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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPHASIZING

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Astrology, 192:Alan Leo gives us Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, emphasizing as he always does the way of theAstrology, 216:plane that astrologers are primarily concerned, emphasizing happenings and events and not theirAstrology, 257:is sometimes called "the Cross of Rebirth," emphasizing the constant mutation of which it is theAstrology, 282:out that what I am in this treatise constantly emphasizing is that the astrologer needs to studyAstrology, 353:between the human self and the not-self and emphasizing the "me and thou" consciousness as well asAstrology, 446:and corrupt as it has been and guilty of over-emphasizing certain forms of symbols - isAtom, 17:that the philosopher is, after all, occupied in emphasizing for us the very necessary aspect of theAutobiography, 64:asked me if I would go to India for her at once, emphasizing that I was not, of course, much goodAutobiography, 229:who are strictly on the emotional level and emphasizing the necessity for some mental focus andAutobiography, 229:small groups could be contacted who were emphasizing some aspects of the Ageless Wisdom and someBethlehem, 90:in the world - those of good and of evil - thus emphasizing the basic dualities of existence. MosesBethlehem, 136:Baptism and the Crucifixion have other values, emphasizing as they do purification andBethlehem, 144:upon his lower nature (the desire-nature), and emphasizing the restrictions which the race as aBethlehem, 251:race to which we belong has also been developed, emphasizing a selflessness which is admirable, butDestiny, 75:to the fact that the astrology which I am emphasizing is that which is concerned with the effectiveDiscipleship1, 165:public consciousness, by the sounding and the emphasizing of some one clear note. If this cyclicDiscipleship1, 261:helped many. Take help yourself without unduly emphasizing in your own consciousness your own need.Discipleship1, 268:you will know within yourself wherefore I am emphasizing to you, at this time, the two words:Discipleship1, 269:forth the resources of a divine son of God. I am emphasizing this to you as I seek to have youDiscipleship1, 280:and not as a personal achievement. This requires emphasizing and involves clear thinking andDiscipleship1, 335:with spiritual essentials or not? Are my words emphasizing the spiritual reality in my brother orDiscipleship1, 514:So you see, my brother, that I am only re-emphasizing my earlier teaching to you. Of its value, IDiscipleship1, 576:when much that he can say to them is simply an emphasizing of what they - as most intelligentDiscipleship1, 736:New Testament in which he defines love. Give up emphasizing the will-to-love and emphasize in yourDiscipleship1, 748:of discipleship are valuable from the angle of emphasizing what has not been achieved. TheDiscipleship1, 770:is the Plan of the Hierarchy as a whole, though emphasizing some appropriate aspect. They usuallyDiscipleship2, 74:you are affiliated. I would like to start by emphasizing the fact of your affiliation, because itDiscipleship2, 106:as seen among men, simply is a mode of emphasizing the lower self and deflects the attitude to theDiscipleship2, 178:Master of the Ashram. Say the Great Invocation, emphasizing one of the four stanzas during each ofDiscipleship2, 296:note how increasingly, with all of you, I am emphasizing man's essential duality and not hisDiscipleship2, 348:Triad to the brain of the personality. I am emphasizing this point here because the fourth point ofDiscipleship2, 538:are perhaps wondering at this time why I am thus emphasizing a somewhat cold and difficultDiscipleship2, 593:now be elaborated. The more subjective work, emphasizing the spiritual growth of humanity along theDiscipleship2, 600:can retreat thus taking refuge in the past and emphasizing certain racial attitudes. The overcomingDiscipleship2, 638:they are. I will make no further comment beyond emphasizing that there is a definite and consciousEducation, 39:the evocation of past glory, so-called, and the emphasizing of the things which should be leftEducation, 48:[48] are most closely related. This needs emphasizing. These two principles, when properly taughtEducation, 87:obvious but there is no need to waste time in emphasizing them or in piling up instances. What isExternalisation, 139:human interrelation. It involves, however, an emphasizing of the values to which I have referredExternalisation, 157:to which I earlier referred, i.e., the task of emphasizing a significant understanding of theExternalisation, 188:its divine Founder as effeminate and weak, as emphasizing the softer qualities of human nature, andExternalisation, 239:in Germany today, is too well known to require emphasizing by me. But I bring these contrasts toExternalisation, 303:Focused intention, based on the above and emphasizing an aspect of the will, hitherto undevelopedExternalisation, 374:violently crystallizing the ancient viewpoints, emphasizing the worst aspects of the old and evilExternalisation, 471:seeking political power or possessions, emphasizing stone buildings and cathedrals whilstExternalisation, 555:or individual. The keynote of