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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - END

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Hercules, 4:to annoy, and the devil comes to an untimely end. And this as the reward of a meek submission toHercules, 4:desire to spiritual achievement that the end may be visioned from the beginning and intelligentHercules, 24:of the Christ, the World Savior, came to an end at the crucifixion [25] when he entered uponHercules, 132:a [132] discrepancy, always the gap between the end envisioned and the goal achieved; and yet, theHercules, 132:mist of illusion, clinging to life as an end in itself, often fleeing from truth as from aHercules, 145:still grows apace. The pursuit of money as an end instead of a means shrinks the lives of countlessHercules, 152:our activities until now have simply come to an end and we wonder how we could possibly haveHercules, 182:There is a phrase in the New Testament, "The end of the world". It is just beginning to dawn uponHercules, 182:Christ, the Great World Savior, came, would end at a particular date, and we are right in that timeHercules, 184:is what is going to happen in Aquarius. At the end of the Aquarian age, approximately two thousandHercules, 190:Christ sounded the note "for the time of the end" when he said, "A new commandment I give unto you,Hercules, 199:it may be that an old foolishness has come to an end, an undesirable friendship will cease,Hercules, 200:form of thought that has held you will now [200] end and you will emerge and set your feet upon aHercules, 200:for it is the sign of crucifixion and marks the end of a zodiacal cycle. There are three signs ofHercules, 222:through which the Cosmic Christ passes at the end of the age when the heavens and the earth areHercules, 228:the Man-Eating Birds of Stymphalus and puts an end to all tendencies to use thought destructively.Initiation, viii:the final initiations, when man is nearing the end of his journey and is perfected. The MonadInitiation, 3:blending Ray. It is the one which will, at the end of the greater cycle, absorb the others in theInitiation, 3:and move and have our being," and will to the end of aeonian manifestation. The seven planes ofInitiation, 94:during the Atlantean root-race at the latter end of the fourth subrace, and will persist until theInitiation, 144:and to have that farseeing vision which sees the end from the beginning and the things of time asInitiation, 148:them, and the downpour begins, continuing to the end of the ceremony. The question may be askedInitiation, 150:world process as a perfected whole, seeing the end from the beginning and being aware of the detailInitiation, 163:he then places his hand upon the lower end of the Rod of Initiation which is held in the center byInitiation, 187:These monads work with Fohat, and must, to the end of the greater manvantara. They have theirInitiation, 205:is not to be denied, but that is a means to an end, and will be succeeded by stages when - theInitiation, 210:of gloom is pierced by it and where projects its end? It cuts the crystallizing sphere with all itsInitiation, 212:endless spheres, the merging of the seven; the end of tears, of sin, of strife, the shattering ofIntellect, 8:world. A cycle of development has come to an end. Man, as a thinking, feeling entity, seems now toIntellect, 28:Is its goal power? Again yes, but power to what end? Is its goal social adjustment? The modern ageIntellect, 28:the day..." "The new education has for its great end, therefore, the training and development ofIntellect, 39:upon the equipment present, but producing at the end a new type, the soul type, with its ownIntellect, 67:the aspirant to the point where prayer can end and meditation begin. Seneca must have realized thisIntellect, 70:of his book on Mysticism, "The mystic at the end of his preparation is simply waiting for anIntellect, 136:mark of the stage of contemplation, is not the end of the mystic's career. It is the end of hisIntellect, 136:is not the end of the mystic's career. It is the end of his efforts, in the sense that he can do noIntellect, 155:however, the contemplative state comes to an end, and the mind is swept into a renewed activity, anIntellect, 185:Mind to be, beyond dispute, the Beginning and End of all visible phenomena, both material andIntellect, 187:born of the will... The Buddha attained this end when a new insight came upon him at the end of hisIntellect, 187:this end when a new insight came upon him at the end of his ever-circulatory reasoning from decayIntellect, 189:would be contrary to 'non-duality'), and without end' ". "He is Brahma, by which all things areIntellect, 222:we can help. Some few for whom we can do nothing end in asylums for the insane or in sanatoriumsIntellect, 231:continue long to act the part before men. The end of that is disease and desperate fatigue and lossIntellect, 254:talking, writing and working so that they end by undergoing a violent reaction, sometimes to theMagic, 11:forward like a leaf before the breeze towards an end about which speculation only is possible, andMagic, 11:obstruct and begins to transfer. He brings to an end the cycle of the closed self-centered life,Magic, 22:but which remains in a large sense unrevealed, end unrealized even by the man himself. How thenMagic, 23:of thought; we seek to express it in words, and end by calling it Spirit, the One Life, the Monad,Magic, 77:potent instrument, the vital body. That this end may rapidly be consummated is my earnest