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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIZED

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Education, 48:The practical application of ideals will be emphasized. They should teach the youth of the world inEducation, 78:forces and astrological influences? I have not emphasized them there, even while recognizing themEducation, 83:Growth and still more growth will be emphasized. The educator of the future will approach theEducation, 83:and control of the mental processes will be emphasized, whilst in the colleges and universities theEducation, 120:to form living, the Guides of the race have emphasized the idea of the virtues of sorrow and theEducation, 130:family pride, tradition, pedigree are over-emphasized, leading to the different barriers whichEducation, 139:people - will remain unchanged or more properly emphasized and selflessly expressed. The attitudeEducation, 139:the responsibility angle will be continuously emphasized, though that responsibility will beEducation, 143:to learn because of the following points. These emphasized points must be accepted by students as aExternalisation, 103:truly scientific one in its nature) that I have emphasized so strongly the ordinary characteristicsExternalisation, 117:the material aspect and is continuously over-emphasized. It is the rhythm of matter inExternalisation, Esoter:the character of their national life, and emphasized increasingly the wider human values. The menExternalisation, 146:of all meditation work but one which is not emphasized as it is a sequential happening and not anExternalisation, 188:of struggle and of physical strength will be emphasized, and these so-called admirable objectivesExternalisation, 237:die. The contrast is the enforced world order, emphasized by the so-called "German super-race,"Externalisation, 254:of presented facts, false and over-emphasized idealism, racial and nationalistic thought-forms andExternalisation, 335:also that one department of the work is not over-emphasized in your minds to the exclusion ofExternalisation, 357:about by ages of glamor. The light is being emphasized and made clear by the world aspirants andExternalisation, 373:future, the contributory factor in life must be emphasized and developed, and the good of theExternalisation, 403:He taught, and the simple Way to God which He emphasized have disappeared in the fogs of theologyExternalisation, 417:to apparently remote spiritual groups, will be emphasized. Then there will open for the spiritualExternalisation, 420:recognized, and the nature of God's love will be emphasized. This festival is determined always byExternalisation, 424:of the Sons of Heaven (the Japanese race) was emphasized to all in the East. The bewildered peoplesExternalisation, 497:liberated energy, if the real values are taught, emphasized and applied to daily living. ThisExternalisation, 543:can be traced to its Jewish background (emphasized by St. Paul), which made it full of propagandaExternalisation, 543:sacrifice instead of loving service, and which emphasized the existence of a wrathful God, needingExternalisation, 588:be deduced and the normality of its existence emphasized. The fact will appear that the Kingdom hasExternalisation, 591:the custody of Shamballa, will be revealed and emphasized. The two halves of a perfect Whole willExternalisation, 592:is universally recognized and has been generally emphasized; all faiths can say with Shri KrishnaExternalisation, 602:Some of it is well known to you, for it has been emphasized by the world faiths and particularly byExternalisation, 630:is of equal importance. The major point to be emphasized in the preparatory work for the return ofExternalisation, 681:will note, therefore, why I have so consistently emphasized, during the past thirty years ofFire, 65:The fundamental fact that should here be emphasized is that AGNI, the Lord of Fire, rules over allFire, 91:and is a point which cannot be sufficiently emphasized. The remainder is cast off in the form ofFire, 287:of the indwelling Entity. The point to be emphasized is that when this is realized the trueFire, 294:meditated upon by all thinkers and its synthesis emphasized. The relation of the cell to the group,Fire, 300:is by no means uniform. One point has not been emphasized hitherto, and that is, that the problemFire, 387:as the "three departments," for it should be emphasized that each department forms a center: [388]Fire, 420:all forms within his body. That which must be emphasized is the little realized concept that thisFire, 510:periphery and its evolution, that needs to be emphasized with care, and that is that the astralFire, 561:that which deals with objectivity, is the more emphasized, and of supreme importance. In the secondFire, 725:but matter from Their standpoint. This has been emphasized frequently, as its significance is notFire, 813:in which a man is placed will likewise be emphasized. Men will be taught the true esoteric meaningFire, 829:of the process of initiation must here be emphasized. Initiation is in the nature of a greatFire, 840:and earliest stages. One point we have not yet emphasized but which is of interest to theFire, 993:This is a point which cannot be too strongly emphasized and urged, and hence the constantFire, 1152:our solar system. This, of course, has been oft emphasized in different occult books but theGlamour, 42:phenomenal world. Another point also should be emphasized here and that is that the nature of theseGlamour, 71:life of the family unit becomes marked and emphasized, constituting then