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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENABLES

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Glamour, 172:of this technique is the first initiation, which enables man to "live a life, inspired by God."Glamour, 190:contact with the directing spiritual Agent and enables the disciple to assume the attitude of theGlamour, 192:of the Presence, when successfully followed, enables the intuition to flow in and to supersede theGlamour, 210:the power of the creative imagination. This enables man eventually to dissipate glamor andGlamour, 225:to [225] do this is one of the factors which enables the sixth ray aspirant to transfer off theGlamour, 261:and produces a rounded out unfoldment; it enables the aspirant to [262] become truly the ObserverHealing, 83:of contact with the tangible world, but it also enables a man to register sensitively the subtlerHealing, 117:into and identification with that one reality enables duality to be transmuted into unity and theHealing, 207:patient's own spiritual [207] energy. He thus enables him to effect his own cure, consciously orHealing, 308:There is, first of all, clairvoyance which enables the healer to see visually where the difficultyHealing, 308:knowledge, or an intuition, if you like, which enables the healer unerringly to put his finger onHealing, 309:based on sensitivity in the lower nature, which enables the healer to register in his own body theHealing, 330:grasped. First, that aspect of soul life which enables the soul to motivate and force intoHealing, 355:an integrated group etheric body and which enables you to see this group body of force and light asHealing, 362:as the Virgin Mary. It is that substance which enables Deity to manifest. Nature itself, the motherHealing, 393:perpetrated in his lives on Earth, and which enables him eventually to "clean his own slate." IHealing, 447:of the condition of the centers which enables the [448] initiate to know - when in process ofHealing, 488:and finds himself possessed of a dual form which enables him to contact at will the higher levelsHealing, 598:the human kingdom; the knowledge of this secret enables a Master to control epidemics andHealing, 607:rapid spiritual development of humanity, which enables men, for the first time and on anyHealing, 612:divine response apparatus, of a mechanism which enables the Heavenly Man, the planetary Logos andHealing, 674:are the ephemeral effects. This, consequently, enables Him to understand the Purpose, as itHercules, 13:[13] This self-awareness when truly developed, enables a man to discover that the concealed DeityHercules, 13:to the twelve labors in the twelve signs enables the disciple to become the triumphant victor. ThenHercules, 185:and trial, strengthens our spiritual muscles and enables us to emerge out of darkness into light. Initiation, 12:as the foundation for wisdom, that which enables him to adapt the things of form to the life of theInitiation, 15:body. It keys the atoms to a certain pitch, and enables a new rate of rhythm to be attained. ThisInitiation, 91:at the first two initiations by the Bodhisattva enables the initiate to control and utilize theInitiation, 127:power, gives to them that word in secret which enables them to draw down the pure electric forceInitiation, 140:and a resultant continuity of consciousness that enables the initiate consciously to utilize timeInitiation, 144:out the vibration of the three worlds and enables the applicant literally to "leave behind him" allInitiation, 220:It is the individualizing principle; that which enables man to know that he exists, feels, andIntellect, 14:achievement (an orientation of the mind) which enables them to do more than sense and enjoy. TheyIntellect, 37:to be sure, is good as far as it goes. It enables us to move about our world and to manipulate theIntellect, 54:that factor or quality of soul-awareness which enables him to orient himself to his environmentIntellect, 54:but which later, through proper meditation, enables him to orient himself towards the soul, asIntellect, 72:of all that meditation is the science which enables us to arrive at direct experience of God. ThatIntellect, 106:to visualize correctly, being the quality which enables the Thinker to perceive and know the fieldIntellect, 152:the brain and produce that illumination which enables a man to say: "In that Light shall we seeIntellect, 209:state of silent positive concentration which enables them to reach the same goal, and attain theIntellect, 219:with the Self. Let us choose that posture that enables us, the most easily, to forget that we haveIntellect, 237:the energy or life aspect of that form and which enables the thinker to be identified with it, willMagic, 35:aspects) which brings the form into being, which enables it to develop and grow so as to house moreMagic, 37:the bud; it is that in the animal kingdom which enables it to love its master, hunt its prey, andMagic, 37:aware of his environment and his group, which enables him to live his life in the three worlds ofMagic, 37:the perceiver, the actor. This it is which enables him eventually to discover that this soul in himMagic, 137:through clear vision. A discrimination that enables the disciple always to distinguish between theMagic, 227:upon the mind held "steady in the light" and so enables the mental body to respond to impressionsMagic, 282:type of force is that mysterious something which enables the physical body to recognize asMagic, 283:it is the understanding of these emanations that enables the isolation and segregation of races