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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENABLED

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Astrology, 355:and embodies what is called "a third potency" enabled it to reach, with its force, the thirdAstrology, 365:Jupiter, the man whose rising sign is Gemini is enabled to attain the conscious integration of soulAstrology, 522:admixture as in the United States; it has enabled two relatively antagonistic divisions of theAstrology, 565:at the Baptism. [565] The Sagittarian energy enabled Him to say, when confronted with fullAstrology, 567:provided the impulse and energy which enabled Him to inaugurate the Christian era; it initiated,Astrology, 586:itself in its lowest aspect. This is what enabled them to work ruthlessly, powerfully, selfishly,Astrology, 633:individual will into the divine Will and thus enabled Him to carry out His mission to completion.Astrology, 681:This caused an acceleration of vibration, and enabled the Heavenly man of our scheme to take aAtom, 158:and larger terms is increased; [158] we are enabled to look beyond our self-centered point of view,Autobiography, 144:was beginning to dribble through more regularly) enabled me to drop my work as a sardine packer andAutobiography, 259:her consciousness with such clarity that she is enabled to write it down, so that no word isAutobiography, 279:the techniques of the meditation process, he is enabled to place himself upon the correct rung ofBethlehem, 15:of truth, of dogma and of doctrine which has enabled many thousands, down the centuries, to see theBethlehem, 37:29. Always the Word has sounded out which has enabled the race to see and recognize its next step.Bethlehem, 37:to see and recognize its next step. The Christ enabled man to hear this in the past; He will enableBethlehem, 37:that Word is finally spoken humanity will be enabled to climb to the final peak of humanBethlehem, 89:was adjusted and ready for the task, and thus enabled to give proof of that purification andBethlehem, 96:the effectiveness of that divine energy which enabled Him to say in truth, "I, if I be lifted upBethlehem, 151:the light which shone from the Savior, and which enabled Him to say with truth "I am the Light ofBethlehem, 170:the valley of duty and of service, and which enabled Him to go forward with staunch determinationBethlehem, 212:this sense of travail with world forces which enabled Christ to join the company of all HisBethlehem, 221:humanly and from the angle of divinity, He has enabled us to gauge the value of the experience, andBethlehem, 250:purpose, that led Christ from point to point and enabled Him to open the door into the kingdom andDestiny, 39:of the spiritual life and all of Them were enabled to set Their seal upon history and upon theDestiny, 62:to the proximity of the two countries which has enabled the telepathic impress of Fascist idealismDestiny, 75:in the Piscean Age, plus a potent Leo nature, enabled France at one time to express quiteDestiny, 75:offered by Saturn, ruling Paris. This enabled France to stage the great French Revolution andDestiny, 96:admixture as in the United States; it has enabled two relatively antagonistic divisions of theDiscipleship1, 25:intuition functions in any human being, he is enabled to take direct and correct action for he isDiscipleship1, 47:do I refer to the capacity whereby you are enabled to expand your consciousness so that you becomeDiscipleship1, 125:trust that a careful analysis of what I said has enabled each of you to know yourselves and toDiscipleship1, 126:It is this combination which has always enabled you to rationalize yourself into a confidence inDiscipleship1, 131:this that has led you in our direction and has enabled you to link up with these initial groupsDiscipleship1, 153:carefully reflect. If you do this, you will be enabled wisely to make certain needed changes andDiscipleship1, 319:a powerful and well developed astral body has enabled you to express the love nature which youDiscipleship1, 338:"from strength to strength." You will thereby be enabled (in the rush of new undertakings) toDiscipleship1, 372:soon that will be the statement which I shall be enabled to make anent you and not the usualDiscipleship1, 382:a purpose which the past two years have enabled you to make objective. NOTE: W. D. S. takes hisDiscipleship1, 402:you in organization rule, a love of beauty which enabled you to see the real, and a discriminationDiscipleship1, 402:to see the real, and a discrimination which has enabled you to gather around yourself that whichDiscipleship1, 578:service is thereby increased. The group is then enabled to shift to a higher plane of service andDiscipleship1, 702:the disciple (soul) and the latter is thus enabled to demonstrate soul activity upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 28:It is this determined orientation which has enabled W.D.S. to stand steady through his tests. ThereDiscipleship2, 54:will and involving mental concentration, which enabled the confident aspirant to "hold the mindDiscipleship2, 90:(usually stimulated by some senior disciple) has enabled him in thought and consciousness to reachDiscipleship2, 101:gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrate the quality of theDiscipleship2, 210:and fields of manifestation. This they are enabled to do through sustained, concentrated, intensiveDiscipleship2, 226:human betterment and uplift, the Christ will be enabled to "see of the travail of his soul and beDiscipleship2, 244:will depend the rapidity with which you will be enabled to achieve the next expansion ofDiscipleship2, 330:to the disciple whose purity