inherited and demonstratedGlamour, 109:on Earth. It was that which enfolded and over-emphasized the lower at the expense of the higher,Glamour, 120:to glamor become at this time conscious of an emphasized duality. The subject, as you willGlamour, 134:idol and the fanatical misunderstood and over-emphasized goal of the masses, under the guidance ofGlamour, 164:about by ages of glamor. The light is being emphasized and made clear by the world aspirants andHealing, 11:that the objective of evolution (as outlined and emphasized by man) may (in the last analysis) beHealing, 149:This is a fact which I have not hitherto emphasized in my other writings. The ajna center is theHealing, 158:newer and sounder esoteric schools, and has been emphasized in the Arcane School from the start; itHealing, 206:I have given you much food for thought. I have emphasized an aspect of scientific esoteric healingHealing, 271:findings of modern medicine. This I have earlier emphasized. I want to indicate the trend of futureHealing, 286:and the power of visualization should be emphasized in a healing group, and the [287] abilityHealing, 322:and inoculations has been tremendously over-emphasized by the so-called occult students. The humanHealing, 349:but one particular aspect of it has never been emphasized, and the knowledge of humanity on theHealing, 360:five hundred. Ponder on this fact, little emphasized. Now He works through His Masters and TheirHealing, 385:and complete healing. When Christ so frequently emphasized faith (or rather that quality which isHealing, 500:is thereby involved. This is a point little emphasized or realized. In the earlier lives of theHealing, 515:are facts which are little realized and seldom emphasized in any of the literature hithertoHealing, 526:methods will not be withheld." I have constantly emphasized the God-given nature of experimentalHealing, 546:from that of the lower threefold man, will be emphasized, particularly in the higher schools ofHealing, 577:the radiation then goes forth. The East has ever emphasized magnetic purity but has totally ignoredHealing, 577:as the Occident understands it; the West has emphasized external physical purity but knows nothingHealing, 578:- muscular control primarily) were strictly emphasized. This achieved, so-called purity permittedHealing, 595:become "fighting areas," with one center being emphasized more than the others. The nature of theHealing, 615:importance in all occult teaching. It has been emphasized (though erroneously interpreted) in theHealing, 622:from the heart center. What has not been emphasized is that this dual withdrawal has an effect uponHealing, 651:playing upon force. This is a point to be emphasized. The task of the healer is to preserve anHealing, 691:the connection. [691] You can see here why I emphasized the fact that the initiate is the recipientHercules, 65:glamor of the lower self. The duality which is emphasized in Gemini rims through a large number ofHercules, 67:lower or psychic teacher; and thus we again have emphasized both the duality of Gemini and itsHercules, 72:more, but, and this is the point that must be emphasized, only in connection with the work that heHercules, 115:pp. 251-2) This synthetic quality is further emphasized by the fact that eight other signs (allInitiation, 14:ceremony. It is this aspect that has been emphasized in the minds of men, perhaps a little to theInitiation, 34:the inherent duality of all manifestation was emphasized, with the aim in view of teaching men howInitiation, 94:THE UNIVERSALITY OF INITIATION It has been emphasized many times in the occult teachings that theInitiation, 179:body of a Heavenly Man. The point must here be emphasized that the major initiations, or theInitiation, 197:period. In this connection two things should be emphasized: First, the need that all applicantsInitiation, 205:to that which is best for the group as emphasized by the group laws of the land, by his control andIntellect, 97:They lead to detachment, a quality which is emphasized both in the East and in the West. This isIntellect, 98:life to the divine project of achieving unity, emphasized, for capriciousness is a quality of theIntellect, 259:in which the principles of spiritual living are emphasized, is one of the finest aids that can beMagic, 16:awakened and open eye, the vision is no longer emphasized but a fact is stated and a lawMagic, 64:identified ourselves with the form; we have emphasized the effects of the imparted activity butMagic, 139:him. The wrong angle has been, at times, over-emphasized and the reverse of this taught. TheMagic, 193:work of the Lodge into disrepute - cases of over-emphasized personalities, of superstitiousMagic, 257:inner eye of the aspirant. The cardinal point emphasized in this rule is purity and, in the lastMagic, 317:that basic characteristic which cannot be over-emphasized in view of the world's present condition.Magic, 372:There are many other reasons which will later be emphasized. In beginning to form your ideas on theMagic, 410:plan can quite easily be traced. The point to be emphasized is that they have all been motivatedMagic, 425:introspection or its opposite extreme, an over-emphasized organizing spirit, remembering that aMagic, 513:are relatively brief and - the point to be emphasized - these two periods are colored andMeditation, 22:incidentally bringing out a point not much emphasized hitherto that the real goal of meditation isMeditation, 110:of unsuitable meditations, virtues could be emphasized till they approximated vices, temperamental
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