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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPLOY

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Astrology, 9:body of the universe in which we are located. I employ the word "located" here with deliberationAstrology, 397:upon the way of liberation would do well to employ the [398] method of directed and motivatedAstrology, 525:good can eventuate. He can misuse energy or employ it for soul ends. So it is with nations andAstrology, 585:cannot believe that a God of Love could possibly employ the first divine aspect to destroy theAtom, 20:in time have to discard the term "matter," and employ some such suggestion as "force center," theAtom, 128:his environment. Some day we shall utilize and employ every minute of every hour of the day.Autobiography, 133:to discover its flexibility and potency, and employ as a "searchlight" into my own affairs andDestiny, 16:men make of spiritual energy as they seek to employ it and usually, as yet, misapply it. I wouldDestiny, 100:good can eventuate. He can misuse energy or employ it for soul ends. So it is with nations andDestiny, 109:the old methods and steadily learning to employ the new and more modern and effective modes ofDiscipleship1, 6:is of a higher quality and grade, if I may employ so inadequate a term. The experiment of changingDiscipleship1, 67:of force and another group of disciples will employ a different kind must not in any sense beDiscipleship1, 130:and understanding which you endeavor to employ when you follow your art. You must see people trulyDiscipleship1, 181:developing that capacity. You need, however, to employ the line of force which you have succeededDiscipleship1, 257:the soul may control from mental levels, and so employ your fourth ray mental body that theDiscipleship1, 281:and from that point of awareness he must employ time in the art of producing that which he seeks toDiscipleship1, 311:others will be the chief methods which you will employ. Can you grasp the value to the troubledDiscipleship1, 313:occult message will give to you, if [313] you employ the intuition, the indication of the nextDiscipleship1, 361:One of the first things we must do is to employ the knowledge and the occult information which isDiscipleship1, 361:First, instead of constant meditation, you must employ the time so given to the enlarging upon andDiscipleship1, 473:and reiterated endeavor is adequate. Why then employ a different tool when the one to hand isDiscipleship1, 691:and to the methods which they propose to employ in materializing this vision. The hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 748:of unique world potency. Chelas on the thread employ a peculiar technique, according to their ray;Discipleship2, 149:very ancient word-forms which the Christ will employ. These word-forms are only seven in number,Discipleship2, 199:pray, all who make mystical appeal and all who employ the method of occult meditation and directDiscipleship2, 302:and the new, emerging techniques; they have to employ compromise and adapt to that which is coming;Discipleship2, 374:place within the Hierarchy and do not need to employ the ajna center or any other center within theDiscipleship2, 377:of consciousness (whichever term you may care to employ) and therefore as something which must beDiscipleship2, 378:he realizes, consequently, that he must employ this aspect of light under the action - definitelyDiscipleship2, 397:time (though in the most elementary form) to employ the will aspect and - in the revelationDiscipleship2, 403:simultaneous perception and interpretation, we employ the rather vague word "identification:" TheDiscipleship2, 431:into the three worlds of human service and thus employ them for the furthering of the hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 436:and therefore hidden. We create light; we employ light; we discover greater lights which serve toDiscipleship2, 571:and practical action on behalf of humanity. They employ a forced preoccupation with their ownDiscipleship2, 582:between the two, and one which you need to employ consciously. [583] It is not for nothing thatDiscipleship2, 611:offset the liabilities through discipline and employ the assets in active service. These are fourEducation, 61:our spiritual Hierarchy, and the Black Lodge employ the same universal energies but with differentEducation, 77:his motivation), by an inability to employ time rightly (for the directional will is often, at thisEducation, 97:their children and in the methods which they employ to train and teach them when they are veryEducation, 146:its various diversifications and consciously to employ these energies in two ways: interiorly inExternalisation, 6:world of souls (in physical incarnation) have to employ as they seek to manifest on the physicalExternalisation, 12:disassociated myself from it and do not employ it as a means of contacting those I teach, for IExternalisation, 29:the intuitional levels of consciousness) - can employ a new technique. Together and as a group theyExternalisation, 47:work as part of the new age "set-up," if I might employ such a term. We considered with some careExternalisation, 137:and Antichrist but not as those who usually employ those phrases understand them. No one nation isExternalisation, 145:aspect of divinity, and only the soul can really employ these Words and sounds and thus produce theExternalisation, 245:for you to decide; the methods which you must employ will become clear to you; the humanitarianExternalisation, 270:number of people, those who can in some measure employ the enlightened will may succeed in reachingExternalisation, 