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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDEAVOR

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Discipleship1, 269:place and within the limits of the same general endeavor; this is consciously recognized as a newDiscipleship1, 278:group formation. It is in the field of esoteric endeavor that you find in yourself an antagonisticDiscipleship1, 278:is in this participation in a subjective group endeavor - loosely organized on the physical planeDiscipleship1, 284:you hear the unheard and sense the intangible, endeavor to formulate it into words and expressionDiscipleship1, 302:and their work, and all can cease from the endeavor at any time. A third reason for my putting youDiscipleship1, 308:brow of each of them. Each symbol is different. Endeavor to see these symbols by definitely [309]Discipleship1, 309:the life of contemplation in its own world, and endeavor then to see in connection with theDiscipleship1, 309:5th month - with the hierarchical endeavor. 6th month - The service of the Plan. InsertDiscipleship1, 342:you can assist to expand. This is your constant endeavor and realization, for you ever serve. But,Discipleship1, 343:say in the general instructions anent this group endeavor and seek to cooperate - for a while atDiscipleship1, 345:will not hurt you to continue these exercises. Endeavor to clarify and deepen your alignmentDiscipleship1, 351:planes in the three worlds of your personality endeavor. Discipleship1, 361:will lead to eventual astral trouble. You do endeavor to live the life and to serve but I seek toDiscipleship1, 366:she regard herself as suspended from her group endeavor and from my so-called control and take oneDiscipleship1, 374:of a second ray astral body. You will then endeavor each day to build in these second rayDiscipleship1, 384:been the holding of the attitude of steadfast endeavor in the face of circumstance, and ofDiscipleship1, 393:their lives. This freedom must increase as you endeavor to meet perfectly the need of those aroundDiscipleship1, 394:loss of some kind is apparently crippling the endeavor of others, even [395] to the point ofDiscipleship1, 397:realize this fact more clearly, then they will endeavor to go through their experiences togetherDiscipleship1, 404:of your immediate associates and your strenuous endeavor to lift all that you possibly can offDiscipleship1, 406:group for two reasons: First, your enthusiastic endeavor and the adjustments which your soul hasDiscipleship1, 412:to your group brothers. [412] Speak little, and endeavor to work each day with a conscious,Discipleship1, 415:least the purpose of these injunctions? Can you endeavor to profit by them? Another source of yourDiscipleship1, 415:labor expended. Anyway, my brother, let us again endeavor to do some [416] work together, and toDiscipleship1, 416:move with greater gentleness, talk less and endeavor to polarize yourself in your mind nature. IDiscipleship1, 417:love and understanding, should be your prime endeavor. Also, my brother, work not under strain orDiscipleship1, 421:"gold and the blue meet, blend and merge." Then endeavor to feel that utter silence. When you haveDiscipleship1, 442:powers. As you work at this problem, will you endeavor to take and hold the position of the "one atDiscipleship1, 448:and make it the keynote of your week's endeavor in the practice of spiritual living. Do this withDiscipleship1, 471:you. NOTE: This disciple still persists in his endeavor to work in the Tibetan's Ashram and remainsDiscipleship1, 473:effectiveness of sustained effort and reiterated endeavor is adequate. Why then employ a differentDiscipleship1, 474:which are the result of wrong thought habits. Endeavor, therefore, to be of a vital usefulness toDiscipleship1, 485:have you begin - in a new and a fresh way - to endeavor to bring light to individuals with a pure,Discipleship1, 488:under my instructions. Now I would ask you to endeavor to reach them, not because you are desiringDiscipleship1, 505:to the cause of occult truth and steadfast endeavor (plus selfless thought) are yours and theseDiscipleship1, 507:light. Also, until you do it (as this is a group endeavor) you hold back this group of co-disciplesDiscipleship1, 536:the farthest I must each day dedicate my prime endeavor. 4th month - I heal not with my hands. IDiscipleship1, 547:personality to the soul. As you do this work, endeavor to see the thread of golden light whichDiscipleship1, 550:include your co-disciples. I would ask you to endeavor to get in touch with them through meditationDiscipleship1, 570:your understanding and upon your acceptance and endeavor to meet the need and to serve, not only onDiscipleship1, 571:In these words I give you a clue to your whole endeavor for your first year of work with me. YouDiscipleship1, 574:As far as in you lies, stand firmly in your endeavor to aid the New Group of World Servers. ThatDiscipleship1, 580:the implications of this statement and will you endeavor to realize the need and call of your soulDiscipleship1, 604:all thought along the lines of lower self endeavor. The group stands by you in loving helpfulnessDiscipleship1, 605:you from the center of your own stage. Then endeavor to contemplate or to realize yourself as theDiscipleship1, 612:who do not belong to this particular line of endeavor but who are working in other fields ofDiscipleship1, 617:of all feverish effort along any line of endeavor. A clear, focused mind, a loving heart, and aDiscipleship1, 628:take hold of the present opportunity with fresh endeavor and enthusiasm, they will then discoverDiscipleship1, 630:the technique of the New Age may be expressed. Endeavor to get the picture of the future workDiscipleship1, 632:from three angles: Seek to draw near to me and endeavor to sense my