Resurrection, emphasizing the new note of livingness, of the livingFire, 604:I seek to deal with a very important point here, emphasizing the close connection between Agni, theFire, 693:This has earlier been pointed out, but needs re-emphasizing here. All consciousness, all memory,Fire, 702:in the microcosm. A final point here needs emphasizing. Occultly understood, the five Kumaras orFire, 1098:in connection with the mental sheath require emphasizing, though it is not our purpose to do moreFire, 1123:dividing them into two groups, each of them emphasizing the duality of the microcosmicGlamour, 46:In illustration of our point, and thus emphasizing the glamor aspect as it affects the disciple andHealing, 22:is as yet inadequate. This point needs emphasizing. National and racial temperaments, with theirHealing, 206:the healing force. They are in reality [206] emphasizing and dealing with the motive which impelsHealing, 260:or chapters: The signing of the Magna Charta, emphasizing personal liberty [261] The founding ofHealing, 390:for the healing of the physical body, over-emphasizing its importance and making them regard theHealing, 521:it as it affected the three transitory vehicles, emphasizing its divine nature and its constructiveHealing, 672:concise that it needs but little explanation, emphasizing, as it does, energy which must be usedHercules, 18:the lusty infant killed two serpents, again emphasizing duality. In this act he forecast the futureHercules, 69:the third, "the glorious", all of them phrases emphasizing the magnificence of Canis Major and,Initiation, 137:final leaving of the mental body. Another way of emphasizing the same truth is to regard the egoicInitiation, 174:Man is seen to be a fact. [174] One could go on emphasizing the multiplicity of matters which theIntellect, 267:in the principles of brotherhood, in the emphasizing of essentials and in living the life of theMagic, 115:which all opposing forces are at present emphasizing, the use of the lower mind involves the dangerMagic, 127:at the close of the morning meditation, but emphasizing in the early part that close attention toMagic, 134:here be mentioned: They must guard against over-emphasizing one aspect at the expense of anotherMagic, 330:from the holders with the old tradition, who, emphasizing the forms and the past produce theMeditationexposition of a rationale of meditation, emphasizing the goal immediately ahead and theMeditation, 231:attained. Only by pointing out the goal and by emphasizing that point will man be induced to makeMeditation, 338:cross the horizon daily, and by the subsequent emphasizing of all those that are of a high order,Problems, 46:Humanity are most closely related. This needs emphasizing. These two principles, when properlyProblems, 60:obvious but there is no need to waste time in emphasizing them or in piling up instances. Problems, 99:is a religion with a distinctly material basis, emphasizing the "land flowing with milk and honey";Problems, 143:shall he also reap" is the truth which needs re-emphasizing. In these words, St. Paul phrases forPsychology1, 362:good will between the peoples. I could continue emphasizing these relations, but I have enumeratedPsychology2, 228:deal mainly with the greater Whole, without emphasizing the differentiation into rays. The sevenPsychology2, 368:undesirable. The third ray personality, emphasizing stillness, for instance, might find himselfPsychology2, 555:brings about this steady development, needs emphasizing. From the standpoint of the occult student,Psychology2, 666:trifling things as personal prestige, or for the emphasizing of one organization at the expense ofPsychology2, 743:in all fields of human thought and life, and are emphasizing the future and unavoidable expressionRays, 65:which will finally embody divine purpose. I keep emphasizing this distinction between plan andRays, 147:connotation. They have been largely postulates, emphasizing group life, group planetaryRays, 469:that at this early stage of the process I am emphasizing the words "orientation" and "attempt."Rays, 674:a positively applied purification. I am not here emphasizing the Biblical account of thatRays, 681:a point of triumph of the forces of evil. I am emphasizing the activities of these two countriesRays, 684:You will have noted that lately I have been emphasizing an aspect of initiation hitherto littleRays, 704:the "Resurrection" by the Christian world, emphasizing that aspect in the experience of theReappearance, 64:story, having no relation to the past, emphasizing a period of only 33 years and presenting noReappearance, 94:Focused intention, based upon the above and emphasizing an aspect of the will, hitherto undevelopedReappearance, 108:a divine sphere of spiritual livingness, thus emphasizing the teaching of the Buddha, throughReappearance, 147:reap" (Gal., VI, 7.) is a truth which needs re-emphasizing. In these words, St. Paul phrases for usReappearance, 159:elimination of non-essential doctrines. By the emphasizing of the essential doctrines and in theirReappearance, 182:to the world and who (embodying groups ideas and emphasizing the true meaning of the Church ofTelepathy, 118:parts for the sake of clarity. I am strongly emphasizing these words because this concept is of an
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