toMagic, 365:intuition or pure reason is the faculty which enables man to enter into contact with the UniversalMagic, 440:human kingdom for the energy pouring through it enables man to say "I am". Magic, 498:of the laws of abstraction and this enables the one who is making the transition to withdrawMagic, 559:attitude. It is a mental detachment which enables the thinker to dwell ever in the high and secretMagic, 584:is one whose courage is of that rare kind which enables its possessor to stand upright and to soundMagic, 630:reactions and evokes that inner detachment which enables a man to walk at liberty in the kingdom ofMeditation, 10:of Meditation Four Things Meditation Does: 1. It enables a man to contact the Ego and to align theMeditation, 65:the Master responsible for the group and which enables him to put the group en rapport with theMeditation, 66:whose work lies with the bodies of men, and enables them to do that work with greater exactitudeMeditation, 66:temporary) leads to freedom from disturbance, enables the units of the group to work with greaterMeditation, 83:of the matter, its vitalization by fire, and enables the aspirant to work in line with the law.Meditation, 142:really that development of consciousness which enables a man to realize not only his egoic groupMeditation, 279:temporary expansion of consciousness, and enables him to vibrate at an unusual rate for him. HenceMeditation, 280:intervals the Master takes His pupils, and enables them to contact other evolutions, such as theMeditation, 310:"Know thyself" will come that understanding that enables man to wield the law and know the innerMeditation, 355:It is the individualizing principle; that which enables man to know that he exists, feels, andPatanjali, 21:aspirant to feed it, and the realization of this enables him to free himself from its thralldom.Patanjali, 21:which have relation to the five senses) which enables him to recognize the fact. By withdrawingPatanjali, 52:receive a stimulation and vitalization which enables them to make more rapid progress. The occultPatanjali, 190:emotional nature and the mental attitude which enables a man to "count all things but loss" if hePatanjali, 244:process gradually steps up the consciousness and enables the aspirant to arrive at the life side ofPatanjali, 301:within himself and in that light see light. It enables him also [302] to find the door to life andPatanjali, 316:an understanding of ways, means and methods, and enables him to take the first step towards correctPatanjali, 328:samadhi, or death. The same basic knowledge enables the adept to raise a dead body, as Christ didPatanjali, 344:the kingdoms of Nature) to self expression, and enables it to perform its work in time and spacePatanjali, 364:these streams. The development of the intuition enables the seer to know the nature of the lifeProblems, 35:aptitude) the nature of the universe. It enables the philosopher to appreciate the world of meaningProblems, 61:that each has an historical background which enables him to contribute something to the good of thePsychology1, 8:we can add to that knowledge an analysis which enables us to realize that the physical body isPsychology1, 61:form aspect, indicates the way he should go, and enables him (by the time the third initiation isPsychology1, 194:appearance, and motivating it. Exoteric science enables the activity aspect of the phenomenal formsPsychology1, 331:and to cultivate slowly a sense of values which enables him eventually to lay the emphasis upon thePsychology2, 68:the lower consciousness which (when developed) enables a man eventually to make conscious contactPsychology2, 163:the working of the Law of Repulse which occultly enables him to "push with either hand, to aPsychology2, 233:heart center, and is that higher instinct which enables a man to recognize and submit to his soulPsychology2, 233:superhuman consciousness. This divine instinct enables a man to recognize the whole of which he isPsychology2, 298:of Deity, whilst his first ray egoic force enables him to use all means to plan for himself, and toPsychology2, 393:produces that inherent divine capacity which enables the detail of the sensed Whole to be graspedPsychology2, 420:of the same power of abstraction which enables the mystic to see his visions and to participate inPsychology2, 420:to participate in heavenly happenings, and which enables the advanced adept to enter into the statePsychology2, 458:and sometimes serves a useful purpose, for it enables the obsessing entity to continue inPsychology2, 512:the vast resources of mass intention. This enables him to feed his etheric body at the generalPsychology2, 529:of courage and a form of directed will which enables achievements to be carried out that are, atPsychology2, 562:gives him an idea of relative direction, and enables a man to fix his place in the scheme, and toPsychology2, 562:Touch gives him an idea of relative quantity and enables him to fix his relative value as regardsPsychology2, 562:Sight gives him an idea of proportion, and enables him to adjust his movements to the movements ofPsychology2, 562:of others. Taste gives him an idea of value, and enables him to fix upon that which to him appearsPsychology2, 562:Smell gives him an idea of innate quality, and enables him to find that which appeals to him as ofPsychology2, 566:child is in danger. A form of clairvoyance which enables the man to see that which is hidden, suchPsychology2, 585:place to that spiritual impressibility which enables a man, like the Christ, simply to "know" what
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