345:cannot believe that a God of Love could possibly employ the first divine aspect to destroy theExternalisation, 451:are still using it, and can be depended upon to employ its methods to the uttermost. They use theExternalisation, 489:very ancient word-forms which the Christ will employ. These word-forms are only seven in number,Externalisation, 569:is practically all the means which They employ to reach Their working agents. Therefore, theExternalisation, 619:financial and based on material greed), and then employ such skill in action and such businessFire, 413:Their work, and made it imperative for Them to employ drastic measures in order to offset thatFire, 427:matter, and to drive it towards certain ends; To employ the electrical force in the air toFire, 462:of the seventh, so the animal monads (if I may employ such a term) who were passed in this roundFire, 620:in mental matter in the three worlds, and how to employ the devas of the gaseous plane of theFire, 754:the greater cycle, the coming Avatar will again employ the vestures [755] with all that is entailedFire, 818:[818] this manifestation from other angles and employ other terms to express the same idea. ForFire, 859:and also upon others, [859] His ability to employ it or not as he may desire. It is under hisFire, 975:The little evolved do not, of course, employ the third eye for the stimulating of theirFire, 1019:type of energy substance which he is seeking to employ. This will have relation to that particularFire, 1245:the Brothers of the Hierarchy. Their field of employ, Their methods of work will eventually becomeFire, 1251:old manual which those in training for this path employ) it will be apparent that the effects ofGlamour, 14:and are ancient mental forms which you can now employ in order to arrive at meaning andGlamour, 44:and that he knows better the means he must employ and the technique he must follow if he is toGlamour, 94:and Individual Growth of Glamor We shall now employ the word "glamor" to cover all the aspects ofGlamour, 103:way." In the third initiation, the initiate can employ the intuition for the right perception ofGlamour, 227:and the world of men, are those who will employ this technique with the most success. I would alsoGlamour, 256:influence who can properly and successfully employ this form of life direction and reach effectiveGlamour, 260:Every spiritual group has its own tune (if I may employ so inappropriate a word) and the groupsGlamour, 270:Dweller but the spiritual man himself who has to employ the will and take definite forward movingHealing, 2:which is used by the souls they contact. When I employ the word "mechanism" in these instructions IHealing, 4:technique which you - as healers - must learn to employ, both as regards yourselves and as regardsHealing, 46:upon the point of view of the student. We shall employ it later and add further columns to it andHealing, 62:cure lies ready at this time - if they choose to employ it. They can, with relative ease, transferHealing, 361:(fairly soon perhaps) that healing groups will employ mantrams of a definite kind, and that inHealing, 408:when considering the death of a human being, to employ the word death in relation to two phases inHealing, 488:an eliminative process of a similar nature, but employ a different technique within the process.Healing, 509:are the factors which all aspirants should employ if they seek to produce this needed integrationHealing, 526:and esoteric methods of healing. The healer will employ "methods of occult healing though theHealing, 554:which is one which he does not as a general rule employ as a point of focus or attention in his ownHealing, 598:the third initiation; and this they can simply employ, if they so choose. However, they may not soHealing, 608:will become increasingly so) for the soul to employ as a medium of expression and service. KarmaHealing, 644:via both of the auras. The healer who can employ both techniques and whose range of contacts andHealing, 644:are far greater than the other two. He can employ with equal facility the energy of the soul or theHealing, 651:healing have been mastered, the healer may employ both alternately in the act of healing, or he mayHealing, 705:likewise heal or produce death and disease, and employ very similar techniques; the difference liesHercules, 190:would have to emerge whereby the Masters would employ a new mode of reaching humanity, but heInitiation, 32:physical bodies, such as many of the Masters employ, or in etheric bodies, such as the more exaltedInitiation, 91:to contact and - under guidance - to employ certain forms of group energy, until the time comesInitiation, 169:involutionary forces, the brothers of darkness, employ this method for the startling and theInitiation, 186:to contact the Brotherhood. Their field of employ, their methods of work, will eventually becomeIntellect, 5:the same; the instrument of thought which they employ is called the "mind " in the West and "Intellect, 184:point of junction, they travel the same way, and employ the same methods, and use a curiouslyIntellect, 252:a real understanding [252] of the methods they employ. They will have mastered the technique of theMagic, 22:use, where every people - ancient and modern - employ the same triplicity of ideation to express anMagic, 26:their cycle of incarnation has developed. They employ the awakened and developed inner light ofMagic, 96:the forces he uses on the physical plane will employ the central nerve channel up the spine. ThisMagic, 115:term "opposing forces" is used rightly if you employ it only in a scientific sense and mean the
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