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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIZED

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Astrology, 12:planetary environment. Astrologers have always emphasized the incoming influences and energies asAstrology, 60:here be made, following upon the two earlier emphasized. A great part of our study will be occupiedAstrology, 212:war upon sex and its implications; it has emphasized a militant celibacy (militant where women andAstrology, 215:All these are sixth ray characteristics, emphasized by Scorpio and conditioned by Mars which everAstrology, 272:or fourth Creative Hierarchy; this dualism is emphasized in a still more intimate andAstrology, 274:and are the reverse side of those usually emphasized, namely, death or the activity of theAstrology, 359:until after the third initiation. I have here emphasized two of these relationships between theAstrology, 368:human signs with their recognition of duality, emphasized in the central sign Virgo. [369]Astrology, 396:the destructive aspects are so easily over-emphasized and so intelligently applied to circumstanceAstrology, 402:from form control of any kind. This is curiously emphasized by the rulers of the decanates in thisAstrology, 403:as in all other forms of life. We have perhaps emphasized almost to the point of bewilderment theAstrology, 441:are of unusual significance and also unusually emphasized in human consciousness. [442] Saturn,Astrology, 450:In view of this certain basic ideas can here be emphasized: The influence of Capricorn, viaAstrology, 464:(which are now of such importance) will be less emphasized and the consideration of the threeAstrology, 496:this ancient science in the future. I have emphasized in your consciousness, the web of light andAstrology, 593:the picture of the divine Plan so oft emphasized in occult books and by occult teachers isAstrology, 604:[604] felt and the result of its expression, emphasized through the three constellations. Atom, 18:dual study, one of the aspects of deity will be emphasized, should you choose to use the termAtom, 47:the evolution of the human atom. The first was emphasized by the Christ when He said: "The kingdomAtom, 106:dispassion. Here in the West we have primarily emphasized the five senses, and have not taught thatAtom, 133:religion. We shall have the great central facts emphasized and utilized, and the small and pettyAtom, 158:which we fought and died for down the ages, and emphasized as the entire truth, were after all butAutobiography, 23:felt. The universality of the process should be emphasized, thus dismissing the loneliness, and theAutobiography, 36:Those words have rung in my ears ever since. He emphasized that it all depended upon me and what IAutobiography, 84:piece; I declaimed vociferously; I talked and I emphasized the dire need of my audience. I wasAutobiography, 146:The brilliance of the French intellect is not emphasized by those who are aware of France'sAutobiography, 220:things are valued and where human values are emphasized I know no better training-ground for theAutobiography, 239:discipleship and initiation are considered and emphasized. One other revolutionary activity broughtAutobiography, 240:The old personal development is no longer emphasized. The need of humanity is presented as theAutobiography, 246:Complete devotion to the Masters was also emphasized - devotion to Their personalities, and theseAutobiography, 266:the animals. Physical purity has been enormously emphasized in the old schools and concerns theAutobiography, 269:the teacher and the group. Mental development is emphasized in order that the disciple may beAutobiography, 282:alert mind. The loving heart has always been emphasized, plus devotion, by the churches and theAutobiography, 291:their fruits ye shall know them"; the fact is emphasized that the existence of claim-making is aBethlehem, 4:of the [4] Sermon on the Mount are frequently emphasized by many who refuse to recognize HisBethlehem, 6:so sorely needed. Unless this continuity is emphasized and the place of the Christian faith in it,Bethlehem, 6:technique of the Christian life. We have over-emphasized the doctrinal and dogmatic aspects, andBethlehem, 7:in His life, and the relationships which He emphasized and regarded as implicit in His revelationBethlehem, 12:teachings besides that of Christianity have emphasized these five important crises that occur, ifBethlehem, 12:the Hindu teaching and the Buddhist faith have emphasized them as evolutionary crises which we mayBethlehem, 15:value of any individual. But Christ came and emphasized the work of the individual, saying, "LetBethlehem, 26:and rules of life, and have not primarily emphasized adherence to the still small voice of theBethlehem, 41:through an initiation?" It cannot be too clearly emphasized that the first initiator with whom aBethlehem, 55:before that divinity. But the manhood is emphasized by St. Luke and St. Matthew, just as His lifeBethlehem, 55:just as His life as the Great Server was emphasized by St. Mark. We have fought over the divinityBethlehem, 80:sin is very little dwelt upon by Christ. It was emphasized by St. Paul, and the slant which he gaveBethlehem, 92:spirit (the Father) and the human being. Christ emphasized this when He called attention to man'sBethlehem, 95:the whole (something which Christ continuously emphasized) and of the human to the divine. TheBethlehem, 97:requirement which the Christian Church has ever emphasized, as has also the Hindu faith. ChristBethlehem, 122:which truly matter must at the same time be emphasized and taught, or the end will be disastrous.Bethlehem, 162:to