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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENABLED

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Initiation, 127:three bodies were coordinated, and the Thinker enabled to function in them. Initiation, 140:manasic energy to the initiate, so that he is enabled consciously to know and recognize the planInitiation, 144:through the force thus liberated the initiate is enabled to transfer his consciousness more easilyIntellect, 35:and training a specialized culture which enabled them to enter a spiritual world, which is sealedIntellect, 80:faculty, so that we become what we are, and are enabled to manifest our divine nature. Tagore, inIntellect, 186:through the operation of which the soul is enabled to break the fetters of intellection. The latterMagic, 14:This discriminating and scientific process has enabled man to arrive at much truth in relation toMagic, 54:with deterrent forces of life to have enabled them to develop a fairly true sense of values. IMagic, 174:trained. It is necessary that they should be enabled to act accurately and adequately asMagic, 477:made in the magical work. In this way he will be enabled to go forward with optimism knowing thatMagic, 478:speech-making and book-writing, ideas are now enabled to take form and so run through their cycleMagic, 519:of the science of the centers they have been enabled to work out their selfish plans and to imposeMagic, 522:with spirit so-called. Spirit, in its turn, is enabled to enhance its vibration through the mediumMeditation, 168:of consciousness are obtained, and the man is enabled to extend the periphery of his consciousnessMeditation, 191:mental levels, the Intelligence’s or Powers are enabled to pour forth illuminating light or powerMeditation, 195:centers. By means of this the people will be enabled to reach heights and receive blessingsPatanjali, 128:of the Father and the Father's Home and so be enabled to tread consciously the Path of return. ItPatanjali, 253:plane, in his brain consciousness, is thereby enabled to perceive that which before was dark andPatanjali, 256:and center it in the head, the aspirant is enabled to take full advantage of, and safely toPatanjali, 287:so that it responds to his brother's need; he is enabled to share in all that is taking place inProblems, 105:themselves with a civilization which has enabled them to take their place on equal terms with whatPsychology1, 190:conformation of the solar Plan, he will then be enabled to cooperate with the needed intelligence.Psychology1, 261:and which calls forth a response. Thus he is enabled to find out upon which ray his soul is foundPsychology1, 406:to dispel the ancient glamor, the aspirant is enabled to walk in the light. The Monadic rayPsychology2, 57:of those great Identifications which enabled the Carpenter of Nazareth to say: "I and my Father arePsychology2, 213:and a going-forth in response ensued, which enabled a new kingdom to emerge. A creative act is everPsychology2, 424:this always, we shall (at least symbolically) be enabled to get a fairly clear idea of our theme.Psychology2, 482:themselves an expression of God's will they are enabled to bear it all. In some of the morePsychology2, 612:"enlightenment and energizing", men will be enabled to do two things, speaking symbolically: TheyPsychology2, 702:of men also took place so that they could be enabled to respond more easily and truly to the impactPsychology2, 703:From this highest standpoint, the Hierarchy was enabled to make a definite step forward in 1936 asRays, 210:that it is not divine love of humanity that has enabled you to find your way into the outer groupRays, 222:the four qualities dealt with (page 215) have enabled the group to achieve the sounding of theRays, 224:"rent from the top to the bottom," and thus be enabled to say with those of like degree "It isRays, 232:it is. It is this influence also which has enabled the Master R. to assume the mantle of theRays, 241:done with himself and by means of which he is enabled to be the recipient of revelation. Yet behindRays, 262:for unity in the Master's Ashram. [262] It has enabled him to gather around him his own group andRays, 290:as He over-shadowed His disciple, Jesus) which enabled Jesus on His own level of spiritualRays, 361:will follow, because His aeonial experience has enabled Him to choose any of them and know that HeRays, 394:aspirants on the periphery of an Ashram are enabled to move forward into full ashramicRays, 524:whilst the Christ made that final effort which enabled Him entirely to complete and traverse theRays, 570:the seventh ray is always active and the man is enabled consciously to register the fact ofRays, 589:such a point of tension that it will shortly be enabled to move forward into the new ageRays, 643:can be seen in the activities which I have been enabled to accomplish in the outer world throughRays, 665:incarnation upon the inner planes) who have been enabled to step out of the lighted field of theReappearance, 61:of revelation is implemented and humanity is enabled, each successive age, to take its next stepReappearance, 86:ceremony, the masses of men in all lands will be enabled to register consciously the "birth of theReappearance, 86:consciousness and life that they will be enabled to take [87] the third and fourth initiations -Reappearance, 128:instrument or responsive apparatus, the mind is enabled to become the transmitter of higher valuesReappearance, 135:thousands of intelligent men and women will be enabled to free themselves from all delusion andTelepathy, 17:connection with her child. She is thus sometimes enabled to send, by the medium of instinctualTelepathy, 40:integrity of those you seek to help and will be enabled to suggest, to strengthen and to teachTelepathy, 51:of precipitation whereby the impression is enabled eventually to take tangible form. In the aboveTelepathy, 118:approach to the Plan, and you will therefore be enabled to work in a fresh and in an entirely new
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