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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDEAVOR

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Magic, 116:more adequate completeness and more satisfactory endeavor. A principle, when really fundamental,Magic, 119:the attainment of the goal of present human endeavor. One deals with units, another with groups andMagic, 126:not function, therefore, outside their field of endeavor, as does the soul. They can achieve, fromMagic, 135:the plan and the strain incident upon high endeavor. They must develop the capacity to recognizeMagic, 158:their minds, whereas both those aspects of their endeavor [159] would be aided if they were to beMagic, 176:unswayed by passing storms. They must endeavor to remain free from depression, no matter whatMagic, 190:activity which will lead to true esoteric endeavor and to creative work on the subtler planes. I amMagic, 193:must perforce use in the three worlds of its endeavor. The interpreting, organizing, understandingMagic, 193:those sad cases which strew the path of occult endeavor and have brought the work of the Lodge intoMagic, 200:certain equipment - the product of past lives of endeavor and of experience. That equipment has inMagic, 203:is the motive governing my aspiration and my endeavor? Why do I seek to build upon a trueMagic, 212:man, the solar Angel, has also his goal of endeavor, and that his becomes the predominant impulseMagic, 259:unsuitable workers in the high places of world endeavor. This remark need deter no one in theseMagic, 259:self-interest) was one of the results of this endeavor. Seen from the standpoint of the Hierarchy,Magic, 277:of the cells are awake. Let them intensify their endeavor and so awaken others. The pioneers of theMagic, 277:their way into the center of hierarchical endeavor. Magic, 278:of desire, drawing the builders to the center of endeavor. Let these three laws hold sway, the lawMagic, 279:and of order. For the aspirant the goal of his endeavor is the correct building of forms in mentalMagic, 322:The effort should be along the lines of an endeavor to make contact with the higher self, and keepMagic, 341:strong a demand upon the physical, and in the endeavor to respond and in the sensed incapacity toMagic, 345:quietness. You will relax your physical body, endeavor to quiet your astral body as far as may be,Magic, 347:time, and they shrink back also from the path of endeavor, knowing - and rightly knowing - that itMagic, 348:number of groups that stand for [348] spiritual endeavor and high aspiration. The effect of theMagic, 350:only noticeable thing, the weeks and months of endeavor and of struggle against apparentlyMagic, 364:tiniest atom in that whole. It is valuable to endeavor to grasp the picture and to vision theMagic, 372:realization that one of the principal objects of endeavor at the present time on the part of thoseMagic, 383:now entirely on mental levels, though basing all endeavor upon past achievements in connection withMagic, 383:third initiation therefore, disciples have to endeavor to work entirely with mental energy, in anMagic, 395:good of the largest number, and self-sacrificing endeavor. [396] Magic, 396:field of human expression. This leads to fresh endeavor. The coordinating of the personalityMagic, 402:and work in the wider cycles of evolutionary endeavor. The tiny and temporary cycles, the small ebbMagic, 402:or energies were available for use in the large endeavor to which They were pledged. To train theMagic, 404:who are not as yet sufficiently stable in their endeavor, all can therefore strive towardsMagic, 406:worked. I can but indicate the trend of their endeavor, and leave to some illumined student ofMagic, 414:they believe it to mean an inclusive endeavor towards human betterment, uplift and understanding;Magic, 422:as to where cooperation and [422] supplementary endeavor may be possible. In about thirty years theMagic, 427:and utilize the many terminologies. They will endeavor to employ each other's terms, and toMagic, 449:before occult aspirants at this time is to endeavor to think in [450] terms of the one RealityMagic, 482:men and women in every field of human endeavor, of the aspirants and disciples, of the initiatesMagic, 504:permit oneself to drift off to sleep, but should endeavor to preserve the consciousness intactMagic, 514:shorter cycles and have months of strenuous endeavor followed by months of apparent non-effort.Magic, 519:is evidenced by all true teachers, as they endeavor to teach the nature of the magical work. OnlyMagic, 521:your time and give of your money to further the endeavor of the Great Ones. Rest not, above all,Magic, 528:his own soul purpose if he is successful in his endeavor; the disciple is learning to do this inMagic, 536:agency of scientific, religious and educational endeavor, the human consciousness is steadilyMagic, 537:research, the world of [537] superhuman endeavor, and investigating the many aspects of the Form ofMagic, 548:forth the achievement which is the goal of his endeavor in each of these four signs and under eachMagic, 606:in their meditation, train their intellects, and endeavor always to think in terms of universals.Magic, 617:for himself as the result of tireless effort and endeavor. He knows that these formulas are theMagic, 619:they [619] draw up, mentally, plans for world endeavor to see themselves as the pivotal pointMagic, 636:attention to the voice of the soul, and by an endeavor to dwell ever in the secret