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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - END

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Discipleship1, 593:spiritual riot. This must eventually come to an end before the disciple can enter into his realDiscipleship1, 596:goal. This dual activity must be brought to an end and your aim must be to bring about in yourselfDiscipleship1, 602:apparent harshness in an effort to bring to an end your years of personality fog and deep seatedDiscipleship1, 618:and open-heartedness and clear speech, the end is sure. Spiritual radiation holds the key to yourDiscipleship1, 655:it with humor, detachment and sincerity) will end by enabling you to enter upon a closerDiscipleship1, 678:Six Stages of Discipleship DISCIPLESHIP AND ITS END There is a curious and ancient Atlantean chantDiscipleship1, 708:of training his disciple is to bring to an end the period of the disciple's intense preoccupationDiscipleship1, 712:to respond to it and is, therefore, nearing the end of the Path. The second is the factor of groupDiscipleship1, 714:and there comes a stage when (towards the end of the Path of Evolution) the soul recapitulates theDiscipleship1, 721:Avatar is that of a Great Appearance which will end all strife, inaugurate the new era of peace andDiscipleship1, 739:work and ample scope is always provided to this end. Certain periods come when disciples have to beDiscipleship1, 771:be done to bring the destructive agencies to an end and to final powerlessness and, at the sameDiscipleship1, 772:New Testament prophecy that (at the time of the end) there will be much distortion of the truthDiscipleship1, 773:I think not, my brothers. And so I bring to an end this series of instructions and myDiscipleship2, 44:to you with frankness as we together face the end of the war, and a period of renewed and differentDiscipleship2, 57:The recognition that in the blue disk, at the end of the golden pathway, was an ivory door whichDiscipleship2, 58:Your personal instructions I have placed at the end to indicate to you its relative importance andDiscipleship2, 98:and interior investigation and then, at the end of the second month, formulate your reply. QuestionDiscipleship2, 147:at the close of this general instruction. At the end of each month, go through the ideas you haveDiscipleship2, 171:"Lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the days." His Presence, however, is notDiscipleship2, 171:composed, and the experiment was brought to an end; it served, however, a most useful purpose. As aDiscipleship2, 176:scaled, frustrated and rendered futile. At the end of the year, I would ask you to embody yourDiscipleship2, 233:the final and inevitable divine results at the end of the immense world period. The majorDiscipleship2, 261:response to the Shamballa energy. Towards the end of the century and during the first few decadesDiscipleship2, 337:upon the calendar of the Hierarchy. Before the end of this century, thousands will stand before theDiscipleship2, 339:three recognitions: A recognition of the end of a cycle of happenings, i.e., retrospection. TheDiscipleship2, 421:angle) and of service. This recognition will end the moment of acquiescent waiting, and inaugurateDiscipleship2, 426:we find the words in the Scriptures that at the end of the age "the Desire of all Nations" willDiscipleship2, 477:of your return when this incarnation comes to an end, the type of vehicle which you will, as aDiscipleship2, 485:that the work on the physical plane has to end, but a close and honest analysis on the part of theDiscipleship2, 486:to discover truth and to persevere until the end. It will also involve your establishing with themDiscipleship2, 514:analysis, is a definition of meditation. The end of all meditation is concerned with: The attitudeDiscipleship2, 528:yourself for two years, my brother, and at the end stand free? You would be well advised to doDiscipleship2, 541:that love brings all earthly karma to an end. Love induces that radiation which invokes and evokesDiscipleship2, 541:though the personality instructions come to an end, the group instructions will give you all theDiscipleship2, 552:brook a winding, mounting path, and at the end a low built bungalow of undressed wood, in which IDiscipleship2, 557:them full consideration for three years. At the end of that time you will probably wish to go overDiscipleship2, 562:physical plane. You might ask: To what specific end? You know that such a mode of daily life shouldDiscipleship2, 571:and thought and effort to bring the war to an end or to alleviate in some practical way what youDiscipleship2, 582:is that of establishing relationship with the end in view of building a form. This is also the lineDiscipleship2, 621:pride which will bring you to liberation and the end of your (as yet) largely unrealizedDiscipleship2, 621:to achieve identification because he wants to end isolation because it is wrong, and he seeks to beDiscipleship2, 630:period will not last indefinitely. Already the end is in sight, and for its termination you must beDiscipleship2, 632:the way, he sees a narrow corridor and at the end a room; within that room the passing figure ofDiscipleship2, 635:the senior disciple will symbolize for you the end of loneliness and greet you as a brother. WhatDiscipleship2, 647:deepen and strengthen these attitudes. To this end I am going to suggest five points ofDiscipleship2, 684:stabilized in soul behavior. It is to this end that I help you. Disciples would do well toDiscipleship2, 696:and teacher, A.A.B. made the remark at the end of your instructions that you "still persist in yourDiscipleship2, 699:time that this clashing of the two forces should end, and the conflict can only be determined byDiscipleship2, 723:of you, my brother, let this constant movement