of heart has enabled him to penetrate into the Ashram; his knowledgeDiscipleship2, 335:a survey of one thousand years which I have been enabled to make (as are all the Masters), everyoneDiscipleship2, 452:year. By the means of these words you could be enabled to gauge your life processes and determineDiscipleship2, 539:in your life. If you can do this, you will be enabled to bring this particular incarnation to aDiscipleship2, 539:are in no sense basically wrong; they have enabled you to be soundly motivated; carefullyDiscipleship2, 598:gave her much needed training and experience and enabled her to demonstrate the quality of theDiscipleship2, 726:your life, prior to the recognition period which enabled you to render me and the world outstandingEducation, 10:is seventeen the training given should have enabled him to strike his note clearly, and should haveEducation, 21:attribute of concrete knowledge whereby man is enabled to concretize his concepts and so buildEducation, 52:and because of His own point in evolution, was enabled to inaugurate a new era and institute a newEducation, 52:a new goal, wherein another divine principle was enabled to come into manifestation and to achieveEducation, 117:- must appear; the more subtle energies must be enabled to express themselves. Instinctively andExternalisation, 39:will be focused, and through which They will be enabled to work. When this takes place, the task ofExternalisation, 40:processes of dissipation. The Hierarchy will be enabled then to work more closely upon earth and toExternalisation, 162:before been contacted by man. This achievement enabled Him to put Humanity in touch with the SpiritExternalisation, 166:in order that these lesser lives might be enabled to proceed onward towards a goal which is knownExternalisation, 229:stand there. That the will of Shamballa may be enabled to express itself through love and throughExternalisation, 257:plane that the inner spiritual forces will be enabled to work also more actively on earth.Externalisation, 339:again in the face of all contending forces - has enabled men to recognize that the Kingdom of GodExternalisation, 346:itself in its lowest aspect. This is what has enabled them to work ruthlessly, powerfully,Externalisation, 347:and because of this illumination, humanity was enabled to recognize Christ, Who embodied the stillExternalisation, 390:by all who truly love their fellowmen - be enabled to function? Can the situation be so staged thatExternalisation, 397:Life, the Spirit of Peace, can be enabled, on a higher turn of the spiral, to use as His vehicle ofExternalisation, 495:scientists, changes were brought about which enabled them to achieve success. The experiments beingExternalisation, 495:in fifth and seventh ray ashrams, and this enabled them to impress lesser disciples in theExternalisation, 509:released from the thralldom of the past and enabled to enter into the liberty of the Kingdom ofExternalisation, 531:possible measure of handicap; They will thus be enabled to give full time and attention to the workExternalisation, 565:into certain of the Ashrams, and has likewise enabled many disciples to take initiation. 3. TheFire, 82:his consciousness to a certain point he is enabled to include the subtler planes, and to escapeFire, 326:coordination to effect the necessary steps which enabled the quaternary to succeed in its effort toFire, 346:or substance, into such activity that it was enabled to reach up to heights where its opposite poleFire, 348:three bodies were coordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them. [349] All Rods ofFire, 387:This caused an acceleration of vibration, and enabled the Heavenly Man of our scheme to take aFire, 713:manasic energy to the initiate so that he is enabled to know consciously and to recognize the planFire, 726:the seventh globe, the planetary Logos is [726] enabled to preserve continuity of cosmicFire, 837:making visible the darkness, so that we are enabled to see a few steps of the Way ahead, thusFire, 867:of the energy of the planetary Logos and thus be enabled to carry forward the plans of that LogosFire, 955:to purify their lower desires so that they are enabled to see clearly in the occult sense. No manFire, 972:substance of astral matter, and is consequently enabled to function on the astral plane as well asFire, 1121:Where these centers exist the solar Angel is enabled gradually to impose his rhythm and vibrationFire, 1134:literally given him his permanent atoms, and enabled him to manifest through their activity. TheFire, 1185:. Under this law the karmic Lords are enabled to bring together those lives (human,Fire, 1194:with, or thought for, this earth. Thus to be enabled to help humanity, an Adept who has won theGlamour, 180:flickering soul light in the personal self has enabled the disciple to see the vision of the soulHealing, 8:his soul force to the patient, that patient is enabled more easily to achieve the end desired -Healing, 288:was known in the year 1200 A.D., you will be enabled to work without discouragement and withoutHealing, 328:stimulate the patient sufficiently so that he is enabled to throw off the enfeebling disease. SomeHealing, 341:on the mental plane is facilitated; they are enabled then to meditate more successfully and toHealing, 541:and normal way of adequate vitality, and so enabled to throw off the disease. When the healer,Initiation, 30:The Planetary Logos on his own plane was enabled to take a more direct method in producing theInitiation, 80:the energy of the Planetary Logos, and thus be enabled to carry forward the plans of that Logos for
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