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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDEAVOR

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Healing, 677:brood or worry about the nature of pure love, or endeavor too ardently to understand how pureHealing, 698:because it is the directing agency. He will endeavor to gather into this ajna center the energy ofHealing, 708:the head and the twelve upon the plane of soul endeavor, cooperate as one and thus the work isHercules, 2:soul. "Whose is this soul upon the Way of high endeavor whose radiance dimly shineth forth?" CameHercules, 4:with soul purpose take the place of blind endeavor? When this comes about, the pilgrim can proceedHercules, 4:We shall trace the story of Hercules and endeavor to show how he, in his twelve labors, played theHercules, 15:and bade him call the gods to witness the endeavor and start the new disciple on the Way. TheHercules, 25:equipped, Hercules stands ready for the great endeavor. And when all the gifts had been bestowedHercules, 30:he has hewn out for himself the club of his own endeavor, and with these he symbolically mounts theHercules, 48:constitute a medium of expression and a field of endeavor for the indwelling Christ or soul. TheHercules, 51:personal island self to group purpose and endeavor, and begins to rule his life by the question,Hercules, 67:coordinate the many and varied aspects of human endeavor. Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini andHercules, 72:as souls, and when by our own self-initiated endeavor we are learning to serve and be channels ofHercules, 73:sidetracked by spiritualistic phenomena. In the endeavor to penetrate within the veil, they becomeHercules, 82:are the four signs of crisis and of stupendous endeavor. In them all the illumination, intuitionHercules, 146:the use of the energy of sex in creative endeavor. The transmutation of human energies opens up aHercules, 146:and human values are disregarded in the mad endeavor to gather power-conferring gold. Inevitably,Hercules, 158:Hercules began on the plane of the mind in his endeavor to capture the man-eating mares, and metHercules, 165:them. I know what is right for me and I will endeavor to live by my right, my idea of right. I doHercules, 208:with soul purpose takes the place of blind endeavor and struggle, and Hercules, who is a Son of GodInitiation, viii:of the one ideal, in their common aspiration and endeavor, they will meet before the one Portal.Initiation, 2:add the gain of further research and scientific endeavor, and subtract that which is worn out andInitiation, 22:though as yet they may be but the goal of his endeavor; and he has that embryonic, dynamic,Initiation, 25:which, having itself been produced by ages of endeavor, failure, and renewed endeavor, and havingInitiation, 25:by ages of endeavor, failure, and renewed endeavor, and having in the long run led to triumph, canInitiation, 52:workers in a great and [52] unified scheme of endeavor may encourage these real knowers to testifyInitiation, 52:Certain schools of occultism and of theosophical endeavor have claimed to be the sole repository ofInitiation, 53:is to look on with interest and sympathy at the endeavor, as long as it holds its initial highInitiation, 60:which are efforts put forth by the Lodge in an endeavor to teach men the reality of that which isInitiation, 75:and oneness in aspiration, thought, and endeavor, - to give shape and form to it, even thoughInitiation, 75:groups, gradually expanding the range of his endeavor until he has gathered around him those unitsInitiation, 77:that endures when the little world of human endeavor has dissipated and gone, being [78] seen asInitiation, 78:is for all those who persist in their high endeavor, who count all things but naught if they mayInitiation, 81:of the group will pass away, and community of endeavor, similarity of object, and mutualInitiation, 85:and death of desire has been the goal of endeavor. Desire itself has been dominated by the Ego, andInitiation, 93:within himself through strenuous effort and endeavor. Therefore it is here and now that man canInitiation, 96:sphere of experiment, and the success of the endeavor and the force generated was the cause of aInitiation, 97:It is the line of aspiration and of conscious endeavor, and is the most difficult line ofInitiation, 97:or of the material aspect, which leads to an endeavor to reach out and enfold within hisInitiation, 109:group activity, group loyalty, and united endeavor, and much may depend upon the wisdom ofInitiation, 110:being but expressions of one life, that the endeavor to express the functions of the threeInitiation, 132:he can stimulate and cause to cohere the little endeavor of the faithful followers. Thus in allInitiation, 140:the one self in all selves, which is the goal of endeavor. A burning away of the etheric web,Initiation, 142:and thus to aid the Hierophant in his strenuous endeavor. It must be remembered that under the lawInitiation, 151:be here remembered that this sound AUM is man's endeavor to reproduce on an infinitesimally smallInitiation, 157:has made real progress in these three lines of endeavor will the first of the Great Words beInitiation, 172:manifestation and with the three worlds of human endeavor, and thus meditating, the student mustInitiation, 177:to unravel, through strenuous effort and painful endeavor, the mystery of the universe, which isInitiation, 179:of vitalization and of opportunity. We must also endeavor to realize the fact that initiation