wish.Magic, 105:Body Light Let us now consider the words at the end of the previous rule: "The lower light isMagic, 126:soul, with the open eye of vision, can see the end from the beginning, and can hold in steadinessMagic, 215:plus a stabilizing effect which brings to an end the restlessness and fluidic tempestuousness whichMagic, 224:from the great world illusion, and to this end every aspirant is begged to work strenuously and toMagic, 225:has burnt itself out, planetary life comes to an end, as climatic conditions will negate form-lifeMagic, 231:when correctly contacted insure victory at the end. The phrase "the one who meditates" relates toMagic, 239:by as their seed thought in meditation; to this end I would suggest that they memorize and use atMagic, 258:and controlled by the Dweller to the desired end. Then the characteristic is purity within theMagic, 261:group of servers, mystics and brothers. To this end it might be wise to commit to memory theMagic, 288:the word, cease their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom. Let the point vibrating become theMagic, 289:Ray: - Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search is over. Let the soul realize that itMagic, 289:and from the Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silence subsequent, let him chantMagic, 301:mediums will rightly and mercifully come to an end. The ordinary common trance mediumship andMagic, 307:dark half of the moon, the period towards the end of the waning moon, and the early new moon. This,Magic, 325:as now, and the whole area involved, then the end is near. In nature, a general electric stormMagic, 342:for wise souls to hasten the good work, but the end, nevertheless, is sure. If the wise souls areMagic, 346:are sure of guidance, and he who sees thus the end from the beginning makes no error. Magic, 348:need indeed to count the cost. The reward at the end is great, but the path is rough and the trueMagic, 374:to some, and will be entirely visible at the end of this century to many. The fourth subplane ofMagic, 389:you will bring all means of transportation to an end and all modes of lighting; you would throw allMagic, 402:[402] of the period of separativeness and the end, before so many centuries, of this intenseMagic, 403:are but modes, processes and means to a specific end. The plan as at present sensed, and for whichMagic, 453:Fire will only be fully understood towards the end of this century. Magic, 475:and so come, duly, to their timely and appointed end. These creators are the leaders andMagic, 479:the lake of fire. They portray symbolically the end of the age [480] when the mental planeMagic, 480:plane civilizations will come to a cataclysmic end, as far as the form aspect is concerned just asMagic, 494:subject and which is frequently only the dreaded end - dreaded because it is not understood. TheMagic, 494:Death for the average man is the cataclysmic end, involving the termination of all human relations,Magic, 516:process of exhalation. The interlude comes to an end; the waiting mind again becomes active and inMagic, 530:a time. They consciously take form, knowing the end from the beginning. These Beings in their turnMagic, 544:up with the future race, the sixth, and their end and the cessation of their activities will comeMagic, 553:of light. It rays outward, widening towards the end, into a second circle and in that circle is aMagic, 576:of the group and releases at once towards that end that which he has thus acquired. The initiateMagic, 597:outer form into manifestation; then towards the end of the evolutionary cycle - both in theMagic, 608:future, all their united effort is bent to one end - the cultivating of the intuitional telepathicMagic, 609:power to use form at will and with the end in view of furthering hierarchical plans and consequentMagic, 615:of the hierarchy is primarily to bring to an end the shadows and to dispel the moisture; the aim ofMagic, 615:of the Great Illusion The rules therefore end with the statement that the magician chants the wordsMagic, 615:The rules for initiates of a paralleling kind end with the [616] words: "Let the initiate sound theMagic, 617:earth from the eye of the beholder." Such is the end of the magical work. It involves the discoveryMeditation, 5:triangle becomes the one; whilst the one (at the end of the greater cycle) becomes the point in theMeditation, 16:of all knowledge and of all means to the end in view. It is in fact the process of the utilizationMeditation, 18:the causal body becomes so frequent that in the end disintegration is produced and a man is setMeditation, 32:proceeds slowly at first, but towards the end of incarnation, - on the Probationary Path and on theMeditation, 33:that which is past) seeks to bring the desired end nearer and make it more rapidly a fact. [34] TheMeditation, 37:The Ego seeks to bring about the desired end in three ways: By definite work on abstract levels. ItMeditation, 44:come your way, smile through it all; it will end in a rich reward and the return of all that hasMeditation, 52:is not fully sounded or rounded out, nor to the end of the greater cycle will it be completed. TheMeditation, 52:into complete obscuration. It would mark the end of manifestation. In system two, the presentMeditation, 64:Word with exactitude and thus reach the desired end; his alignment will be perfect, the bodies willMeditation, 100:merge with the sacred fire of the sun at the end of the greater cycle, and the solar system will
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