blood in its remedial aspect, so strongly emphasized in the Epistles, and He Himself nowhereBethlehem, 168:The majesty of this realization cannot be over-emphasized. We need to realize it far more deeplyBethlehem, 176:are moving forward towards greatness, and Christ emphasized this in His life and work. We have notBethlehem, 183:as individuals. Christ, in His teaching, emphasized the significance of the individual and in HisBethlehem, 189:God and back to God. The Greek Church has always emphasized the [190] risen Christ. The West hasBethlehem, 190:emphasized the [190] risen Christ. The West has emphasized the crucified Savior. EasternBethlehem, 199:man and Christ the Son of God have been less emphasized. The cosmic significance of the cross hasBethlehem, 207:spirit. Thus He fulfiled the law of the past, emphasized the type for the humanity of the future,Bethlehem, 210:our individual interest in the matter. We have emphasized the importance of our individualBethlehem, 252:1936. The third and final thought which must be emphasized is that we are resurrected to lifeBethlehem, 260:of God. No other religion or era has thus emphasized these points. They still remain in many waysBethlehem, 261:with each other in love and understanding. He emphasized the necessity for cooperation, indicatingDestiny, 147:the Christ, and this the Christian churches have emphasized and to this all churchmen testify. ThisDiscipleship1, XI:to make clear a point which is continually emphasized by the Tibetan as it is by all Masters andDiscipleship1, 95:both mind and brain. This is a point not oft emphasized and sometimes contradicted. I would likeDiscipleship1, 111:It is only when it is uncontrolled, over-emphasized and over-estimated that it is undesirable. ItDiscipleship1, 123:One is the fact that in your last life you over-emphasized the intellect and thus came intoDiscipleship1, 126:it does not, because the mind aspect is unduly emphasized and you are afraid of devotion. Yet it isDiscipleship1, 282:instruction then imparted and the reason why I emphasized certain work. E'en if you do notDiscipleship1, 295:and involves a self-discipline but little emphasized in the usual books on discipleship. The impactDiscipleship1, 342:your most precious assets) can become too much emphasized and prove in some ways a hindrance. YourDiscipleship1, 350:deterrent to the inflow of soul light when over-emphasized. Eight years ago it was thusDiscipleship1, 350:Eight years ago it was thus over-emphasized. Your astral body is on the sixth ray and this is oneDiscipleship1, 356:the lung and the inflation aspect is unduly emphasized and there is too much effort in what you do.Discipleship1, 551:interest: the Master was served and duty to him emphasized because thereby the salvation of theDiscipleship1, 587:high aspiration - is swept into dramatic, over-emphasized action very frequently because it reactsDiscipleship1, 611:you to say: "Now I know," when you do not. You emphasized that which was obvious, and ignored theDiscipleship1, 611:which you felt were so important and which you emphasized in your papers and letters. Such is yourDiscipleship1, 778:complete devotion to the Masters was also emphasized - devotion to their personalities. TheseDiscipleship2, 45:or to any form of self-interest which is so emphasized that it antagonizes other people. There isDiscipleship2, 50:Group Instruction I. 1. The first thing which I emphasized to you was that this was a groupDiscipleship2, 69:a seething inner turmoil accompanied by an over-emphasized introspection. This will be apt (if tooDiscipleship2, 87:is what must be expected. The principles to be emphasized are: The Arcane School trains disciples.Discipleship2, 87:the Ashram and the dual life of the disciple are emphasized. This is a school wherein the studentDiscipleship2, 103:responsible for the reason why A.A.B. has never emphasized concentration on some one of the knownDiscipleship2, 255:Mind of God. [255] Four lines of teaching were emphasized in past centuries and up until the yearDiscipleship2, 283:and [283] imagined) which have been so much emphasized by the occult groups and leaders and whichDiscipleship2, 284:not give you), the following six thoughts are emphasized in his consciousness; these six thoughtsDiscipleship2, 323:anent revelation and its processes and have emphasized a phase of human activity (needed to produceDiscipleship2, 358:The Hierarchy as a meeting-place of energies is emphasized and - in the disciple's consciousness -Discipleship2, 506:outer work more dynamic. One reason why I have emphasized the need for attachment in thisDiscipleship2, 534:That is a great step onward. For years I have emphasized to you the need for heart-love, andDiscipleship2, 539:you far. You have, however, definitely over-emphasized creativity; you have made it a motive forDiscipleship2, 546:to see to it that even renunciation is not over-emphasized and that its conditioning power is notDiscipleship2, 583:responsibility of wielding force is a fact to be emphasized in the consciousness of all disciples;Discipleship2, 672:was the important one. In that instruction I emphasized two things: That you were at the point inEducation, 8:coordination as the result of intention, must be emphasized. The child must be taught to hear andEducation, 10:Pure vocational training should not be emphasized until the later years of the educational process.Education, 39:with world relations. World citizenship is not emphasized. The teaching imparted stimulates theEducation, 46:and dislikes can be shown and their futility emphasized. Is it not possible to build our theory of
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