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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPLOYING

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Discipleship1, 166:as a real thought and so to continue to use it (employing an American phrase) as a talking point.Discipleship1, 178:or dangerous pressure, and the technique of employing pressure correctly so as to evoke response inDiscipleship1, 288:form, as you have had the one you are now employing for a year. Some of it I will preserve, but IDiscipleship2, 565:to use it consciously and constructively - not employing its destructive aspect - and thus learn toEducation, 31:use both the sutratma and the antahkarana, employing them as a unit. The power of the Triad beginsExternalisation, 34:the world who - in a different way and form, and employing perchance a different phraseology - yetExternalisation, 130:wholes, responding to the same inspiration but employing their own specialized methods to bringExternalisation, 131:present which is new in its experiments, though employing factors from every nation in Europe; theExternalisation, 259:life that there is definite hesitation over employing it by the custodians of natural law and theExternalisation, 399:constantly; do not use them as prayers or employing the energy of desire but as great challengingExternalisation, 399:of desire but as great challenging demands, employing the power of the will as you can muster itFire, 153:space; we are simply making this distinction and employing words in order to make an abstruse ideaFire, 173:of conjecture, and of logical reasoning, employing the imagination, and thereby effecting twoFire, 321:the buddhic manifestation of electricity. We are employing the word "color" here in its originalFire, 959:use both the sutratma and the antahkarana, employing them as a unit. The power of the Triad beginsFire, 1250:divorced from moisture, and of the method of employing such heat. The adepts use the "dryGlamour, 132:accuracy in the light of their soul, besides employing those methods which have the warrant and theGlamour, 208:we now carry forward the Technique of Light, employing it so that the vague unscientific techniqueHealing, 62:and thus become creative in the higher sense, employing the energy [63] sensed and circulating inHealing, 602:the lungs the healer will use the heart center, employing the throat center for diseases of theHealing, 643:second group working on a much higher level and employing an ability to draw down soul energy intoHealing, 666:That the strugglers towards freedom are employing wrong methods and are [667] endeavoring oft toInitiation, 105:to invoke the aid of the Silent Watcher, and - employing the great mantram whereby the Buddha canInitiation, 110:a spiritual life or entity is manifesting, and employing the intelligence under evolutionary law.Magic, 180:not highly evolved, and are quite incapable of employing mental plane methods. Some people combineMeditation, 191:of form in meditation is that those forms, in employing sound and rhythm, should open up a funnelMeditation, 193:of evolution, at the same point on the ladder, employing the same center and responding to the samePatanjali, 66:the commentators agree as to this translation, employing the terms, sloth, languor or laziness.Patanjali, 94:two kinds: With an object or seed, and therefore employing the rationalizing judicial mind, thePatanjali, 94:Without an object or seedless, and therefore employing a different faculty, and one which is onlyPatanjali, 424:adhering to the rules, following the practices employing the means and steadily fulfiling the lawPsychology2, 387:to note how the first ray disciple, when employing this first ray technique of fusion, ends byPsychology2, 388:of the Personality The third ray disciple, employing the Technique of Fusion, finds that: [389] ItPsychology2, 567:are not understood in any way by the one who is employing them. The one basic sense, as you well
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