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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDEAVOR

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Patanjali, 25:mind, is to be brought about through tireless endeavor and through non-attachment. A few briefPatanjali, 26:capable of taking advantage of it. Tireless endeavor means literally constant practice, ceaselessPatanjali, 26:his efficiency in group service and in group endeavor. Patanjali, 26:- Book 1 - The Problem of Union 13. Tireless endeavor is the constant effort to restrain thePatanjali, 46:the balances) towards the close of their [46] endeavor. When in incarnation under this sign theyPatanjali, 50:does the unfoldment proceed and in each cycle of endeavor the evolving son of God comes into hisPatanjali, 71:and is the cause of the aggressive intensity of endeavor found in all walks of life. To this thePatanjali, 123:every atom of his body is afire with zeal and endeavor, Spiritual reading, which has reference toPatanjali, 146:a certain specified series of effects. He can endeavor so to watch his thoughts that new seeds arePatanjali, 147:serves to confine him to the world of physical endeavor and limits the powers of the true man.Patanjali, 149:or desire nature in the earlier stages of endeavor. Pain is the product of these form activities,Patanjali, 161:is but the effect of some cause. This method of endeavor can only be developed gradually. ThePatanjali, 171:being dissociated from the three worlds of human endeavor. [172] When this is so the newPatanjali, 190:as understood in the physical sense, and by the endeavor to arrive at the thoughts which wordsPatanjali, 195:the first stage of universal love, the practical endeavor on the part of the aspirant to be at onePatanjali, 197:of action is understood. A steady endeavor to see the reality in every form. This literallyPatanjali, 198:to his brother in the three worlds of human endeavor. Patanjali, 202:which man contacts the three worlds of his endeavor. We might, therefore, distinguish between themPatanjali, 203:nature. The great "push" of the hierarchical endeavor for this century, 1926-2026, will be alongPatanjali, 255:the violent rushing forward and the enthusiastic endeavor of the emotional and temperamentalPatanjali, 259:and take on shape. By dint of steady persevering endeavor the sequential nature of these two statesPatanjali, 303:home of the soul in the three worlds of human endeavor. We must be careful however to remember thatPatanjali, 334:Air Union Harmony, At-one-ment Planes of Human Endeavor Plane V. Mental Fire Reflection of the SeaPatanjali, 356:from limitation in the three worlds of human endeavor. The Master has perfect freedom of action inPatanjali, 361:marks [361] the commencement of a new cycle of endeavor. Commentators upon this sutra point outPatanjali, 389:outside the bounds of the three worlds of human endeavor. He has reached the realm of pure thoughtPatanjali, 409:is the man on the physical plane, and his endeavor is concentrated on the attainment of brainPatanjali, 414:be meditated upon and the whole trend of one's endeavor be to bring that instrument into such aProblems, 8:and (which is far more important) they would endeavor to convey spiritual inspiration - somethingProblems, 8:can be reached, inspired and supported in their endeavor, both materially and spiritually. TheProblems, 8:give way to any effort or to any spiritual endeavor, whether carried out by the organized churchesProblems, 9:Each nation must aim at sound mental health and endeavor to implement sound, psychologicalProblems, 35:thus salvage the religious spirit. Then let us endeavor to see what the goal of the new educationalProblems, 47:Is not competition a major spur to all endeavor? This has hitherto been so, but it need not be. TheProblems, 52:his racial and national attributes and then endeavor to add to these that knowledge which will leadProblems, 54:barriers to progress are only spurs to renewed endeavor. They will thus seek to "lead him out" (theProblems, 61:those who, in the war torn lands, will endeavor to bring educational facilities to the people.Problems, 105:years) begun to rise in the scale of human endeavor and have, in that time, made amazing progressProblems, 180:as their personal directing ideal, and who will endeavor to apply them to current world or nationalProblems, 180:who will cooperate with them in their particular endeavor to promote world unity. To work, as menPsychology1, xix:and the promise to the Higher Self that endeavor will be made to lose sight of self in service - aPsychology1, xxv:of the realities involved, and we must endeavor to penetrate beneath the surface meaning to thePsychology1, 4:new teaching upon the rays I may, in my endeavor to shed fresh light, temporarily increase thePsychology1, 7:ray is related. We shall therefore, if possible, endeavor to add to modern psychology and enrichPsychology1, 59:These are words which are formulated in an endeavor to convey an idea of order, of plan, ofPsychology1, 59:the whole, and of the part with the all. Let us endeavor now to answer the second question,Psychology1, 88:function. Two rays are largely the goal of human endeavor, the first ray and the second ray. OnePsychology1, 95:We are told in the New Testament that we must endeavor to let the mind which was in Christ also bePsychology1, 97:serves both to encourage them in their endeavor and to complicate the way of the aspirant. ThisPsychology1, 101:are now extinct, and by means of their bones we endeavor to reconstruct their forms. Flowers andPsychology1, 105:the world today. It is needless for