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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENABLE

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Discipleship1, 655:the work and of your group brothers adequate to enable you to face your problem? I believe that itDiscipleship1, 690:in their disciples a world sense which will enable them to see the immediate situation against theDiscipleship1, 697:his contribution and, if he can do so, it will enable the Ashram to meet the need and help everyDiscipleship1, 704:the Ashram and the training which it gives is to enable the disciple to live truly on every planeDiscipleship1, 722:the Light, certain developments take place which enable him to see the vision more clearly and toDiscipleship1, 748:which [748] (when given full and proper sway) enable the group to carry out the Master's plan andDiscipleship1, 753:the sphere of influence of a Master and later enable him to take what is termed one of the majorDiscipleship1, 771:the two opposing factions and groups and so enable later contact to be made. Some of you are notDiscipleship1, 780:personality ray; enough has been given by me to enable astrologers, who are interested and of theDiscipleship2, 7:the other to that meditation which I feel will enable you to function as an integrated personality,Discipleship2, 11:and that extraverted attitude which will enable me to pour out in a steady stream of constructiveDiscipleship2, 33:love and his very profound development will also enable him greatly to assist, thus offsetting theDiscipleship2, 49:purpose with some of the implications which may enable you to work with greater interest andDiscipleship2, 64:disciples are undergoing a forcing process to enable them more rapidly to take the initiationDiscipleship2, 72:the usual loneliness of the disciple's way and enable him to realize that he travels not alone.Discipleship2, 85:to come. You have enough information from me to enable you to make your individual contact with meDiscipleship2, 101:into that service which will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work inDiscipleship2, 101:with the Christ. It was to train her and thus enable her to do this that she undertook, alone andDiscipleship2, 121:the factual nature of the process and they also enable the aspirant to grasp somewhat the nature ofDiscipleship2, 154:time to give you those meditations which will enable you to take the first steps towards thisDiscipleship2, 157:for you; they should also (in a peculiar manner) enable you to move forward in your thinking and inDiscipleship2, 166:but also to make those revelations which will enable humanity to move forward out of darkness intoDiscipleship2, 181:of energy; it was so planned that it could enable you to enter into the field of energies and fromDiscipleship2, 183:and when it becomes a world prayer, will enable humanity - as a whole - to express Light and LoveDiscipleship2, 186:a technique of directed concentration which will enable them to attain that source of ideas and toDiscipleship2, 197:precipitate as the hierarchical Plan; this will enable the Hierarchy to form a great serving group.Discipleship2, 237:upon and followed up by an aspirant, will enable him to reach an understanding of spiritual law andDiscipleship2, 243:and therefore upon all of you, are not simply to enable you to live through the present period asDiscipleship2, 244:is the one thing which can salvage mankind, enable humanity to move forward on - to the Path ofDiscipleship2, 292:into action. The major result, however, is to enable the disciple to become aware, whilst in theDiscipleship2, 299:he has to take those occult steps which will enable him to recognize not only that which isDiscipleship2, 299:of karmic usefulness (note the phrase), but also enable him to handle himself so correctly andDiscipleship2, 300:to him his own essential adeptship and enable him to share in the great hierarchical task ofDiscipleship2, 306:is only the activity of the intuition which will enable you to understand and move forward into theDiscipleship2, 312:poise, polarization and focus which will enable him to translate what has been revealed to him inDiscipleship2, 326:a new phase of activity in Shamballa. This will enable the Lord of the World to become the Ruler ofDiscipleship2, 327:many others - take the initiation which will enable them to release energy into a waiting andDiscipleship2, 356:upon each hint, but I will give you enough to enable you to go deeper into significances than wouldDiscipleship2, 366:and thus acquire the training which will enable you to see life in the process of producing greatDiscipleship2, 377:revelation and an applied conditioning which enable him to recognize it as a man-created whole orDiscipleship2, 381:a series of graded steps or awakenings which enable the human being to become eventually a member,Discipleship2, 415:ray equipment hides but also reveals) which will enable him to substitute the pure reason for theDiscipleship2, 420:The objective of the first two initiations is to enable the initiate to live in the world ofDiscipleship2, 420:the sixth Initiation of Decision - is to enable him to live in the world of significances. ThisDiscipleship2, 421:expansion. This, when later undergone, will enable the initiate to grasp the true significance ofDiscipleship2, 422:and developing the faculties which will enable him to move out into solar or cosmic spheres ofDiscipleship2, 422:begins to establish those conditions which will enable him to make his magnetic aura adequatelyDiscipleship2, 465:you can testify... I have said enough here to enable you again to resume your active position as aDiscipleship2, 474:there is still much for you to do which will enable you to lay the finger of love upon the heartsDiscipleship2, 