place of theMagic, 637:have rounded it out, who would have balanced his endeavor, and given to his undertaking thoseMeditationis hoped that those who read these letters will endeavor to do two things: Read always with an openMeditation, 6:highest aspiration and for purposes of unselfish endeavor) the higher and the lower form a lineMeditation, 6:physical brain. It takes many lives of strenuous endeavor before the emotional body can be stilledMeditation, 16:the evolution of love or wisdom, - the goal of endeavor in this present solar system. You have theMeditation, 17:the note and tone of individuals, and the endeavor to harmonize the egoic note with that of others.Meditation, 18:of the lower nature so that one supreme endeavor is made to pierce through that which hinders theMeditation, 31:(that product of millennia of lives of pain and endeavor) as fuel for its flames. It will burn allMeditation, 41:Jesus; therefore the clashing in every field of endeavor of the idealists (right or wrong) andMeditation, 45:of the westerner is to ape the oriental and to endeavor to force his vibrations, to the same key asMeditation, 59:A hint lies here for consideration. In the endeavor to find the note for this solar system, theMeditation, 60:largely from the misuse of the Word, whilst his endeavor to love guides him eventually to itsMeditation, 71:inspire the seeker after light to more earnest endeavor. Others must be withheld for they would beMeditation, 81:a fresh period of slow, careful and painstaking endeavor. He recapitulates in the present life theMeditation, 106:a man must give his early years to household endeavor, and only when he had fulfiled his functionMeditation, 114:Danger arises when the occidental bases his endeavor on rules that suffice for the oriental, as hasMeditation, 115:What we produce through wrestling and strenuous endeavor remains forever our own, and vanishes notMeditation, 115:are his objectives in service, and if in the endeavor to attain certain qualifications andMeditation, 117:I would add to this, one branch of endeavor that may surprise you, - I mean the movement of theMeditation, 122:the teachers or even the Master, and in his endeavor to eliminate all thought and lower vibrations,Meditation, 130:woefully possible to be the plaything of their endeavor and to perish at their hands. A truth IMeditation, 141:it is a form built by that human being in his endeavor to realize and know, - a form built for theMeditation, 175:In one you dominate, in the other case you endeavor to work with. You control through the activityMeditation, 214:can be absolutely assured. One is the goal of endeavor, and the other is the foundation color ofMeditation, 228:blends all the colors in logoic manifestation. Endeavor to keep clear in your own mind... thatMeditation, 231:brooding and meditation on the colors, and by an endeavor to attain their esoteric significance,Meditation, 263:the building work, and the cohesive manipulating endeavor of the second Logos, and comprehends theMeditation, 281:student himself and what he has to bring to the endeavor; we have indicated likewise his goal - andMeditation, 288:bodies. Through diligence, application, high endeavor, and the long and patient following of theMeditation, 293:raises his vibration and aspires in the needed endeavor, coupling all interior effort to theMeditation, 294:student hears this inner musical note, he should endeavor to register it, and cultivate the facultyMeditation, 297:the race an objective well worth their highest endeavor. Preliminary Remarks Let us pause a momentMeditation, 308:Their decision as to the success of the earlier endeavor. Preparatory Grades Advanced School GreeceMeditation, 309:the necessary work. That work should be: An endeavor to recognize the Divine within each one. InMeditation, 309:aims, and the profundity of His knowledge. An endeavor to think in group terms and clearly forMeditation, 310:the word of others for clarification. [310] An endeavor to purify and refine all the bodies andMeditation, 310:bodies and make them more reliable servants. An endeavor to equip throughout the mental vehicle andMeditation, 311:All must be wrought out in the furnace of endeavor and experiment, and the price paid will be high,Meditation, 315:consciousness, and as the focal point of their endeavor will be the rapid building-in the causalMeditation, 340:attainment and the beginning of a new cycle of endeavor. Above all two things should be emphasized:Meditation, 341:upon you. You have, by hard work and sheer endeavor to conform to the Law and to love all, builtMeditation, 343:in continuous correctness, and helps much in the endeavor. Where failure follows in such a case,Meditation, 344:of character - that calls forth the soul's best endeavor; or a realization of the reality of theMeditation, 347:his powers to the next duty is the line of his endeavor. He knows that perfection in the foregroundPatanjalimind, is to be brought about through tireless endeavor and through non-attachment. 13. TirelessPatanjaliand through non-attachment. 13. Tireless endeavor is the constant effort to restrain thePatanjali, 18:are carried forward into the world of psychic endeavor (both lower and higher) then we shall have aPatanjali, 18:the sun. If he use it in the early dawn (of his endeavor. A. B.) let him remember that the orb isPatanjali, 23:not only from the three planes of human endeavor but likewise from the two lower expressions of the
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