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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - END

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Astrology, 21:the light until finally he emerges at the end of the Path in Pisces as a world Victor and a worldAstrology, 53:expression, a great world period comes to an end. For a long time during this cycle ofAstrology, 69:place upon the path of evolution. To this end, the study of the rays is most necessary through anAstrology, 71:bring about a fearful conflict, [71] but at the end the man is released from personality control.Astrology, 85:of the major solar sphere of influence at the end of the Great Age of Brahma, as it is esotericallyAstrology, 96:wheel gives to the man at the beginning and the end." These gifts, when accepted and used, bring aAstrology, 105:veiled, appears and dominates the scene at the end of the greater world cycle. We are told that theAstrology, 116:personality. This dual bondage is brought to an end by what is called the final death, when theAstrology, 130:Therefore, Venus is exalted in Pisces and at the end of the greater cycle, the Sons of God who areAstrology, 130:glorification. Consequently, you have at the end of the age (I refer here to a greater round of theAstrology, 131:of form life in the three worlds) it comes to an end and its meaning and illuminating aspectsAstrology, 137:the beginning of the involutionary path and the end of the evolutionary path than they are in theAstrology, 148:have been working for aeons, and expresses the end of the enforced task and sacrifice and planetaryAstrology, 151:the Fixed Cross. When these three signs form the end of the cycle of expression upon the reversedAstrology, 152:Aries - Again the beginning as well as the end. It should be remembered that Aries is definitelyAstrology, 152:"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end." The significance of this can, however, only beAstrology, 159:signs, and - at that time - Capricorn marked the end of the zodiacal wheel, and not Pisces as is atAstrology, 215:this time under Martian influence but this will end during the next five years. Astrology, 216:which is rapidly lessening as Mars nears the end of its present cycle of influence. Already, theAstrology, 231:Aries and Pisces will form one sign, for "the end is as the beginning." This dual and blended signAstrology, 235:and desirable point of view will come to an end. Out of the many sexual experiments now going on,Astrology, 238:coming in - Libra will eventually rule, and the end of this century will see the influence of LibraAstrology, 247:The Source of Duality. He who perceives the end from the beginning. Spiritual consciousness.Astrology, 260:and conflict - brought into manifestation at the end of the appointed time. Today it would seemAstrology, 278:Aries and Scorpio mark the beginning and the end, and consummate in the rounded out and equippedAstrology, 304:process which leads to progress" and - at the end of the age (as it is now at the final or seventhAstrology, 304:will eventually "fuse the beginning and the end, blend the opposites and dispel both time andAstrology, 320:up to the third initiation are directed to this end. Such is the way of the initiate. You will noteAstrology, 347:part of this triangle because it marks both the end and the beginning and is, for this great cycleAstrology, 351:developments of the initiatory process at the end of the long, long path [352] of evolution.Astrology, 365:failure is rendered impossible. Towards the end of the evolutionary process, the disciple begins toAstrology, 397:with the Plan in the fullest sense and the end of individual self-centeredness. Temper, which is soAstrology, 404:He fashions all things to a divinely foreseen end and in this sign - through His agents, Venus andAstrology, 409:250,000 years, or a complete round) came to an end when the sun entered Pisces over two thousandAstrology, 436:into experience and brings experience to an end, from the angle of humanity. This is the majorAstrology, 444:basic attitude) can karma be brought to an end. The law of matter still governs in the three worldsAstrology, 489:in this world cycle and will remain so until the end of the Aquarian Age. By [490] this I mean,Astrology, 526:retarded by a dictatorship which will shortly end; in the States by corrupt politics and in GreatAstrology, 541:organized into revolt against slavery. To this end, the seventh ray will increasingly makeAstrology, 546:of matter and to make the state the supreme end of men's lives; the spirit of love and ofAstrology, 546:day regain the expression of soul life. To this end, she must be first [547] released from evilAstrology, 547:the testings of the world disciple and to this end brings in the potency of Scorpio, the sign ofAstrology, 571:intent. Let the fiat of the Lord go forth: The end of woe has come! Come forth, O Mighty One. TheAstrology, 571:great defending wall. The rule of evil NOW must end. It was offered, under this test, to theAstrology, 579:supersede the present mundane astrology. By the end of this century, it will have won its rightfulAstrology, 579:of acute trial and tribulation has come to an end, a great spiritual awakening (of a quality and aAstrology, 580:for victory, desire for the arrival of the end of this all-engulfing world cataclysm, by desire forAstrology, 580:peace and the return of stability, the desire to end war once and for all and to break itsAstrology, 582:fellowmen. It expresses itself in a desire to end abuses and to bring about happier, material,Astrology, 593:and more than self-imposed limitation. It is the end seen from the beginning; it is alpha and omegaAstrology, 