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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENCOURAGEMENT

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Atom, 112:him to meditate at this time. I say this for our encouragement, because we live in a cycle in whichAutobiography, 303:time out of the kindness of his heart and for my encouragement the Tibetan gave me the assuranceBethlehem, 191:point where the masses themselves, given proper encouragement, can "enter into the kingdom of God."Bethlehem, 240:Dr. [240] Streeter have here a definite note of encouragement because they indicate requirementsBethlehem, 240:within which mutual challenge, mutual encouragement and mutual confession of failure are easy...Discipleship1, 76:work let each of you bear in mind, for your encouragement, joy and dedicatory incentive, that youDiscipleship1, 95:senior world aspirants. In that lies cause for encouragement and humility. It is naturally not myDiscipleship1, 99:past a very great deal of instruction, help and encouragement. That you still have and it wouldDiscipleship1, 228:can perhaps sense. I say this to you for your encouragement. In the regimentation and theDiscipleship1, 244:over your personality. Is this not a real encouragement? You are on the verge of seeing the [245]Discipleship1, 310:immediate problem, and I tell you also for your encouragement that you are making real progressDiscipleship1, 381:I have for you at this time nothing but encouragement and a word of praise for a life faced andDiscipleship1, 429:[429] One hint I would give you also for your encouragement: Much that is regarded by you as faultyDiscipleship1, 457:battlefields at once. I tell you this for your encouragement... That is all I have for you today,Discipleship1, 473:MINE: It is not often that one speaks a word of encouragement to aspirants, and in your case such aDiscipleship1, 479:Note again what I said to you - for your encouragement - anent your life tendency and be not theDiscipleship1, 479:remain. I say this for your strengthening and encouragement. You have made a real effort, andDiscipleship1, 568:it can speak good words of mediocre cheer and encouragement, but they are not my words, and this IDiscipleship1, 572:not as an inducement to progress or even as an encouragement but as a prophecy of a probability.Discipleship1, 591:It is right that you should receive this encouragement from me. I welcome you back, therefore, intoDiscipleship1, 617:an Accepted Disciple. This carries with it, its encouragement, its responsibilities and its risks.Discipleship1, 624:of the heart center and this should give you encouragement. Let us work more definitely at that. IDiscipleship1, 631:and his impersonality should give you much - of encouragement, of warning, of truth and ofDiscipleship1, 647:months and these two, with this brief word of encouragement and cheer, must be studied andDiscipleship1, 651:your help in world service. May I say, for your encouragement, that you have made a good beginning.Discipleship2, 67:voiced expression of soul comment, criticism, encouragement and planning that the main interest ofDiscipleship2, 93:group I have no comment to make but that of encouragement. They are holding steady, but have enoughDiscipleship2, 233:is a questioning worth answering and of great encouragement to the neophyte. The various grades andDiscipleship2, 465:very little understanding; you will meet with encouragement and assistance from the enlightenedDiscipleship2, 496:much food for thought, also the basis for real encouragement and an indication of your needed lineDiscipleship2, 539:made. I would ask you to see where causes for encouragement or regret may lie and thus, my brother,Discipleship2, 561:that it is only fair to tell you this for your encouragement. The loneliness of your life warrantsDiscipleship2, 584:than in years gone by. You have every cause for encouragement, my brother, and my blessing restsDiscipleship2, 598:work. It is my intention to give him a word of encouragement and of advice. I am mentioning allDiscipleship2, 710:apply it one-pointedly. I tell you this for your encouragement. One other thing I would point out.Education, 54:of conscious awareness. I say this for your encouragement. Through the activity of the energy ofExternalisation, 146:right human relations. Nevertheless, for your encouragement, I would state that the use of it hasExternalisation, 185:to her self-interest and security. For our encouragement let us recognize that the same humanityExternalisation, 280:need to grasp more clearly, and it is both an encouragement and a point difficult of belief. If theExternalisation, 527:are very real and have been a source of great encouragement to hierarchical workers. Before theExternalisation, 571:meet, in these early stages, with little encouragement. He works frequently alone and usually withExternalisation, 592:freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope, encouragement and example. The love He demonstratedExternalisation, 697:thinking. I would remind you also (for your encouragement that I myself am among this number ofFire, 73:comprehension, a sounder judgment, and a greater encouragement to action. Healing, 342:One thing I will add, however, for your encouragement. As the race, as a whole, becomes governed byHercules, 71:[71] The first stage of that search is full of encouragement for them, had they been able toInitiation, 74:energy in talk. Yet withal he should speak where encouragement is needed, using the tongue forInitiation, 125:how, and the when. 3. The future. Then, for his encouragement, there is granted to him a picture ofIntellect, 244:to him all the things he wants said. He wants encouragement; he seeks, like so many, theMagic, 83:the future life?" and this is a portent of much encouragement. Secondly, the masses of the peopleMagic, 491:attention; they will die of inanition. There is encouragement in this thought. The first threeMagic, 616:the fires". This is significant and of much encouragement to the beginner in the magical work. HeMagic, 638:the burden and toil of the day's labors it is an encouragement to know that there are those whoMeditation, 105:general indications and warnings and (for your encouragement) to point out that later when the wiseMeditation, 215:division in that study, I would - for your encouragement - point out that the part that falls toPsychology1, 97:promises of future help and revelation, and the encouragement in the aspirant of a happyPsychology2, 75:I tell you at this time for your cheering and encouragement that the numbers of the disciples inPsychology2, 357:scale and therefore a reason for a sense of encouragement, it is treated as a disease of the mindPsychology2, 553:consideration for it carries with it much of encouragement. It indicates, nevertheless, muchRays, 649:a ready response. I tell you this for your encouragement; destruction always evokes questioning inReappearance, 36:freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope, encouragement and example. The love He demonstratedTelepathy, 77:for mystics, occupied with beauty, comfort, and encouragement, and were not written for occultists.
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