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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDEAVOR

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Astrology, 7:accept or reject these presented ideas. I will endeavor to give you certain facts as the HierarchyAstrology, 7:play upon our planet flow and emanate; I will endeavor, above all else, to demonstrate to you thatAstrology, 8:specifications, might be gained if you will endeavor to think of the human family, the fourthAstrology, 9:of detail and of detailed discussion. We will endeavor to work from the universal to the particularAstrology, 189:as a determining process in life, and should endeavor that every life experience or cycle of lifeAstrology, 222:average non-aspiring man, the astrologer should endeavor to discover the personality ray from aAstrology, 309:dynamic leader, a pioneer in new fields of endeavor and also a magnetic center of a group whetherAstrology, 337:between opposite signs brings about. I will endeavor to put these for you in tabular and suggestiveAstrology, 347:the Alpha and the Omega. These points I will endeavor to elucidate in greater detail when taking upAstrology, 371:- direction (will) are only three words which endeavor to describe the progress and bias of man theAstrology, 417:humanity and seek to prove their effect and to endeavor to arrive at some understanding of thatAstrology, 446:then we shall see a new form of hierarchical endeavor appear to aid in the restoration of theAstrology, 462:secondary triangle in the three worlds of human endeavor (or in the five worlds in the case of theAstrology, 510:the non-sacred he will find the sacred planets endeavor to fuse the personality and make it theAstrology, 523:This latter group, if they succeed in their endeavor, will deny the United States her share in theAstrology, 564:necessarily limiting significances, a man will endeavor, when in Sagittarius, to practiceAstrology, 592:It is the synthesis of creation, or persistent endeavor, adherence to vision and completeAstrology, 593:indicating what is the goal of all hierarchical endeavor. Mankind is so preoccupied with theAstrology, 693:given to its pupils is 'The graduates of painful endeavor' or the 'adjudicators between the polarAtom, 16:to ourselves as conscious entities, and then an endeavor to blend and synthesize the little we canAtom, 28:the practice of discrimination, but we should endeavor to pass on from that to something very muchAtom, 35:for himself what appeals to him as truth, and endeavor then to synthesize [36] that particularAtom, 74:up the central thought of this lecture: Let us endeavor to realize that there is no such thing asAtom, 77:I seek to emphasize the fact that the goal of my endeavor is to put before you a hypothesis and aAtom, 134:finding it by means of definite self-initiated endeavor, and then unifying himself with that group.Atom, 136:his higher self. Only in our moments of highest endeavor, only at the great crises of our lives,Atom, 139:more and more under control of the inner ruler, endeavor to become radioactive, and to developAtom, 155:achievement, and the incentive to persist in our endeavor. The old books of the East have heldAtom, 157:with our solar system. But when we endeavor to give it a purely physical application we go astray.Autobiography, 13:I have learnt to repudiate both extremes and endeavor to live on a tableland. I have not altogetherAutobiography, 52:rue? Le sentier? or what? When, therefore, you endeavor to translate a book as ancient as The NewAutobiography, 101:is always (in my case and in the case of all who endeavor to work spiritually) a greater capacityAutobiography, 121:ordinary decency eventually the Bishop would endeavor to get him another charge in another dioceseAutobiography, 134:that if I ever found myself lecturing I would endeavor to be everything that this TheosophicalAutobiography, 137:her other helpers would collect the sheets and endeavor to get them into some kind of order and, asAutobiography, 142:good and find my place in Christ's work. I could endeavor to approach a little closer to thatAutobiography, 188:the Committee of 1400 - a committee pledged to endeavor to swing the Theosophical Society to itsAutobiography, 236:country though great strides were made in the endeavor so to do; the over-population of the worldAutobiography, 267:and soul contact becomes his first great endeavor. He comes to know himself and struggles to workAutobiography, 290:and not upon the points of difference; they will endeavor to cooperate with all groups which have aBethlehem, 15:right speech, right actions, right living, right endeavor, right-mindedness and rightBethlehem, 29:of the time, and one of the incentives in racial endeavor. The meeting of disaster and theBethlehem, 33:shall seek to do three things. First, we shall endeavor to realize that Christianity is the flowerBethlehem, 55:the world the evidence of two great streams of endeavor or of activity - that which is the streamBethlehem, 98:of the immediate objective of our racial endeavor. The symbolism is exact, according to the ancientBethlehem, 164:based on a belief in God transcendent, is our endeavor. This was the experience of the ApostlesBethlehem, 179:of the dead Christ upon the Cross, or they may endeavor to live by the life of the risen Christ,Bethlehem, 212:by G. R. S. Mead, p. 161.) This constitutes the endeavor of Christ, and the fact of His Presence isBethlehem, 235:at-one-ment through the blood of Jesus, in an endeavor to glorify the personality of Jesus andDestiny, 15:of the part. That is the thing which he will endeavor to impress upon the racial consciousness.Destiny, 21:upon to do. I suggest, therefore, that