480:strength and positive assurance, and which will enable you to prepare for the next great step whichDiscipleship2, 486:you can establish - an impression which will enable them to impress others with the desire toDiscipleship2, 487:knowledge and which (when accomplished) will enable the Ashram to give you "the freedom of theDiscipleship2, 501:of interest and those inner urges which will enable you to reach outward and further into the lifeDiscipleship2, 510:that your place in the Ashram is secure enable you to complete the work which you have begun. NOTE:Discipleship2, 523:in; then, too, will come the wisdom which will enable you to render better service to the world.Discipleship2, 552:with effort, that complete silence which will enable you to hear a voice which says, "Move forwardDiscipleship2, 558:the ferment of living energies within you will enable you to act as if you were the soul. This willDiscipleship2, 564:you should develop those conditions which will enable you to assume and work through a first rayDiscipleship2, 587:purpose, clarity of intention and dedication to enable them to touch the periphery of his auraDiscipleship2, 594:into my Ashram to get the training which will enable you later to take a position in the Ashram ofDiscipleship2, 598:into that service which will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work inDiscipleship2, 598:with the Christ. It was to train her and thus enable her to do this that she undertook - alone andDiscipleship2, 610:prolonged thought upon what has been said will enable you to add that much more. I would suggestDiscipleship2, 613:refining of the physical vehicle in order to enable you, in your next incarnation, to step into theDiscipleship2, 630:type of revelation or requirement which will enable you to move forward with increased potency,Discipleship2, 647:expanded consciousness will grow and deepen and enable you to achieve that sense of proportionDiscipleship2, 663:and living grip on life and enough confidence to enable you to make the coming years increasinglyDiscipleship2, 666:and deepen the soul quality; it does not simply enable the personality to express soul powers, andDiscipleship2, 672:of overcoming and of acceptance. It should also enable you to bring a fuller tide of lovingDiscipleship2, 686:of the Observer. Your fourth ray mind should enable you to observe with detachment the conflictDiscipleship2, 704:when truly developed and correctly applied, will enable you to walk humbly on the Way. No trueDiscipleship2, 709:of the creative imagination; this will enable you to tune in upon the background and theDiscipleship2, 710:the inflow of the love factor, and they should enable you to isolate the energy of love withDiscipleship2, 710:ray contact with the physical plane which should enable you to focus and utilize all this inherentDiscipleship2, 728:the mental equipment nor the clear vision to enable you to be a leader, an organizer or a drawer ofDiscipleship2, 729:that he will get enough practical assistance to enable him to see the next step ahead? You can doDiscipleship2, 763:of life. The closing of this outer group may enable you the more easily to do this, and may deepenEducation, 4:parent, and a controlled personality; it must enable him to play his part in the work of the worldEducation, 4:in harmony with his neighbors. Second, it must enable him to bridge the gap between the variousEducation, 10:and capacities may find fullest expression and enable them thus to fulfil their group obligations.Education, 37:training and the foundational ideas which will enable him to become a self-directed, intelligentEducation, 38:rudiments of the arts are taught him in order to enable him to function with the needed efficiencyEducation, 43:the attitudes, relational in nature, which will enable a man to live as an intelligent, subjectiveEducation, 52:can be noted so distinctly in the race, is to enable the race to acquire knowledge, to transmute itEducation, 79:young people the kind of education which will enable them to live wholly and constructively. TheEducation, 80:is the training, intelligently given, which will enable the youth of the world to contact theirEducation, 81:is equipped with the information which will enable him to act as a good citizen and perform theEducation, 87:given to the developing child which will enable him, when grownup, to live with other men inEducation, 94:center in the place where he is. It will enable him to attract to himself those who can help him orEducation, 94:therefore make him definitely creative, and so enable him to spin that thread of energy which, whenEducation, 106:before. The effort is, of course, largely to enable them to meet material and national conditions,Education, 113:consequent determination and persistence which enable man to seek, search for and demand thatEducation, 115:effort with ever newer concepts) which will enable mankind to build true to the great thoughtEducation, 117:preparatory to a higher process which will enable them consciously to integrate into the greaterEducation, 130:the four categories of recognition which will enable each person to do his part and take his shareEducation, 149:upon the very young of every nation) will enable mankind to take them. A new cycle of experience,Externalisation, 19:that their minds can balance their emotions and enable them to interpret correctly that which theyExternalisation, 19:aspirant the unity underlying all groups, and enable him to eliminate the poison of intoleranceExternalisation, 20:more truly and enlarge their horizon; it will enable him to estimate truly the esoteric value ofExternalisation, 20:brethren - this is the main virtue which will enable the esoteric student to tread with safety the
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