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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - EMPTY

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Autobiography, 32:I stipulated that I was to teach them in an empty hall near the church but not in the Sunday SchoolBethlehem, 61:there are (12) the nailing to a tree, (13) the empty grave, (14) the glad Resurrection (as in theBethlehem, 159:he is not, then the Fatherhood of God is but an empty form of words, and Christ and His ApostlesExternalisation, 10:an instinctual animal, if he is not literally an empty shell, which an obsessing entity can occupyExternalisation, 443:when it was all swept and garnished, it remained empty (as symbol of unused opportunity and ignoredExternalisation, 684:will be totally different; there are today no empty spaces; the population of the world isFire, 13:in fourfold order. Upon the threefold levels in empty silence stood the forms. They vibrated, theyGlamour, 75:tightly held them, and only when men stand with empty hands and a realized new standard of valuesHealing, 29:his physical body. It will be left silent and empty of the soul; devoid of light, yet sound andHealing, 254:groups, to produce health among people, to empty our sanatoriums, to rid humanity of the basicHealing, 361:and will behind them or else they are but an empty symbol and a sounding cymbal. Forget this not. Healing, 446:the storehouse of memory is as yet practically empty. For the average good citizen, death is aHealing, 454:and thus silence settles down. The house is empty. Activity ceases, except that amazing andHealing, 691:as testimony of response. It is now but an empty shell, but its substance is of so high an orderHercules, 41:the Lord, high in the Holy Place. "You came with empty hands, oh, Hercules," the Teacher said. "IHercules, 41:oh, Hercules," the Teacher said. "I have these empty hands, because I have fulfiled the task toHercules, 170:sword, and thrust at her, but struck naught save empty air. Through labyrinthine paths he threadedInitiation, 210:arms, are freed but to be held. Only the empty nail-marked hands can keep the chain complete. WhereMagic, 150:appalled by the unknown, and by the apparently empty stillness in which he finds himself. This isMagic, 300:the storehouse of memory is as yet practically empty. For the average good citizen, death is aMagic, 497:and thus silence settles down. The house is empty. Activity ceases except that amazing andMagic, 575:these words are found: "The armed hand is an empty hand and this protects its possessor from theMagic, 578:the sword dare lay the sword down and stand with empty hands, uplifted in blessing. Only the "armedMeditation, 192:intoning of certain sounds, this vacuum or empty funnel between the higher and the lower is formed,Patanjali, 50:the acquired possession to those who hold out empty hands, and passed on to inner halls ofPsychology1, 397:stand before the Gates of Light, this time with empty hands. Then enter, free, accepted by thePsychology2, 35:These disappear and we stand purified and [35] empty. The distress of emptiness is the immediatePsychology2, 419:of abstraction leaves only a living shell, an empty house. Too much would have to be considered forPsychology2, 458:the incarnating ego and, therefore, a perfectly empty house. These are the rare cases, and presentRays, 143:the Light of Life, the Light Supernal. These are empty words as yet until we know, as trainedRays, 343:the disciple must appear before the Initiator empty-handed, but that in group formation the groupRays, 762:then mix another draught, and - when the cup is empty seen (emptied by conscious will) - they pourRays, 763:and swiftly drain, delay not for the pain. The empty cup, the steady hand, the firm and strongReappearance, 137:of truth, and that our churches are relatively empty and are under public indictment as havingReappearance, 139:so many adherents whilst the churches remain empty or are only attended by old people, theReappearance, 142:churches when the existent churches now stand empty? How can light shine again in the minds of men
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