you endeavor to see the three major ideologies with whichDestiny, 30:work of science is closely connected with this endeavor and that the creation of the new forms willDestiny, 36:of the rays you will see how these two fields of endeavor - that of the Hierarchy, animated by loveDestiny, 97:This latter group, if they succeed in their endeavor, will deny the United States her share in theDestiny, 112:of attention away from the three worlds of human endeavor and expression into the higher world ofDiscipleship1, 4:unit to group interest and group good. [4] Group endeavor, carried forward as a group, to love allDiscipleship1, 8:but to their differing fields of individual endeavor there will be added a group activity and lifeDiscipleship1, 10:a force in nature. Make this demonstration your endeavor. You will thus release for each other allDiscipleship1, 13:you as suggestions for your use and acceptance. Endeavor at some stage in your meditation to linkDiscipleship1, 24:stimulation as I can give you and an earnest endeavor on your part to love with unselfishness willDiscipleship1, 29:ask all of you who are my disciples to endeavor to make a contact with me at the time of the FullDiscipleship1, 37:circulation of force. Present day healers should endeavor to break loose from the modern andDiscipleship1, 42:to see how far humanity is ready for such an endeavor. IV. These groups are also an experimentDiscipleship1, 51:silent? Do you discuss him with others? Do you endeavor to put him right? How do you try to doDiscipleship1, 62:Stage III, the members of the group will then endeavor to link up with the other groups in the sameDiscipleship1, 64:in motive and the point from which you must endeavor to work. The Lords of Form work entirely onDiscipleship1, 66:and to the chaos everywhere to be seen and so endeavor to tune in on the attitude of the Hierarchy.Discipleship1, 67:real stage in our work. I do not want you to endeavor to build thought-forms. I want you to thinkDiscipleship1, 68:I have brought to you, for it is a tentative endeavor to externalize upon earth, certain phases ofDiscipleship1, 68:upon earth, certain phases of hierarchical endeavor. The energy used in the telepathic work is theDiscipleship1, 71:being and the three lower [71] worlds of human endeavor and experience. The energy with which theDiscipleship1, 73:dependent upon the general level of the group endeavor, upon their aspiration and their appliedDiscipleship1, 78:give to my words the attention which is due and endeavor to cooperate with me. I shall then someDiscipleship1, 82:has a selfish basis. Ponder on this and endeavor to achieve impersonality throughDiscipleship1, 88:or they love the work connected with the group endeavor, or they love their own nation; they mayDiscipleship1, 92:it is the disciple's own problem. He can only endeavor to enhance the desire of the soul by theDiscipleship1, 92:mental level of consciousness at this point of endeavor. Once he does so, the die is cast. HeDiscipleship1, 106:of more than thirty years of aspiration and endeavor, so that a calmness of rhythm may be achieved.Discipleship1, 129:divine in them to stand aside from them in your endeavor to help them and to work with and forDiscipleship1, 130:of interrogation and understanding which you endeavor to employ when you follow your art. You mustDiscipleship1, 131:rare, but you can give it. You will, of course, endeavor to conform to group requirements, will youDiscipleship1, 144:or, there is the man I foretold would help your endeavor. You are in training as wielder of men andDiscipleship1, 147:of this book should be your main, subjective endeavor during the next few years. It must be wroughtDiscipleship1, 154:and whose response and effort warrant our endeavor. There are many gathered around you, my brother,Discipleship1, 173:higher and lower mind can contribute much to our endeavor, for you can build on mental levels. I amDiscipleship1, 176:if you ponder upon these thoughts and if you endeavor to incorporate them into the meditation uponDiscipleship1, 181:peculiar type of radiation which I want you to endeavor to express is that light which reachesDiscipleship1, 185:I would ask you for the next few months to endeavor to reach two of your group brothers throughDiscipleship1, 193:as you work with the monthly seed thoughts. Endeavor to make these six papers of real mental valueDiscipleship1, 205:with people which is your chosen field of endeavor and expression. Your astral body is, as I dareDiscipleship1, 206:is held before you as the goal of your spiritual endeavor. You have made much progress towards thisDiscipleship1, 209:of your rays, five in number. Later, I will endeavor to show you all the state of the etheric bodyDiscipleship1, 220:ask you to do the following brief exercise: Endeavor to focus yourself in the light of the soulDiscipleship1, 238:that the disciple [238] is ever balanced in endeavor and runs not to extremes of any kind? YetDiscipleship1, 248:energy which flows through the heart center and endeavor to keep it steadily there. However, forgetDiscipleship1, 257:or focused in one of its three aspects. I will endeavor to show you now the vehicles through whichDiscipleship1, 262:words be the keynote of your reflection and endeavor for the next [263] few months. I will give youDiscipleship1, 267:out love to your fellow disciples and as you endeavor to focus your consciousness between theDiscipleship1, 268:You are inwardly freer than heretofore and must endeavor to keep your personality life free andDiscipleship1, 268:to be found for you the objective of this life's endeavor. True accomplishment involves a life of
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