students to endeavor to ascertain His identity. He worksPsychology1, 110:the forces of his environment. Aspirants should endeavor to make practical application of thePsychology1, 110:in the spiritual life, as concerned with the endeavor to be intelligent, and as willing (more orPsychology1, 112:is to be found in group teaching and in group endeavor. We are training men to live as souls andPsychology1, 129:fields of activity, and a particular field of endeavor remains relatively the same for many lifePsychology1, 161:brilliant worker in the varying fields of human endeavor. When, as is occasionally the case, youPsychology1, 162:of aspect. It might generally be stated, as we endeavor to clarify our problem, that the three raysPsychology1, 170:of the world government. In all organized endeavor and in all wide schemes of construction and ofPsychology1, 172:ranged themselves into one group in this endeavor. It was also determined to demonstrate the needPsychology1, 237:skill and insight the evolution of form. I shall endeavor to lay the ground for that coming sciencePsychology1, 241:who seek to read the akashic records, or who endeavor to work upon the astral plane with impunity,Psychology1, 250:you pictures, but they are pictures of a whole. Endeavor to think in wholes, and try not to fitPsychology1, 318:in dealing with the human family, we must endeavor to think in larger terms than those of thePsychology1, 361:brotherhood will be the keynote of their endeavor. These words have a wider connotation andPsychology2, 71:mind in two directions - into the world of human endeavor, and into the world of soul activity.Psychology2, 104:I remain." Such is the theme of the soul's endeavor, and such is the spirit which must underlie allPsychology2, 113:we are seeking to do is to carry forward a group endeavor which is of such moment that, at thePsychology2, 113:Wisdom and the assembled Hierarchy. This group endeavor will call forth from Them a responsive andPsychology2, 115:in prison. Much of the success of this planned endeavor depends upon the intellectual grasp of thePsychology2, 121:[121] Service is frequently regarded as an endeavor to bring people around to the point of view ofPsychology2, 121:by distressing conditions, and must therefore endeavor to ameliorate those conditions in orderPsychology2, 131:constitutes, therefore, a definitely scientific endeavor and warrants the attention of the bestPsychology2, 132:which, en masse, work out as philanthropic endeavor, as educational experiments, or social effortsPsychology2, 141:are actively engaged at this time in an endeavor to impose certain basic and needed ideas upon thePsychology2, 144:disciple works with facility, and this he should endeavor to do, teaching men to recognize thePsychology2, 146:temporarily) disqualified for this particular endeavor. He can still do good work, but it will bePsychology2, 146:The Law of Service has been thus outlined in an endeavor to make one of the most esotericPsychology2, 170:and narrow tunnel was his home and place of high endeavor. He had no vision except of that whichPsychology2, 188:as follows: 1. They will be occupied with an endeavor to facilitate communication betweenPsychology2, 194:to see how far humanity is ready for such an endeavor. IV. They are also an experiment which hasPsychology2, 214:the aspirant must follow as he perseveres in his endeavor to tread the path to the source - thatPsychology2, 223:of the Hierarchy are today counting, as They endeavor to bring the hidden meaning to the fore inPsychology2, 240:phrase, as it presents an aspect of hierarchical endeavor not hitherto considered in occult books)Psychology2, 249:the creative imagination and the fruits of its endeavor will work out into the many fields of humanPsychology2, 249:and which is for him the best medium for his endeavor. It is paralleled by the effort, constantlyPsychology2, 249:on a fear that the use of the mind will cripple endeavor, and that spontaneous creative art is, andPsychology2, 250:to make a soul contact along owe line of endeavor, but not the capacity to be in contact with thePsychology2, 265:situation can work out in any field of human endeavor, making a man either a good foreman in aPsychology2, 270:being re-enacted as a needed recapitulatory endeavor. All this today lies almost entirely in thePsychology2, 276:A furious conflict then ensues in the endeavor to change the theme of their lives, and thePsychology2, 279:major initiations which are the goal of human endeavor are individual in nature, and constitute, asPsychology2, 295:problem in the three worlds of ordinary human endeavor, as it remains relatively quiescent untilPsychology2, 338:experience of the three worlds of human endeavor, the intuitive spiritual perception which is thePsychology2, 367:the three levels of the three worlds of human endeavor) into the activities and relationships ofPsychology2, 391:with the Plan in the three worlds of human endeavor and in the five states of consciousness, humanPsychology2, 400:occupied with the task of sensing and with the endeavor to express the presented attributes whichPsychology2, 500:the two and, when there is persistence in the endeavor to evoke the dream life, the brain cells getPsychology2, 516:carried forward in the three worlds of human endeavor, as if they were opposing currents of force:Psychology2, 519:to date to aid and liberate man. This we shall endeavor to elucidate as one of the points in VolumePsychology2, 526:worldly effort, and will emerge again to living endeavor when the mind nature has been fully
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