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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIZE

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Psychology2, 449:impressed upon my mind, and I would like to emphasize it. In these times of crisis and consequentPsychology2, 644:of non-hatred, utilizing every opportunity to emphasize the brotherhood of nations, the unity ofPsychology2, 659:change for the better which is on its way. They emphasize the point of common endeavor and seek toPsychology2, 662:necessity of people to affiliate with them. They emphasize the need to adhere to certain formulatedPsychology2, 668:group or groups, expressing ideas which potently emphasize one angle of public opinion and onePsychology2, 727:temporarily) the points of difference and to emphasize the points of contact. Many might be willingPsychology2, 739:their true welfare. I would like at this time to emphasize the following point: A man's politicalRays, 26:meaning and group light. I would emphatically emphasize the words "group light." We are dealing,Rays, 90:that work in other terms than those which emphasize the part the Christ plays in the salvaging ofRays, 220:comes spontaneously and automatically. I want to emphasize that the group does not wait inRays, 265:is in process of conscious construction. I emphasize the word "conscious" here; much of the work ofRays, 296:of the truth of what I am seeking to emphasize. In the Christian Church, men have expressedRays, 300:and which the workers of today must immediately emphasize, is the fact of the kingdom of God, ofRays, 301:This is all desired because of the need to emphasize the all-inclusive approach of divinity toRays, 462:of human evolution. The point which I seek to emphasize is that only when the aspirant takes hisRays, 577:the atmosphere," in the technical sense. I might emphasize that as yet no initiate demonstratesRays, 670:stamp out natural desire and have endeavored to emphasize an enforced celibacy; they have thusRays, 693:whence He came." You can see, therefore, why I emphasize the fact that these three crosses areRays, 724:It is this latter point which I seek now to emphasize, because it has a definite and mysteriousReappearance, 29:episode, as the orthodox commentators emphasize. The final words of the Christ to His apostlesReappearance, 132:by the Buddha and the Christ , and to re-emphasize the truths projected by Them into the arena ofReappearance, 157:of the divine Trinity. The minor festivals will emphasize the interrelation of the Whole, thusReappearance, 158:It is a work of loving synthesis and will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit.Soul, 84:doing we lose our sense of proportion and over-emphasize that particular part which we happenTelepathy, 25:his own nature. If this be so, you can see why I emphasize the necessity for love and forTelepathy, 73:in this book. But at this point I should like to emphasize something which applies to every humanTelepathy, 124:concept of sensitive contact which I seek to emphasize as we study the three points or the three
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