vibration. Try to realize atDiscipleship1, 636:your subjective life upon the astral plane. You endeavor - largely unconsciously - to work as anDiscipleship1, 637:your present life attitude and interests. Endeavor to see, as you so do, that soul and brain areDiscipleship1, 647:instigate you to renewed purpose in your life endeavor. The soul ray - seventh Ray of CeremonialDiscipleship1, 649:and with temper. Is this not so? If you will endeavor, in the [650] future, to leave the last namedDiscipleship1, 661:hard as I think I should. I love the truth and I endeavor to meet requirements. All of this may beDiscipleship1, 661:and the furious self-assertion whereby you endeavor to justify such violence, and your dramaticDiscipleship1, 670:the personality. When doing the slow breathing, endeavor to sit erect without tension, and see toDiscipleship1, 690:the Forces of Light in the three worlds of human endeavor and are to be found in every field andDiscipleship1, 692:of the Master's ideas as goals to future endeavor. Your recognition of each other as souls andDiscipleship1, 693:Which aspects of the Master's work should I endeavor to give the most help at this time? TheseDiscipleship1, 739:and sometimes [739] good intentions - and endeavor to resign from the Ashram or group. This theyDiscipleship1, 742:phase of discipleship. In your thoughts as you endeavor very briefly to study this stage, thereDiscipleship1, 758:I will paraphrase its significance for you in an endeavor to give you some of the vitalDiscipleship2, 5:is primarily in the three worlds of human endeavor. Their method and procedure is to try out theDiscipleship2, 6:I would ask you to remember this and to endeavor, in relation to this new experiment, to cultivateDiscipleship2, 9:you and me. I do not psychometrise them. Let me endeavor to explain. All detailed, outer forms areDiscipleship2, 11:I become creative with deliberation and endeavor to convey to the vision, to the mind and to theDiscipleship2, 16:hour the [16] full moon each month may fall, to endeavor to keep half an hour free so that you canDiscipleship2, 16:your consciousness as high as you possibly can, endeavor then to hold steady, holding the mindDiscipleship2, 16:have visualized me thus standing waiting, then endeavor to see - stretching between yourself, theDiscipleship2, 20:- Group Instruction IV. I shall, therefore, endeavor to interpret humanity to you (and to disciplesDiscipleship2, 21:of your personality and egoic rays. I shall endeavor to bring to your attention your personal pointDiscipleship2, 25:I regard it as of major importance in the group endeavor, and if I, your teacher and friend (underDiscipleship2, 27:the East and say together the Great Invocation. Endeavor consciously to follow my lead as we sayDiscipleship2, 28:and corporate effort will become an annual endeavor as time goes on, and will take place regularlyDiscipleship2, 36:service and has no relation to a fused group endeavor. You might here ask: What can we as a groupDiscipleship2, 39:to you and should be read by you in an endeavor to understand him and work with him, but that theyDiscipleship2, 50:I emphasized to you was that this was a group endeavor, and that its success depended upon theDiscipleship2, 50:group relation. It was intended to be an endeavor which would be the outgrowth of a love,Discipleship2, 50:your group work in relation to your individual endeavor might be successful. That was not the majorDiscipleship2, 79:as you can, how a Master would view your day's endeavor, how your watching environment would haveDiscipleship2, 94:emotional reactions and separative materialistic endeavor have been (if I may so unfortunatelyDiscipleship2, 97:task? Will you stand with me in the hierarchical endeavor to which I am pledged and which I haveDiscipleship2, 100:simply the required cooperation in hierarchical endeavor. The rest of [101] you are engulfed in theDiscipleship2, 117:be gone. Let love prevail. Let all men love. Endeavor throughout the day to continue holding thisDiscipleship2, 118:Then, withdrawing again to the head center, endeavor consciously to see the three centers (head,Discipleship2, 123:- descending and at-one-ing. 3. Pause here and endeavor to feel and sense the initiatory vibrationDiscipleship2, 126:obediently (though voluntarily) my requests as I endeavor to teach you the ancient rules. Will youDiscipleship2, 128:At the time of your Full Moon Approach to me, endeavor to have in your consciousness the words fromDiscipleship2, 129:what might be called the acme of alignment. Then endeavor to throw the attention of the unitedDiscipleship2, 136:by Adepts of the fourth initiation. Will you endeavor to realize the factual nature of this great,Discipleship2, 137:will attempt to vision its work, and you will endeavor to relate yourself to my Ashram by an act ofDiscipleship2, 144:ponder deeply upon it for at least five minutes. Endeavor to extract its quality and life, thusDiscipleship2, 147:Ashrams - as there is today - to unite in some endeavor, necessitated by the need of humanity or byDiscipleship2, 155:- Teachings on Meditation - Part VIII You will endeavor to bear in mind that the source of theseDiscipleship2, 178:Affirm earnestly your discipleship and endeavor to link up with me, as the Master of the Ashram.Discipleship2, 179:stand at the point where all the lines meet, endeavor to realize yourself as the one at the center,Discipleship2, 180:months, doing so with intensity. You should also endeavor to realize not only your individualDiscipleship2, 206:the Hierarchy - in this present cycle of world endeavor - is working through the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 211:I would have you bear this in mind and endeavor to realize, as disciples, that your meditation -
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