mayInitiation, 187:for their monadic ray, pass to this line of endeavor. The inherent quality in the type of the monadInitiation, 199:of action. Speech will be watched, and an endeavor will be made to eliminate all unkind,Initiation, 202:upon the centers, will inevitably fail in his endeavor to reach the portal, and will pay the priceInitiation, 205:acts of every kind should be regulated by the endeavor to fulfil every duty and obligation, toIntellect, 24:felt in the present world of thought and of endeavor, as of old. Intellect, 24:our ideas as to the objectives ahead of all our endeavor. This is no easy thing to do. Viewed fromIntellect, 55:of Deity that is the goal of the mystical endeavor and the object of the dual activity of mind -Intellect, 59:indwelling Son of God becomes the goal, of all endeavor. This method is not that of the mysticalIntellect, 59:The head and the heart become united in their endeavor. Mind and pure reason are blended with [60]Intellect, 60:can be lifted entirely out of all past fields of endeavor. He finds that he can walk with God,Intellect, 65:more than a passing enthusiasm and a temporary endeavor if he is to master this science and becomeIntellect, 71:of the assets with which he approaches his endeavor, and an equally keen appreciation of his lacksIntellect, 94:ourselves for the arduous climb and the fierce endeavor. We must say with J. C. Earle: "I pass theIntellect, 107:The objective, therefore, of all our endeavor is to train the mind so as to make it our servant andIntellect, 127:This can be called the search for certainty, an endeavor after the mystic experience, or theIntellect, 129:their day. For many thousands, therefore, a new endeavor is in order. Is it perhaps possible thatIntellect, 138:which the soul is perceiving. In meditation we endeavor to receive impressions from the inner God,Intellect, 138:a still higher stage is entered upon and we endeavor to receive into the physical brain that whichIntellect, 138:the Perceiver) with the three worlds of human endeavor, and looks out, therefore, upon theIntellect, 158:of illumination should be the goal of their endeavor. Intellect, 162:as we now talk in terms of the mind, and endeavor to function as mental beings. Father Maréchal, inIntellect, 172:workers in the varying fields of human endeavor. The time may shortly be with us when the fact ofIntellect, 201:the home, the office, or in any field of human endeavor. Mental application to the business ofIntellect, 202:contribution [202] to the sumtotal of spiritual endeavor as any effects which may be noted in theIntellect, 206:aid in the work of coordination: First, the endeavor to gain control of the mind, through theIntellect, 206:to gain control of the mind, through the endeavor to live a concentrated life. The life ofIntellect, 216:to comply with the first requirements and endeavor to bring to bear upon life a more concentratedIntellect, 217:which we will proceed. First of all, we shall endeavor to find time early in the morning for ourIntellect, 217:for "as a man thinketh so is he." Next, we shall endeavor to find a place that is really quiet andIntellect, 228:calling in the will. This involves an endeavor to keep the mind unmoving upon a certain form ofIntellect, 232:quiescent condition (which is the result of an endeavor to make the emotional nature one-pointed)Intellect, 241:that the man who is learning to meditate must endeavor to do two things: First: He must learn toIntellect, 244:so many, the justification of phenomena for his endeavor; he quiets the brain and gently slips intoIntellect, 247:who is faithful and conscientious in his endeavor, they look to see if the light within him hasIntellect, 260:of least resistance - sex. There should be an endeavor at all times to keep the energy contacted inIntellect, 260:it in the work of creative writing, in artistic endeavor, or in some expression of group activity.Intellect, 265:turn back and work on earth. We rest not in our endeavor till the last of the world's seekers hasMagic, 6:manifestation of peculiar powers. This book will endeavor to fit the information given into theMagic, 28:before occult aspirants at this time is to endeavor to think in terms of the one reality which isMagic, 54:and that a steady, regular, persistent endeavor will carry them further in the long run. SpasmodicMagic, 59:forms to be found in the three worlds of human endeavor, etheric, astral and mental. The would-beMagic, 65:given: It is essential that there should be an endeavor to arrive at absolute purity of motive. TheMagic, 66:the teachers on egoic levels from reaching you. Endeavor therefore to remain quiescent as lifeMagic, 67:question, relegating it to the plane of everyday endeavor, as we are not yet in a position toMagic, 67:a choice existing between the path of spiritual endeavor and the way of the man of the world. ItMagic, 76:words are taken has no assignable date. Should I endeavor to tell you its age I have no means ofMagic, 78:why India provides such an adequate school of endeavor. There knowledge of occultism dates backMagic, 83:as a whole, believe in a world of super-physical endeavor. All that in the earlier races heldMagic, 85:on life, the student may hope, by strenuous endeavor, to overcome the four hindrances which we haveMagic, 113:on the fifth subplane, the ego will center his endeavor on the astral body. If he has a mental bodyMagic, 115:and not of time, coupled with a constant endeavor to follow the law of love and see only the divine
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