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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - END

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Fire, 347:of this solar system and will persist till the end of the mahamanvantara. That the earlier methodFire, 371:analogy holds good, for a Heavenly Man at the end of the seventh round reaches full maturity, butFire, 407:this ether will also come to be known before the end of this round, and alliance will be madeFire, 424:into and out of power ceaselessly; towards the end of the fifth round the third Ray of Aspect willFire, 426:simultaneously with the second Ray until the end of the age, when it begins gradually to obscure asFire, 490:its positivity, he will bring about the desired end. The Masters do this in connection with theFire, 492:ahead, and will only become possible towards the end of this round; and these potent forces willFire, 498:matter or substance) stops and comes to an end. From that point physical man begins to throw offFire, 531:the conformation of a heart, though the pointed end is eliminated. The buddhic permanent atom hasFire, 540:desire to begin with, but aspiration towards the end, though still desire. As man in the earlyFire, 583:and the disintegration of the egoic body. At the end of the third root-race came the first of theFire, 597:law that governs the coming in of pralaya at the end of a system. It is the law that shatters theFire, 652:to mankind, And, man produced, all has its end thus far: But in completed man begins anew AFire, 656:body, or as the solar Logos (at the other end of the scale) creates His body, a solar system. ThisFire, 717:on the earth. This force began to flow in at the end of the eighteenth century, and its full effectFire, 718:in cosmic circles will persist until the end of the mahamanvantara, when the Logos is set freeFire, 727:producing the final systemic transfer at the end of the age. Secondly, certain avatars from theFire, 734:D, I, 397-398. Solar pralaya. This comes at the end of one hundred years of Brahma. It marksFire, 734:It marks reabsorption into unity. It marks end of manifestation of solar system. Concerns the solarFire, 739:succeeds that has its beginning towards the end of the seventh round in any scheme or of the fifthFire, 748:Him. Cometh the dissolution of pain, cometh the end of strife, cometh the merging of the spheresFire, 753:will come about the year 1966 and persist to the end of the century. It is one for which the GreatFire, 754:taking the first initiation. Later, towards the end of the greater cycle, the coming Avatar willFire, 757:used by the Great Lord and His Masters at the end of the century, and for this reason They areFire, 760:consciously utilizes form as a means to an end. In the case [761] of all avatars it is the willFire, 780:in connection with the human Hierarchy has that end in view. It should be remembered that it is aFire, 882:of the three forms of energy - bring to an end all that is. These angels are a mysterious group ofFire, 906:human spirillae which will result, before the end of the round, in the awakening to full activityFire, 907:the destroying work they are to effect by the end of this root-race, in order to liberate SpiritFire, 907:may be looked for in California before the end of the century, and in Alaska likewise. The work ofFire, 909:difficult, but will take effect at the other end, so to speak; the rising generation will beFire, 927:though it will not be perfected till the end of another manvantara. The greater body of vitality isFire, 933:of the web. This takes place towards the end of planetary evolution, thus permitting the escape ofFire, 957:is attained. The one who, when the desired end has been accomplished, destroys or disintegrates theFire, 991:formed which, when balanced, procure the desired end. Black magic is spoken of as making itsFire, 992:become the true "black magicians." For them the end is ever the same, first, severance of the EgoFire, 1042:ushers in the great pralaya, and brings to an end the logoic incarnation. It is produced under thisFire, 1085:with the bhuta, (or manifested form) at one end and the eternal substance unmanifested to us at theFire, 1085:substance unmanifested to us at the other end. If we divide this seven according to theFire, 1092:particular chain, the Monads seldom begin and end their evolution; they seldom emerge, pass throughFire, 1113:sought to rescue his brothers, and to this end he built a triple bridge between the old and new.Fire, 1155:pralaya - The obscuration of a system at the end of one hundred years of Brahma. Period betweenFire, 1248:These Monads work with fohat, and must, to the end of the greater manvantara. They have theirFire, 1281:Sonship. That which hath no beginning and no end; That which is seen and yet remains unknown; ThatGlamour, 6:first aspect, which is the power to bring to an end, flows through them. They will have a tendencyGlamour, 18:be a part of the corporate effort towards this end, and swell the number of those so engaged. TrainGlamour, 42:Integrated personality At-one-ment End of duality. Note: A dawning sense of maya arose in LemurianGlamour, 42:on the Threshold arrives at full potency at the end of this race, the Aryan, and in the lives ofGlamour, 96:Path. It is a correspondence towards the end of the Path of Evolution to the stage above mentioned,Glamour, 133:It only becomes so when it is regarded as an end in itself instead of being what it