I feel the need definitely to re-emphasize and that is the necessity, when considering
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