end. Endeavor to be where you can be found; gatherDiscipleship2, 724:a mental condition which should be brought to an end by you. This restlessness affects the qualityDiscipleship2, 725:submitting them to various people, and to what end? There was in them nothing new. The minds andDiscipleship2, 725:presented in better form to the public. What end, therefore, did they serve? Only to sidetrack youDiscipleship2, 737:for you, likewise, the period of indecision must end and it will end when you see soul purpose moreDiscipleship2, 737:the period of indecision must end and it will end when you see soul purpose more clearly. You mightDiscipleship2, 745:in fuller measure all that you are, and thus end this time of "flighty service" (forgive me forEducation, vii:of Oriental lands and peoples has had the end result of bringing the literature, the philosophy andEducation, 3:emerging the recognition that this attitude must end. The child has to assimilate the facts thatEducation, 63:research, then war and wars will come to an end. This is in the nature of truly esoteric work, butEducation, 91:a much happier humanity and which will see the end of national differences, of class distinctionsEducation, 95:sense of unimpeded awareness, which will finally end the fear of death, [96] negate all sense ofEducation, 112:may be necessary, not in order to destroy and end the present civilization, but in order toEducation, 112:may prove effective. Let us work towards that end. But at the same time, let us never forget thatEducation, 112:Plan and much evil turned into good, because the end is seen from the beginning, and theEducation, 139:families through which the state can achieve its end will be changed. The preparation of adults forEducation, 141:and difficulties in the lengthy process, the end is inevitable and unalterable. The Kingdom of God,Externalisation, 10:permission in order to serve some spiritual end and help his fellowmen can be right and good. ButExternalisation, 21:on earth the condition which was brought to an end in earlier days, when the Hierarchy (in order toExternalisation, 23:a definite contribution towards this desired end? Recognizing my special circumstances what moreExternalisation, 44:forms of bodily breakdown which may eventually end in death will, of course, still be prevalent.Externalisation, 52:form are functioning towards one recognized end. Today, such a thing as a true democracy isExternalisation, 64:they are willing, in a constructive fashion to end some of the world glamor. This they can doExternalisation, 69:I am anxious for you clearly to comprehend the end I have in view. Sincere students and disciplesExternalisation, 71:might be enumerated as follows: The time of the end. The judgment of people. This period ofExternalisation, 101:conditioning activities should be and to what end they are directed, for there is an esotericExternalisation, 110:world today must endeavor to see why and to what end the present terrible happenings have occurred.Externalisation, 115:of civilization; it must not be"; "This is the end of the order, and the old order must be saved";Externalisation, 123:brought the Atlantean civilization to an abrupt end after a long period of chaos and disaster. ThisExternalisation, 124:in right ways and eventually to bring to an end the ancient cleavages. War must be brought to itsExternalisation, 127:in order to bring the ancient conflict to an end and so enable humanity to pass into the newExternalisation, 139:Forces of Light, who are bending every effort to end the spirit of aggression and to rid the worldExternalisation, 146:overnight; the present reign of horror would end and the race of men could settle down to a life ofExternalisation, 151:seek to ameliorate [151] world conditions, end hatred and misery and demonstrate goodwillExternalisation, 155:the process of terrorism, the quicker the end which is desirable and right; they hold often thatExternalisation, 162:be about His Father's business and then at the end of His life, reiterated the same thought in theExternalisation, 173:the aid of the Hierarchy. This will bring to an end all hatred, separativeness and aggression,Externalisation, 174:the world. May the Prince of Peace appear and end the warring of the nations. May the reign ofExternalisation, 176:a situation will arise which will bring to an end all civilized relationships and all hope of anExternalisation, 178:they will bring the conflict more rapidly to an end, or should they stand on the side of theExternalisation, 179:peace and of love can put the world straight and end the war. Such people, fighting the existentExternalisation, 182:provides humanity with the opportunity to end it. The time has arrived in which it is possible toExternalisation, 183:that will bring the old bad order to an end. There is a constant demand for the Allies to stateExternalisation, 188:sources; the rule of Christ must come to an end, because only the rule of force is right. In theExternalisation, 197:humanity or be brought intelligently to an end. Three things will end this condition of greatExternalisation, 197:intelligently to an end. Three things will end this condition of great luxury and extreme poverty,Externalisation, 199:and subjective state of mind which will end the age of separateness. Desire is today being evokedExternalisation, 203:war itself, until the defeat of Germany and the end of the actual fighting. [204] The period afterExternalisation, 210:of the war. [210] The interim between the end of the physical fighting and the final peaceExternalisation, 215:of others, along with individual rights; to end aggression and its consequent fear, and to throwExternalisation, 216:peace settlements, longing for the conflict to end, but doing nothing to bring that about. Many are
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