essentially is,Glamour, 133:of being what it essentially is, a means to an end. An ideal, rightly grasped and used, provides aGlamour, 139:is discovered, and its power is brought to an end by a steady, prolonged period of concentrationGlamour, 146:and, through understanding, bring to an end. I mention this because I am going to ask you to dealGlamour, 152:can live in the head and in the heart, you will end the disease of imperil and aid in theGlamour, 171:and the power of maya can be brought to an end in the life of the individual, and eventually in theGlamour, 172:revealed and recognized, brings illusion to an end. The story of illusion is one which must not beGlamour, 208:unscientific technique of the past comes to an end. The indicated technique is of use only to theGlamour, 214:by good intent - will do much to bring to an end certain aspects of the world glamor. Their effort,Glamour, 229:and center it upon the work to be done. At the end of that time, the leader names the glamor withGlamour, 234:"So let it be, and help me in my own life to end all glamor and untruth." It will take aspirantsGlamour, 244:the sentient universe and brings glamor to an end; the cessation of divine direction brings deathGlamour, 266:with the stage of initiation which brings to an end the path of development for humanity andHealing, 8:patient is enabled more easily to achieve the end desired - which may be complete healing, or itHealing, 91:acute anxiety, aspiration towards some desired end or goal, depression, plus the dramatic life ofHealing, 94:can be handled and brought eventually to an end. It is therefore by the imposition of a higherHealing, 108:pralaya. That is the sleep of the physical, the end of manifestation, and the occult significanceHealing, 194:factor producing monadic stimulation until the end of the great cycle of evolution. The quality orHealing, 248:which can hasten or prolong the "hour of the end," but only up to a certain point. The dictum ofHealing, 257:medicine) are cures because the hour of the end has not yet arrived for the patient and he wouldHealing, 266:and together they will cooperate to bring to an end the wrong attitudes on both sides. All karma ofHealing, 268:The evil karma of the Jew today is intended to end his isolation, to bring him to the point ofHealing, 293:processes and can see both the beginning and the end in one flash of time in space." In these wordsHealing, 300:those that suited not each other, then saw the end was sorrow and deceit. Patterns He made, butHealing, 308:and to know its cause, its effect and its end. [309] There is also a more physical method, which isHealing, 340:Hierarchy. The intent is to bring to an end old forms of living, to create new forms through theHealing, 353:to point out undesirable attitudes, to end wrong ways of living, and change poor modes ofHealing, 355:much wider sense. The using of the mind to this end involves an aptitude to learn the distinctionHealing, 355:minds. In using the imagination to this end, you have to cultivate the power to ignore the outerHealing, 365:is uncertainty and bewilderment. But this will end before long, and man will know and also see. AsHealing, 378:the directive agency of thought will come at the end of this century or the beginning of the next.Healing, 390:cycle, these wrong attitudes must come to an end; death will become a normal and understood processHealing, 413:terrors and that particular fear will come to an end. - Page 183-184. Discipleship in the New Age,Healing, 415:then physical plane existence comes to an end and all returns within the causalHealing, 420:quality of matter also persists, and at the end of each period of manifestation, matter (thoughHealing, 436:of [436] cyclic purpose. This will naturally end the fear at present rampant, and will also arrestHealing, 438:of complete finality and negation, and an end of all activity, of all heart reaction, of allHealing, 442:mediums will rightly and mercifully come to an end. The ordinary common trance mediumship andHealing, 448:the soul of the individual man recognizes the end of a cycle of incarnation, and recalls its life.Healing, 448:word to this word of His will be spoken at the end of the age when the Lord of the World will speakHealing, 497:life is exceedingly brief and is brought to an end by the soul who suddenly "directs his eye to theHealing, 500:contribution of a simple soul determination to end the cycle of incarnated life, prior to anotherHealing, 505:the cycle of incarnation is brought to an end through the complete integration of soul andHealing, 568:response of its instrument and determines to end the experiment of that particular incarnation.Healing, 604:will be given to the healer towards the latter end of his training. For the present, and becauseHealing, 633:will of the soul to bring an incarnation to an end; another is the will of the spirit of the earthHealing, 663:and only then - will physical disease come to an end or yield easily to treatment. Healing, 711:waves and dire and dreadful happenings. The end is good. The trouble will be ended when the stormHealing, 712:or wise at this time, owing to this being the end of the sixth ray cycle. When again the sixth rayHealing, 712:but the technique is ignorantly applied and the end justifies not the assurance of the healer,Hercules, 3:and plenty, wherein all troubles come to an end, the [4] flesh ceases to annoy, and the devil comes
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