617:of the Whole. That which initiates, sees the end from the beginning and works towards the goal inAstrology, 631:life of the Transcendent One. Finally, at the end of the age, it knows Itself as the TransfiguredAstrology, 668:of the western cycle of Europe - before the end of the 21st century A.D." (S.D. Vol. III, 23) "OneAtom, 93:to mankind, And, man produced, all has its end thus far; But in completed man begins anew AAutobiography, 15:existed between me and my uncle towards the end of his life. He never spoke of it, I am sure, and IAutobiography, 16:it. It consists of a rod with a wing at each end and between the wings are to be seen theAutobiography, 18:living which have never failed me and to the end, she herself never failed me. When I becameAutobiography, 21:were very steep) I would probably be dead at the end. I did not succeed. Bridget, the cook, pickedAutobiography, 21:on in life, I made two other efforts to put an end to things, only to discover it is a veryAutobiography, 30:confidence in me - why I cannot imagine. At the end of three days I went to her and told her what IAutobiography, 33:with a riot and me in tears, but [33] at the end of three months we were a close group of pals.Autobiography, 39:towards a narrow, bottlenecked passage at the end. Just before this funnel shaped passage thereAutobiography, 40:The [40] crowd froze into immobility. At the far end of the bottleneck a Figure was seen in theAutobiography, 47:and had brought my life as a society girl to an end. When I say "a clean break" I do not mean thatAutobiography, 57:presentation. The senior man came forward at the end of my peroration and handed me a parchmentAutobiography, 59:battery proceeded on its way. I never heard the end of that episode from the artillery men. TheyAutobiography, 78:that something real and vital was coming to an end. I knew nothing of psychic research or the lawAutobiography, 84:in the thought of hell. Suddenly at the end of half an hour I discovered I had no audience. One byAutobiography, 90:and trusted me completely. One day towards the end of the season and when the monsoons were overAutobiography, 92:to take the usual Gospel meetings up to the end but I have an idea that I had lost my punch. All IAutobiography, 122:on me. He sulked and would not talk for days on end and gave me the bulk of the work to do but IAutobiography, 138:pupils of H.P.B. for weeks and months on end, and I'm pretty sure that, thanks to these oldAutobiography, 144:I decided to make the move and towards the end of 1917 we went down. I found a small house, closeAutobiography, 149:in getting into my room it would be the end of me because it was a great virtue to kill a whiteAutobiography, 155:the necessity of getting a divorce. As the end of the war approached, I consulted a lawyer and wasAutobiography, 157:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter IV Towards the end of 1919 Mr. Bailey was made National Secretary ofAutobiography, 163:I never remembered it but, sure enough, at the end of three weeks I was spoken to again one eveningAutobiography, 178:for the future were exactly $1.85. It was the end of the month, the rent was due, the grocer's billAutobiography, 180:always very good for me. The time came at the end of 1920 when Foster wrote to me to join him inAutobiography, 189:the work of the Committee, therefore, came to an end. Wadia threw his weight, as he had said heAutobiography, 193:of which I would have been capable and the legal end of it in which I would have found myselfAutobiography, 199:away in intimate conversation they generally end by hating you - a type of hatred that is notAutobiography, 219:world today is the world citizen and bring to an end this crude nationalism which has been theAutobiography, 222:We would take a walk to the suburbs. At the end of a few days the girls had absorbed an enormousAutobiography, 239:silence and again be known among men. To this end the Tibetan has [240] been working and many of usAutobiography, 271:radiating group which grows and achieves its end because of the life at the center, developing fromAutobiography, 300:consciousness and group action produced in the end a sense of joint responsibility and anBethlehem, 12:to discern the doctrine. Perhaps in the end the most valuable part of the doctrine of the Buddha isBethlehem, 19:is our inevitable goal. We are today at the end of the age, and entering the period of AquarianBethlehem, 29:affairs at this time, and there is reward at the end of the way. Some day, sooner perhaps than manyBethlehem, 30:The goal which They have in view and the end towards which They are working has been summed up forBethlehem, 34:the individual human being who, approaching the end of the long and weary [35] way of evolution, isBethlehem, 39:to mankind, And, man produced, all has its end thus far: But in completed man begins anew ABethlehem, 40:(Isaiah, LIII, 3.) It was the beginning of the end, and marked His initiation into higher states ofBethlehem, 43:ancestry, having neither beginning of days nor end of life... He remains a priest in perpetuity.)"Bethlehem, 46:on the surface, a purely external life." (The End of Our Time, by Nicholas Berdyaev, p. 59.) DeepBethlehem, 50:Individual, by B. Bosanquet, p. 111.) At this "end of the age" man stands before the door ofBethlehem, 51:stage and each dramatic happening comes at the end of a period of travel. The symbolism of this isBethlehem, 53:revelation. Christ Himself tells us that at the end of the age the sign of the Son of Man will beBethlehem, 61:the truth of these statements, and at the end will stand amazed at the persistence of God's love
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