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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPLOY

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Magic, 130:are increasing); the small minority only, employ the concrete mind; while the masses are swayedMagic, 139:and faculty, then the Great Ones joyfully employ him. The wrong angle has been, at times,Magic, 169:"occultly crossed the bridge" have no need to employ the powers inherent in the lower sheaths. TheyMagic, 177:write from personal knowledge, and therefore employ their concrete minds at the task of statingMagic, 180:Frequently also the discarnate entities who employ this method of communication, utilizing theMagic, 200:of the Will. The development of the power to employ time. The arousing of the Kundalini fire. ThisMagic, 290:and of the nature of the forces they wish to employ. All they can do is to discipline their lives,Magic, 346:against groups of workers. To counter them you employ the first method with the following additionsMagic, 379:other units. It was necessary in those days to employ methods more definitely physical than areMagic, 390:counting from above downwards, if one must employ these terms for the sake of symbolism. For thisMagic, 427:the many terminologies. They will endeavor to employ each other's terms, and to familiarizeMagic, 480:the AUM do its work and let all of you who can, employ it with frequency and with right thought soMagic, 482:two other groups are beginning to think and to employ the laws of thought. It is with the use ofMagic, 518:contact with those forces and lives which he can employ and command to bring to him what heMagic, 518:is a point where both black and white magic employ necessarily one similar stage in the work. [519]Magic, 519:Both white and black magicians, as you see, employ the lower interlude, and both know theMagic, 527:and scientists tell us we possess but do not employ. This analogy you can think out in greaterMagic, 602:considers it wise to occupy temporarily and to employ. He must realize his unity and lines ofMagic, 609:world. These latter in their turn seek to employ the Observers. Knowers, Communicators, andMagic, 621:The problem is what means to continue to employ to bring these desired ends about in such a wayMagic, 633:but who - as yet - cannot trust themselves to employ the real Aquarian methods of work and message.Meditation, 123:the One Who seeks to inspire, or to occupy or employ his lower vehicles. The motive is ever theMeditation, 135:in this. The Dark Brothers who occasionally employ these elemental forces to wreak their will andMeditation, 157:form that he can use for certain work, and can employ as his agent to attain results that will beMeditation, 163:adept receives instruction on their use, and can employ them in the right place and subject toMeditation, 193:have the power to work on mental levels, and to employ simultaneously one of the major centersMeditation, 196:movement which automatically sways those who employ it into line with certain of Nature's forces.Patanjaliwhose will is intensely alive. 22. Those who employ the will likewise differ, for its use may bePatanjali, 38:students approach it by the correct stages and employ the scientific methods, will the true samadhiPatanjali, 43:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 22. Those who employ the will likewise differ, for its use may bePatanjali, 354:be employed as mediums of contact. He will employ all six but in a different manner. The mind willPatanjali, 358:which is needed; at will and in service he will employ the occult powers, but he himself remainsPatanjali, 380:the building forces of nature, and they employ herbs and incenses in order to purify conditions,Problems, 48:his motivation), by an inability to employ time correctly and usefully and by an urge to attractProblems, 118:use of the word; there is a real intention to employ it in every field of human thought and inProblems, 181:to use the weight of that goodwill and how to employ the will to establish right human relationsPsychology1, 16:which involves awareness of duality. I shall employ the language of duality, and this I shall do,Psychology1, 24:speak in terms of [24] personality and perforce employ the personal pronoun, I must not be accusedPsychology1, 187:they are founded and the techniques which they employ serve the general good and develop thePsychology1, 197:upon the appearance aspect. He may and does employ certain qualities as he so works, but they arePsychology2like to speak a word as to the symbolism we will employ in discussing egoic and personalityPsychology2, 25:choose between various desires; the capacity to employ time somewhat intelligently begins to makePsychology2, 124:science prove that the seven key or ray types employ distinctive methods in their service? ThePsychology2, 138:Does this Science prove that the Seven Ray Types employ Distinctive Methods in Service? As timePsychology2, 173:and aware also of the method which he must employ in achieving and attaining the releasingPsychology2, 277:be made clear. God, or whatever word anyone may employ to express the Originator of all thatPsychology2, 301:of the Bodies The psychologist will then employ: The modern exoteric science of psychology, withPsychology2, 386:be made; Disciples upon the minor rays likewise employ one or other of these three majorPsychology2, 386:three major techniques. Fourth ray disciples employ the second ray technique, as do sixth rayPsychology2, 386:ray disciples; disciples upon the fifth ray employ the first ray technique. It is interesting toPsychology2, 425:I am, therefore, unable to do more than employ the terms which seem to me to be the most suitable,Psychology2, 498:the Hierarchy and which is the one its members employ in Their work, is to bring in consciously thePsychology2, 667:the spoken and the printed word, that they may employ every possible means which brains and moneyPsychology2, 683:to use the weight of that good will and how to employ that intelligent understanding will graduallyPsychology2, 694:must be urged, through all possible agencies, to employ it. The radio, the press, must all bePsychology2, 702:The aspirants and the disciples of the world employ it to signify the achieving of that liberty andPsychology2, 740:the only agents which the Hierarchy chooses to employ at this time and to them is committed thePsychology2, 742:upon the word intelligent) but which will employ no separative devices, no armed force, no coercionRays, 374:bodies are not competent to entertain and employ such high vibrations. On undeveloped humanity, theRays, 432:head. Let him learn to control and consciously employ the mind; let him train his mind to receiveRays, 480:the mental plane. These three aspects they must employ simultaneously, and then later supersedeRays, 703:you with as much use of the intuition as you can employ; your effort will have to be that youRays, 705:decided what type of physical vehicle He will employ should He take physical form and workRays, 708:three energies are necessary for the initiate to employ if he seeks revelation; no matter what theReappearance, 18:are but one of the teaching avenues He will [18] employ. All that enlightens the minds of men, allReappearance, 166:and national prejudices). They must then employ such skill in action and such business acumen thatSoul, 130:it not be possible to apply a technique and employ a method which may in time suffice, through theTelepathy, 112:and use of his personality and continues to employ the concrete mind; astral sensitivity, however,Telepathy, 113:- the disciples of the world can focus; they can employ it and thus generate an energy which will
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